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Smother в предложении (на )

  1. She saw Oonagh smother a grin.
  2. Oh how I wanted to smother her.
  3. He wants to smother you with shame.
  4. He was trying to smother a triumphant grin.
  5. She seized a pillow and began to smother him.

  6. I groaned and tried to smother my face with the pil-.
  7. He wants to smother you with feelings of being put down.
  8. Annette seemed content to allow the kids to smother her.
  9. And Nicholas would not know how to smother with a pillow.
  10. With family there are emotional ties and that would smother me.
  11. It was to stifle them in myself, to still them, to smother them.
  12. Elsa used all her strength to smother my face against her breast.
  13. But the black airless tomb began to smother him and he screamed again.
  14. He almost chuckled when she tried to smother her cringe at the taste.
  15. About six o'clock it seemed as if the children would smother for lack.

  16. Where women love each other, men learn to smother their mutual dislike.
  17. I expect if our tame police cannot smother this, your descriptions will be.
  18. I hear Findel smother a chuckle from behind me as he pulls up the gangplank.
  19. My hair! burst out poor Jo, trying vainly to smother her emotion in the pillow.
  20. Nor, for that matter, was there a woman in the world whose flesh could smother Tom.
  21. Gabrysia and Jordon cupped their hands over their mouths to smother their laughter.
  22. He stood there, a hand clasped over his mouth to smother the sound of his breathing.
  23. In the dining tent even the lovely smell of dinner can't smother the Skunk's Revenge.
  24. Dawit was lucky they didn’t let in him and then smother him in the middle of the forest.
  25. In the meantime, he’ll alert the State Department and smother the meeting with security.

  26. He put his hand over his mouth to smother a laugh and his eyes fairly sparkled with mischief.
  27. I looked the landlord in the eye and ordered a pint of beer, my tears and grief to smother.
  28. So I’m, your mother is slipping, she is surely going to smother you with a pillow soon.
  29. He knows where we’re headed! We’d best keep moving as fast as we can or the flies will smother us.
  30. I know I must conceal my sentiments: I must smother hope; I must remember that he cannot care much for me.
  31. In the pew opposite Willie were two ginger-haired girls—obviously twins—trying to smother their giggles.
  32. She wondered if her pounding heart would overwhelm her microphone, smother the transmission to the recorder.
  33. With feverish haste I threw my clothes off, blew out the light and sprang into bed as if to smother my fears.
  34. Enilia had to smother a laugh with her head into the blanket; otherwise, she would have woken up the entire camp.
  35. The entire scene struck me as absurd and a bubble of laughter escaped, despite my best intentions to smother it.
  36. She wound her hands in his hair and tried to smother him between them until he stood up and took her in his arms.
  37. All this a babble of fright and frustration, a surge of instant love and instant fear to smother the stupid babble.
  38. Don't slaver butter thickly all over that whole grain bread or pumpkin, or smother your whole grain pasta in a cheese sauce.
  39. He was heaving for air, fighting off that depression that always came to smother him after they had sex, the that’s-all blues.
  40. Now it seemed to gaze despairingly at the housing estates surrounding it as though threatening to creep up on its roots and smother it.
  41. He seemed suddenly to shrink together and broke into rapid, short sobs, which he tried at first to smother, but at last he sobbed aloud.
  42. Deep holes were appearing on the crust of Earth and roots of the trees were surfacing in the Realms and they spread to smother every other plant.
  43. Can we continue this in the morning? I yawned hugely, bringing a hand up to smother it, but I noticed that Harley and Teagan were drooping too.
  44. As my hiccupping grew softer, the shrouded silence of the empty apartments pressed down around me until I thought I would smother under its weight.
  45. The captain insisted on one final caution during this process, and that was to have wet cloths readily available to smother sparks which could set the.
  46. Without at least a day or two of warning, especially with all the snow piled up around Five Forks to help smother any fires, there’s no way Somyrs pulled it off.
  47. If you are present where a fire starts (or where a camp fire accidentally spreads) in woodland, or on heath or grassland, your first action should be to SMOTHER IT.
  48. But we can hardly condemn too strongly a system which, instead of fostering the scattered seeds or sparks of genius and character, tends to smother and extinguish them.
  49. The belt did generate new breathable air, but it still tasted stale, and the field had a tendency to close in with every inhale, as if someone was trying to smother 114.
