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Suspension в предложении (на )

1. No more tennis, suspension from college.
2. Brand is on suspension pending investigation.
3. What was not awesome was in-school suspension.
4. Following this incident and suspension, Tom.
5. Open tops with four tyres and leaf suspension.
6. He clung to the glass in a strange suspension.
7. That unjustified suspension kicked me out of a.

8. Old age had taken a heavy toll on the suspension.
9. It’s floating being still hanging in suspension.
10. But wouldn’t that wreck the suspension system and.
11. The goal here is to keep particles in suspension so.
12. After the suspension of that law, a treaty was formed.
13. Its suspension copes confidently with the uneven ground.
14. I had him, swearing in class got you a day of suspension.
15. A network of suspension bridges connected the giant oaks.
16. Her two days of suspension were over, but she still felt like.
17. I rode down the Ishak to the suspension bridge and crossed over.
18. For a second or two he holds me in suspension, physically and.
19. Pranayam is the result of the suspension of the flow of thoughts.
20. Suspension – that’s what the carabiners are for in the playroom.
21. The suspension turns out to be nothing compared to what happens next.
22. She has asked the Federal Court to quash her suspension and reinstate.
23. A suspension of the case isn’t the worst thing, Brady was saying.
24. Suspension affected immediately so is about a couple of other detectives.
25. Tongue Suspension Procedure is a method that aims to keep the tongue from.
26. I noticed that most of the smaller rivers now had suspension bridges over them.
27. Gentlemen call the embargo, in silken phrase, a temporary suspension of commerce.
28. His bike adjusted its suspension and tyre pressure in accordance with the terrain.
29. I’m well aware of the suspension, Matthew said to her, but it’s bogus.
30. And yet, the practice of psychiatry carries with it a certain suspension of belief.
31. The little bike’s old suspension sagged, bottomed out, and then slowly rebounded.
32. Starting now, and until further notice, you are on an indefinite, unpaid, suspension.
33. I am requesting that Congress immediately enact legislation confirming this suspension.
34. All the rivers were crossed with suspension bridges about a li or so from their mouths.
35. They did what they wanted to and just accepted the suspension, considering it a vacation.
36. But one need not be versed in the workings of the engine and suspension to drive the car.
37. His mind drifted back to the warning he had received before going into cryonic suspension.
38. The Tria Suspension bridge in Japan and completed in under a year had a fascinating vigor.
39. It seemed to hold the moonlight in suspension, rendering it more pervasive than in clear air.
40. Now there was nothing but the suspension of water in all the intricate branches of the forest.
41. The potholes of Fifth Avenue and the cab’s jellied suspension sent her stomach floating again.
42. Legs crossed: The leg positioning seen in the Hanged Man card is used for suspension to uncross.
43. If the date of the suspension was accurate, then Avery Manning still wasn’t able to practice.
44. Strings of glittering white lights defined the contours of the suspension bridges across the river.
45. Sin can therefore be defined as disloyalty to God and the temporary suspension of fellowship with God.
46. As the Jeep had hard, off-road suspension, it gave a very rough ride over the poorly maintained roads.
47. Although the honda's suspension is a bit softer because of all the extra weight, it is still no picnic.
48. Gary’s jaw dropped as he heard what Tom said, Gary, as of now you’re on suspension with full pay.
49. That was Matthew Angel, answering our questions about his suspension by the National Football League.
50. As a result, in the mean time, her own anxiety lies in suspension of belief, making it easy on her mind.
51. We become highly susceptible to subliminal suggestion due to the autonomic suspension of the conscious I.
52. Wheelchairs in those days were heavy things with hard wheels, no suspension; constructed of wood and steel.
53. The idea is to use the constant uniform force in the suspension rope of a weight lifted at a certain height.
54. But in 1882 the second act suspended immigration for 10 years and in 1902 the suspension was made indefinite.
55. As before, the road began on the western bank, then crossed over to the eastern bank over a suspension bridge.
56. But I have a feeling that this suspension has nothing to do with my one night in jail, Matthew continued.
57. After a few seconds Hammond unfolded the whole story of his visit to Butler, his suspension and the Fraud Squad.
58. Kulai’s place was on a mid level street that crossed Third Canal on a suspension bridge at the eleventh floor.
59. Today, the TRX suspension training system is a worldwide phenomenon and has spawned a number of similar products.
60. Man of the World turned on the suspension of a D chord that would enter many of my songs in the coming years.
61. McKim was in favor of the motion, because he was opposed to the suspension or weakening of the non-importation act.
62. In a world on fire, we do not need another annual Burning Man suspension of the real, where for a week we play utopia.
63. This usually ends in a suspension of dealings in the shares, a move that is commonly said to be to help shareholders.
64. And you know, Kaylee, there’s nothing in my contract that says a complicated love life is punishable by suspension.
