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    1. A group of three big shaftwoods surrounded the bed end, they would grow to a tower that could be level with the main house's porch

    2. From tip to hilt, the blade's length matched the tower on which Onidas stood

    3. ‘Just the tower of strength being encouraging

    4. This bench was high enough to clear the truck mount so it was almost like riding a tower thru the streets with these wheels on

    5. Just after he was done Narrulla's Tear passed into eclipse where they are unable to reach a lighted tower on the native data system and thus unable to continue a connection thru it

    6. Ditton was a tower of strength, you know, Mum

    7. their God, and they built them high places in all their cities, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city

    8. “He smote the Philistines, even unto Gaza, and the borders thereof, from the tower of the

    9. worked in a tower on the walls of the city to look out for invading enemies

    10. So, I corrected and sent them an old story of mine titled “Escape from the Tower of Eons”, and it was included in the issue of March! Certainly, this isn't a terrific success, but it is an unprecedented victory for me! I am on cloud nine!

    11. The massive rings of the extractor, the web of struts around the containment sphere and the tower of capsules standing above it

    12. With the Daedelus reactor at full, there was nearly half gravity in that tower

    13. “The three-dimensional seal ensured the witch's pact with two rival demons, one of the void and one of the fire”, explained Arion, as we were crossing the stone bridge, having just abandoned the tower

    14. Then I can be the tower of light, love and strength others

    15. He came down to view the tower of Babel

    16. It lead to a tower in a large town, another relay or gathering point

    17. marked on the side of a conning tower

    18. He figured that she stood about 5’6”, he was 6’2, and he seemed to tower over her

    19. If he understood, he understood more about that globe on the tower in Hazorpean than he did before

    20. an’ me, the long ‘aul south, roun’ Cape winds an’ tower seas,

    21. place of worship with tower

    22. he is breaking on the watch tower,

    23. One of their fellow students was placed in the tower of the school to alert them when the riders were sighted

    24. He had just come down from the tower, it was already too late in the week to reach the Kassikan and there was nothing else he was interested in contacting at the time

    25. He drew the cross section of how that was mounted into the tower now, it was just a sketch, the detailed drawing was in his head, this was a backup recording

    26. It would be nearly outside the tower

    27. With the eraser he re-architected his tower, putting the globe on four posts, then three

    28. This design would allow the bundle to rotate out to the north and the tower to track an object passing over the sky

    29. It would not render his tower in-operable during the whole project

    30. Towards the end of the village, sat a grove of windmills, their blades pushing at an endless sky but the highest point was the tower of a church or basilica and close to that waved the noble blue and white national flag of Greece - a part of the nation, yet apart from the nation

    31. She didn't know of anywhere you can see a tower from more than twenty miles out

    32. As she gazed on her former life for the last time she found her eyes drawn to the tallest glass tower on the city skyline, on the windows of which the brilliant afternoon sun was conducting a symphony of light

    33. We passed a large water tower in one city

    34. It was decorated as a corporate officer's office back in his days on mortal Earth, high on a tower overlooking a smokey city-scape with huge screens that could be levitated around the room, all driven from his phone display

    35. He was a tower of strength

    36. Some miles to the south of London, nestling in the gently rolling, green swathed hills of the Surrey Downs, there stands an old country manor house, which boasts the thickest of stone walls, a small but nonetheless impressive little tower and ornate white painted wooden gables

    37. It was from the viewpoint of this woman, up on a tower over a night-time jungle of swamp and bayou with lanterns and boardwalks all thru it

    38. Tarak looked up at the sentry tower above the gate and saw his friend bound out the door at a dead run

    39. tower on the city skyline, on the windows of which the brilliant

    40. For one who’s music often comes from the Zhlindu tower scene, that was a bit thin

    41. 28For which of you, intending to build a tower, sits not down first, and counts the cost,

    42. ’ It turned out to be the Atlantis Department of Clandestine Operations [DOCA] which was housed in an office tower on one of the inner ring islands

    43. turned his eyes to the tower above

    44. round about and digged a winepress in it, and built a tower, and let it out to

    45. It was said he preserved his soul inside a great crystal atop a black tower after he was killed

    46. To one side, they could see a squat tower of grey-

    47. The tower was equipped with various lamps and

    48. Eunice then looked down the street to the new water tower and its painted marquis advertising the 'Lodges

    49. Black Mountain, was more a tower than a castle

    50. guarding the door to the tower

    1. Under a damp and billowing sky he towered over the accountant, hands on

    2. raised its head foot by foot into the sky until it towered above him

    3. that towered into your sky

    4. Saul towered heads and shoulders over everyone else; why did David intimidate him? When we study out the contradictions in Saul and David’s characters, we come to conclusions that the very thing that brings the Sauls to a boil is the foolishness that the authentic is unselfconsciously in God

