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    1. by continuous trials and the merciless torture to thwart

    2. "We need to consider the possibility that he has found a way to thwart our efforts to sentence him to three-d reality

    3. in all directions with enough regularity to thwart

    4. If he opposes them, on the contrary, and still more, if he has authority enough to be able to thwart them, neither the most acknowledged probity, nor the highest rank, nor the greatest public services, can protect him from the most infamous abuse and detraction, from personal insults, nor sometimes from real danger, arising from the insolent outrage of furious and disappointed monopolists

    5. The conquest of Mexico was the project, not of the council of Spain, but of a governor of Cuba ; and it was effectuated by the spirit of the bold adventurer to whom it was entrusted, in spite of every thing which that governor, who soon repented of having trusted such a person, could do to thwart it

    6. ‘You know, Roidon thinks he can thwart the Elusivers with his device – without anyone’s assistance

    7. Although having allegedly died in an accident thirty-two years ago, he was now working to thwart a sinister conspiracy from some supposedly secretive group above the highest known echelons of power

    8. Normally, in times of war, it would be expected that the Americans would try every trick in the book to thwart their attempts to reactivate the world’s second largest missile silo

    9. The prisoners were pushed onto the boat and the both sat on a thwart

    10. "What weapons have we collected?" Manna asked, spreading them on the thwart

    11. Such a simple thing to thwart the saviors from entering

    12. The Pilgrim hoped he was indeed a brother though this could always prove to be a trap, a wicked machination; an evil thing sent to thwart him and his Pilgrimage, to mock God and his divine plan

    13. thwart the other, the device Dacian had been holding unhinged, and he thrust it at

    14. He was now even more thankful that Jeremiah had been able to thwart that

    15. So black leaders in league with the Democratic Party continue to pose as the good-hearted benefactors of those whose opportunities they thwart, and whose capacities they imprison

    16. This made it easy for my father not only to keep me under his thumb but also to thwart any attempts I could make to explain the difficulty of my position to my mother

    17. Despite a senior secretary’s statement to Mundell in the Ithaca Journal article published July 8, 1991, that one of Roy’s mottos was “We never sell anything,” he undertook personal negotiations in secret and dumped the Scranton plant at a discount price to thwart and hopefully discourage his son from acquiring and operating the balance of his outdoor empire

    18. What was happening? This was her time, her mission and she would allow none to thwart it

    19. Religious literature abound with stories of how the devil or the ego tries to thwart the upward climb of an aspirant to a more expansive and holistic awareness

    20. Reoren, the lich-troll uttered a warding spell to thwart the attackers

    21. Alas, it was not enough to thwart the magical subterfuge of Themistokles and his Guild of Assassins

    22. there must be someone or something there to constantly thwart the character from getting what s/he wants

    23. Now I need to keep K around to thwart V, at least for a while

    24. “All day I was thinking that you were mis-translating to thwart me, to change the subject

    25. Elaine, in the back seat, heaved a sigh of relief that she had not just died as a result of the missile strike she had attempted to thwart

    26. “It was their knowledge of honoi energy that enabled them to thwart the Orderrans from taking over their planet during the first invasion, not to mention that they had that god machine at their disposal

    27. “We're heading straight for it!” screamed Ambrosius, trembling uncontrollably on the mist-swamped deck of the main ship, lashed and clinging to the thwart on which rested his last chances of further life

    28. You’ll note that I changed the spelling of two words to thwart the

    29. Some insist that utilizing the wind won’t thwart climate change

    30. I haven’t tried this but instead of the usual dull message on your answering machine, why not place a “busy signal?” This should thwart the telemarketers but you’ll have to tell your friends that they can leave a message after the busy tone

    31. He would use his men to thwart any attempt to follow him and kill him in some dark alley

    32. Christ's family line and thwart God's plan to help His children

    33. Let’s forget our political and ideological differences during this trip and cooperate to thwart those barbarian bastards

    34. The information given by that woman fortunately allowed us to thwart in time a second suicide team that planned to hijack another cargo ship and ram it into Vesta, where our battle station MJOLNIR was built

    35. She however knew that many in the Pentagon would do their best to thwart her efforts with the various promotion boards, being still adverse to the presence of women in the Air Force despite all the years of meritorious services from the said women

    36. By protecting the inner power we develop, Dominion‘s occult forces will not have the power to keep us from realizing the divinity within; they will not have the power to prevent our attainment of spiritual freedom, and they will not have the power to thwart our escape from hell

