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Toss в предложении (на )

  1. It was full of toss.
  2. They would toss a coin.
  3. I had him toss me a bomb.
  4. Add lemon juice and toss.
  5. Like the toss of a coin.

  6. The grasses toss and shimmy.
  7. Toss in the mustard seeds.
  8. Just toss it into the trash.
  9. As for leftovers, toss them.
  10. Toss the noodles to coat well.
  12. He saw the spades toss up dirt.
  13. I couldn’t just toss it away.
  14. Add oat flour and toss to coat.

  16. Toss the pasta to cover with sauce.
  17. Good! Now, toss the Uzi overboard.
  18. Toss with about half the dressing.
  19. But any way who gives a toss about.
  20. We will toss to see who goes first.
  21. Sprinkle with lemon juice and toss.
  22. Better yet, toss me in the ocean.
  23. If you could toss me a dub spot, I.
  25. Add the cheese and the nuts and toss.

  26. The arm was cocked for a mighty toss.
  27. He couldn’t give a toss about that.
  28. Who gives a toss! she exclaimed.
  29. Toss zucchini with oil in a large bowl.
  30. In MY club we toss the hypocrite out.
  31. Would you toss it in the closest waste.
  32. He needed time to toss the place again.
  33. Toss it out on the side of the highway.
  34. In a small bowl toss the walnuts with.
  35. The ball went fast, but was a full toss.
  36. Toss the squash with Wicked Good Sauce.
  37. Then toss in a bit of cinnamon saying:.
  38. Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg; toss.
