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Speckle в предложении (на )

1. See, where their white sails, bellying in the wind, speckle the.
2. I am expecting an explosion, or a jolt, or something severe to happen, but instead, a peaceful sensation overwhelms me, causing tingles to make their way through my body, and goose bumps to speckle my skin.

1. He glanced at Brynne briefly, and for once there was serious sorrow speckling his warm brown eyes.
2. Senator Morgan was so angry that specks of saliva were speckling the lapels of the general manager’s morning coat.
1. On the screen, the speckled.
3. He was lean, and speckled with scars.
4. If he said this, 'The speckled will be.
5. Dark stubble speckled his strong jawline.
6. A spray of fresh blood speckled his face.
7. The sky was dark and speckled with stars.
8. The canvas was speckled with tiny bullet holes.
9. Mick looked at the mud speckled onto his trousers.
10. It seemed to be speckled with black lines and dots.
11. The band! the speckled band! whispered Holmes.
12. Her plump cheeks speckled with tiny drops of orange.
13. Every one that is not speckled and spotted among the.
14. March’s hair became speckled with the tobacco and as.
15. Sometimes they dropped pale speckled blue-green eggshells.
16. The huge waves threw sun speckled foam high into the air as.
17. The milky mist revealed a smal , curly haired be speckled woman.
18. An open field of grass speckled with mulberry trees in blossom.
19. Red Rioja wine and Speckled Hen beer were laid out on the brown.
20. The only exit was a single steel door speckled with silver spikes.
21. Her eyes were speckled with the most iridescent illuminating grey.
22. Chuck’s meaty hand slid the thin napkin across the speckled tabletop.
23. Above that boat, in the middle of the lake, stood the bright speckled.
24. Brubaker was speckled in red dots, running down in little streams now.
25. The maroon leaves speckled with green parted, revealing what hid behind.
26. A thick beard of black hairs covered jaw and neck, speckled with debris.
27. There was a boy's old speckled straw hat on the floor; I took that, too.
28. See these big speckled things? I’m trying to find out what they are.
29. And what do you think you’re doing? squawked the plump speckled hen.
30. I see! Chardonnay flapped her wings and puffed out her speckled chest.
31. Clumps of gray slush fell off, speckled with crystals of rapidly softening ice.
32. The master had a speckled watch-dog—a vicious creature it was, called Ulashin.
33. Ah, and what did you gather from this allusion to a band—a speckled band?
34. He was dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt and a tie speckled with yellow flowers.
35. They both lay back in the grass and looked up into the now dark, star speckled sky.
36. Thought this was a free for all, eh?’ The plump speckled hen clucked disdainfully.
37. Abraham was wearing his best church suit, of speckled brown wool, and a matching fedora.
38. She saw the rock and earth beneath her and the blue sky overhead, speckled with clouds.
39. Then a whole flock of chickens came streaming into the yard, led by a plump speckled hen.
40. Red welts covered her arms and face, some of them speckled with blood, all of them fresh.
41. Only a handful of Magi speckled the gathering, thin blue halos burning around their bodies.
42. He had hiking boots on his feet, with speckled laces like miniature mountain-climbing ropes.
43. His mouth was more square than oval, he had no nose, and his skin was a dark speckled brown.
44. Jerry’s skin, white to the point of transparency, was speckled with freckles and blotches.
45. Wearing a dark blue suit and speckled blue tie, the president prepares to speak to the nation.
46. The boiled tea was very bitter, the omelet scorched, and the biscuits speckled with saleratus, but Mrs.
47. It was a chance to fight, an opportunity to loot, and they rose to the bait as a speckled trout to a fly.
48. It began to rain and the crimson speckled leaves of the jungle understory vegetation were soon washed clean.
49. In his arms was a small mountain of eggs, every shade of gray and brown, spotted, speckled, large, and small.
50. There they raised their young and sometimes dropped an empty speckled grey-green shell larger than a hen's egg.
51. Their laughs echoed through the star speckled night as the two aliens juiced what joy they could out of their situation.
52. Simply dignified, the grave was meticulously arranged, carefully dug, then surrounded with the white and speckled stones.
53. His cheekbones protruded beneath misty eyes, and added shadow to a speckled skin that was once flush with pride and color.
54. The bed was muffled up of white cushions and a heavy imposing comforter speckled in rose was covering a good part of my body.
55. Chubby and round, her cheeks were filled with a constant crimson hue and speckled with tiny black spots like a sprinkling of pepper.
56. His goatee was in need of a trim and a good shave to remove the speckled hairs from along his jaw and under, reaching down his neck.
57. There was a clucking sound, and Zach turned to see a flock of chickens running excitedly around the yard, led by a plump speckled hen.
58. Louie spent his days and nights scratching and slapping, and his skin, like that of everyone else, was speckled with angry bite marks.
59. She pushed herself along the brown and yellow speckled carpeting until she reached the clear view double glass doors with golden 2907.
60. When they were going away, the old lady came timidly with three tiny dahlias in full blow, neat as bees, and speckled scarlet and white.
61. After a moment of no movement, a burst of water springs forth from a rusty shower head spraying speckled hairy skin that violently recoils—.
62. Even an old metal ice chest, its base speckled with rust, where their dad used to keep his beer cold while he listened to ball games on the radio.
63. Concentrate on maintaining the blockade, Eldnan replied in that infuriatingly calm voice, though it was now speckled with a touch of irritation.
64. Peanut butter chips are melted with cream and speckled with peanuts, then chilled, shaped into balls and rolled in cocoa and confectioners' sugar.
65. He had no comment and she focused her attention back on the water swirling around the giant mound of dirt and leaves where they had buried the speckled eggs.
66. His task nearly done, he took one of the speckled stones in both hands and pounded the unmarked cross into the damp, newly dug earth at the head of the grave.
