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Smudge в предложении (на )

1. Smudge was coming by to see her.
2. Ross looked at the smudge of chocolate.
3. Stay still or you’ll smudge it all.
4. My song was a mere smudge on his memory.
5. The smudge in the background was confirmed.
6. There was a smudge of blood coming from his nose.
7. A smudge was growing on the otherwise-clear blue sky.

8. Danny had created smudge pots to keep the crops inside.
9. And wears man's smudge and shares man's smell: the soil.
10. Far to the west, the smudge grew even as she glanced at it.
11. Later, I acquired a wonderful Maine coon cat we called Smudge.
12. On the third day without water, a smudge appeared on the horizon.
13. There was a broad, irregular smudge covering some yards of the track.
14. There was a dark smudge under each eye and her lipstick was smeared.
15. He stared at the red smudge and watched as a tiny trickle leaked out.
16. It is still very far off, and but a thin, grim smudge on the horizon.
17. At a distance there was a faint yellow smudge in the cold veils of water.
18. It is so hard to have life turned into a smudge when one is only twenty.
19. Once I got to know Smudge, there was no question that I wanted him to stay.
20. In the distance the two men could begin to see the faint smudge of the coast.
21. His head was bent, there was a dark smudge on his forehead and he seemed dazed.
22. The small smudge above the 2nd green cat is evidence of last night’s celebrations.
23. She tried not to cry, not to smudge the beautiful evening with her own disappointments.
24. Marlie pushes that unpleasant smudge of thought into a corner and dabs it with a napkin.
25. There was a black-scorched, rectangle-shaped smudge where the famous hall had once stood.
26. Wiping tears from her eyes, she was unaware of the smudge of blood she left on her own cheek.
27. Half of her face was a chocolate smudge but she damned the torpedoes and went straight ahead.
28. The gesture left a smudge of dirt on his forehead that she longed to wipe away but knew she could not.
29. All that was left of one bomber was a tail, two wingtips, and two propellers, connected by a black smudge.
30. I kept wiping the sweat from my brows, and then kept getting annoyed when the sweat would smudge my glasses.
31. Boots had then run down the lane, and another little smudge of blood showed that it was he who had been hurt.
32. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor excitedly, leaving another smudge of brown shoe polish above his nose.
33. Get as much information into the drawing of your lights and shadows as possible; don't be satisfied with a smudge effect.
34. Peering into the tiny window, Andrew thought he could see a little smudge or maybe the shadow of a smudge in the darkness.
35. Did she have something on her face? A smudge perhaps? No, Jeffrey would have said something to her before bringing her over.
36. Soraya wiped her tears carefully with her handkerchief to not smudge her makeup, she sniffed and said, You had an older brother.
37. At first he perceived nothing but an empty room, but he then became aware of an indistinct blur---like a smudge on a camera lens.
38. The smudge beside me grasped at my jacket a little when I twisted away from him, but a quick jab in the old blurry area and he let go.
39. His shirt collar and cuffs were crumpled; the blue silken tie hung down his breast like a rag; a greasy smudge crossed his white brow.
40. Anne, who had her hair tied in a knot on her head and a smudge of ash on her nose, looked flustered and unhappy to have Petra in her home.
41. Art, I told her, is elusive but we know it is there when it arouses emotion, feeling, magnetism and fascination from this smudge of colors.
42. A smudge ran along his cheek, and his clothes were the same that he wore at the warehouse—except the white starched shirt was mostly wrinkles.
43. As Drens promised, we do sight land the following day … but not until late afternoon, and even then, it is only the merest smudge on the horizon.
44. As the coast of France receded into the distance, I could already see a white smudge in the distance that must be Dover and the famous white cliffs.
45. Free of the atmosphere’s smudge, the Hubble was able to see galaxies in their vivid disc-shaped or globular forms scattered throughout the Cosmos.
46. Presently she came in, enshrouded in a huge work-apron, with a smudge of flour on her nose, to show Aunt Jamesina the chocolate cake she had just iced.
47. Because of the creamy consistency of lipsticks they tend to smear and smudge very easily; use a paper tissue to blot off excess lipstick after application.
48. The back of our smudge pots were covered, the tops were covered, yet air came in, and the insides of the wooden angles were painted with thick coats of whitewash.
49. Hour by hour the blotting-paper sky and the great flat greenish smudge of the sea had been taking on a darker tone, without any change in their colouring and texture.
50. The thought that a man's marrying one or not could make so much as the faintest smudge across the bright hopefulness of life made me laugh aloud with healthiest derision.
