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    1. "We’ve got a genuine tug on the line

    2. It was nothing more than an overgrown mining tug of a bygone era with a big bad burner on it boosting an apartment building of pressure chambers into the unknown

    3. The tug connected to

    4. The tug was totally due to me

    5. He thought she might even like it, the tug of one gee could get boring at times

    6. hSkaiya took another tug and passed it to Jorma, who joined them with just a taste

    7. played tug of war with each of a man’s arms

    8. Desa and Marcue each gave a tug on a harness at the same time, but that was more symbolic than any percentage of the effort they exerted

    9. "Whatever that means," Alec said continuing to tug on his beard

    10. The speed of the icy cold water rushing upwards in the tunnel immediately tried to tug his head off from his shoulders

    11. Then it goes completely underwater and she feels a substantial sort-of tug on the line

    12. appearing to tug at her hair, so hard that Danny wondered if there was some kind of masochistic

    13. At what cost had she poured out her detestable story? The degradation which had been harboured in her soul like a sunken vessel and with a great tug at its lashings raised from the murky depths

    14. The last thing she remembered was sitting down on the bed to tug her wet jeans off her bare feet

    15. Then, he reached into the next box, grabbed the protesting hen by the neck and encouraged her to abandon her nest with a gentle tug

    16. Merely a second after he finished that thought, the bookmaster felt a mighty tug on his line, one that just about pulled his arms right off

    17. Sandra gave one last frantic tug and managed to free herself, but before she could move the cat was on her, thumping into her chest, knocking her backwards against the barbed wire

    18. A small rusty tug was berthed where his submersible had been moored earlier

    19. They walked over to the tug

    20. Collecting the backpacks and supplies Dawn had bought, they hurried out to the tug

    21. A beaten up old tug registered to a Harry Granger out of Christchurch

    22. ” She gave Kay a gentle tug

    23. Grindel had been studying the carvings in the Taproot Chamber when the familiar tug cut through his thoughts

    24. Reese gazed down at the wounds, finished the wrap on the second bandage with a tug, and then pulled her dress back down over the pair

    25. “Sorry guys, I guess I am just getting in the way; maybe I will just wait in the car!” Helen turned and took a step, but she was stopped by the tug on her elbow

    26. The movement caused a tug on the back of my hand, and I looked down to see an IV taped to it

    27. Stiffening, I crossed my arms over my breasts, curling my legs under me, even as I felt the tug that his presence always had on me

    28. Yes; he felt a tug of something at his heartstrings, an acknowledgement that they could have really had something

    29. They were boring, but the set-up of a pier hidden from the sea captured her attention, as did a boat tied alongside, half fishing craft and half oceangoing tug

    30. I reached in and gave a tug on his strap for him

    31. However, there was something odd concerning the movement of the coast guard cutter: like any vessel of its size, it came and went on high tide – except occasionally – when the cutter got underway at dusk, regardless of the state of the tide and, more or less, at the same inopportune hour, a tug would arrive with a log barge

    32. He could recall occasions when the tide was so low that the cutter barely slipped through the narrows, and sure enough, just after she cleared, a tug entered with a barge

    33. By checking old calendars, they found that it wasn’t ‘occasionally’ that the cutter departed and a tug entered just at dusk: it was with precision, every three months – on the tenth – most unusual in a country where nothing happens with such punctuality

    34. The timing of her departure was truly impressive: as the sleek form of the cutter receded from view, an inbound sea-going tug appeared, towing, at the end of a long cable, a barge stacked high with logs

    35. He steadied a hand against the burned window frame and peered at the shimmering image of the tug and barge seemingly unmoving across the wide expanse of harbor

    36. Light faded and the orange of the clouds capping the mountains changed to purple, then black, and floodlights suddenly colored the log yard and pier with yellowed tones; still, the tug strained against its load

    37. It was difficult not to notice an old tug moving a log barge into the harbor that the cutter passed between channel buoys

    38. Sucking the tanks out, scraping the space encrustations from the hulls, sometimes going out with his employer into orbit to recover a derelict, old Vink patiently letting him fly the tug once in a while when he’d had a couple of pipes

    39. But then, she saw the corners of his mouth tug up a little and down a little

    40. The Pilgrim woke him up with a jolt to his sides, and a tug at his vest

    41. His father, Chief Bow-maker, had told him that when he was a very small boy, which recollection brought a small, faint tug at his heart