67. Vicious, and bred for endurance, they were much larger than the local speckled ponies from the surrounding hills and this one had definitely sensed her presence.
68. The girl wore a white dress speckled with sunflowers which Alec recognized as belonging to Nathalia, though on the girl it hung loosely around her hips and breasts.
69. Depending on the species of peacock bass, some would grow from as little as 55 centimeters in length, while the speckled peacock bass can grow to a length of over 100 centimeters.
70. Educated in hairdressing Holly gave up her career for the love of writing, she has won the Speckled award for Teenage fiction and looks forward to expanding her horizons with each story.
71. He had a three-day beard speckled with white hairs, but he did not think it necessary to shave because on Friday he was going to have his hair cut and it could all be done at the same time.
72. Walls papered in faded floral fall away and burst as a newborn meadow speckled with sun and a stream emptying into a greater stream where a small boat awaits with two glowing oars and one blue sail.
73. A dark cloud now and then covered the sun; the larks were soaring above the fields of winter corn; the forests were already covered with fresh young green; the meadows speckled with grazing cattle and horses.
74. Edwin was starving (he hadn’t eaten a thing since lunchtime) and so entered the fray without hesitation; but he only managed to snatch a couple of grains before he was barged aside by a plump, speckled hen.
75. It may have been about a month after my sister's reappearance in the kitchen, when Biddy came to us with a small speckled box containing the whole of her worldly effects, and became a blessing to the household.
76. Perhaps it was the dark stubble on his jaw line, the jet black hair that was speckled with a premature hint of grey, or the way he carried himself with such confidence, but people never seemed to believe he was only 17 years old.
77. The night outside the Charisian Embassy was breezy and cool, the heavens speckled with stars no Old Terran would have recognized, with a moon too small for Merlin’s memories, but that wasn’t what he was actually watching, anyway.
78. What the piqued Lawman wanted was to be on his air-conditioned house boat on Lake Kissimmee, kicked back sipping a cool one while five Missouri minnows connected to five cane poles frantically avoided the hors d‘oeuvre-ish overtures of speckled perch.
79. Suddenly, the black strip I was watching above the ramp speckled with red—the Iraqis had kicked on anti-aircraft radars and weapons that intel had claimed didn’t exist, and the chopper pilots began shooting off decoy flares and chaff to confuse them.
80. Suddenly, the black strip I was watching above the ramp speckled with red—the Iraqis had kicked on anti-aircraft radars and weapons that intel had claimed didn’t exist, and the chopper pilots began shooting off decoy flares and chaff to confuse them.
81. But it cannot be supposed that the peculiar speckled appearance of the upper side of the sole, so like the sandy bed of the sea, or the power in some species, as recently shown by Pouchet, of changing their colour in accordance with the surrounding surface, or the presence of bony tubercles on the upper side of the turbot, are due to the action of the light.
82. This mental exercise lasted until Biddy made a rush at them and distributed three defaced Bibles (shaped as if they had been unskilfully cut off the chump end of something), more illegibly printed at the best than any curiosities of literature I have since met with, speckled all over with ironmould, and having various specimens of the insect world smashed between their leaves.
83. At first I thought that she had not recognised me, but as I bent over her she suddenly shrieked out in a voice which I shall never forget, ‘Oh, my God! Helen! It was the band! The speckled band!’ There was something else which she would fain have said, and she stabbed with her finger into the air in the direction of the doctor’s room, but a fresh convulsion seized her and choked her words.
84. There is hardly any one on earth who is not acquainted with those singular spots, the Glaciere, the Cunette, the hideous wall of Grenelle all speckled with balls, Mont-Parnasse, the Fosse-aux-Loups, Aubiers on the bank of the Marne, MontSouris, the Tombe-Issoire, the Pierre-Plate de Chatillon, where there is an old, exhausted quarry which no longer serves any purpose except to raise mushrooms, and which is closed, on a level with the ground, by a trap-door of rotten planks.
85. The first was the best room, and in it were Lucie's birds, and flowers, and books, and desk, and work-table, and box of water-colours; the second was the Doctor's consulting-room, used also as the dining-room; the third, changingly speckled by the rustle of the plane-tree in the yard, was the Doctor's bedroom, and there, in a corner, stood the disused shoemaker's bench and tray of tools, much as it had stood on the fifth floor of the dismal house by the wine-shop, in the suburb of Saint Antoine in Paris.
1. Covered in speckles of sand and rock, the Guardians pulled themselves out of the earth.
2. She brushed speckles of sleep from her eyes as her thoughts returned to her fit of temper the previous evening.
3. Round his brow he had a peculiar yellow band, with brownish speckles, which seemed to be bound tightly round his head.
4. Ravi scooped the last bit into the urn, his clothing hosted speckles of ashes that had not made their way to their resting ground.
5. Also, some species of peacock bass would bear certain varying physical traits, such as dark rosettes, light speckles, and different shades of gold, blue, green and orange.
6. You can find lip colors already infused with glitter and shimmer or you can layer on your regular lipstick and then top it with a layer of gloss with glitter speckles in them.
7. The emotion was from witnessing the magnificent views of greenish-blue water that was littered with black speckles; and the towering green mountains rolling along the blue horizon.
8. Or grabbing hold of Debby’s arm, vise-like, for an Indian rub and what starts as a joke gets more and more frantic, him rubbing until he draws speckles of blood, his teeth grinding.
9. There were Port Jackson sharks with a brown back, a whitish belly, and eleven rows of teeth, bigeye sharks with necks marked by a large black spot encircled in white and resembling an eye, and Isabella sharks whose rounded snouts were strewn with dark speckles.

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