  39. At home, toss the bags into the laundry.
  40. Toss over the backpack too, he said.
  41. Pour tomato sauce over spaghetti and toss.
  42. You needn't toss that young head of yours.
  43. Toss and serve in small bowls immediately.
  44. Toss all ingredients together in a big bowl.
  45. Afterwards, I'll toss you into that barrel.
  46. He was about to toss up a baby hook when C.
  47. Toss the salad with the dressing and serve.
  48. It felt good to toss her skirt and lay down.
  49. She removes her jacket to toss it to the bed.
  50. He couldn’t give a toss about their plan.
  51. They won’t toss anyone out till next week.
  52. I pull it off my hat and toss it back to her.
  53. When the butter is melted, toss in the onion.
  54. Toss to the moaning gibberish of the dry limbs.
  55. You will toss them into the corner over there.
  56. I saw her toss several letters into the trash.
  57. What if I toss a gas grenade down there?
  58. Mix dressing ingredients and toss with veggies.
  59. Toss salad with dressing and chill for 2 hours.
  60. As the snow melted down they’d toss in more.
  61. Return the scallops to the pan and toss to coat.
  62. They pulled with a jubilant toss of their heads.
  63. Toss ham with sauce til ful y coated, set aside.
  64. Toss in the grated ginger and other ingredients.
  65. Bring them back here and toss them in the pit.
  66. Rodney followed suit and proceeded to toss his.
  67. Beat the egg and toss into the flour and butter.
  68. Dully, he watched Manning toss the gas can aside.
  69. We argued the toss for a while, her claim being.
  70. Hey, Jen, want to toss the ball with us?
  71. Somebody toss me a bottle--they got me in the leg.
  72. I toss the wadded paper into a battered trash can.
  73. Alex squirmed and tried to toss Tony aside in an.
  74. These flowers have wilted, time to toss them aside.
  75. Guys will toss a few coins if they’re with a girl.
  76. FILLING: Toss the strawberries with the maple syrup.
  77. I should have my security toss you out on your ass.
  78. Nah, too easy, toss it in the air, he replied.
  79. I’m going to toss a knife right into her left eye.
  80. Not for her: he couldn’t give a toss whether she.
  81. Toss to coat, and spread evenly on the prepared pan.
  82. It was a definite toss up as to which she preferred.
  83. His thugs will carve up my face, or toss me into a.
  84. Are you going to toss this opportunity out the door.
  85. Toss it up, and it'll drop after hitting the ceiling.
  86. I wasn't sure if he was going to toss me out of his.
  87. Just before serving, add the parsley and toss lightly.
  88. Toss off a glass of brandy neat while you'd say knife.
  89. In a large mixing bowl, toss together the flour, the.
  90. You toss her in your trunk and toss her in the woods.
  91. They can’t kill us, but they can toss us in prison.
  92. Toss gently and marinate for two hours in a cool place.
  93. That alone should be enough to toss this case out!.
  94. I toss the book across the room with a frustrated growl.
  95. Albrecht Dürer won the toss and went off to Nuremberg.
  96. Jondrette marked off each stroke with a toss of his head.
  97. I toss him his revolver, which he catches in both hands.
  98. We used to find birds’ nests and toss them on the.
  99. Combine sugar, flour and salt, toss together with apples.
  100. Heads and tails are both potential values of a coin toss.
  1. Are tossing in the gale.
  2. I kept tossing on my bed.
  3. Tossing in the other sword.
  4. She started tossing clothing on.
  5. The tossing waves seemed darker.
  6. Tossing them into her mouth, she.
  7. The comrades busted in, tossing pad.
  8. My stomach was tossing and turning.
  9. Tossing her backwards onto the bed.
  10. The waves are tossing backward spray.
  11. Okay, he said, tossing it back.
  12. Tossing a rawhide ball Cal had made.
  13. He was in his backyard tossing a ball.
  14. Tossing an insult back at them could.
  15. With the dining came much food tossing.
  16. Here, she said tossing her the key.
  17. Red bast tassel tossing on top of my hat.
  18. Thandi was stirring, murmuring, tossing.
  19. That way, she said, tossing her head.
  20. Carl was tossing me a can and hit me there.
  21. Still tossing the aspirin bottle up and down.
  22. Guard the sailors tossing on the deep blue sea.
  23. Shit! he raged, tossing it to the ground.
  24. Here, he said tossing them each an apple.
  25. Here she said, tossing the pouch to Jaron.
  26. She was tossing a salad as part of the picnic.
  27. Ed was tossing and turning on his cot constantly.
  28. A mean wind blew in, tossing leaves and branches.