    5. when the sea towered, Babylon a-rearing,

    6. Two-tiered cake-stands towered over baskets of frigid flowers in limp, pastel shades and even more baskets of lifeless fruit

    7. Cyberia turned to look once again at London’s more fashionable districts that towered above her on the northern bank of the river Thames

    8. The seas towered above the bunkered land in their grey majesty, and the couple, blessed for the first time with central heating, lived as well as they had ever done

    9. Although the animals towered way over her, he was very impressed that she showed no fear, and noticed the animals seemed to take to her quickly

    10. districts that towered above her on the northern bank of the river

    11. seas towered above the bunkered land in their grey majesty, and the

    12. Tom towered above her bent down and kissed her on the head

    13. From within the light, all he could see was something dark and massive beginning to emerge, growing larger and larger until it towered over him

    14. Below him rows of buildings towered over streets flooded with the undead

    15. Nose to chest as Fizzicist towered over short Miss Pringle

    16. Adros was hunched over, but even if he stood upright, the creature would have towered over him

    17. He towered over Anon, his appendages writhing in excitement

    18. It formed a solid fortress on the hill overlooking the city as it towered above them, and it was even more spectacular up close than from afar

    19. They looked small against the massive doors and yet they towered above the Hebrews in height by a head and shoulders

    20. Under the close eye of the bodyguards, who towered above everyone else, the family was allowed to come close to greet the queen

    21. It towered above them majestically as they got closer; a two story building with high, evenly-spaced pillars lining the façade

    22. He towered over even his own warriors, and his presence was intimidating, even in the less perilous times

    23. I entered through these and found myself in the entrance hall of this round towered part of the building there were another three of these and each one had a glass cupola that covered it

    24. New shapes towered over them

    25. With his weight bearing down through his knees onto her arms, he towered above, smiling wickedly as she thrashed futilely

    26. He jumped up and towered above her

    27. She gave a short scream when a karawian suddenly towered up right in front of her with a sword raised high above her head

    28. It towered up in the corner of the room, up above the wall and the ceiling

    29. Above this towered a unique headpiece of the same printed cotton material

    30. In the distance, the Alps towered overhead, the highest peaks still snow covered

    31. Barret towered over the unmoving body and grinned; a wicked,

    32. north to the six concrete structures that towered above the horizon

    33. I noticed to my smug satisfaction that the Kashik and I towered over the crowd in the room with one or two exceptions

    34. He towered over Zarras, and the Overlord shook as the Ploughman drew his sword

    35. Facing the sea, they towered over villas

    36. item up onto the horse that towered over her

    37. They flew above the trees to the center of the valley, where a perfect ring of twelve redwoods, each exactly the same height and shape, towered over all

    38. His stature was tall like the giants of Avarice, thus he towered above her

    39. Leaning on his staff, Moses towered over the seated assembly as he spoke

    40. He towered above her as always but there was something different about him: something darker

    41. looking thing it is! Sentinel-like, it towered over everything in the northern sky

    42. In real life, at only 5 foot 9 inches, he had no trouble attracting high fashion models that towered over him

    43. was round at the waist, he towered over Hal by a few feet

    44. Amazingly it now towered over them

    45. He towered above everyone else, with his head of blond hair bobbing toward me

    46. He was not as tall as Beathan, yet he towered over me with a sharp, appraising look

    47. “I jest not! I grew up always being towered head and shoulders by my peers

    48. This was evident as he towered over Lovern at this moment, frowning

    49. In a glance, a large mean woman towered over a broken boy

    50. It towered above us,

    1. A modern apartment complex surrounded by towering palms somewhere in the Los Angeles area

    2. dominion of the fromboise assault, there stood man-size thistles and towering clumps

    3. ramshackle collection of maybe 100 tin shacks clustered in the desert between a pocket of towering rock mountains

    4. debates and the huge, towering hopes that lead all men down to a straw bed

    5. With Byram Hermosa from the shop, he cruised down the narrow canal between the thick roots of towering apartment trees and into the open lake, bound for the Yakhan, determined to cover the fifteen hundred miles in a native week

    6. On the wall, half way along and to her right a security light shone weakly from behind its cage, singing a song of light as plaintive as the lark held captive beneath a towering sky

