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    1. poor buggers”, he said as he totted up the ready cash and the bags

    2. O'Neill's funeral establishment where Corny Kelleher totted figures in the daybook while he chewed a blade of hay

    3. I totted these things up as if they were little victories against some foe I couldn’t quite identify

    4. " We totted up the figures and found that the seven of them together had made a clear profit of two thousand six hundred and seventy- three pounds in the previous year

    1. "Jake, I can't" she waved her hand to tap the cast, she was still totting around

    2. If my gut instinct is correct then we could be facing a gun totting posse sooner rather than later

    3. Poisons so deadly, the slightest scratch is enough to slowly cunningly kill the unsuspecting victim; from the rainforest jungles of Africa to the Kalahari bushmen eating the totting flesh of elephants thousands of years ago

    4. On a step a gnome totting among a rubbishtip crouches to shoulder a sack of rags and bones

    1. The different operations of this scheme are explained so fully, so clearly, and with so much order and distinctness, by Mr Du Verney, in his Examination of the Political Reflections upon commerce and finances of Mr Du Tot, that I shall not give any account of them

    2. “Best take it slow mate, there’s a tot of rum in there

    3. "Or the waisins?" broke in Tot anxiously

    4. "Tot has set her heart on the raisins," said papa, tossing the small

    5. Tot had grown very tearful about her "waisins," and Mrs

    6. Merry Christmas!" he called out to Nora and Tot when they waked

    7. gave Tot and the rest some "sure-enough waisins," and added his

    8. weeks, while the snow lasted, Nora and Tot had fine times in the little

    9. He had visions of British naval power at its height and the traditional tot of rum

    10. TOT ihk) giant branch (AGB)

    1. This caused them unimaginable distractions, upheavals, confusion, and suffering in general that would not be at all necessary if they only had been appropriately educated from the time they were little tots about the dangers of their massive burgeoning egos dominated by a congested stream of interminable, muddled thoughts

    2. They would then sit on stone benches in the park across the buildings where they would watch tiny tots laden with heavy bags as big as their own heights arrive to the nearby kindergarten school

    3. Two Vietnamese tots in flowered white dresses, who had been giggling at each other, had stood almost directly behind the horrendous blast and were decapitated

    4. Mothers of the tots were screaming

    5. Even the little tots had their regular duties to perform in the well-regulated scheme of management which characterized the home life of this Nazareth family

    6. All he needed was a few tots of spirits to loosen his tongue and tell one of his adventures, some pleasant, others tragic

    7. He stood up panting, saying ‘…damn you Andrei, there are still two tots left in the bottle…’, he poured one into Andrei’s empty glass and refilled his own – then his face broke into a beaming smile…

    8. They already had a dozen 50 pound bags of tater tots in the freezer, and a delivery system in place to acquire more

    9. pour tots of spirit liquor

    10. In the interim the electronic bar man was still spilling tots

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