    37. I was instructed to use it to thwart any such attempts

    38. His servants from those who seek to thwart the realization of

    39. Samantha was resolved to prevent any attempts to thwart her plan

    40. One way to thwart these creatures is to hang plastic fruit coated with Tanglefoot that will render useless the feet of the insect keeping them from your rosy apples

    41. thwart the feared Chinese plot

    42. Like any organ, it is regulated by internal, external, and transternal systems that nourish, thwart and covolve with it

    43. continually striving to find non-militant ways to thwart the unjust intentions of the grossly misguided

    44. “So why don’t we instead engage the crotchety beasts---as allies? We will both pass through the so called ‘ring’, but we’ll do it one at a time, and each will choose a breed of dog to hasten himself and thwart his opponent

    45. If we were to instigate trouble now, if we were to attempt to thwart the Viirin Caretakers, would we soon---would we ever---depart on the ascendance that we’ve awaited our entire lives? I think we all know the answer to that question!”

    46. Presently he pulled himself to the ’midship thwart and lay

    47. We must understand what Gadiel is doing and attempt to thwart him

    48. There was to be no life spared that might thwart the capture of the barbarian and the return of his bride-to-be

    49. � The paradox we find in anger and blame comes in that they thwart our movement toward liberation and autonomy

    50. � We can also see the presenter of the information as a dominator for us to thwart with as many No's as needed

    1. I storm past the girl on reception, ignoring her polite greeting and do my best to slam the door as I leave the building … I’m thwarted by the fact the blasted thing has an automatic door closer, a fact which merely inflames my temper even more

    2. At a guess, Gary’s not used to being thwarted, but then I’m much the same myself

    3. Long have they thwarted me, but their days

    4. chance meeting with Old Ged and the subsequent – thwarted

    5. Brice had just left, once more thwarted in his efforts to recruit Alec to his cause when their conversation began

    6. The words 'Gale Force' was introduced into the language by one strong limbed poet who tried to clamber over the ramparts to reach the tenuous safety of a large clump of scurry bush, only to be thwarted and bowled back over the edge at his every attempt

    7. Everyone had already heard about Victoria's android attack on the natives and how that had been thwarted by a tarp, a cargo net, and some lighter-than-air animal with a guy hanging in a net beneath it

    8. Here was Ares, full of rage when thwarted, insistent that he’d only meant to help, heedless that he ruined others’ lives, crying to his father over wounds that had no power to kill him

    9. If human institutions had never thwarted those natural inclinations, the towns could nowhere have increased beyond what the improvement and cultivation of the territory in which they were situated could support; till such time, at least, as the whole of that territory was completely cultivated and improved

    10. But its once eager expansion seemed to be thwarted by the wave already

    11. constantly thwarted by the efforts of the very effective team of Ambassador Adams and Secretary Moran, both of whom were

    12. had thwarted his mission to destroy the Yankee whalers in the

    13. However, before the link had even been established, the ‘dial up’ was thwarted, the console unable to identify the interference

    14. Lost in his own dismay at having been thwarted, Gerrid hadn’t noticed the figure behind him

    15. Never fear; attempts at grooming can be thwarted in a number of ways:

    16. Of course they would have every contingent in place to ensure he was thwarted

    17. She tried to pull her clothes into a semblance of order, but her hands wouldn’t stop shaking, and the buttons thwarted her

    18. She is eager to leave, to escape this place where her brother was murdered and she rose to prominence only to be thwarted by a factionless woman who wasn’t supposed to be alive

    19. With every thwarted attack I grow more confident, and my fear quickly turns into rage

    20. Here, one man thwarted the will of 60 percent of Arkansas voters

    21. keeping the parental notice initiative off the ballot, the Court has once again thwarted the will of the people

    22. Unable to physically overpower him, the Philistines sought a way to capture this ‘upstart’ who thwarted them at every turn

    23. They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed

    24. Personally, I think it was only thwarted in that because Alilia’s will and power is so much greater than the power of the first curse, and that the first curse was limited to secondary effects that had to be the result of our deaths

