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    1. ” He’s curled up in a ball still

    2. Sam was not sure he really wanted the ball, but he got up from the sofa and straightened himself out

    3. Would he even know what to do with the ball? Probably not

    4. Johnny pulled out his yo-yo device, Nancy pulled out a rubber ball

    5. Place 1 cup of compost into a panty hose and tie into a ball

    6. He walks over, lines up his stick on the cue ball, expertly sinks a shot

    7. Bush snatches up the cue ball, holds it up for John to see

    8. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table

    9. Solar Tea: Solar Tea is made by placing the ground up dried leaves of the herb into panty hose tied into a ball (becomes a tea bag) then place into a gallon (or larger) glass container of pure water (not city water, distilled or filtered water is best but stream water is OK)

    10. Bark: Allow bark to dry on sun tray, then grind bark to powder, place in panty hose, tie into ball and add to container of water and allow to soak for 24 hrs, strain through filter

    1. John pulls himself up off the floor, breathing hard, his fists balled

    2. He wandered into my room of an afternoon and without saying a word, he would walk up to me, make me stand and hit me in the stomach with his balled fist

    3. The fingers of the bouncer's right hand are reaching for the lapel of Alex's jacket and his left hand, balled into a fist, is drawing back to deliver a blow to the midriff

    4. His hands are balled into tight, quivering fists

    5. Galimoto's claws were balled into fists, filled with clumps of Tetloan's hair

    6. hand balled up into a fist

    7. His hands balled into fists and the knuckles turned as white as the line around his lips

    8. Frank picked up his mobile and tapped out a number, and as he waited for it to be answered, he balled up the list, tossing it at the bin

    9. The command crackled across the room, the strength of it so great that I balled my hand into a fist even though I was not the one being addressed

    10. Instantly, she converted into a fury, windmilling at him with her balled fists

    1. lady’s breasts hung below her, balling up at the ends from the pull of gravity

    2. ” Balling his hand into a fist, Gary showed Chandio how his attacker had held the keys

    3. And of course, he started doing his thing, beach balling and coptering when suddenly, as if thunder was booming while we were watching Brock throw down with his routine, a bellowing chant had filled our ears

    4. I strained to keep my hands from balling

    5. was eye balling a Playboy centerfold and his bowels went into

    6. did she would just start balling her eyes out again

    7. His face had turned a bright shade of red as he sat at his desk, his fists balling up in fierce anger

    8. his teeth, clamping his jaws shut, and balling his fists, he could only

    9. I took one look at him and started balling my eyes out

    10. Balling up his fist, he ground it into the small of his back, stretching out the tired muscles

    1. It was still hard to imagine that this had all been purchased with eleven retaining balls from hospital cart latch-pins

    2. Return the next day and find the tunnels out of which the cotton balls have been tossed

    3. Throw the cotton balls back into the tunnels and cover the entrance with a large rock

    4. He glanced upon the girls smiling and fluttering about the room on the balls of their feet

    5. He watches while Bush racks the balls, takes up a stick and chalks the end of it

    6. Two balls fall in on the break

    7. like these here pool balls

    8. He slams the cue ball into some other balls, watches as the balls bounce around the table

    9. Enoch stands by the table staring at the balls as they slowly roll to a stop

    10. Bush stops one of the balls with his hand, picks it up, looks at it closely

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