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Fleck в предложении (на )

1. A fleck of light.
2. He must at some point have been nice-looking; not a single fleck of color was still visible on his fastidiously groomed head.
3. I tried to stop him halfway through his lecture to let him know that a fleck of saliva was hanging off his chin, but he wouldn’t let up.
4. He charmed her by his deferential escort across the platform; he protected the rustling silk of her skirt from any possible fleck of dirt as she mounted to her place; he was solicitous, as a gentleman should be, concerning the dust cloth, and deft as a footman in arranging it.

1. I won’t tell the police anything, she shouted, spittle flecking her chin.
1. The red beard, flecked with gray.
2. Eyes a clear hazel flecked with green.
3. He stared at the sleek horse flecked.
4. Granite flecked wind that beats on my.
5. The thin parchment--a flecked color-.
6. Its coat and hooves were flecked with blood.
7. Spittle flecked her lips, which were drawn.
8. Chair legs scraped across the flecked industrial tiles.
9. Dark unkempt hair was flecked with bits of grass and straw.
10. Rust flecked the iron bracings of the mighty bronze portal.
11. Suddenly his beard was shot with snow, his locks flecked with gray.
12. Uncle Anthony had green eyes flecked with gold, like all his family.
13. Blood had splashed up from his chest and flecked his mouth and cheeks.
14. The pale moon flecked on the shimmering sand, casting it in a silver light.
15. Yukino stood shaking in the howling wind, her tattered hair flecked with snow.
16. He felt that his parched lips were flecked with foam, his heart was throbbing.
17. His grey hair and neat trimmed beard were flecked with the black of his youth.
18. The wind blew gaily over the rye; the sky was flecked with small white clouds.
19. Perhaps Tom had also had the green eyes flecked with yellow that they all shared.
20. He had a neatly trimmed beard flecked with grey and deep set dark brown eyes and a.
21. Hartstongue runs one hand over his lips and his fingers come away flecked with blood.
22. There was not a single fish to be seen, just the spray flecked aftermath of their activities.
23. Jesse gazed at me and I felt myself lost in his beautiful, hazel eyes that were flecked with gold.
24. But if you saw her Dalgleish! Her hair is red, the colour of burnished copper flecked with gold.
25. Colours begin to merge, a ragged paint job, primary bright and flecked with rust at the wheel arches.
26. The room was painted grey and was flecked with dirt and had cobwebs in the corners and on the ceiling.
27. She had a small round face with neat, regular features; mid-brown hair; and green eyes flecked with gold.
28. The sun had begun to creep up along the horizon, and the sky was flecked with early morning hues of pink and blue.
29. Their leaps and bounds increased, their bared fangs dripped saliva, and their lips and breasts were flecked with foam.
30. Opposite him across the little clearing stood Horta, the boar, with lowered head and foam flecked tusks, ready to charge.
31. The fields on either side were bare, flecked by patches of snow, and they passed only a handful of locals using the road.
32. They don’t bother to pipe music into the warehouse floor, sparkle flecked linoleum tiles bleed up to the four walls of Dr.
33. She seemed the vividest thing, suddenly cleaving the pallors and uncertainties of reeds and water and flecked northern sky.
34. He recalls her walking on the hot sand with Pat’s dogs and stopping to admire the deep blue ocean so flecked with whitecaps.
35. Her black eye shadow—even thicker than Cali’s—was flecked with gold sparkles, and her lips were painted a bright, garish red.
36. The moon was defined by the cool colors of turquoise, green variscite, and chrysocolla on a field of dark blue lapis lazuli flecked with silver.
37. A female warrior surged up past me on a foam flecked mount and grabbed the reins of Talin’s horse and urged both towards the fast approaching wall.
38. This far north, summer evenings are glorious sensory treats: the clear blue afternoon skies give way to pink-and-gold sunsets, flecked with red in bad fire years.
39. Bart looked at the hysterical old man - mauve lips flecked with spittle, veins standing out on stringy neck, watery eyes staring straight ahead - and was repelled.
40. In the midst of it there wound lazily a dark river of brown water, bordered with ancient willows, arched over with willows, blocked with fallen willows, and flecked with thousands of faded willow-leaves.
41. The light from our glass coils produced magical effects at times, lingering on the wrinkled roughness of some natural arch, or some overhang suspended like a chandelier, which our lamps flecked with fiery sparks.
42. She looked up at the lowering sky, down at the crimson bow already flecked with black, forward along the muddy street, then one long, lingering look behind, at a certain grimy warehouse, with `Hoffmann, Swartz, & Co.
43. In fact it was a huge grinning mouth, with two rows of yellowing tombstone teeth, flecked with saliva and rimmed with purplish lips, the full lips of dissolution, a Sybarite's lips that quivered in excited expectation.
44. One gleam of light lifted into relief a half-submerged mast, on which sat a cormorant, dark and large, with wings flecked with foam; its beak held a gold bracelet set with gems, that I had touched with as brilliant tints as my palette could yield, and as glittering distinctness as my pencil could impart.
45. No prince charming is her beau ideal to lay a rare and wondrous love at her feet but rather a manly man with a strong quiet face who had not found his ideal, perhaps his hair slightly flecked with grey, and who would understand, take her in his sheltering arms, strain her to him in all the strength of his deep passionate nature and comfort her with a long long kiss.
46. How is it possible that to-day he no longer is? O night, O giant mountain shrouded in mist, O heaving sea moved by your own life, O restless winds that carry the breath of an immeasurable world on your wings, O starry vault flecked with flying clouds—take me to you, disclose to me the mystery of this death, if it is revealed to you! And if ye know not, then grant my ignorant soul your own lofty indifference.
