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Tangle в предложении (на )

  1. It was a hopeless tangle.
  2. They went down in a tangle.
  3. Its tangle of wire had snapped.
  4. Her fine, black hair in a tangle.
  5. I threw it amid a tangle of weeds.

  6. Her intent is a tangle of shadows.
  7. Its web is a tangle of dry threads.
  8. There was a tangle of cables inside.
  9. My fingers tangle in the plastic fence.
  10. The hair was a tangle of coiling cobras.
  11. Everything seems mixed up in a sort of tangle.
  12. Who’d he tangle with? the vet asked Mitch.
  13. She knew he was in no mood to tangle with his.
  14. His lips were barely visible through the tangle.
  15. We were both upset with the tangle we had created.

  16. It did not take long for me and him to tangle up.
  17. You call me watermelon-ass, we’ll tangle again.
  18. IT has IM isolated somewhere in the BS tangle, sir.
  19. She smiled as they approached, Ready to tangle?
  20. A tangle above his right ear looked cemented by manure.
  21. Vasquez shuffled through a tangle of papers on his desk.
  22. And roll head over heels and tangle my hair full of wisps.
  23. He flung himself resolutely into the tangle of undergrowth.
  24. He scowled, his sensations a tangle of conflicting emotions.
  25. He slammed into my chair, and we both went over in a tangle.