  50. I have only to take and throw this half-dead thing on the bed, smother him a moment with the pillow, and the most careful examination will find no trace of unnatural death.
  51. Earlier they had seen the long, trailing branches dragging in the wind, but now they saw nothing; the fog pressed against the glass like it was trying to smother the house.
  52. Andrew, the only person on that stage with even a modicum of common sense, had the presence of mind to run for the sand bucket to smother the flames before they spread too far.
  53. All of them, every one of them, begged and besought me to open the door, if only for a moment; swore that no harm should come to me, only that they wanted to smother me with kisses.
  54. As though to certify these attempts to smother democratic debate as the official policy of his administration, the President of the United States accuses the Tea Party people of fear mongering.
  55. From that time, she worked with all her might to "smother" her rival, enlisting the services of influential friends to persuade the managers not to give Christine an opportunity for a fresh triumph.
  56. Petitions on behalf of another man, Bino, brave beyond words, who heroically had peeled the borrowed jacket from his shoulders to smother the flames, despite the serious burns received to his hands and face.
  57. In a third place a crowd of bees, crushing one another, attack some victim and fight and smother it, and the victim, enfeebled or killed, drops from above slowly and lightly as a feather, among the heap of corpses.
  58. Bakers, closed shops, night-cabmen, porters sweeping the pavements flashed past his eyes, and he watched it all, trying to smother the thought of what was awaiting him, and what he dared not hope for, and yet was hoping for.
  59. They smother them with ‘no’s’ and rules and limits and control; ‘No! No! Don’t do that! You can’t do that! No! Don’t cross the street you might be killed! Huh? The child already crossed the street and was not killed.
  60. I could have screamed aloud; I sought with tears and prayers to smother down the crowd of hideous images and sounds with which my memory swarmed against me; and still, between the petitions, the ugly face of my iniquity stared into my soul.
  61. There was the drip of water from the paddle as I lifted it, stroke after stroke; the tiny hiss of smother at the prow, and twisted through it all, like a gathering string, Natica Melsford’s voice, letting me down easy—as easily as she could.
  62. He, among others, was so effective that in three hundred short years they were well on the way to overcoming the mighty Roman Empire that had tried to smother their movement with the hundreds of thousands of sacrifices that they’d had to endure during this time.
  63. The ironclad’s long, slender bowsprit was a lance, pointed directly at the sun settling into the broad blue waters of Hahskyn Bay in a smother of crimson ash and golden clinkers, and the day’s oppressive heat was settling into the cool of evening along with it.
  64. Since these new crystals had made an appearance, finding oil to smother the door with to produce a good burn had been a difficult task but in the end you can always rely on a blacksmith to have some and he had found a large vase of combustible oil down by the town forge.
  65. It’s a good thing he’ll have you around, Zach, to steer him right - for he has three older sisters - who from the sound of it, are going to smother him with sisterly love and devotion, so he’ll need someone to look out for him for protection and guidance from his sisters.
  66. Complaining doesn't have to do good, it just feels good! And if these pirates—I say pirates out of consideration for the professor's feelings, since he doesn't want us to call them cannibals—if these pirates think they're going to smother me in this cage without hearing what cusswords spice up my outbursts, they've got another think coming! Look here, Professor Aronnax, speak frankly.