    42. Quickly encircling her shoulder, he gave her a small tug, reminding himself of how very fortunate he had been

    43. Another tug and a quick glance back

    44. Ethan interrupted her with a violent tug:

    45. that tug and wrench my frame,

    46. I tug my hair over one shoulder and bend over

    47. The corners of his mouth tug down, and he gives me a grave look

    48. Now that I have lost that position, I can feel the tug toward resentment, as strong and sure as a hand around my arm

    49. With a single tug by Barret on the lock, it slid weakly

    50. What followed was a tug of war match between Sis and Akito with me in the middle

    1. They stop, the dog and the tugged,

    2. tugged and blown above long eared grasses

    3. 'Please, mummy,' Harsh said and tugged at her saree

    4. on the floor as we tugged at the bottle

    5. Both men struggled to remove it; Tarak’s muscles rippled in his arms and upper shoulders as he pulled and tugged the massive root free

    6. Self-consciously she tugged at the T-shirt's neckline

    7. 'How?' she said as she tugged my hand

    8. The idea that someone could be truly concerned with her welfare tugged at an emotion that she felt gone from her life

    9. “Sorry to disturb you,” Jorma said to them and tugged Ava away

    10. tugged on the levers which engaged the pump itself

    11. The gorse tugged at his

    12. Standing before the window, she tugged all the snarl's from her hair and allowed it to fall softly across her shoulders

    13. tugged at his cuffs once again

    14. Alex took hold of her hand and gently tugged her in that direction, but Mike wasn't moving, so she flashed him a silent plead, to leave them alone

    15. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he tugged her in the door of the third house, and pinned her to the wall

    16. " Beth tugged her face up to look straight at her

    17. As the fight proceeded, she tried to escape only to be tugged to the ground

    18. As the blind man merged with the crowd and disappeared in the flow of traffic, Brice tugged at his dimpled cheek, shook his head, and then turned and began walking away

    19. "Should we knock?" Theodorous asked, looking puzzled as he tugged his mustache

    20. Immediately, he tugged on the blue threads, redirecting its course moments before it slammed into the earth

    21. “Is this a compromise?” I laughed, and tugged on a stray hair that was hanging in her face

    22. as though it could rip through the skin if she tugged a little

    23. Golden Frog viciously pulled the remains of the field apart and tugged at the artery

    24. The wind tugged Danny’s head back round

    25. Kurt looked at Elizabeth Then tugged at Isabelle’s sleeve, who was talking with the pilot

    26. Twisting a leaf from one of the trees, I chewed on it thoughtfully as I tugged at the rope of the tired donkey

    27. Still the notion tugged at him that this was not his reality, merely a simulation designed to keep him engaged in this world

    28. Just the mention of Helen tugged at my heartstrings and brought a smile to my face Beth continued

    29. The pair tugged and pulled like a couple

    30. That certainly tugged at my heartstrings, but I couldn’t help noticing that all the other cats seemed so mellow

    31. Then I heard and watched as the bullets scythed through the grass coming towards us I dropped to the floor and tugged on the tether pulling Sam down as well as the bullets went over us

    32. Another, high on the stage, could not comprehend the swirling mass of emotions that tugged at her heart

    33. She tugged the hood back over her head and glanced at Josh

    34. Carmen hung her coat and tugged the boots off her wet feet

    35. Something was stuck under her nose and when she tried to move her hand, something tugged on it

    36. A peculiar mix of emotions tugged at Raven as he strode through Ruby Tower, headed for the warden’s office

    37. Something tugged on her belt loop and Alex swung her around, jerking her into his embrace

    38. Placing the flashlight on Brutus, she grabbed the sack with both hands and tugged

    39. Again she tugged and accomplished about the same

    40. He tugged on his boots and led her through a large formal dining room

    41. The narrowed eyes and head tilt Books gave her said he saw through her manipulation, but his expression suddenly grew thoughtful, and he tugged his beard

    42. ” Amaranthe tugged the paper cutter and one of the boxes into her arms, leaving the rest for Maldynado

    43. Amaranthe tugged at the collar of her blouse

    44. She waited for two more fights to pass, so Arbitan would forget about her, and then tugged on Maldynado’s arm

    45. She deemed the clearing the most likely meeting place and tugged Maldynado into a shadowy nook where they could observe

    46. Before he could answer Darcie tugged his elbow and moved him toward an enthusiastic group of ladies and began introducing him to their gleaming smiles

    47. He tugged her along in front of the cellar door, and then moved into the archway, stepping back onto the landing

    48. I found Marco, put my arm around his waist and tugged him into a half-hug and kissed him on the cheek

    49. I was lying under the tractor, trying to repair a damaged hose when Uncle Hobart tugged at my leg

    50. Someone knelt at his side, and as Frank tried to focus his eyes, he felt his wrist being tugged as they were secured with something