  26. Alric shook his head, They won’t tangle with the Minotaurs.
  27. Through the tangle she could see the black hole of the culvert.
  28. Serena slowed the car to a stop next to a large tangle of trees.
  29. Your dive bar is a place where the strings tangle and untangle.
  30. It was a perfect glass bubble with a tangle of fine wire inside.
  31. He watched the inner-city street through the tangle of branches.
  32. There was a confusion and tangle of messages—a jumble of rumors.
  33. There was a girl with him, pretty, with a tangle of bright red hair.
  34. A belt of brushwood led up to a tangle of rocks—the whole plateau.
  35. Her lips were pretty thick and her hair was a thick, flat-black tangle.
  36. Ash wasn’t the type of person to get herself into an emotional tangle.
  37. She could prop it open and see a tangle of roofs and rooftop courts below.
  38. Scott it was little more than a tangle of wire nesting atop Jeff’s stereo.
  39. Dropping the bloody tangle of wires and neurons into a suit's pocket, I stood.
  40. It’s over there, pointing at a tangle of weeds on the edge of the beach.
  41. The major cause of the stench lay in the tangle of crumpled bedding on the floor.
  42. You thirst for life and try to settle the problems of life by a logical tangle.
  43. I was forced to ride inland a little and soon found myself in a tangle of forest.
  44. I could hardly keep my eyes on the tangle of words in a handwriting I recognized.
  45. Near the crest Conan slid into a tangle of jutting rocks, crowned by dense bushes.
  46. There was a crash of broken boughs as it dived wildly down into the tangle of green.
  47. He sent Caitlin and his sister and the tangle of children in the opposite direction.
  48. Impulses drive the tangle to make the world unsafe place and killing on a large scale.
  49. My right hand shot out and buried itself in the fiery tangle of the curls of her hair.
  50. Well: slainte! Around the slabbed tables the tangle of wined breaths and grumbling gorges.
  51. Actually, you should have seen the last bandits I had to tangle with, they were pitiful.
  52. The owner scratched in the V of his open shirt, where a tangle of white chest hair showed.
  53. His eyes glared through the tangle of his matted hair as he half crouched before the baron.
  54. Together they fought their way through a tangle of ferns and vines, and stopped in surprise.
  55. And there was nothing at all human about the eyes that blazed from the tangle of white hair.
  56. On the other side was a dizzying array of wires, tubes … a tangle of metal and harsh lights.
  57. It was a man, with a tangle of white hair and a matted white beard that fell over his breast.
  58. He hit him with the tangle gun before, during and after the freeze, and again after the slice.
  59. Their passage was further blocked by a tangle of cars wanting to turn at the next intersection.
  60. In the midst of the kaleidoscopic tangle of razored collisions, a tiny bubble of light appeared.
  61. Her thoughts as she stood being betrothed were jerking themselves into a perfect tangle of knots.
  62. Most of the time the banks were a tangle of roots from the trunks leaning way out over the water.
  63. The guards helped their gasping Leader extricate himself from the tangle of Kirk’s arms and legs.
  64. I vomited on a tangle of weeds, my retching and groaning drowned in the deafening roar of the MiG.
  65. They had materialised on an island which contained only a deserted shrine, a tangle of dead trees.
  66. The beech, the oak, and even the birch were to be found among the tangle of trees which girt us in.
  67. Her hair had dried into a wild tangle of caramel-colored curls that moved with a life of their own.
  68. In the confused tangle, Amaranthe grabbed someone’s crossbow even as a hand latched onto her ankle.
  69. The other end of the secret passage might lie among some tangle of bramble in the neighbouring copse.
  70. Merthin seemed to be struggling to detach Anthony’ s clothing from a tangle of boards and splinters.
  71. He stood in the doorway, that dark hair a wild tangle of curls brushing his wide shoulders— Stop it.
  72. Tim’s divers were bobbing about in a tangle of fishing lines and Tim was back in his boat with Janet.
  73. Why in hell am I here, he thought, as he followed the pit bull into the tangle of tree trunks and vines.
  74. They extracted a tangle of harness from the saddlebag and walked over to where their horses were waiting.
  75. She had dodged a few patrols --the last thing she wanted was to tangle with yet another group of soldiers.
  76. Her calm pale face, with dim, wide-opened blue eyes, looked upward from amid a great tangle of golden hair.
  77. Her calm, pale face, with dim, wide-opened blue eyes, looked upward from amid a great tangle of golden hair.
  78. A cigarette glowed amid the tangle of white hair, and the air of the room was fetid with stale tobacco smoke.
  79. A cigarette glowed amid the tangle of white hair, and the air of the room was fetid with stale tobacco-smoke.
  80. The sounds of confusion came closer and she slowed instinctively in case danger lay beyond the forest tangle.
  81. The man and the woman and the books and the rain recede until there is only the radio and its tangle of wires.
  82. Even if they had been ready to tangle with the Federation, the battle group had them significantly out-gunned.
  83. And how else can all this tangle be explained? Hm! And I was almost thinking … Good heavens, what I thought!.
  84. After about two days of fighting my way through the tangle, I decided I’d be better off back on the riverbank.
  85. It was surrounded by marsh, a green tangle of mangroves, palms and lianas, swarming with crocodiles and serpents.
  86. I was hiding as best I could behind a tangle of brambly vines and swamp grass, all alone and completely petrified.
  87. There was a chaotic tangle of spears as both sides discovered that they were too close to engage with long spears.
  88. Now the latest immaculate hairdo’s are designed to look like the wind just blew your hair into a tousled tangle.
  89. His hands and feet threshed in the tangle of the wild grapevine, and he whimpered and gibbered as he tried to get up.
  90. They stood face-to-face, with their arms and legs in a tangle and their backs against the hot black iron of the bars.
  91. The only thing visible in the intricate tangle of hair was the teeth striped with green dime and his motionless eyes.
  92. Here and there, electric lights cleared larger spheres of green and gold in the otherwise deep-blue tangle of branches.
  93. But mostly it was walking, our arms about each other like twins born in a tangle, never cut free by knife or lightning.
  94. At this point I suddenly gave up pondering on this senseless tangle, and sank back in despair with my head on my pillow.
  95. Along a tangle of ill-assorted buildings where light and shadow played hide and seek on the walls of yards and terraces.
  96. I could hear the murmur of our brook somewhere ahead of me, but there was a tangle of trees and brushwood between me and it.
  97. Behold! Carey did his best carnie impression and whipped a stained drop cloth off of a rusted, dented tangle of metal.
  98. From here it was a wild tangle of towers and gables, overhanging floors, arched covered bridges with round and oval windows.
  99. All that mattered most had been made clear to me, in spite of all this sordid tangle ; all that I feared most was confirmed.
  100. I have warded him out of my tangle of linens with blood-magic, an art I’d sworn never to practice, a line I wouldn’t cross.

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