  29. Here you go Harry, he said tossing it over.
  30. Finally, she said, tossing it into the fire.
  31. LYNCH: (Tossing a cigarette on to the table) Here.
  32. Christ was tossing me so much that I did not know.
  33. Tossing his napkin on the table, Gabriel asked Mr.
  34. This oftentimes results in owners tossing or giving.
  35. Yes sir, ma’am, he said, tossing a mock salute.
  36. He and his brother had always made a sport of tossing.
  37. Only the semiconscious tossing of sand over his body.
  38. See, he said, tossing the ball from hand to hand.
  39. Cash me out, the cowpuncher demanded tossing his.
  40. He last recalled tossing it in the trash at his office.
  41. I threw off the covers and lay across the bed tossing.
  42. He had been lying in bed tossing and turning all night.
  43. She lay on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.
  44. Here, another said tossing a stripped bone into a.
  45. I was convulsing, tossing, turning, and frothing at the.
  46. The example of tossing a coin is a richer starting point.
  47. Put this on, he called out, tossing it toward Bino.
  48. It was like tossing a raw steak to a hungry pack of dogs.
  49. She was tossing a dense stone in the air and catching it.
  50. Tossing a bone aside, he stretched languidly and stood up.
  51. After tossing the garbage into the waste disposal Cynthia.
  52. Ford Mercury and tossing the rest into a nearby garbage can.
  53. He released my hands and removed my dress, tossing it aside.
  54. Hes asking what is wrong and tossing his blade to the side.
  55. Soon he was followed by a neurotic top model tossing phones.
  56. No, Silly, says Anne, tossing her red Hair and smiling.
  57. I’m so in, Jeremy said, tossing in couple poker chips.
  58. Danny was already busy tossing a stick into the water for Sam.
  59. They found it surging and tossing, in quest of Defarge himself.
  60. Accepted, he said, wadding the napkin and tossing it down.
  61. Tossing her legs off the side of the bed, her feet touched the.
  62. He flung the driver away like an elephant tossing a smal child.
  63. Tossing off her clothing, she flung the wrinkled mess aside and.
  64. Tough luck mate, Grant said, tossing the flash drive at Fin.
  65. Shut up, said Pilate tossing the newspaper to the side and.
  66. YAY, the crowd cheered, tossing down whatever booze was at hand.
  67. I lay stretching out, glowingly alive all over, and tossing with.
  68. Here, wrap this up to go, said Dafyd, tossing the head to a.
  69. You grope sediment with your toes tossing clouds into the current.
  70. Turn into the A and Dub, she said, tossing the empty bag of.
  71. She turned away from them, tossing her hair and shutting the door.
  72. Take this! he said, tossing the security camera tape to her.
  73. I wouldn’t do that! he called out, tossing his shoes aside.
  74. She thought about tossing it into the water but decided to keep it.
  75. What the hell is this? he said, tossing the paper back at her.
  76. She was following the warder briskly, smiling and tossing her head.
  77. Look at the size of it, he said before tossing it to the side.
  78. One of them knocked the ghostly galleon tossing on a turbulent sea.
  79. You've been bailed out, he said, tossing their clothes at them.
  80. You find anything? he says, tossing a dish towel over his arm.
  81. He dropped to his knees and began tossing clods of dirt into the ruts.
  82. Josh sat on the chair in front of him tossing a baseball in his hand.
  83. Tossing the volume aside, he stood and stretched as the cat looked on.
  84. There you go, she said, tossing a roll of toilet paper at Betts.
  85. He stares at me for a second before tossing the pills onto the counter.
  86. I thought she was pregnant! She spun around tossing some of the.
  87. Tossing rotten fruit at her house was even more fun than the carnival.
  88. Crookback chuckled and vaulted down to the ground, tossing his branch.
  89. Matthew and Jeremy were tossing a football back and forth between them.
  90. A double sided dildo! Casey grinned at me, tossing it on the couch.
  91. Suddenly he grabbed her and carried her to their bed, tossing her on it.
  92. Tossing his dark locks away from his eyes, he blinked back tears of rage.
  93. Who’s your daughter? Jeff asked tossing the towel on the counter.
  94. Tossing your sorry ass in jail on a gun charge is only a hobby for us.
  95. She felt Henry tossing in his sleep and mumbling, grumbling incoherently.
  96. She had forgotten how good Claire was at tossing out shocking statements.
  97. Hot dogs and burgers were grilling on the BBQ and someone was tossing a.
