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Tangle in a sentence

It was a hopeless tangle.
They went down in a tangle.
Its tangle of wire had snapped.
Her fine, black hair in a tangle.
Her intent is a tangle of shadows.
I threw it amid a tangle of weeds.
Its web is a tangle of dry threads.

There was a tangle of cables inside.
My fingers tangle in the plastic fence.
The hair was a tangle of coiling cobras.
Everything seems mixed up in a sort of tangle.
Who’d he tangle with? the vet asked Mitch.
She knew he was in no mood to tangle with his.
His lips were barely visible through the tangle.
We were both upset with the tangle we had created.
It did not take long for me and him to tangle up.
You call me watermelon-ass, we’ll tangle again.
IT has IM isolated somewhere in the BS tangle, sir.
She smiled as they approached, Ready to tangle?
A tangle above his right ear looked cemented by manure.
Vasquez shuffled through a tangle of papers on his desk.
And roll head over heels and tangle my hair full of wisps.
He flung himself resolutely into the tangle of undergrowth.
He slammed into my chair, and we both went over in a tangle.
He scowled, his sensations a tangle of conflicting emotions.
Alric shook his head, They won’t tangle with the Minotaurs.
Serena slowed the car to a stop next to a large tangle of trees.
Through the tangle she could see the black hole of the culvert.
Your dive bar is a place where the strings tangle and untangle.
He watched the inner-city street through the tangle of branches.
It was a perfect glass bubble with a tangle of fine wire inside.
There was a confusion and tangle of messages—a jumble of rumors.
There was a girl with him, pretty, with a tangle of bright red hair.
A belt of brushwood led up to a tangle of rocks—the whole plateau.
Her lips were pretty thick and her hair was a thick, flat-black tangle.
Ash wasn’t the type of person to get herself into an emotional tangle.
She could prop it open and see a tangle of roofs and rooftop courts below.
Scott it was little more than a tangle of wire nesting atop Jeff’s stereo.
Dropping the bloody tangle of wires and neurons into a suit's pocket, I stood.
It’s over there, pointing at a tangle of weeds on the edge of the beach.

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