65. These would re-seal with the sludge that circulated in suspension in the liquid ammonia in this pipe work all the time.
66. The first two men in line had diarrhea, and Colling provided each of them with a bottle of bismuth subnitrate suspension.
67. As she hovered in suspension before him, her skin and hair were almost luminous in the dark water; almost phosphorescent.
68. His suspension added to his serious financial predicament: a £25,000 bill for his daughter’s private medical treatment.
69. And, wasted time being the handmaid of pointless hurry, he would use this suspension not to loaf, but to prepare for his return.
70. The suspension cables blocked his backwards retreat, and he realized that he must either turn around or continue straight ahead.
71. This is not to say that grammar is not important: just like a car has an engine and suspension, a language has grammar and rules.
72. We left Zheng He the next day and crossed the Leni lenape River on the fairly new suspension bridge at the north end of the island.
73. Over eight hundred scientists from eighty-four countries signed a letter demanding the suspension of genetically modified products.
74. The suspension trainer is a simple yet superfunctional piece of equipment that was originally designed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick.
75. He smiled at them but spoke nothing as creating a suspension in hall, kept on smoking the cigar and chewing tobacco with a continuous smile.
76. Here let me observe, that had that suspension been agreed to, the embargo would have co-operated with the Orders in Council against France.
77. Upstream a narrow suspension catwalk stretched fifteen hundred feet across the river, swaying slightly, like a cobweb in the evening breeze.
78. Danny, hadn't improved the speed of travel, just the comfort - better suspension, better seats and less chance of somebody's wheels in front.
79. After World War I and suspension of the gold standard, inflation became more volatile everywhere, but prices could still go down as well as up.
80. If the old soldier, his widow, or his orphan, were alone to be benefited by such suspension, your committee would not hesitate to recommend it.
81. A lesser pilot might have stopped at the five year suspension threshold, but you, Miss Maxwell, have raised the bar for flagrant violation of the F.
82. There’s some resentment already, some whispers of nepotism about my hiring, though nobody could accuse the chief of favoritism after my suspension.
83. His contemptuous, arbitrary voice caused an uneasy suspension of every sound, as if the self-confidence of the gathering had been staggered by a blow.
84. It turned out that each of the cryonic suspension pods had a plastic reservoir of an ethanol based mixture, as part of the temperature control system.
85. After a brief suspension in 1933, it reemerged in January 1934 and appeared weekly until 1949, when it was merged into a quarterly, Masses and Mainstream.
86. They were forbidden to do anything immoral that might affect their image or that of the studio for which they worked, or they would be put under suspension.
87. Vargas was a misfit in the department under suspension at the time and facing a departmental hearing for repeated harassment of this same Michael Henderson.
88. The crate was a swollen collection of planks, but framed out with good heavy timbers and fitted with lifting eyes that could have held a long suspension bridge.
89. I could see how vulnerable the bridges were so I had enough supplies for many days brought across and then asked Buzun to build a suspension bridge over the river.
90. South Carolina is interested, by the suspension of our trade, in the article of cotton alone, to an amount greater than the whole revenue of the United States, 80;.
91. He felt roughed up, distantly, but then there was this sense of suspension, of not yet having drifted back into the size and shape and color of his own personal body.
92. She’ll cut across at Fourteenth and back down, she’s telling him, as the cobbled streets of the old Meatpacking District start pummeling the Gremlin’s suspension.
93. Starting over in a new country, adjusting to the strange calm that takes hold when you’ve left everything that defines you, I had the feeling of weightless suspension.
94. When protest is absurdist theater, the reception of it requires a suspension of disbelief and then a reentering of the world in protest with a greater than life presence, e.
95. He was alone, if the solitary sentinel who paced the mound be excepted; for the artillerists had hastened also to profit by the temporary suspension of their arduous duties.
96. The alternatives presented by the report—war or suspension of our rights, and the recommendation of the latter, rather than take the risk of the former, I expressly censured.
97. If your suspension seems to bottom out like when you were a teenager and you jumped that canal with your folks Pontiac and you hear a heavy thud you have what we call Bottoming.
98. For a moment I panic as I try to remember what I know of a rising trot then find I don’t need it … evolution has blessed her with suspension, at least that’s how it feels.
99. The first major turning point was Kejriwal’s decision to go on a dharna at Rajpath just outside the Union home ministry, demanding the suspension of five Delhi police officers.
100. The newspapers’ hardly covered the games, and when they did, the only thing ever mentioned was my suspension for disciplinary reasons and how the team had suffered as a result.

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