51. So, although I enjoyed a longtime friendship of twenty years with Smudge, otherwise known as the king of my heart, he was never a companion to our daughter’s family.
52. He knew he would always have to keep them within sight of trees and there must always be a large smudge at the edge of the land where the big light came up that they could walk toward.
53. She drank him in, taking in the t-shirt that stretched across his broad chest, the well-worn jeans with stress points faded almost white, and the dirt smudge on his cheek she wanted to reach out and brush away.
54. The first sample of dust and sand collected by the robot arm appears as a white smudge on the surface of the rover’s observation tray.
55. Anyway, at a moment he found a black pen and the opportunity to smudge two of the three pages of my published story! When I saw that, I flew off the handle! The little monster managed to stain the only success I've had in my life insofar!.
56. At first it was alright we were towed in the ships boats by steam launch and at first things seemed alright then the dawn came up like a thief stealthily the shadows rolled back and the smudge of grey and inky blue on the landscape faded.
57. We had smudge pots, flares and water barrels for quick signals in an emergency; we had railroad-type emergency flares with the spikes on the end, we used those in various ways, and by the most careful choosing of the field, the terrain masked our lights.
58. It sometimes happened that some innocently gaping gentleman, on suddenly catching his straying, lustreless, questioning eyes, was scared and all of a tremor, and at once inserted into some important document either a smudge or some quite inappropriate word.
59. The moment happened to be one at which her father's sense of the antique nobility of his family was highest, and his sensitiveness to the smudge which Tess had set upon that nobility most pronounced, for he had just returned from his weekly booze at Rolliver's Inn.
60. As we progressed up the hill Darren began to smudge me,.
1. Smudging and House Cleansing.
2. Billy smiled, smudging his filter.
3. This will prevent smudging at the deep edges of your.
4. The ritual of smudging can be defined as spiritual house cleaning.
5. I peeled the orange with my dirty hands, the dirt from my nails smudging across its skin.
6. When you use this type of eyeliner, you can apply it smoothly and it would prevent smudging.
7. An old woman was smudging sage as she whispered her own prayers, leaving sprigs as an offering.
8. He scratched sums down, his ink-smeared hands smudging them so that they were illegible as he did so.
9. In the home, smudging can shift the negativity left behind by visitors, previous tenants or previous owners.
10. Smudging is also powerful means of cleansing the rooms of teens with difficulties and can encourage a sense of calm in them.
11. Sage has historically been used in smudging rituals as a means of invoking purification, protection, longevity, and immortality.
12. The walls and floor resisted total cleanliness but, as Jon observed, it was an elegant smudging, eminently suitable for an artists abode.
13. However it was the children of these very same 'high-minded' folks who were the instigators of the acts which were smudging the village's reputation.
14. If you are having troubling visitations by the way you could try Sage smudging your house as Shaman have long used this technique successfully to help clear the psychic atmosphere their ceremonies are conducted in.
