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Smear в предложении (на )

1. There was a dark smear on the window.
2. He left a dirty smear on the wallpaper.
3. A smear of blood marked one of the pages.
4. It’s a smear job, that’s what it is.
5. There was a smear of soot across one cheekbone.
6. Sort of the smear cited by this previous author:.
7. They think you’re a smear of blood on the tracks.

8. Squat on a stool, smear yourself with soap, scrub.
9. Towering above them, a smear of darkness drew near.
10. This is a blowup of the blood smear we took from you.
11. David’s blood and my blood smear my clothes in places.
12. Tim, hey there is a weird smear of blood on my armrest.
13. She too has turned against you, blaming you for the smear.
14. Murky, speculative stuff, a smear campaign on a dead woman.
15. I wanted to smear his self-satisfied smirk across the rocks.
16. Midge wiped a smear of mustard from the corner of his mouth.
17. There was a slight smear of blood there---very little, really.
18. Her eyes were shining and she had a smear of batter on her cheek.
19. Shugden towards the end of his life, or to smear him with the accu-.
20. Furthermore, all the stuff looked brand-new, without a smear, unused.
21. Jess had said it himself: nothing but a smear of blood on the tracks.
22. Congressman? Are you the one who generated the Reverend Wright smear.
23. I blinked back tears before they could smear the lenses of my goggles.
24. All that was left was a smear of mud extending well out into the ocean.
25. The best he could do was smear the blood on his hand all over her shirt.
26. To befoul and smear the exalted name Of one who spurned them in his pride.
27. She couldn’t see the details, but the overall smear of red was horrible.
28. The buildings loft the sound toward the sky and smear it, blurring the edges.
29. There was blood on the cobblestones inside the gates, in a wide, watery smear.
30. I wipe some of the paint from my face, slowly, and then smear it on his cheek.
31. The grape danced to the tune of chaos, jigging over a smear of juice, jagging.
32. As we passed a bog, surrounded by a stand of alders, Philippos told me I must smear.
33. The faces around me blended together into an incoherent smear, and I liked it that way.
34. It‘s also common for them to smear excrement on themselves and the floors, doors, etc.
35. But using your sister’s misfortune to try to smear Felicia’s brother is simply wrong.
36. With his temples throbbing, his vision blurred as a grey smear went past the view-screens.
37. There was a smear of ash on her left cheek, so he licked his thumb and gently wiped it off.
38. It wasn’t like I’d never had a Pap smear before, but having all your goodies sprawled.
39. She then reached into a puddle of mud and began to smear it on her pants, covering the ash.
40. After a heartbeat, Christine saw the smear of blood on the edge of the table, almost as if.
41. The typist twists her cigarette into an ashtray, a bright red smear of lipstick on its butt.
42. He wiped his visor, and his glove drew stripes of greasy smear across the front of his hood.
43. He saw no sign of the serpent or its victim, only a great smear of blood on the stone floor.
44. I still had to deal with the rumor mill and the smear campaign that had been started by Fritz.
45. Carmine had taken the cake back out of the refrigerator to smear on icing with a butter knife.
46. That caused punch-up as we had to hold him down to smear it on, and he tried to bite all of us.
47. They were in an envelope with a recent smear of blood that matches Anton Clegg’s blood group.
48. I follow the bumpy edges of buildings with my eyes until all the lit windows smear into a line.
49. She dipped a rag in a bowl of rose water and wiped a smear of blood from Cecilia’s upper lip.
50. The eel caught the larger troll across the jowls, leaving a smear of jellied flesh along his jaw.
51. Rapp spotted a reddish smear at the edge of his peripheral vision but didn’t bother tracking it.
52. The neighbor said to kill a newborn deer and smear the blood of it on the doorframe of our house.
53. Thomas couldn’t help taking a peek—he saw a smear of bright red on one of the creatures’ bodies.
54. It was dryer than the eggs and a lovely shade of mottled black, covered by a liberal smear of strong marmalade.
55. The food came, and he talked while he ate, kept talking until there was nothing on his plate but a smear of syrup.
56. She brushed it away, knowing her hands, filthy from the fall, would leave a smear of dirt and mascara across her cheek.
57. A solitary tear faltered its way over a smear of freckles and down a sun-kissed cheek to land on a pristine white pillow.
58. For several moments, I didn’t reply, and then I said, Why would Elliot smear Jackson with the evidence of a rape?
59. Natica, a smear of red on the front of her frock, stood beside him, with a strangely happy expression in her face and pose.