    25. The dog he has thwarted for no real purpose other than honour howls and jumps towards him

    26. But the Asian wasn’t one to be thwarted that easily

    27. Some wishes are destined to be thwarted

    28. If he had hoped to goad the other man, his hope was thwarted

    29. But, in the end, all my efforts were thwarted by what I must

    30. In England in the 1840s, several steamship companies experimented with iron hulls and screw propel lers, but Cunard thwarted them whenever he could and continued to use wooden hulls and sidewheelers

    31. He believed that their plan had to be immediately thwarted

    32. Next in the hierarchy of needs comes love, which we will assume is thwarted for some reason

    33. I have no fear of loneliness or thwarted will, wherein others fear the agreement of

    34. We will not be thwarted by your childish pranks

    35. He had tried, over at Mabel's, but she had thwarted his efforts

    36. “Smithforge succeeded in creating a new Gong Seal but was thwarted from putting it in place by the ambitious Denizens of Chaos

    37. Now is the time of our victory for all battles thwarted!”

    38. They both still had their lives and liberty; Weasel and Stoat had been thwarted; and the Thief Master’s attempt to control him had come to naught (assuming that he had been involved at all, which now appeared to be very doubtful)

    39. He bears up bravely when his plans are thwarted and his purposes temporarily defeated

    40. As you so well know the trails to Phenix, having traversed them many times, so do I well know the way to the city of your disappointed hopes and thwarted ambitions

    41. You have thwarted your mind by holding thoughts of inadequacy,

    42. Once again his actions were thwarted, as a Toyota Tiger came up the roadway

    43. I even tried to dig under but was thwarted there

    44. He had intended to finish his address and then have a visit with them before leaving, but this plan was thwarted by the conspiracy of events which immediately followed

    45. 21 The true believer does not grow weary in well-doing just because he is thwarted

    46. The kingdom as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on earth; for the time being, an outward church has taken its place; but you should comprehend that this church is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, which will carry it through this material age and over into a more spiritual dispensation where the Master's teachings may enjoy a fuller opportunity for development

    47. It was like struggling against some huge elemental force; his iron arms thwarted her efforts with an ease that sent panic racing through her limbs

    48. 5 Notwithstanding the Master's effort thus to establish this new sacrament of the remembrance, those who followed after him in the intervening centuries saw to it that his express desire was effectively thwarted in that his simple spiritual symbolism of that last night in the flesh has been reduced to precise interpretations and subjected to the almost mathematical precision of a set formula

    49. Judas had even thought to pose as having hastened out to warn them of the coming of the apprehenders, but this plan was thwarted by Jesus' blighting greeting of the betrayer

    50. The reward money the insurance companies have paid to the pilots of P I craft that have successfully thwarted pirate raids belong to the pilots and not to the Space Force

    1. Wouldn’t it be irrational to elect a Congress controlled by a Party that differed from the President's Party? —The voters would be thwarting their own desires to obtain the spending levels that they themselves prefer! Sure, it is possible that some people might not understand this, but most people will be able to see that voting a split ticket would allow politicians to continue lying to us about their intentions

    2. However he would stand against them, after several attempts on his own life and being expelled from the Magicians’ sect hundreds of years ago as the prize for obtaining an insight into their ultimate goal, he had now decided to spend his every breath thwarting any conditions that would aid in the God Queen’s release

    3. It is evident that the Plane of Order has taken an active stance in thwarting the movements of the Plane of Chaos in this Realm as in others

    4. The sand slipped away beneath its feet like slimy stones on the seafloor, thwarting its pace, but impartial time saw the determined skeleton at last reach the western coast

    5. There was nothing more thwarting to me than

    6. He bitterly resented thwarting

    7. He fought on, thwarting 56

    8. Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within

    9. enemy X: that which threatens you by thwarting you

    10. They, the citizens bringing suit against corporatenisms, are costing us money and therefore thwarting us in our pursuit of wealth

    11. Anyone shown to be an ally of the government is now seen as part of the anti-us they are triggered to feel are thwarting them, thus cascading a hysterical response of primal frustration:

    12. hair-trigger, a suicide or offend dead end, a super hero incognito overcoming the evil self within, or the monster capitulating to obstacles bending them towards retaliation against the thwarting of their unnatural intentions

    13. The implication is that there are constraints thwarting me from making a free choice liberated from the threat of inequitable costs or consequences, e

    14. The clearness now in his life if only he had not done that! Nobody sofa-ridden in it, no grown-up thwarting daughters, and himself vigorous, distinguished, entirely desirable as a husband, choosing with the mellow, yet not too mellow, wisdom of middle life exactly who was best fitted to share the advantages he had to offer