1. The picture was smudged off but roll no.
2. His shirt and pants were smudged but intact.
3. He leant over and smudged the page with his sleeve.
4. His smudged face told me he had been crying inside.
5. Wrinkled and dirt smudged, it was better than nudity.
6. She flinched and a few drops of blood smudged the knife.
7. She shook out her skirts; the hem was dirty and smudged.
8. She nodded her head, her face smudged with tears and smoke.
9. Most items are torn or smudged in some way, but some are not.
10. It was smudged around her eyes, giving her that raccoon look.
11. My finger came away smudged with a faint trace of ancient lipstick.
12. He held up an evidence bag with my own smudged business card inside.
13. Tom, his face already smudged with oil, looked out between the wheels.
14. At first he found nothing, just screwed up creases and smudged figures.
15. She noticed his clothes were ripped and the eyeliner he wore was smudged.
16. The words were written in a deep crimson color, smudged but still legible.
17. Her sundress was unraveling at the bottom, smudged with dirt and mud, and.
18. I took it as a good omen when the smoke continued to rise after she smudged.
19. My mascara’s run, smudged at the corners of my eyes, and my lips are dark.
20. Sex was refused: He was not even allowed to kiss them in case he smudged their lipstick.
21. Any space or object can be smudged to remove negative energy including tools and people.
22. He sends it to her again and again: her face, her eyes bloodshot, smudged with mascara.
23. Under them is a smudged yellow legal pad on which I have scrawled this letter to myself:.
24. Her cute nose was made even cuter by the charcoal smudged across it and part of her cheek.
25. It’s from those fires two years ago, he said as he rubbed the black smudged window.
26. The lab technicians had been all over the place; surfaces were smeared and sticky and smudged.
27. Press? he said, and showed off a battered, smudged, laminated press pass with his photo on it.
28. The widow, it is true, slightly smudged the brightness of the beginning by, as it were, dying hard.
29. Frederick rolls his head back and looks toward Werner through his smudged lenses down the line of his nose.
30. Katie was kneeling beside the stove, her soot smudged forehead wrinkled in a frown as she lit another match.
31. She took a bundle of dried sage and smudged the room releasing its fragrance that blended with the night air.
32. Her face was tear-stained, with her make-up smudged, and she was dressed like she had gone out for the evening.
33. The tree began to hiss and its sap to boil, and the smoke rose and the tree burned; its whole inside was smudged.
34. He risked a glance and saw a child staring out of a smudged window, finger lodged up his nostril, digging for gold.
35. Karan: Mom, here is an identification card and it is of someone from our college, but the picture and name are smudged.
36. Through her hazy morning eyes the most she could make out was his smudged form slumped over the table in Lynch's shack.
37. The prints on the bottle are smudged, and the toxin is an unknown chemical that doesn’t show up in the poison database.
38. Has water seeped into it or has rain filled it? Has it become smudged? The clearer the track the more likely it is to be recent.
39. His smudged prints were found on the plastic bag, door handles, light switches and such-like, as well as Nikelseer’s left wrist.
40. I rolled over with her and held myself above her, as I wiped at her tears, succeeding in only getting her face more smudged with charcoal.
41. It was a long letter, about eight pages long, written in ink smudged a little with the sweat that had formed on her hand as she wrote in that humid place.
42. He was wearing the same three-piece white suit as yesterday, shirt now open and tie gone, and he was all rumpled and smudged with dirt and his hair was mussed.
43. Items that are stained have their elements smudged because other kinds are more competitive, better, superior or greater than the one who is always left behind.
44. Every copy was thumbed and smudged with sweat and grime where avid but confused readers had tried and failed to glean the document's meaning from its empty pages.
45. The muddy path ended at a large clearing and the Clouds’ stately house came into view, its round turrets and white stone walls were smudged and grey after the heavy rain.
46. Anger was still smoldering insider of him but he nodded stiffly, pushing off of her car-finally!-leaving nothing but smudged fingerprints to prove he was even there at all.
47. I looked at Jennifer softly as she stood there with a tiny dab of orange sherbet smudged on the corner of her mouth and said, I want to communicate that I really like you.
48. Any crystals or spiritual tools used in healing should be smudged, as should areas which have experienced conflict, since negative entities will cling to the items and places.
49. When Becky wakened, and she sat upright staring aghast, her face still smudged with traces of tears, beside her stood a little figure in a luxurious wadded robe of crimson silk.
50. Or some slight amount of ink may be left on the plate in certain places where a tint is wanted, and a little may be smudged out of the lines themselves to give them a softer quality.
51. When her husband returned home after another hard day performing for London’s musical cognoscenti he found the poor girl buried up to her armpits in smudged sheets of thin cardboard.
52. Every quarter she received a shoe box filled with an odd assortment of scrunched, smudged, strange-smelling paperwork: invoices, credit card bills and receipts, most of which were not claimable.
53. He reached out and touched the certificate, trying to get a tangible grasp on it, but all that happened was that the writing smudged beneath his rum-sticky fingers, his wealth becoming just that little more blurred.
54. On the outskirts of the forest, where shafts of dusty sunlight slanted through the trees, children were picking wortleberries for market as I passed last night, with hands and faces and aprons smudged into one blue stain.
55. Why we are so restless till we have pulled down, belittled, be smudged? You'll say that without a little malice talk would grow very dull; you'll tell me it is the salt, the froth, the sparkle, the ginger in the ginger-beer, the mustard in the sandwich.
56. The mimeographed, smudged screeds from the alternative society—copies of Oz and the International Times—were all left lying around for me to peruse along with poetic pamphlets with spidery, spiral graphics and illustrations that I later learned were really just knockoffs of Aubrey Beardsley or Egon Schiele.
57. But I hope you have a nice wet sponge to do it with, and are not so lost to what is expedient as to be like a little girl I sat next to yesterday at a coffee party, who had smudged most of the cream that ought to have gone inside her outside her, and when I suggested a handkerchief said she didn't hold with handkerchiefs and never had one.
58. When Werner overhears Frederick’s mother say to a woman, Oh, the Schwartzenberger crone will be gone by year’s end, then we’ll have the top floor, du wirst schon sehen, he glances at Frederick, whose smudged eyeglasses have gone opaque in the candlelight, whose makeup looks strange and lewd now, as though it has intensified the bruises rather than concealed them, and a feeling of great uneasiness overtakes him.