60. Between all, I am not even aware of movement; I am a smear, and then I am a here, while my mind is aware of many other theres.
61. Patty sat, tongue thick in her mouth, and then shook her head, folded her hands near a smear of someone else’s chocolate icing.
62. Just then, a smear of yellow shot out from behind the restrooms, across my field of vision—with Martha still close on his heels.
63. He looked considerably worse than when he left, with dirt ground into his face and a dull smear of blood at the corner of his mouth.
64. If she’d known about the smear campaign from the start, in time to counter, she might not have been so susceptible to the job offer.
65. The media’s malevolent smear campaign proved to be very effective and it indoctrinated the minds of the public, all around the world.
66. The cat, caught squarely in the blast, slammed against the wall, leaving a long smear of blood on the wallpaper as it slid to the floor.
67. Somewhere up there is the chair I sat in while I was running the attack simulation, and a smear of Tris’s father’s blood on the wall.
68. He was glancing over his shoulder, more at the moon than the cabin and Elise thought she detected a smear of fear across his predator eyes.
69. There was a long smear of blood on the unbroken bottom half of one door, showing where Harriet Adams had slid down after taking those shots.
70. For crying out loud, it is too! Look what is written on the door and that smear on the back window is from my face! They locked stares.
71. Well, for the next two or three hours, with a care that would put any hound to shame, Robi followed the trail, noting every drop and smear of blood.
72. A moment later Conan saw a man crawling over the flaming floor toward him—a man whose progress left a broad bloody smear on the smoldering surface.
73. Because of the creamy consistency of lipsticks they tend to smear and smudge very easily; use a paper tissue to blot off excess lipstick after application.
74. Standing at the door was a Jewish man with an unnatural heavy smear of eyebrow, who caught my eyes as we advanced, and said, when we came up with him,—.
75. To anoint means to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance, which even today is a common medical treatment for the wounds of a body that is still alive…….
76. The first thing was to smear her hair until all the blond had been dyed away, then brush it back smooth, a hundred times, until it had lost its luster and shine.
77. It was this party which was indifferent to aiding or rebuilding New Orleans, and its members on talk radio went out of their way to smear the mostly Black victims.
78. What a beautiful sight Elizabeth looked at the beating red heart, crushing it with her hands letting Chloes blood smear over her heands, face and black dress.
79. The troublemaking slanderers continued on with their wicked smear campaign, while drawing the attention away from themselves in disregard to the Law and Human Rights.
80. I have you back once more, the smear continued, speaking from a body that was black as a starless night but blinding and bright when compared to the shade of its soul.
81. In clinical studies Folic Acid supplementation (10 mg per day) has been shown to reverse early and moderate stage cervical dysplasia as demonstrated by pap smear testing.
82. Democratic smear campaigns against candidates for high office are, in their perverted way, efforts by the accusers to establish themselves as taking the moral high ground.
83. As his ignominy with Cecilia finally faded to a murky smear in the back of his consciousness, Joseph found that memory replaced by lingering impressions of the dream girl.
84. Azeth jumped through the tent flap backwards like a frightened cat and left a large bloody smear across the tent from the deep slash that had been inflicted to his forearm.
85. The accused was merely a victim of cynical spiritual personality impersonation intended to smear his image, obscure the identity of the real witch, and cause certain havoc.
86. It was like laying a wash of color beside another which might be wet; he was horribly afraid of a smear; he thought she might have assured him, figuratively, that she would not run.
87. I did it in second period, all free hand, I didn’t have any blue pens though, but these black ones kind of have a metallic look to them right? Like ground copper, doesn’t smear either.
88. He let a few drops fall from his mouth onto the kerchief and, rather than wiping away the dust on his face and lips, he just managed to smear it across his jaw and nose a little more vividly.
89. Elon gestured to the makeup that Maria used to give herself an older appearance that was even now starting to run and smear because of the tears dripping down her face, Through your makeup.
90. The minister directed her to tie the silken thread firmly around the beetle's leg, then to smear its feelers with a drop of honey and place it on the tower wall, with its head pointing upward.
91. The cupping blood in this case seemed to be almost similar to the venous blood concerning the blood cells general count, the blood smear, and the normal shapes of the red corpuscles in both of them.
92. She turned slightly, letting the lamplight fall fully on the blazon of the Charisian Imperial Guard on her breastplate, marred now with a long smear of lead from the sentry’s bullet, and his eyes narrowed.
93. So if you’re offered any test ­whether it’s a smear, a blood pressure check or a mammogram, making that ­appointment should be a priority – not something that wallows in the bottom of your in tray.