  98. The first twenty coins lasted two blocks, but it was like tossing crusts.
  99. Yes, your excellency, answered the Ukrainian gaily, tossing his head.
  100. We need to row, Soren said, picking up an ore and tossing it to Ivar.
  1. He tossed it to Sonja.
  2. Dar tossed him a towel.
  3. I tossed the cops a wad.
  4. Robert tossed on his bed.
  5. Then she tossed her head.
  6. He's tossed it to Macco.
  7. Jo tossed a trainer at her.
  8. He tossed it and hit the.
  9. When was all logic tossed.
  10. The lil bomber tossed the.
  11. I tossed it into the grass.
  12. He lifted, and tossed badge.
  13. If she was getting tossed.
  14. Komadze tossed up his hands.
  15. I tossed and turned night.
  16. Dakin tossed hers off last.
  17. He tossed me the plastic bag.
  18. She tossed both of them on.
  19. She tossed it in the garbage.
  20. It tossed Mor Xurxo skyward.
  21. With a towel tossed over it.
  22. Guardon tossed back his head.
  23. Caramarin tossed him the keys.
  24. I tossed and turned all night.
  25. Or tossed by tempest, hiding.
  26. Zem then tossed one to Panny.
  27. I’ve been tossed around by.
  28. He tossed the shotgun in the.
  29. Sophia tossed a chirp, Yeah.
  30. The other shield was tossed in.
  31. Salome tossed the head to him.
  32. A fresh wind tossed her hair.
  33. He tossed it back in the hole.
  34. He tossed it back to Dol and.
  35. She tossed the hoodie in the.
  36. And she tossed about on the bed.
  37. The snow tossed his body away.
  38. Some tossed coins into his cup.
  39. High in the air he tossed the.
  40. Tammas tossed his head set down.
  41. Omi tossed in his money as well.
  42. The great horse tossed his head.
  43. When he finally woke he tossed.
  44. Here, I tossed it to Wash.
  45. Joe tossed the rope back to him.
  46. Garcia tossed the keys to Niki.
  47. He nodded at Larry, who tossed.
  48. Rob tossed his axe toward Emeric.
  49. All yielding she tossed my hair.
  50. Andy tossed another rope to Pete.
  51. I tossed Orthon a skeptical look.
  52. She tossed her head and passed on.
  53. I retrieved it and tossed it back.
  54. Mama tossed the ball in his hands.
  55. Griff stamped and tossed his head.
  56. Oh you afflicted one tossed with.
  57. Having tossed his towel, Zelena.
  58. Everything had been tossed about.
  59. He tossed the empty flask to Holly.
  60. Moses tossed and turned in his bed.
  61. His body was tossed into a black.
  62. He tossed one bottle to Erin and.
  63. He tossed a small birch log onto.
  64. Body parts of a heku were tossed.
  65. I tossed the dart gun onto the bed.
  66. Shaw tossed the other darts slowly.
  67. Heather tossed him a hateful glance.
  68. A moment later Knox tossed two guns.
  69. I tossed him back against the wall.
  70. Evan tossed and turned a few more.
  71. He tossed and got a hotchpotch of.
  72. Anne tossed out breeches and shirts.
  73. He tossed it through both windows.
  74. She tossed out her hip and chuckled.
  75. He tossed a few dollars on the bar.
  76. I tossed and turned the whole night.
  77. I tossed the photograph back at him.
  78. Finally, she tossed the big brass.
  79. I tossed the phone into the backseat.
  80. She tossed chopped onions in the pan.
  81. As Clapper said, nothing was tossed.
  82. He then tossed the key into the air.
  83. It's terrible, she tossed it aside.
  84. He scooped it up and tossed it back.
  85. The altar-cloth, as if tossed by a.
  86. He tossed the ball high into the air.
  87. Beyond the heaving waves that tossed.
  88. Sure thing, he tossed it to her.
  89. It can even be tossed around corners.
  90. He tossed the two ends of the spear.
  91. Shadowfax tossed his head and stamped.
  92. His wife tossed him a confused glance.
  93. He tossed the tissues on to the table.
  94. The Boss tossed Justin a smal revolver.
  95. Melodía tossed her head in irritation.
  96. He tossed it in the bushes behind him.
  97. He tossed the cell phone back on the.
  98. The man nodded and he tossed him a bag.
  99. She tossed the red, warm blanket aside.
  100. He tossed in a few kopecks and waited.
  1. He tosses it to Raiden.
  2. She tosses the paper in the trash.
  3. He tosses the shears to the floor.
  4. He groans and tosses his head back.
  5. She tosses the phone into the street.
  6. Tosses them in one by one, pack by.
  7. Gibbons tosses a wrench into the plans.
  8. With a sneer Odin tosses him to the side.
  9. Let’s ride, Jane tosses you the keys.
  10. Rico, take this and tosses it in the stove.
  11. On the job, she thinks, and tosses her hair back.
  12. He tosses the mobile phone into the air repeatedly.
  13. This night is filled with many tosses and turnings.