  67. The wide cares of my destiny, will smother,.
  1. I felt that it was smothering me.
  2. Babies die every day of smothering.
  3. Paul could feel its smothering effects.
  4. Shortness of breath or smothering sensations.
  5. Grandma smothering his back in calamine lotion.
  6. Dust rose smothering the air, as from nearby.
  7. But I need to stop smothering them; they’re.
  8. Then she was in his arms smothering him with kisses.
  9. The cold, calculating hand continued smothering his.
  10. Some third person did the smothering; but who was it?
  11. He stayed there for three hours, smothering in the heat.
  12. He carried her inside, smothering her in a thousand kisses.
  13. Maybe he could sabatage Rickys healing? smothering him or.
  14. There was a sound of rain everywhere, smothering everything.
  15. The sea mis licked at them, chilling them, smothering them.
  16. Dotting and smothering are as abusive as beating and starving.
  17. Smoggy exhaust poured out of the vents, smothering the soldiers.
  18. The second way water extinguishes a fire is by smothering the fire.
  19. A thick green froth formed on the surface, smothering Bryony’s head.
  20. As he walked, Op14 felt the stinging heat of their smothering presence.
  21. Oh? she smiled and took his arm, smothering it in her ample flesh.
  22. Society's struggles seem trivial, down here, in the smothering silence.
  23. She could concentrate on it instead of on Rykus’s smothering presence.
  24. The wizard paused for second, smothering the urge to punch his cell-mate.
  25. The wolf spoke again, smothering the moment with his reek and the furnace.
  26. Cira had come to inside the smothering darkness, and realized that this is.
  27. She remained mute, not knowing that he was smothering his affection for her.
  28. Somehow, this Elsa girl was smothering me with her relationship and love talk.
  29. They were in a smothering, gray vacuum that made it impossible to see anything.
  30. The rain seemed to be easing off, although the sky remained low and smothering.
  31. Elena took out the knife she had tucked under the belt she had smothering her waist.
  32. She arose and jerked the princess to her feet, smothering her mouth with a punishing.
  33. And the gulping and smothering they do with their mouths in their dirty novels French.
  34. The wolf spoke again, smothering the moment with his reek and the furnace heat of his breath.
  35. His yell was a wonderful reward and she couldn't hide the satisfied smile smothering her face.
  36. Corvus immediately threw himself on top of the man, his bulk easily smothering the smaller man.
  37. It must be from whatever it is that's smothering the sun! added the suddenly shrill voice of.
  38. You just have to embrace it by smothering your sense of self enough to grasp its full significance.
  39. The heavens split wide open and I fell into a void, a pit of dense, black, smothering raven feathers.
  40. A dark wave was falling over him, smothering and breaking upon his body with the weight of a landslide.
  41. She liked and respected her aunt but the woman's constant monitoring of her behavior felt quite smothering.
  42. It must be from whatever it is that’s smothering the sun! added the suddenly shrill voice of Azareel.
  43. You did an outstanding job up there today! Quan gushed while smothering Mia with kisses to her little face.
  44. Yet unaccountably, the smothering fatigue that had been my constant companion for the last five months was gone.
  45. The smothering cloak of gray dissolved till just a few milky thin clouds skirted the moon’s full laughing face.
  46. I told her she was smothering me, and to lay off and all that, but secretly, I was really, really glad to see her.
  47. She was staring at Ruth, still smothering Abigail with the pillow, and it was then that I saw the full terrible truth.
  48. His accomplice was also stunned and fell off the bed, then the pillows smothering the two boys were hurriedly removed.
  49. When she left him, he was adding Ken’s cards and dice to the pile under his chest, like a dragon smothering his hoard.
  50. Stars dotted the sky which was now black as coal, smothering the lights of the Manhattan skyline far out in the distance.
  51. He then understood with horror that the burning napalm had burned all the oxygen in the air around him, smothering his engines.
  52. It’s the smothering type and never-say-die attitude of attraction that one feels for another that appears to be romantic love.
  53. Tress acted quickly, dragging a nearby drape from the wall and smothering him in its folds to extinguish the last of the flames.
  54. Damon and Janelle were whirlwinds of activity, competing for my attention throughout the afternoon, smothering me with their need.
  55. She instinctively tried to cover her throat with her arms, but instead of fangs felt a warm tongue smothering her face in spittle.
  56. He hoped she might be as anxious to carry on their conversation as he was, but he did not want to run the risk of smothering her with affection.
  57. I imagined Roy’s arrival, his shock, his outcry, his smothering despair, then his rage, with new despairs to drown and win after his call to me.
  58. I crumpled his letter and threw it to the floor and held the pillow over my chest smothering my heart that was shattering into a million tiny pieces.
  59. They rose in an incredible pillar of smoke—and no doubt steam—on tails of flame that sent more smoke sheeting across the sky in a smothering canopy.
  60. His brain instantly registered the disintegration of his torso, and the thick smothering blackness that closed in on him as he slowly sank towards hell itself.
  61. The sun was just rising, but it was already unreasonably hot and damp, and clothing that had seemed comfortable in London quickly felt smothering in Alexandria.
  62. I lay in the dark under a pale and smothering camberwick bedspread, pushing at blisters of paint brushed over lyres and garlands on the texture of the wallpaper.
  63. When they would miss each other dearly and run into each other’s arms, smothering the other with kisses and cuddles until they finally made love and fell asleep.