94. Smith shouted, and below in this curious room blood flowed into capsules, was shaken, spun, shoved on smear slides under further microscopes, counts made, temperatures taken, heart cut in seventeen sections, liver and kidneys expertly halved.
95. Usually, mother took more time for her dressing; combing her long hair; wearing sador mekhela; painting her lips with lipstick; kajal her eyebrows; and smear vermilion on her forehead, which is the most valuable ornament of a married Hindu woman.
96. Swogs now with his face damp with sweat, which only served to smear the grime of his unwashed features the more stammered out in a rush, There’s plenty to read! I only was a meaning to say that it says you got to swear as to what it’s saying.
97. Those who had been greedy with the staves of the cask, had acquired a tigerish smear about the mouth; and one tall joker so besmirched, his head more out of a long squalid bag of a nightcap than in it, scrawled upon a wall with his finger dipped in muddy wine-lees--BLOOD.
98. Reverend McKenzie read the newspaper headlines with their wicked slanderous smear campaigns against Charles and he said that these was the birth pains of the Armageddon and that Charles’s life was in danger as he was the one who was standing in their way and he must be swept aside.
99. Ryan would have told his father, his father would have started a smear campaign against Gavin, getting everyone's support on Ryan's side by feeding bul shit lines like „boys will be boys' or claiming Gavin was hot for you or Ryan jilted you and you were just trying to get even with him.
100. It seems that despite my complete and total absence from Chicago and the entire professional marketing scene, despite the fact that I said nothing about the ethics violations Pierce engaged in to anyone outside your family and mine, Philip decided to hedge his bets and started a smear campaign against me.
1. Brakelight smearing the grimed tiles.
2. I kept smearing the paint, making mistakes.
3. Bentonite (Smearing ) on every Grain of Sand.
4. And when she was smearing the paint down.
5. Big Dave crashed, smearing the plaster with a.
6. He didn’t want more human blood, smearing his reputation.
7. She managed to do it twice, smearing mascara around her eyes.
8. Add to this a light smearing of oil over the skin and the image is complete.
9. This will aid its absorption into the skin and prevent clothing from smearing.
10. By following this position, you would be able to apply mascara without smearing.
11. I stuck the tines of my fork in my bulbous egg yolk and swirled it, smearing the sun.
12. Smearing sweat-slippery palms on his jeans, he tried to restart his stalled breathing.
13. All of it…Was only… Tears filled his eyes and fell, smearing the dust on his.
14. An elated grin smearing across Windsor’s cheeks he stepped toward Rad, squeezing his.
15. Taking a step back, I stared at the smearing of facial features all over the mirror's surface.
16. The sun sank low, and Mordan was smearing hash on me, and Trid looked up and said, What are you doing up?
17. Smearing the stuff on, she recalled sunscreening for their snorkeling adventure, when she asked him to carry her.
18. Lewis is badgering the defendant, smearing him with innuendo in a transparent attempt to bias the jury against him.
19. Michael watched aghast as the blade continued to move forward and up, blood smearing on it and dripping off the tip.
20. It took me weeks to find the right formula, something that holds on the page, dries without smearing … here, let me show you.
21. Because they were both drinking the same stuff it smelt and tasted good to have wet lips smearing and slipping over each other.
22. He knelt down, his already bloody palm smearing the sharp boulders as he positioned himself nearer to the water and the smiling face.
23. Fully dressed, she scraped the icing from the long cake-knife and cut her arm twice before smearing the blood over the mirror and the door handle.
24. For a few moments he stood manically smearing his palms against the denim of his jeans and shaking his head to expel the clammy, disinfectant scented images.
25. Not again, Henry said as he lifted up the paper and got a napkin, trying in vain to wipe the jam off the paper and succeeding only in smearing it around even more.
26. Without unfolding the message, I stuffed it into my trouser pocket, and then, frantically, I rubbed the mirror down with my towel, smearing a thin layer of wax everywhere.
27. They burst out laughing, and, with their mouths full of tart, they began wiping their smiling lips with their hands, and smearing their radiant faces all over with tears and jam.
28. For the rest, it was cracked, exceedingly dusty, and spotted in several places, although there seemed to have been some attempt to hide the discoloured patches by smearing them with ink.
29. Was she forgiven? With the blood staining his blond hair and eyebrows, smearing his neck, and dripping from his chin, he appeared even grimmer than usual, but he met her questioning gaze.
