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Testicle в предложении (на )

  1. Each testicle is.
  2. Testicle Causes of Infertility.
  3. Testicle causes of infertility.
  4. The risk of the test may cause testicle.
  5. Orchitis or inflammation of the testicle.

  6. If not, then the testicle is damage and it.
  7. If the infection is caused by testicle damage.
  8. Otherwise, the testicle is secured to the scrotum with.
  9. Epididymis is a tiny tube which attaches to the testicle.
  10. Man who has undescended testicle surgery may have low sperm count that.
  11. Testicular cancer is defined as forming of free radicals in the testicle.
  12. Torsion is defined as a twisting of testicle causing blocking the flow of.
  13. Infection of testicle if not treat early may cause permanent damage to the.
  14. The testicle biopsy is necessary, if a patient is found to have symptoms such.
  15. After the skin over the testicle is cleaned and a local anaesthesia is given to.

  16. Torsion is a condition of testicle injure that causes the testicle to twist away to protect itself inside the scrotum.
  17. It is caused by congenital defect, damage or injure to the testicle, leading to abnormal sperm count and sometimes interfering with normal.
  18. Elmer opened the split end and forced the top cord into the gap, tying the opened end with hay twine and constricting the vascular cord to render the testicle bloodless.
  19. He was still dazed and groggy when he nonchalantly tucked his testicle back into his shorts and we collected our things from the locker room and left the health club, never to return.

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