  64. Noticing clouds smothering the moon, she took one last look around before bursting from her hiding place and racing across the lit-up lawn in less than ten seconds.
  65. Without hesitation and showing no regard for his own life, he threw himself onto the grenade, smothering it to protect his teammates who were lying in close proximity.
  66. When heroes engage prophets, martyrs, or messiahs, heroes win by adapting to, then smothering and finally extinguishing the field that is trying to emerge or withstand it.
  67. Without hesitation and showing no regard for his own life, he threw himself onto the grenade, smothering it to protect his teammates who were lying in close proximity.
  68. The period of reflection succeeding this silly action, compelled me to admit the necessity of smothering my pride and choking my wrath, and bestirring myself to remove its effects.
  69. The period of reflection succeeding this silly action compelled me to admit the necessity of smothering my pride and choking my wrath, and bestirring myself to remove its effects.
  70. Yea, the darkness therein is so thick that one may grasp it, for the fire there gives no light, but blinds the eyes of them that are there with a smothering smoke, the worst of smokes.
  71. He hits the main light switch, smothering the bed-sit in darkness and as his eyes adjust slowly, he fumbles for a lamp on top of the fridge, preferring soft shadows at this time of night.
  72. When they reached the end of the corridor a small man in a leather jerkin jumped out of the shadows and Danton’s voice boomed out, smothering the chill of morning in burning impatience.
  73. Once in position on each side of the bed, one of the men made a sign with his head to his companion, then jumped on the bed, kneeling astride Edward and smothering the boy with his pillow.
  74. Winded by the force of the bolt, Tress had managed to pull her cloak around herself as she fell backwards, instantly vanishing from sight and smothering her face in the rough fibres of her cloak.
  75. Like the hungry protoplasm of an oversized amoeba, ballooning clouds of flapping cloth now completely engulfed him, smothering his face and wrapping themselves ever more tightly around his arms and torso.
  76. I’d announced that we had reason to celebrate, and Mom had leaped from her seat, burst into tears, and hugged Amy, who also began weeping, murmuring from beneath my mom’s smothering nuzzle, He’s talking about The Bar, he’s just talking about The Bar.
  77. ESP? When you were a child how did you know your favorite kitten would be dead before you walked into the room and peeked in the closet and saw its body stiff and flat, like the mother had (accidentally?) lain on it, smothering its 2-week-old life out of its tiny body.
  78. Less than ten years after the revolt of AD 66–70, a sudden catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum, Roman resort cities, smothering them under more than a six-foot blanket of volcanic ash, deposited by a superheated pyroclastic flow from the mountain.
  79. Golyadkin blushed in his sleep, and, smothering his blushes, muttered to himself that in this case he ought to be able to show the strength of his character, he ought to be able to show in this case the remarkable strength of his character, and then wound up by asking himself, What, after all, is strength of character? Why understand it now?
  80. Heated and irritated as he was by his spasmodic toil at the pumps, for all his first nameless feeling of forbearance the sweating Steelkilt could but ill brook this bearing in the mate; but somehow still smothering the conflagration within him, without speaking he remained doggedly rooted to his seat, till at last the incensed Radney shook the hammer within a few inches of his face, furiously commanding him to do his bidding.
  81. He must know about digging deep holes; and about sheath-piling, that he may retain the loose soil and keep it from smothering the workmen at the bottom of his excavation; and he must know the best machines to use for drilling rock and the best method for removing it; he must know about all the stones in the country and the best way of making concrete; he must be familiar with the thousand new inventions, and discriminate carefully and rightly between this range and that, and between this form of trap and the other, between a dozen different steam-heaters and twenty systems of ventilation; he must be prepared to give his owners exactly what they want in the way of windows and chimney-corners, of cupboards, shelves in available corners, and recesses to put away step-ladders and brooms.