30. When I came round he was smearing a substance like grease on my shoulder and then it was dressed and I was carried back outside and laid next to the other wounded soldiers on their stretchers.
31. In his impatience he raised the axe again to cut the string from above on the body, but did not dare, and with difficulty, smearing his hand and the axe in the blood, after two minutes' hurried effort, he.
32. When he saw that beautiful yet cunning beauty thrown out of Aslan’s office, blood flowing from her nose and smearing her face, far from being revolted, he admired her gracefulness and was lured by her charms.
33. Libby was smearing her face against the pastry glass already, though, hopping from one foot to another, and so Patty fished around in her pocket for some change and got a pink frosted donut, gave it to Libby on a napkin.
34. Well, you can imagine how hard it was to settle down to arduous work at £2 a week when I knew that I could earn as much in a day by smearing my face with a little paint, laying my cap on the ground, and sitting still.
35. More corruption accumulates than it can be washed away: until you are not wiping your ass free of shit anymore: you are merely smearing the shit over your ass; because there is more of it than your toilet paper can handle.
36. The little girl was smearing make-up all over her face, and gazing into the mirror of a vanity table, which obviously belonged to a teenaged girl, for it had pin-ups of boys, rock groups and movie stars posted all over it.
37. Resolved to deal with the theological controversy that was smearing his eldest daughter’s name, the King had gone to Westminster Abbey to try to reason with the leaders of the Anglican Church, leaving his wife and Margaret in Buckingham Palace.
38. The photos showed beatings, death threats, threats with guard dogs, sexual humiliation, prolonged stress positions, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, smearing prisoners with feces and urine, simulated drowning, and disorientation using loud sounds.
39. While I value your friendship greatly, I cannot attend even privately your birthday party without possibly smearing your name as well with the same paintbrush of intolerance and ignorance that is going to do so much damage to the relations between Great Britain and Palestine.
40. In his impatience he raised the axe again to cut the string from above on the body, but did not dare, and with difficulty, smearing his hand and the axe in the blood, after two minutes' hurried effort, he cut the string and took it off without touching the body with the axe; he was not mistaken--it was a purse.
41. In his impatience he raised the axe again to cut the string from above on the body, but did not dare, and with difficulty, smearing his hand and the axe in the blood, after two minutes’ hurried effort, he cut the string and took it off without touching the body with the axe; he was not mistaken—it was a purse.
42. One thinks, who is that firing? Is it another Cossack like myself who has been watching for some animal? And has he killed it? Or only wounded it so that now the poor thing goes through the reeds smearing them with its blood all for nothing? I don't like that! Oh, how I dislike it! Why injure a beast? You fool, you fool! Or one thinks, Maybe an abrek has killed some silly little Cossack.
43. They tried poisoning his shoes when he was in New York to address the United Nations, sticking him with a poisoned syringe disguised as a pen, and they even sent him poisoned handkerchiefs, which was very silly as everyone knows that a good proletarian revolutionary uses his sleeve – why else would he wear green all the time? They tried sending a woman to seduce him with poison pills hidden in her cold cream, but the pills melted and even she drew the line at smearing cold cream on his lips.
44. The macabre scene sent to my publisher described a murderer leaning over the slain body of his lover, dipping his fingers into the gaping wound at her throat and smearing the blood on his lips before turning to his reflection in the mirror and saying,.