    15. And now he had found this--this thing, he thought, looking at her in the kind of fury that seized him at the merest approach to any thwarting that touched his work, of light and fire and cleanness, this little hidden precious stone, hidden for him, waiting for him to come and make of her a supreme work of art, and she was putting forward middle-class obstacles, Philistine difficulties, ludicrous trivialities--Robert, in short--to the achievement of it

    16. He knew he must change the style of his traps so that he stood the greatest chance of thwarting Duval, and he gained not a small amount of satisfaction at the thought of costing them the loss of another dog or man

    17. “Maya, it should be remembered, is not an actual arch-deity thwarting us from on

    18. ones where you crave to a particular place, but something is constantly thwarting your

    19. It expressed, plainer than words could do, the intense anguish at having made himself the instrument of thwarting his own revenge

    20. This is not much connected with Miss Isabella's affair: except that it urged me to resolve further on mounting vigilant guard, and doing my utmost to check the spread of such bad influence at the Grange: even though I should wake a domestic storm, by thwarting Mrs

    21. Inquisitive reporters tried to find her and uncover her story, but the nuns were vigilant, thwarting attempts by journalists and others to speak with or photograph her

    22. Who would have thought that this affair was to prove to me the means of an easy riddance of Mr Hickery? But so it turned out; for whether or not there was any foundation for the traffickings with him which she pretended, he never could abide to hear the story alluded to, which, when I discerned, I took care, whenever he showed any sort of inclination to molest the council with his propugnacity, to joke him about his bonny sweetheart, “the Tappit-hen,” and he instantly sang dumb, and quietly slipped away; by which it may be seen how curiously events come to pass, since, out of the very first cause of his thwarting me in the lamps, I found, in process of time, a way of silencing him far better than any sort of truth or reason

    23. Half the town would almost take trouble for the sake of thwarting him

    24. You have aided in thwarting me

    25. It expressed, plainer than words could do, the intensest anguish at having made himself the instrument of thwarting his own revenge

    26. This is not much connected with Miss Isabella’s affair: except that it urged me to resolve further on mounting vigilant guard, and doing my utmost to cheek the spread of such bad influence at the Grange: even though I should wake a domestic storm, by thwarting Mrs

    27. ” She also demanded that Melson tell Marilyn to stop thwarting her attempts to have communication with “the people running our country

    28. The 3rd thing I wanted to write was that when a man is put in the necessity of choosing between an act which is clearly beneficial to others, but with the thwarting of the demands of conscience (the will of God), then the problem is only one of short-sightedness, because the man sees in the immediate future the good which will arise from his act, if he thwarts the will of God, but he does not see in the more remote future the other good, which is an infinite number of times greater, which will come from the abstention of this act and the fulfilment of the will of God

    29. said that the motions were recommended to the House by their being founded on permanent principles, to which the nation may adhere in every alternative; and in addition to the attention due to them because they were of a permanent character and not merely temporary expedients, they might contribute to some of those measures of temporary policy deemed proper, and without a possibility of thwarting, might perhaps aid any project the Government might adopt

    30. He gave the little minority praise for having kept the Administration in check, under the salutary restraint of a rigorous examination of their acts—although the Administration had run away with the credit of wishing to take a strong attitude, and had thrown the blame of thwarting their measures on the opposition

    1. � But that thwarts us as a self

    2. long thwarts, an ice chest, toilet, and a small open fishing deck at the stern…she was a

    3. The square oars rang in the iron thwarts, and, in the stillness, seemed to mark time, like the beating of a metronome, while at the stern the rudder that trailed behind never ceased its gentle splash against the water

    4. thwarts, and the coxswain took the tiller

    5. The square oars rang in the iron thwarts, and, in the stillness, seemed to mark time, like the beating of a metronome, while at the stern the rudder that trailed behind never ceased its gentle splash

    6. He laid himself down under the thwarts and waited, panting

    7. The 3rd thing I wanted to write was that when a man is put in the necessity of choosing between an act which is clearly beneficial to others, but with the thwarting of the demands of conscience (the will of God), then the problem is only one of short-sightedness, because the man sees in the immediate future the good which will arise from his act, if he thwarts the will of God, but he does not see in the more remote future the other good, which is an infinite number of times greater, which will come from the abstention of this act and the fulfilment of the will of God

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