  1. It was smothered in thick dust.
  2. And I should die there smothered.
  3. Godwyn smothered a triumphant grin.
  4. With smothered laughter, she continued.
  5. After she had smothered him with kisses.
  6. The team smothered Kline, who finished.
  7. Too much, too quick hath smothered thee.
  8. She was almost smothered under its weight.
  9. Daddy dear, darling, they've smothered it!.
  10. Limpy met him and smothered his face in kicks.
  11. She was drugged and smothered with a pillow.
  12. Peter smothered the man’s wounds in kisses.
  13. She had the urge to kiss him, but smothered it.
  14. Feeling had indeed smothered judgement that day.
  15. Then he smothered the laughter that rose in him.
  16. Brambles as tall as a shire horse smothered the.
  17. The two relieved parents smothered Emma with kisses.
  18. Padraic found himself smothered by a cloud of gloom.
  19. He miscalculated some and smothered Natty’s hair.
  20. He drank some more then smothered her lips with his.
  21. Caesar, too, looked up at his own smothered ceiling.
  22. It had kept me from feeling overwhelmed or smothered.
  23. And Tom tried to restrain his hard smothered sobbing.
  24. She sat up electrified, and smothered him with kisses.
  25. One hand clamped over her mouth, smothered her scream.
  26. He had been stripped of his armour, bruises smothered.
  27. She reached up and smothered him with a kiss on his lips.
  28. He smothered the rest of my words with a light, airy kiss.
  29. Probably smothered with a pillow while she was out of it.
  30. And she went, smiling as she smothered his feeble protests.
  31. This sound was the smothered sobbing of the red-haired woman.
  32. Godwyn looked outraged, but Bishop Richard smothered a smile.
  33. Skye asked as she smothered herself with a pink, frilly pillow.
  34. The thick air which smothered all other noises clearly carried.
  35. He's got tasty vatted thin ones smothered in a thick bean sauce.
  36. Persian buns smothered in white and strawberry icing, who would.
  37. In a foreseeable future we shall be smothered by our own numbers.
  38. Lorene gave her a shot and Clegg smothered her with a plastic bag.
  39. I selected a poppy seed bagel and smothered it in chocolate spread.
  40. Suddenly I was smothered with books and photographs and signed cards.
  41. Spoon-fed pabulum smothered the sense of inquiry and closed the mind.
  42. The answer reached him, a half smothered, almost contented whisper:.
  43. Pecans, caramel smothered in melted chocolate -- it's turtle candy.
  44. That was a little, darkish room too, but it was smothered in white lace.
  45. Brrfoo! Blew up all her skirts and her boa nearly smothered old Goodwin.
  46. All she knew was that she felt as if she was being smothered in this room.
  47. Bouquets and bouquets of flowers, and tea candles smothered the whole place.
  48. That was clear from the eruption of sound and the silence that smothered it.
  49. When Jeff came up front, a concerned expression smothered his customary smile.
  50. They were then smothered with home churned butter followed by a dollop of jam.
  51. He smothered a grin, as from the corner of his eye he saw her bosom heave with.
  52. At any minute the trees could have closed in and smothered us, Gamying said.
  53. Never was an obnoxious measure more handsomely smothered by its avowed friends.
  54. As I stood at the flat top grill cooking an order of scattered, smothered, and.
  55. When the news of his return reached her, Amaranta had been smothered by anxiety.
  56. It had been throttled and thrown, smothered and bent, smashed against the ring-.
  57. He took his woman in his arms and smothered her upturned, panting lips with kisses.
  58. All his smothered wrath suddenly flamed up with extraordinary violence in his soul.
  59. He sighed, and told me his story without a sound of passion, only smothered anguish.
  60. One high, shrill, and derogatory; the other smothered, half mute, already defeated.
  61. The town was soon deluged with mendacious literature and smothered with huge posters:.
  62. Standing in his arms still unresisting, smothered by his kisses, she thought, this is It.
  63. Even more painful than his broken ribs was the terrible disappointment that smothered him.
  64. Paybacks a bitch, Brock said after I had smothered the smelly tong right in his nose.
  65. The guards had moved onwards and the Moon was smothered with a thick layer of black clouds.
  66. At least he didn't just fall at his feet, Moshe thought as he smothered a smile of amusement.
  67. Well, Riley ate a hole into that same haystack, and it fell down on him and smothered him.
  68. Locke smothered a grin watching the five foot six Agent push around a five foot ten Offender.
  69. On the main landing, Adelaide also gasped but smothered most of it with a hand over her mouth.
  70. At least he didn’t just fall at his feet, Moshe thought as he smothered a smile of amusement.
  71. She opened her mouth to say getting the men out of jail was ends enough but smothered the words.