1. Filth smeared her thin cheeks.
2. Her face was smeared with blood.
3. Spilled info smeared the streets.
4. They were smeared brown and black.
5. The blade was smeared with blood.
6. The pristine sheets were smeared.
7. Then there are four lines smeared.
8. His skin was smeared with something.
9. Her nightgown was smeared with blood.
10. Then she smeared it on Caris’s face.
11. The marshmallow smeared on its frame.
12. She smeared it over him with her hands.
13. Blood was smeared all over the carpet.
14. Mike smeared his hands across the grass.
15. Tragus soon returned, smeared something.
16. They all were smeared with mud and grease.
17. He had a red tikka smeared on his forehead.
18. A thin trickle of blood smeared his finger.
19. Rusty and smeared black, like all the rest.
20. I had poop smeared all over my face?
21. Blood was smeared all over his hands and arms.
22. Her lipstick smeared, one lip crushing another.
23. An injured sheep, blood smeared on its hind leg.
24. Their hands of course became smeared with blood.
25. He had had the entire stairway smeared with glue.
26. They're squashed, and smeared against each other.
27. He smeared some on his cracked cheeks and forehead.
28. I have smeared our family’s name & reputation.
29. Buru in the form of a stone smeared with vermillion.
30. Harry smeared the ink over the glass, spreading it.
31. Blood from his shoulder was smeared over both of us.
32. She scrambled out in disarray, her lipstick smeared.
33. A pasty layer of sun block was smeared over his nose.
34. There was blood smeared on the walls and on the floor.
35. I smeared the same salve over the scratches on his arm.
36. He tasted almonds: Caris had smeared the cuts with oil.
37. Breakfast was a crusty roll smeared with peanut butter.
38. Sati nodded in response, dried blood smeared on her face.
39. As the sun baked through the sugary crystals smeared on.
40. Matt sat there in pain with his hands smeared with blood.
41. The once-pale walls of the buildings had become smeared.
42. His lips were chapped, bloody, and soot smeared his face.
43. Looked like mud had been smeared over the license plates.
44. Then he smeared generous amounts of the salve on each af-.
45. And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;.
46. The blood, which was already getting dry, smeared his hand.
47. Mike, still dripping cum from his penis, smeared it on the.
48. Blood had smeared and dried around my mouth and on my chin.
49. Again he looked at us blood smeared and bone weary and said.
50. The walls, the grime smeared windows and draughty corridors.
51. Lorenzo Lewis’s clothes were smeared with his wife’s blood.
52. I have Preparation H smeared all over my face in these pictures.
53. The concept of photo manipulation is smeared with controversies.
54. Kurt came in his own palm, then smeared it over Angela’s mouth.
55. And to make matters worse, both his hands were smeared with blood.
56. It is two of their field agents whose names are being smeared now.
57. Paint is smeared across her forehead, giving her a purple eyebrow.
58. As a final touch, he thinly smeared brown HP sauce around his lips.
59. There was a dark smudge under each eye and her lipstick was smeared.
60. The bird stared through the smeared windscreen and looked directly.
61. He was dripping wet, smeared with blood all over his hands and shirt.
62. Inacio crushed the hamburger wrapper and smeared it between his palms.
63. They smeared his burns with a white lotion poured from a gourd flask.
64. Kristie backed up and smeared another small group wandering toward us.
65. He again wiped the sweat from his brow, and smeared blood across his.
66. Looking back out her side window, through the rain smeared glass she.
67. Kristie backed up and smeared another small group wandering towards us.
68. Well, other than the early bail, said Barret, wiping the smeared.
69. Within seconds, his face is smeared with the rich lemon-coloured juices.
70. Skuld also comes over to us, her white outfit smeared with blood and dirt.
71. More blood kept coming, it was in his hair now, and smeared over one eye.
72. Blood is all over his hands and face; everything he touches gets smeared.
73. Talus’ young blood smeared them both and its iron scent filled the air.
74. Quan looked at ole boy’s hand as if he had shit smeared across his palm.
75. The blood of the lambs were smeared on the door post of all Israeli homes.
76. I smeared the signs of my master into the fallen alter, and onto the walls.
77. Before him, smeared on the water bin, he saw one of the bloodstains pulsating.
78. David opened the tube dubiously and smeared the thick liquid on his hands and.
79. Unlike her, he held his shield, but this, too, was smeared with blood and dirt.
80. The contents of the refrigerator splattered and smeared throughout the kitchen.
81. Griffin lifted a leaf for me to see; droplets of blood smeared the waxy surface.
82. I cringed as he smeared it all over his face, arms, and legs like suntan lotion.
83. Gwenda had smeared blood on their unstained weapons and left them where they lay.
84. Her hair was scorched, her face smeared, and her clothes covered with mud and 343.
85. Her hands and clothes are covered with blood, and half her face is smeared with it.
86. The man held a broadsword in his right hand, and the edge was smeared with crimson.
87. Joey stared around the inside of the portal with a face smeared with childish wonder.
88. How the groom had been killed first, his blood smeared on the wall behind the toilet.
89. Touching a book smeared throughout with a man’s life-blood was out of the question.
90. The bruises were simply charcoal, smeared from the long burned out torch in the cell.
91. Don’t be ridiculous, Longeau said, with a huge smile smeared all over his face.