  14. That’s anything except coin tosses and dice throws.
  15. The city bloomed up in great tosses of heat and light.
  16. He breaks a twig off a nearby tree and tosses it high.
  17. He tosses his cable cutters in through the open window.
  18. He casually tosses the book out the window beside him.
  19. She tosses it over two rows of heads to Xzavier standing.
  20. She tosses the sword in her right hand towards the ground.
  21. Will pulls out a cartoon smoke bomb and tosses it into the.
  22. Aside from a few tosses and turns she was in a perfect sleep.
  23. The blast grips me and tosses me like a weightless paper bag.
  24. Yet over many tosses, the outcome can be reasonably predicted.
  25. John ends the call, tosses the phone on the passenger’s seat.
  26. He removes the jacket from my hand and tosses it on the floor.
  27. Aaron tosses his apple core over the cliff and jumps to his feet.
  28. The cook tosses a dish towel over his shoulder and strolls away.
  29. His glance is calm and commanding, he tosses the slouch of his hat.
  30. Then Max tosses a 16 stone he-man into the truck like a straw bale.
  31. BOYLAN: (Tosses him sixpence) Here, to buy yourself a gin and splash.
  32. The wheel is still moving, creating a wind that tosses my hair back.
  33. She frowns and growls, then tosses the head against the hallway wall.
  34. Luckily, he tosses that one over to me and gives the other one to Tori.
  35. He pulls me out of the tub by my neck and tosses me across the bathroom.
  36. She tosses her hair, slides forward, and places her feet on the ground.
  37. Brett whistles shrilly and tosses a sword to my uncle, the nearest relative.
  38. As John drinks, Russ tosses a nerf football that bounces off of John’s head.
  39. As she is running she tosses ninja stars with deadly accuracy as bullets fly past her.
  40. When he tosses his gear off I collect it without being obvious so he can exit gracefully.
  41. She presses the button on the side of the device and tosses it across the alley, underhand.
  42. He then lifts him by his long black gown and tosses him with all his might into the forest.
  43. A couple more tosses and the snowball is full, the substructure pulls up through the ground.
  44. Tosses the tissues into the waste paper bin, then tosses 150,000 Pesetas onto a nearby table.
  45. Cass grabs the newspaper wrapped around the supplies in the box, and tosses it into the stove.
  46. The skinny goth folds her arms over her chest and tosses her head, looking down her thin nose at me.
  47. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio.
  48. After nearly thirty seconds Ryodan reappears and tosses the body of R’jan’s new advisor at his feet.
  49. Pulling on the pin at the top with his teeth, he tosses the Mk 2 World War II era grenade down the hall.
  50. The anxiety he feels twists his stomach and he tosses and turns for several hours until sleep overcomes him.
  51. The Chancellor sits, and Kate tosses her lovely long hair behind her as she places her papers on the lectern.
  52. When we walk up the steps, he stops the knife and tosses it into his other hand, which is gnarled with scars.
  53. I scowl when the lumbering Hummer nearly tosses me into Ryodan’s lap, and brace myself better on the console.
  54. After Eugene finishes his beer, he orders a mug of hot water and tosses in the teabag from his pocket with a little plop.
  55. The soldier tosses the clipboard onto the seat and smacks the driver on the shoulder, then takes his seat, in front of us.
  56. With a perfect side pitch, the old man tosses the blazing lighter into the car window and onto the gas-sopped driver's lap.
  57. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side.
  58. Dana won’t even touch them again, unless she tosses them into the trash, that’s the only time she will ever touch them.
  59. And when the storm tosses the sailors from side to side and threatens to wreck the ship, all are pale with the threat of death.
  60. And she will have her beautiful auburn hair again, swinging when she tosses her head, and she will look as before…so lovely!.
  61. She wasn’t very good; nearly all of her tosses veered off course, some hitting the sand and others getting caught in the breeze.
  62. I show it to Andy, and eventually convince him; so he tosses aside his redundant paper map, and from now on we will rely on my GPS.
  63. He tosses the gas hose up with his left hand, a half foot or so in the air and catches it firmly on the way down, by the metal nozzle.
  64. His harsh gaze follows the man to his car as Jayson’s right hand tosses the papers on the passenger seat then reaches for the ignition.
