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Suspension in a sentence

No more tennis, suspension from college.
Following this incident and suspension, Tom.
What was not awesome was in-school suspension.
Brand is on suspension pending investigation.
Open tops with four tyres and leaf suspension.
He clung to the glass in a strange suspension.
That unjustified suspension kicked me out of a.

Old age had taken a heavy toll on the suspension.
It’s floating being still hanging in suspension.
But wouldn’t that wreck the suspension system and.
The goal here is to keep particles in suspension so.
After the suspension of that law, a treaty was formed.
Its suspension copes confidently with the uneven ground.
I had him, swearing in class got you a day of suspension.
A network of suspension bridges connected the giant oaks.
I rode down the Ishak to the suspension bridge and crossed over.
Her two days of suspension were over, but she still felt like.
For a second or two he holds me in suspension, physically and.
Pranayam is the result of the suspension of the flow of thoughts.
Suspension – that’s what the carabiners are for in the playroom.
The suspension turns out to be nothing compared to what happens next.
She has asked the Federal Court to quash her suspension and reinstate.
A suspension of the case isn’t the worst thing, Brady was saying.
Suspension affected immediately so is about a couple of other detectives.
Tongue Suspension Procedure is a method that aims to keep the tongue from.
I noticed that most of the smaller rivers now had suspension bridges over them.
Gentlemen call the embargo, in silken phrase, a temporary suspension of commerce.
His bike adjusted its suspension and tyre pressure in accordance with the terrain.
I’m well aware of the suspension, Matthew said to her, but it’s bogus.
And yet, the practice of psychiatry carries with it a certain suspension of belief.
The little bike’s old suspension sagged, bottomed out, and then slowly rebounded.
Starting now, and until further notice, you are on an indefinite, unpaid, suspension.
I am requesting that Congress immediately enact legislation confirming this suspension.
All the rivers were crossed with suspension bridges about a li or so from their mouths.
They did what they wanted to and just accepted the suspension, considering it a vacation.
But one need not be versed in the workings of the engine and suspension to drive the car.
The Tria Suspension bridge in Japan and completed in under a year had a fascinating vigor.
His mind drifted back to the warning he had received before going into cryonic suspension.
It seemed to hold the moonlight in suspension, rendering it more pervasive than in clear air.
Now there was nothing but the suspension of water in all the intricate branches of the forest.

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