92. Each was secured at the head with a red epoxy, smeared around the hole it went through.
93. The face was lethal and expressionless and was smeared liberally with old, dried blood.
94. I’ll tell you all about it when I’m not smeared with vomit and shit, she said.
95. Most of them smeared blue paint around their eyes: raiding was a very special occasion.
96. Seeing him with his face all smeared with blood, the young man uttered a cry of surprise.
97. Besides, rain had smeared the thorn-drawn ink so thoroughly, she couldn’t read a word.
98. Solely to get an extra bath I went, smeared myself all over and it did me no good at all.
99. In and out of the hive long black robber bees smeared with honey fly timidly and shiftily.
100. The intelligent young man would rather go home covered in grease than be smeared with the.
1. Botched, it smears the hands, crumbles to dust.
2. There were blood smears and spatterings everywhere.
3. It reflected the chalk sky already infused with murky smears.
4. Various dry, muddy smears on the palette confirmed this statement.
5. Even when he smears soap lather over them, I don’t feel anything.
6. I could see darkened blood on the blade and reddish smears on the handle.
7. He handed me a tissue and waited while I wiped the black smears from my face.
8. She stared wide-eyed for a moment, seeing cuts on his face, smears on his shirt.
9. Singed to the core by the racial smears, Cap’n’s already smoldering temper blew.
10. A fine patina of black smears from generations of shoes kicking angrily at its base.
11. Raekwon stayed on the floor hiding his pride and covered with red smears on his face.
12. Through smears of light that blur my vision, faces leer, loom, but then swoon from me.
13. The smears led to car tracks that were clearly delineated in the sparsely traveled soil.
14. Twice, a fifth-year takes Frederick’s field glasses and smears the lenses with excrement.
15. He sniffed the air and searched the ground, and saw faint red smears where Darcy had walked.
16. The blood smears, where he had wiped his hands, did nothing to improve his already dirty HEPO.
17. There were drops of saliva on it, it had been chewed, and there were blood smears on both sides.
18. There were dark red smears on the wall opposite the bed as if someone had squashed flies in temper.
19. Moreover, that he is here at all smears what reputation he might seek to maintain even more deeply.
20. Her face was ashen, all colour drained away, smears marking her cheeks, the ugly residue of tears shed.
21. He was wealthy and successful, unlikely to miss a few grand; the sort of man vulnerable to such smears.
22. When it was done, the two of them were covered with splashes and smears of ink, and dripping with sweat.
23. Another legacy of working in munitions, and she smiled at me and I saw smears of blood on her teeth.
24. Cars were crooked on the side on the road, some crashed into trees, other with blood smears on the windows.
25. You can see over here how they were dragged, Hartwig said, pointing to smears of dried blood visible on the pitched concrete floor.
26. Their recourse seeks to avoid the issues by subjecting those who disagree with them to smears, name-calling, and character assassination.
27. The great mass of cloud filling the head of the gulf had long red smears amongst its convoluted folds of grey and black, as of a floating mantle stained with blood.
28. Had it receded even more or was it just the smears I was seeing? I ignored it and in desperate need of a shave, I looked around for some razors but couldn't find any.
29. To avoid that fate the Obama regime launches massive, vicious, and unrelenting cannonades of smears, calumny, and personal attacks to destroy the character of Tea Party people.
30. He laid the paper flat on his desk and hurriedly smoothed the wrinkles from the area in which the article was located, in the process covering the palms of his hands with dark smears of ink.
31. The more the room emptied, the more I saw: smears on the walls, stains on the expensive furniture, beer puddled in the carpets, a broken lamp that had probably been worth ten thousand dollars.
32. Great smears of oil and gas were everywhere as was the stench of the fumes from the trains running above and below him while the echoes of the trains rattled through the silence of the expansion.
33. Present at the second crime scene were the same hieroglyphic-like, blood smears, a body chopped up into a dozen pieces, a plie of clothes, neatly folded and placed away from the edge of a table, near the dismembered body, but nothing else.
34. The face they had seen briefly as he shouldered past was a sweating, raw, sunblistered pork face, salt droplets under the red eyes, dripping from the chin; great smears of perspiration stained the man's armpits, coloring his tee-shirt to the waist.
35. The face they had seen briefly as he shouldered past was a sweating, raw, sunblistered pork face, salt droplets under the red eyes, dripping from the chin; great smears of perspiration stained the man’s armpits, coloring his tee-shirt to the waist.
36. Somehow I found the strength to lumber forward while the carnival around me blurred and became a place without detail, where those luminous smears of red and blue and gold and white and green whirled and pulsed, swooped toward me and soared as if they were shapeless birds of light.
37. She pauses to absorb the scene: the Unseelie blood dripping from the jagged glass that housed the light; the many pieces of unmoving Fae flesh tossed in a heap; the small pile of human parts with wilted flowers placed carefully on top; the footsteps in the scattered debris, trails of blood and smears of green that map out movements.

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