47. How lovely, how indescribably lovely, the world was that September afternoon, as we strolled along the shaded sidewalk where the maples were already laying a mosaic of gold and garnet, and looked off toward the river and the hills beyond—the far blue hills—all veiled in tenderest amber mist! The very air was full of soft, warm color; the sunbeams, mild and level now, played with the shadows across our path, and every now and then a leaf, flecked with orange or crimson, fluttered to our feet.
48. But what did the mere reckoning of years matter when he felt as young in heart as he had been twenty years ago? Was it not youth to feel as he felt now, when coming from the other side to the edge of the wood he saw in the glowing light of the slanting sunbeams the gracious figure of Varenka in her yellow gown with her basket, walking lightly by the trunk of an old birch tree, and when this impression of the sight of Varenka blended so harmoniously with the beauty of the view, of the yellow oatfield lying bathed in the slanting sunshine, and beyond it the distant ancient forest flecked with yellow and melting into the blue of the distance? His heart throbbed joyously.
1. Up close, the flecks of green and.
2. They were blue, with flecks of gold.
3. There were flecks of foam on his lips.
4. Tiny flecks of sawdust sifted through.
5. His eyes are blue green with flecks of gold.
6. It accentuated the flecks of color in her eyes.
7. And flecks with gold the ocean’s rippling waves.
8. The wound was an angry red, with flecks of green.
9. Close to, her hazel eyes had little flecks of gold.
10. His full head of dark hair now showed a few flecks of.
11. There were flecks of saliva at the corners of his mouth.
12. The dust was literally laced with bright shiny gold flecks.
13. His full head of dark hair with its few flecks of premature.
14. Stopping upon the last one her long brown hair with flecks of gold.
15. Death brushed the chilled flecks from her open neck in mock annoyance.
16. When this happens, the skin may look bright red and spotted with pale flecks.
17. There were little, very dim flecks of new gold captured in the blue of his eyes.
18. I took a closer look at Cory and saw twenty to thirty large black flecks on his face.
19. And her eyes? Light brown with gold flecks and a ring of darker brown around the irises.
20. That goes without saying, Andrew, but with what? Matt asked through flecks of whipped cream.
21. Blood and flame, he thought, but there were gold flecks in it as well, and whorls of midnight black.
22. The moon had not risen; the stars were flecks of hot amber in a breathless sky that reeked of death.
23. The carpet and walls had flecks of paint that glowed in the dark, making it appear as if they were.
24. Amidst the flecks of ice shavings, I saw the puck turning end over and end, and I took a swing at it.
25. Flecks of rubber deposits were plastered across the well that held the site glass obscuring the view.
26. Her mascara was double-coated, spidery, and left flecks of black on the pads of flesh beneath her eyes.
27. He was about to hand it to her for wrapping when his attention was caught by tiny flecks of scarlet on the coat.
28. Cooger, threshed in a final harvest, was now a billion parchment flecks, tumbled sea-scrolls capered in meadows.
29. The hazy light of the early day pierced the dark shadows of the cellar and illuminated tiny flecks of dust and dirt.
30. He neatly placed it on the back of his chair and flicked some errant flecks of dandruff and lint off its shoulders.
31. He was the same build and size, but where Gamying’s hair and beard were jet black, Gamyon’s showed flecks of grey.
32. Bullets had found their way through the gypsum and into the concrete, while flecks of chipped paint riddled the wide doors.
33. As his eyes returned from the sky, the same ruby flecks now in the snow underfoot startled him to the point of lurching back.
34. A chubby, short elderly man with thick black hair in an overcoat covered with flecks of snow had walked over to the lockers.
35. She picked up a spoon and stirred the broth in circles, watching flecks of spice whirl into the center around chunks of potato.
36. Sun's rays picked out tiny flecks of plankton and algae, planets in timeless space, and then the sound of my body breathing was the only sound.
37. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from hers, examining the light grey swirls, flecks of blue and splashes of white that streaked out from her pupils.
38. Diane had come straight from a divorce – the pain of the break-up still palpable on the flecks and intonations that stuttered from her conversations.
39. He looked up at her in amazement, watching her black eyes swirl and the gold flecks form around her iris just seconds before feeling her pierce his mind.
40. The bobbing light of lanterns danced off the walls behind her and glinted off the water that ran down the tunnel walls, illuminating flecks of gold in the stone.
41. The dragon’s snout slowly eased itself into the light, revealing startlingly large and intelligent emerald eyes with flecks of gold semi-epicentered towards the iris.
42. The starch was made from rice water pressed through cloth; after Louie pressed the rice, he spent the rest of his time picking flecks of it off the cloth and eating them.
43. Its bottom was lined in old concrete that had once been painted white, but the paint was chipped and flaking off—in some areas, the paint flecks were bigger than a man’s arm.
44. It occupied a small front space but at the rear of the shop there was a huge cold room that was stacked with wigs of varying styles, mostly black but a few with flecks of grey showing through.
45. Mother was slender and soft, with a woven plait of spungold hair over her head in a tiara, and eyes the color of the deep cool canal water where it ran in shadow, almost purple, with flecks of amber caught in it.
46. Mother was slender and soft, with a woven plait of spun-gold hair over her head in a tiara, and eyes the color of the deep cool canal water where it ran in shadow, almost purple, with flecks of amber caught in it.
47. His face, however, was an astonishing contrast; deeply tanned and delicately beautiful rather than handsome, large dark eyes and heavy black eyebrows framed by bristle cut hair that caught the light like flecks of gold.
48. Alexis turned and pointed to the blackening sky in the west, breathless he screamed, 'Did you hear that boss? Did you hear the snorting of her holy horses? She washes the flecks of sweat from their mouths as they champ the bit and cleans the clotted foam.

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