    7. He tried to remember; revolution, committees and sections, the great debates and the huge, towering hopes that lead all men down to a straw bed

    8. beneath towering pillars of flame and the grind

    9. As soon as he said this there was a sound like thunder at the back of the stage, followed immediately by the appearance of a towering wall of smoke and dry ice

    10. erected and all who read the towering texts that carried his name

    11. Their combined momentum yanked Harry from his feet; he released his grip on the staff at the perfect instant and in a towering tucked back flip, flew spinning over the hyacinth-rimmed pond and landed one-footed onto a bench

    12. Blackforest was a brooding expanse of towering

    13. When they emerged on the other side, greeted by towering purple and red sandstone cliffs, plunging over one was a shimmering blue ribbon of water, into a motionless pond below

    14. the waterfall and towering mountains in the background,

    15. The Boulder Lords continued to gather nearby stones, and had created several towering stacks along the edge of the wall

    16. valley, but was highlighting the tips of the towering

    17. Towering above them, a smear of darkness drew near

    18. His mind often wandering to thoughts of bloodied flesh on his tongue, Anon drew nearer to the towering trunk of the Dead Tree

    19. grew on the horizon, towering ever higher

    20. I told Andrastus that I hoped to find it somewhere along the towering heights

    21. “Now I the strength of Heracles behold, a towering specter of gigantic mold

    22. A towering specter of gigantic mold

    23. He surfaced from his daydreaming and looked up at her towering above him where she stood next to the bath

    24. We felt His promise of revenge each time a towering whitecap broke against our planks

    25. The Fixer looks at the towering stack of plates on

    26. ” Darniil gestured with his hands to indicate the massive statue towering above them

    27. “Oh, she was scared at first at the sight of her towering grandfather, but after a day or two the two of them got on like a house on fire

    28. Two days before the Feast of the New Moon, Nebuchadnezzar’s towering image of gold was completed

    29. The towering automaton would hiss and clank and grumble as it staggered, possessed by uncanny determination to stay on its feet and to keep fighting

    30. Finally the blood flow stopped as the huge beast now stood towering over the terrified terrier

    31. city in spite of the heat while hundreds of white citizens hidden inside the buildings gazed upon this towering president

    32. She had cared for him, yet it had been that simple song from her own lips that had allowed Raven, the underdog, the unknown, to conquer the towering figure

    33. A double row of five metre tall electric fences stood before a towering brick wall, watchtowers dotted at fifty metre intervals, guards sitting armed and alert, observing everything before them

    34. Raven closed his lips together as he sat on the floor beneath the towering warden

    35. Amaranthe had anticipated towering, monosyllabic guards led by a sadistic, whip-cracking overseer who had not seen the sun in twenty years

    36. By day, the towering building that housed the Maze loomed silent and lifeless

    37. Their tops were towering high up into the air and looked like a bunch of cauliflower burnt black in a hot oven

    38. The grass was high and prickly, its tallest tips towering over Stelze�s neck

    39. That I may bring down all these high walls and towering steeples!

    40. The location for the hotel couldn’t be better on the skirt of deep gorge with towering, jungle-covered mountains opposite, superb stables and the inn was anything but shabby

    41. He was no longer towering over me, but his face was much closer to mine, which only scrambled my scattered wits even more

    42. His fiery rounds were directed under the big oaks and towering conifers on the south side of the enemy aerodrome

    43. Towering pyramids in the sky, deltas and triangles, like living crystals, growing in random patterns

    44. He raced through towering piles of logs to the center lane where Raul had been bound

    45. Towering cumulus clouds, their bottoms flat and appearing close to the water, were scattered about an otherwise unblemished blue sky, but not one offered shade to El Tiburón Limon

    46. As the earth scoured away from under this now-raging torrent, it morphed into an ever more towering waterfall which, in its turn, wore away the base of the natural dam until, with an earthshaking shudder, it collapsed entirely

    47. I remember tuning in, as I usually did, for the morning news when a reporter came on, excitedly talking about a fire in one of the twin towers, those two American equivalents to Egypt’s towering obelisks

    48. the city which came into view above, towering and luminous skyscrapers, his face

    49. They were also both very tall, towering over the Koryo and most of the others on board

    50. As I mentioned before, it would have been hard for him not to spot me towering in a sea of Maya

    1. He could see their ancient ash clubs clearly now, stained now with the blood and shattered remains of the brave men lost in the East Towers

