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Streamlet в предложении (на )

  1. Finding a river, I followed it down the slopes where it changed from a rushing streamlet to a raging torrent with white water rapids and finally, a slow-moving wide river.
  2. In one place near a narrow streamlet were nests of the passerine weaver birds, some hanging from fine branches along which even the bamboo snake would not have the temerity to crawl in search of the luscious eggs.
  3. Continually, indeed, as it stole onward, the streamlet kept up a babble, kind, quiet, soothing, but melancholy, like the voice of a young child that was spending its infancy without playfulness, and knew not how to be merry among sad acquaintance and events of sombre hue.
  4. Here it came out of the rock in a little falling streamlet,.

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