  72. He was out of breath kicking dirt on the flames before the embers finally gave in and smothered.
  73. Afterwards she turned, and recommenced her nonsense; at last, Hareton uttered a smothered laugh.
  74. Ingrid prepared a dinner of hot dogs, using fresh bread rolls smothered with tomato ketchup sauce.
  75. He saw cream colored, flat ovals and little chunks of brown meat smothered with a golden-brown sauce.
  76. They breathed in gasps and moans, smothered each others mouths and faces with their lips and tongues.
  77. They were censored and you can watch the DVD about their adventures, Smothered, an appropriate title.
  78. Murtha smothered his rage, although I knew he would with pleasure have had us stuck up or blackjacked.
  79. But he made a sad business of it with his unsteady hand, and a smothered titter rippled over the house.
  80. If a child is smothered by overprotective parents, they may develop an aversion to any kind of closeness.
  81. They came upon the cabin in question with the smoke of a recently smothered fire rising up in front of it.
  82. Captain Randall and the occupants of the carriage smothered smiles at this naive explanation of rifle pits.
  83. As he did so he started back and I could hear his ejaculation, "Mein Gott!" as it was smothered in his throat.
  84. Wyatt reeked of guilt, while Jo and Ben gave him the cold shoulder and smothered me with over-the-top kindness.
  85. I smothered the baby in the cellar with a board! I sat on it and smothered it—and its bones crunched! (Weeps.
  86. The blankets smothered me in their covers of pity and shame while I wallowed in self-pity, sobbing my heart out.
  87. After the fire was smothered they gathered their tools and went forth into the forest for the day’s woodcutting.
  88. Feeling rather stupid he twisted his mind, trying to feel something, tingly, or warm and smothered like the Shadow.
  89. The only portion of the story in which my niece used allegory was when she described them as having been smothered.
  90. He had just gone into the drawing room, when suddenly a plaintive moan sounded from the bedroom, smothered instantly.
  91. Before the Separation it was a plain of burnt grass smothered in clouds of dust, with an ox-cart track to our Jetty.
  92. His lips smothered her cries of pleasure, so it didn’t wake Legion and Caleb that were sleeping in the living room.
  93. Management practices of the past have smothered the individual and tried to contain and manage individual expression.
  94. But this pervading something frightened her terribly, smothered her, pressing on her from all sides, depriving her of air.
  95. If he hadn't I'd have smothered slowly, and perhaps if I'd never known him I'd have done it as gracefully as my sisters did.
  96. Bryony forced her head up, and saw the orb of the moon retreating behind a blanket of blackness that smothered the entire sky.
  97. To come in contact with tear gas in your dream suggests that you are feeling suffocated and smothered by some relationship.
  98. To dream that you do not have enough oxygen suggests that you are feeling suffocated or smothered by a situation in your life.
  99. How, Mick said, I did everything you said, I waited until she had finished the wine and then smothered her with a pillow.
  100. A few minutes later came the sound of smothered laughter, and the sentry returned with a hedgehog firmly fixed in an empty bully tin.
  1. The sky’s beauty smothers all the scenery.
  2. This replacement of words by the Smothers Guys.
  3. She smokes, lights a bit of the decorations on fire and waits while he smothers the flames.
  4. The greatest tragedy of humanity is that today religion smothers more questions than it was.
  5. He was worth the price of admission and he was just as funny as he was when he appeared on the Smothers.
  6. David Bianculli – Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story Of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (2009: Simon & Schuster).
  7. In and the Smothers Brothers, who introduced such stars as Glen Campbell, Pat Paulsen, John Hartford and Mason Williams on the Smothers Comedy.
  8. It smothers crops, blocks transport routes and watercourses and, combined with toxic gases, can cause lung damage to the very young, old and those with respiratory problems.
  9. How the past creeps when we close our eyes, how it spreads and smothers and kills our wings so that when we wake we can barely walk, how it intoxicates us, fuels our malevolence, separates us from spirit and ash, a justification, a summation, a definition which is only known to one and is poison to the soul.
  10. Here is only a partial list of entertainers who have contributed to change for the better through their music: Marion Anderson; Harry Bellafonte; Bono; Arlo Guthrie; Woody Guthrie; Joe Hill; Billie Holiday; Keb’ Mo’; Phil Ochs; Tom Paxton; Peter, Paul and Mary; Paul Robeson; Pete Seeger; Smothers Brothers.

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