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    1. He had not used violence on her, it became obvious she would have to use violence on him to get the wheel or throttle out of his hands

    2. It was only a little more than an hour till they were out on the open lake where he opened the throttle full and pounded over the water in the last gloom of dusk

    3. hammered the throttle at every turn, singing raucously and with absolute abandon

    4. He wanted to reach out and throttle Alan for just blatantly advertising Gordon's Lamp like that

    5. You will have bad days and he is going to go full throttle and give it all he's got

    6. The ship traffic went on thru the sleep, but once it was well into Noonsleep, Jorma could lay back and open the throttle to full

    7. the throttle settings so that the water pressure approached the working

    8. throttle and spun around, throwing the gravel of the parking lot into the van’s

    9. the throttle, lifting his front tire off the ground and landing it on the hood of the car

    10. and ascents ahead, he was ready to seek out and throttle

    11. He would have liked to throttle her with his bare hands

    12. An eye-witness later told the local reporter how the hovercraft had headed up the loading ramp at full throttle, careering its way through a low fence onto Clarence Pier, where it smashed into The Golden Horseshoe Amusement Arcade, taking out a length of its side wall

    13. Jumping on the quad bike, Dawn turned the key and thumbed the starter, opening the throttle wide

    14. Then, with a, “Hang on doc,” he stamped his foot on the throttle, holding it there

    15. There was a violent rustle behind the curtains, and Kay was half afraid that her sister would come storming through the fabric to throttle her

    16. With a touch of throttle he went on again

    17. The driver corrected the overshot rear-end with a blip on the throttle

    18. Stamping on the throttle, Mai Cole span the tyres on the wet road

    19. Frank blipped the throttle, gave her one last look over his shoulder, and pulled out on to the road

    20. Ease off the throttle,” I told him

    21. Up with the nose, down with the tail, wings at a ‘drunken’ thirty-degree angle as I blipped the throttle on and off

    22. Again, he noted the burst of torque when full throttle was applied for takeoff

    23. Generally, I like to blip up to a quarter throttle, then off,” he said

    24. There’s no sense driving it up to the edge of the runway at full throttle

    25. After seemingly endless months of chasing from here to there, always at full throttle, she was burned out, completely keyed up and with a fuse so short, everything pissed her off

    26. Advancing the throttle to wide open, I started climbing

    27. Advancing the throttle, the plane was soon airborne and the mission proceeded shortly thereafter

    28. Landing on her knees, she grabbed the throttle grip and twisted it

    29. They were all immobilised with shock, unable to think - except Conal, who grabbed the throttle, twisting it wide, weaving the boat away from the helicopter

    30. Keeping the flag’s position firmly in mind, I dipped the nose and shoved in major rudder, reducing throttle with my left hand

    31. The first throttle movement begins the rollout

    32. I took it up sunwards, climbing through 10,500 feet, and then opened up the throttle

    33. He rammed the throttle forward

    34. A man appeared on deck and, with several well-timed applications of throttle, eased the boat to the outboard side of the barge, hidden from Edgar’s view

    35. ” He used a low throttle setting while he got used to the rather sloppy feel of the vessel’s ground-handling

    36. Just aft of where Raul was handcuffed, on the starboard rail, was the after throttle

    37. With his chin, lips, brows and flashes of his eyes, Truman indicated the throttle

    38. The skinny one turned towards him with his knife and swung back his arm to slash at him while behind him, Raul reached the limit of his handcuff, extended his leg and, with the toe of a mud-caked shoe, shoved the throttle with such force that it buckled and wrapped around its end limit

    39. He jerked the other free from Raul’s efforts and sprang towards the throttle to slacken it

    40. With an exhalation of pent up fear, he guided the boat towards the channel, secured the wheel with a line and reduced throttle

    41. He yelled into the microphone, fooling no one but at least you could say he tried, then slammed his throttle way forwards, gave her a little up and at ‘er, and they flew through a small row of private hangars that collapsed in pathos all around them

    42. Hartle had the throttle tight against the stop

    43. He reduced throttle to slow her down

    44. Hand poised on the throttle, he began easing it forward again

    45. One quick squeeze on the throttle trigger gave a burst of power that sent Brownie lurching backwards, gripping tightly to the back of LP's vest

    46. When Brett came up alongside, Butch Padorcik, second driver for Sasquatch Racing, let up on the throttle, and Brett jumped out ahead

    47. Boroszki was hunched over the wheel, staring straight ahead, his hand on the throttle as if he could urge the boat to outrun its pursuer

    48. This recent come-up was what they’d been talking about since their days of selling nickel bags of weed in high school and now twenty-five years later, they had their hands on the throttle of the entire heroin and cocaine trade throughout the entire city

    49. But as this seems to be the day for full throttle confessions, here goes

    50. throttle to full speed and the boat cut through the water toward the entrance of the bay

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