    2. I've never been in it, but the towers in the distance might be big

    3. After dark they had moved far enough toward Gengee City that its towers could reach them now

    4. She drew a copper against her royalties at a financial house, had a nice late Noonmeal with her cabin mate on one of Gengee City's most stylish towers, then gave up some of Noonsleep to visit an eye room and see if Kulai got her message already

    5. Turrets went out and out on other turrets, to taller towers, wider on top

    6. ’ I said, stunned by her fantastic head gear which towers a good foot above her head and wobbles most precariously every time she moves her head

    7. They headed for one of the new emitter towers where Komora waited

    8. He thought maybe it was the angle they flew at that hid the gun towers, but now, they’d come closer and changed their angle of approach and he still thought they looked under-gunned

    9. "Lancer 1-2, zoom in with your flight helmet and tell me how many gun towers you see on those incoming alien destroyers

    10. But the sentinels were golden hillsides of herds and grains not fuzzy lines of vine-covered towers over dock and beach, almost invisible in the distance

    11. There's some upper level footpaths passing between the towers up to the twentieth right along the main waterfront that he could plainly see from out on the street before they got deep in the city

    12. Northeast of there were two relay towers in a row that were out on the plains away from anything

    13. Normally it took him a whole year to get from the heights of the Golibar to the towers of the city, but this time almost half the time was cut by flying halfway across the New Midlands

    14. Consonants build stone towers

    15. She knew that from magazine pictures, a city with two rings of glass and grown towers, miles around, sweltering in the jungle, with lemphs running in cages turning big slow fans that hung from the ceilings

    16. Towers of glass stand

    17. 'Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers located in New

    18. The hundred-storey tall twin towers had deep incisions in

    19. where the towers crumbled down again and again in replay

    20. There were more luxury towers on the great cliffs and dozens of elevators whisking people from the outer harbors to the heights

    21. This complex had two large towers, one on each end, each about forty stories above the remainder of the campus, which averaged fifteen stories

    22. It’s a small island, but even a six mile ride in what is essentially a hanging roller coaster thru soaring towers along the crater rim was almost starting to get old when the car took a turn and launched straight out over the crater wall, a thousand feet above the water and a mile from the inner ring island

    23. broken walls and towers which clung to a natural outcrop at the end

    24. He wondered how these paired signalling towers had

    25. “How long had the towers been in place?”

    26. and towers themselves looked worn and mossy, but not actually in

    27. A couple of the towers had doorways set into them at ground

    28. From here it was a wild tangle of towers and gables, overhanging floors, arched covered bridges with round and oval windows

    29. From directly in front of her, around to the south were the towers of the waterfront, their tops only a few hundred feet below this aerie, hiding the docks but revealing all the thousands of ships at anchor just off shore

    30. Certainly, if one wanted to sneak up to the communications towers

    31. The great bridge towers are also elevator towers for the same transportation company, using the same gate men

    32. The towers shrank back to buildings and then to

    33. There’s tall crystal towers scattered all around, sometimes in clumps and often near locks

    34. He thought he could see the gleaming towers thrusting out of the rolling green hills

    35. Delos had never camped when he was a mortal, he'd spent most of his mortal life in office towers and high-rise hotels when he hadn't been vacationing at a resort somewhere

    36. Once in the living room he bypassed the towers of books against the

    37. glowing pink towers above the Seine, and Jean found it

    38. Flanking the courtyard are walls of glass many stories in height behind which grand balconies sweep from rich chambers in the towers to a park sized room opening thru a vast portal to the court

    39. Those were the few hours when both their towers, and all those in between, were lighted

    40. He knew that in Dempalan times there was a method of lighting the towers without Kortrax, but most of the time today they functioned in only their most basic relay capacity, something that had been called Passive Diagnostic Mode when they were new

    41. below the towers of the town walls as they approached

    42. warped idea about how planes should be used on the Twin Towers had seen to

    43. The hill reached up so the tallest towers were half as high as they were, and they could see the spines of buildings reaching out in all directions along the rivers

    44. At its shortest point, the wall was over ten stories high – nearly twice that if one included the four primary towers, positioned at the north, south, east and west ends of the wall

    45. Between the primary towers, smaller towers of red stone divided up the length of the crenelated wall

    46. Depending on their location, the towers were constructed in various ways; some were entirely tunneled into the mountain face, while others were mainly stacks of granite blocks

    47. towers, and the cobble-stoned street leading from the

    48. of the old town, admired the countless floodlit towers and

    49. medieval towers took on an air of mystery at night, with

    50. towers and rooftops strung out along a ridge above the

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