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    1. months, because the infection will kill the rest of kidney tissue

    2. The sound of footsteps coming towards the kitchen rouses her and she frantically tries to pull herself together, groping in the pocket of her jeans for a tissue

    3. Vampirism is the conjunctive tissue of mankind

    4. Nick appears at my elbow, an amused look on his face – he was clearly in on the secret - he hands me the tissue which his Gran has handed him in her usual, perceptive way

    5. grazing his knuckles, scar tissue white amongst flecks of red

    6. Collagen injections plump up skin tissue, causing it to look healthier and firmer

    7. Then I notice that not only were both his legs horribly scarred with purple and red, burned tissue, but both his feet were missing, his shins just tapered into ragged, pointed stumps

    8. This exercise, like the previous one will help to break up fatty tissue in the abdominal area

    9. Maria paid full attention, never interrupting or commenting, but staring at the floor herself and wiping a tissue over her face from time to time

    10. ' Then, checking herself in her hand mirror, she wiped more paint off her teeth with a tissue, 'Now run along, my darling ex

    11. He asks if he can see the dress so we carefully disinter it from the tissue paper and Jane holds it up against me while he again stands back, hand on chin again, contemplating

    12. lung tissue and the response was “Yes

    13. tissue distortion and pain

    14. The others would see that his arm was still stiff with scar tissue,

    15. Chrissie clenched a fist round the tissue in her pocket and composed her face into its usual amiable nothingness

    16. Time heals external wounds but the scar tissue is still red and raw on the inside

    17. He nicks his top lip shaving beneath his nose and dabs at it with toilet tissue, tearing off a small dot and sticking it onto the cut

    18. The feather edge of the tissue tickles as he bends forward and brushes his teeth

    19. The piece of tissue on the cut is pulled away with a sharp but brief nip

    20. Then she wets toilet tissue and cleans up the cut, which is no more than half a centimetre in length but it hurts like hell

    21. at the farm, brushing away the decomposed tissue paper that had

    22. from its wrapping of tissue paper, and dangled it once again from his

    23. He chucks the remnants of the toilet tissue into the toilet bowl but doesn’t flush, a present for the girls in flat six

    24. ‘But that’s as far as it has gone, isn’t it?’ I asked as she hiccoughed into a tissue

    25. I need the tissue again, and blow my nose

    26. She removed a small object snuggled in tissue paper

    27. Shaking her head no, she managed to press the tissue to his head

    28. Very little hair grew atop her head, being unable to sprout through the thick layer of scar tissue

    29. His skin, normally smooth and flawless, began transforming into rough patches of white scar tissue

    30. Stunned, Nathalia watched as black blood restored its vertebrae and tissue began growing over its newly formed spine

    31. Patrice sits on the back steps fussing with a tissue

    32. To see or use tissue in your dream indicates that it is time to let go of the past and move on

    33. The pain as their teeth shredded his living tissue was unbearable

    34. This study also included an in-vitro portion, which compared tissue cultures of cells exposed to various combinations of lutein and detrimental, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is known to promote atherosclerosis

    35. She glanced momentarily at Chris, looked slightly scared, then wiped her nose with a large tissue and hurried to the exit

    36. have preferred to wipe the keyboard with a tissue rather than set fire to the building, but he stayed quiet rather than feeding the argument

    37. He had his specs off and was rubbing them vigorously with a tissue

    38. It would also provide an explanation for the fact that polystratic fossils are found in more than one layer of strata or type of sediment and that fossilisation preserved even soft tissue and fragile detail in the many samples that have been discovered

    39. Something had moved in her - like as if an old rotten tooth had been dug out, taking with it the pain, and leaving only the gaping hole to be covered over and the tissue to reassemble itself in the healing process

    40. “Looking at this you where lucky but it is alright just a bit of a mess you have a hollow in the tissue and muscle does this give you any kind of trouble?” I replied

    41. “This is silly!” she said as she fumbled in her purse for a tissue

    42. of them can act as antioxidants that can actually help in losing stored fatty tissue in the body

    43. “Wouldn’t want to” said Nathan, handing him a tissue, enough was enough

    44. new muscle tissue is created

    45. Machines were the thin tissue of security between life

    46. Twisting sideways, Mai Cox put her foot on the passenger seat and pulled up the leg of her green coveralls, dabbing at the bites with a wet tissue

    47. it off afterward, but it was kept in the same bit of tissue paper till

    48. It will not have enough of what it needs to build muscle tissue so that

    49. Scar tissue had built up around the

    50. “Oh Karla,” she said, wiping away her friend’s tears with a tissue

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