59. Next morning they were up early and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Murray drove away at eight thirty and Shirl left the hotel an hour later, Murray parked at a meter a little away from the Plaza Hotel, Mr Kennedy left first then a half hour later Mr Cruz drove up the ramp and turned left, when he’d turned the corner Murray fed the parking meter and walked quickly into the hotel, entering the lobby with his briefcase under his arm, he walked nonchalantly to the lift and ascended to the second floor, he halted at room two one seven with lock picks in hand he glanced up and down the lobby, fiddled with the lock and walked calmly into Mr Cruz’s room closing the door behind him, opening his briefcase he loaded the two air guns with drugged darts, he then placed the Post Office money and the bag of cocaine in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet, Murray then searched the room for anything that might implicate him, satisfied that everything was in order he sat on the floor at the side of a cabinet were he’d be hidden from anyone who entered, it was over an hour later that the key was inserted in the lock and Mr Cruz walked towards the bed, his instincts must have warned him because he spun around as Murray fired the dart gun, a look of fury glaring on his face as Mario collapsed onto the carpet, it must have occurred to him at last that he had grossly underestimated Mr Jay, Murray fired the other air pistol into Mr Cruz’s body just to make sure, then opening his briefcase he took out the syringe which he had filled with a cocaine mixture Sally had recommended, opening Mario’s shirt Murray emptied the contents of the syringe into Mario’s belly, he then retrieved his darts and searched Mario’s pockets for any papers that might refer to Murray or Mr Kennedy these he also put in his briefcase, the last thing he did was check that he hadn’t smudged the fingerprints on the syringe, he then laid it on the floor next to Mario’s body, one final inspection of the room, and he was walking towards the stairwell where he took his gloves off and added them to the contents of his briefcase.
1. They run and leave these blots or dark smudges.
2. The ink so fresh it smudges beneath his fingers.
3. When he put them back on, the smudges were worse.
4. She brushed dust, mold, and other dubious smudges from her clothing.
5. The print on the shell was distinctly clear with no smudges or anything.
6. On the back were smudges just like those on the letter that had been returned.
7. His chapan had mud smudges down the front and his shirt was ripped just below the collar.
8. Nothing ever smudges her equable, clear wholesomeness; but there are moments when I feel as if Mrs.
9. There were a few smudges of what appeared to be fingerprint dusting powder on the edges of the mirror.
10. In her small face, her eyes were too large for beauty, the dark smudges under them making them appear girlhood.
11. In the mirror I see my worn-out face that’s covered with filthy smudges and my hands are full with scratches.
12. Impressive, but empty; the walls had the same dark smudges, and the air still carried that sharp, chemical tang.
13. I wiped the mascara smudges from under my eyes, observing in the small mirror that little could be done for my hair.
14. Last summer, with William, it had been easier to imagine these black smudges as so many painterly flourishes on the sky.
15. The walls were plain, but they seemed to have dirty smudges on them, and the whole place reeked of an acrid, chemical smell.
16. Nathalie smiled at him and took his handkerchief, blowing her nose noisily into it and leaving lipstick and mascara smudges on it.
17. He greeted me in his shirtsleeves, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and great smudges of ink on the sides of his hands and the edges of his fingers.
18. With that, it is best if you choose a waterproof mascara and eyeliner for your summertime look, so that you won’t have to deal with smudges on the skin near your eyes.
19. An international incident had resulted from Raul’s death, when it was shown from skid marks on the highway and certain paint smudges on his car that he had been murdered.
20. Having put the transcript reel back in too, he sat still with his hands pressed together between his knees, looking at the ink smudges on the piece of paper in front of him.
21. Why is it when someone you like has dirty smudges under their nose, across their chin and around their eyes, they look great; but if you dont like them they look gross? He looked fantastic.
22. When her beloved had helped her to her feet, he had hugged her until she thought she would never breathe again before smoothing down her hair and wiping what must have been smudges from her face.
23. Nothing could prepare him for the flaming horror of watching the city where he had grown up erupt into what equated to a funeral pyre, buildings launching smudges of black smoke into the dawn time sky to obscure the rising red orb of the sun.
24. Faint fingerprints here, ink smudges there, the slight stain on a page where something would have been spilled—you would have thought a woman of such dignity and class would write in her journal under the cover of night, in bed or at a desk.
25. Eating was a special challenge, since I can’t see myself or the food and you don’t realize how heavily you rely on a peripheral visual awareness of your body to eat until you no longer have it, but after stabbing myself in the nose and chin a few times (I decide against washing my face again, if I have chocolate smudges, no one can see them), I managed.

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