  65. She always spots me, tosses her head of fiery curls, catches the tip of her pretty pink tongue between her lips and smiles, eyes shining.
  66. The referee tosses the coin into the air; it flips over three times before he catches it and places it face upward on his opposite wrist.
  67. He thinks about it a minute, shrugs his shoulders, chugs some more until the beer is empty, tosses the can in the corner on top of his jacket.
  68. He turns back towards Diane D and shouts, Can you wake up to this?! Marcus angrily throws and tosses the empty paint can right at Diane D!.
  69. That means that if your child tosses and turns a lot, you should provide full mattress coverage as well as possibly pillow liners or protectors as well.
  70. Butterflies in great tosses of confetti leaped from the deeps of the forest to ramble drunkenly on the air, their thousand torn shadows following over grass and water.
  71. Then still holding Archan’s hand and with his other hand is his midsection, The Host hoists Archan over his head and effortlessly tosses him 20 feet into the outer wall.
  72. She doesn’t bother changing into pajamas; she squirms out of her jeans, tosses her socks down next to them, wriggles out of her bra, and yanks it out from under her T-shirt.
  73. But for the first time – no, it's not the first time she's done this to him, it's just the first time she's done this while she pulls at his vest and tosses it to the floor.
  74. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug.
  75. He walks over toward the kitchen, tosses his wallet and wilted dollars on the coffee table, crumples a piece of notepaper and tosses it in the trash with a series of credit-card receipts.
  76. He tosses it on the granite island and then unzips my jeans and yanks both my jeans and panties to mid-thigh before picking me up and sitting my naked ass on the edge of the island countertop.
  77. Then he tosses the other twenty-eight—the Miami Heat cap is still in a plastic bag in Riverhead somewhere—to his crew, and for the rest of the party, wherever I turn, brand-new gleaming caps bob jauntily above the fray.
  78. First, what is the number of different ways we can get five heads in 10 tosses? We could have thrown HHHHHTTTTT or HHHHTHTTTT, or some other combination of five heads and five tails for a total of 10 choose 5 or 10!/(5!5!) ways.
  79. Marcus painfully turns around and reaches for a tin garbage pail that is close by! He turns back towards Diane D and shouts, Can you respond to this?! Marcus angrily throws and tosses the tin garbage pail right at Diane D!.
  80. This makes sense if we interpret probabilities in terms of frequencies; for example, that the probability that a coin turns up heads is the ratio of the number of heads in a very large number of coin tosses to the total number of coin tosses.
  81. As a bull, with a slight but irresistible movement, tosses its head from the grasp of a man who is leaning over the stall and idly holding its horn, so the sun entered the world in smooth, leaves shone and the grass coruscated along the miles of the escarpment.
  82. What is the probability of throwing exactly five heads in 10 tosses of a coin? The answer to this last question requires we understand something about permutations and combinations or rearrangements, a concept that will be extremely important in succeeding chapters.
  83. Mary opens the other lunch box and pours the other vial of poison into the other bottle of orange juice, then takes both vials of poison within her hand and tosses them off the road, into the tall grass that stands in the distance waving like friends to one another.
  84. Winds, clouds, whirlwinds, gusts, useless stars! What is to be done? The desperate man gives up; he is weary, he chooses the alternative of death; he resists not; he lets himself go; he abandons his grip; and then he tosses forevermore in the lugubrious dreary depths of engulfment.
  85. The most direful blow from the elephant's trunk were as the playful tap of a fan, compared with the measureless crush and crash of the sperm whale's ponderous flukes, which in repeated instances have one after the other hurled entire boats with all their oars and crews into the air, very much as an Indian juggler tosses his balls.
  86. The pile grew, as her possessions were tosses aside,.
  87. The bullock's head tosses restless high in the air with raging eyes, Yet see you! how soon his rage subsides--how soon this tamer tames him; See you! on the farms hereabout a hundred oxen young and old,.

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