    1. By dint of her breathing in a lot and me tugging hard, we manage to get her into it

    2. 'How did he do that?' Fred muttered, tugging at his curly hair

    3. 'Take it off,' she said, tugging at my shirt

    4. stools, Alistair tugging off his cap automatically

    5. At his instruction, the three men indicated started tugging on a

    6. ” he handed over the clamps he was tugging the thread with

    7. " He commanded, tugging her chin up again

    8. Her hair, radiant, glossy yellow curls, covered her face as she stopped tugging on her slacks and looked up at Alec with her twin pupils of white

    9. Now, along the outskirts of the devastation, Lady Katrina moved through the shadows of toppled walls and skeletal structures of scorched framework, keeping her black wig fixed to her head by tugging it downward

    10. Solo Ki was on the other handle, tugging with all the strength his thin arms possessed

    11. Ben steered his front carriage by positioning his weight from side to side and occasionally tugging at the hand rims on the wheels

    12. His mouth moved about on her belly, his tongue running over her flesh as he brought his lips higher until she felt them tugging, sucking on her right tit

    13. There was a rushing sound for a moment as he felt the air rush past his skin, tugging at him as it did so, then a total silence descended as there was no longer any atmosphere for sound to propagate within

    14. Frank could feel the wind tugging at them both

    15. But there was a horrible feeling of guilt tugging at his heart, and it made him uncomfortable

    16. screaming and crying, with some of the men, at least, tugging at

    17. “No,” she wailed, tears streaming down her face, her bloody hands tugging at the stubborn material in desperation

    18. rouse her, even tugging at her arm a little, as though he would have

    19. Sespian kept catching himself tugging at his collar or wiping moist hands on his trousers, so the casual facade probably wasn’t fooling anyone

    20. Since she'd seen the stars sparkling on the horizon something had been nagging away at the back of her mind, pulling at her, tugging urgently

    21. In desperation the young badger sat back on his haunches and began tugging at it with strong lunges

    22. "Now listen," I said, tugging at his sleeve

    23. Something was tugging at his subconscious

    24. “You theenk the police always good, always help? You theenk that,” she asked, tugging at the phone in quick sharp jerks

    25. She helped me wrestle the dress over my head, tugging and pulling it into place

    26. Kevin came close to flipping over his mount’s head as the stallion, without direction from his rider, suddenly reversed then danced nervously sideways as he tried to dismount, kicking his animal and tugging at the reins

    27. The crate began to move, with a trio of the lads pulling and tugging and gently cursing

    28. Brian looked at her from the corner of his eye while tugging at a bushy sideburn

    29. They soon found that Fin’s foot was stuck between the rocks and it took them a lot a tugging and wrenching to free it

    30. Hilderich was insisting that Amonas listened to what he had to say, tugging his cloak with a grip that belied his feebleness and injuries

    31. The three Poles followed suit, and soon the four men were tugging and pushing a thirty-foot boat through the marsh towards Zaminoski’s boathouse

    32. One-handedly she opened up the top of his Levi’s and began tugging at his shirttails

    33. Then her lips were on my nipple, licking it erect and then gently tugging at it with her teeth and lips, sucking it into her mouth, flicking and caressing it with her tongue

    34. “What about these ones?” she said to her brother, striding tall and yet cautiously through the thick underbrush, with long, prickly, arching creepers tugging at her leggings

    35. A ragged tugging on the raft brought sudden alarm

    36. She felt a tugging again

    37. He started tugging at Bosco’s arm

    38. I feel a thread tugging me again, but this time I know that it isn’t some sinister force dragging me toward death

    39. What else could explain the powerful tugging she felt when he raised his cup to his lips and some of the red juice dribbled down his cheek? What else could explain her sudden, consuming desire to grab hold of the body of a man she hardly knew? She couldn’t control herself

    40. “Manda,” Noah said, tugging at her shirtsleeve as she was about to start down the porch steps

    41. tugging arm of a prisoner in the early hours and was fast asleep in Jack’s bed

    42. The jock looked at me, tugging at me with a simple gesture but it was enough to pull me across to him, our torsos bumping into one another as he grabbed me around the waist

    43. answered his enticing caresses by tugging at his shorts

    44. something moving with each tugging of the water

    45. ” She said standing up and tugging at him arm

    46. “What exactly drives you nuts so I can do it again?” I steal a look at her, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth

    47. Mick began tugging on the bottom of his slip on shirt

    48. Gently tugging on Selma’s sleeve, Nyla got the

    49. Tugging gently at his collar, the Pastor’s eyes moved from the reporter to the camera, looking a little nervous

    50. “Ayyy! He is tugging on my shirt!” shouted Yania

    1. Schulz tugs at his glasses

    2. that tugs at her hips

    3. We were almost two miles off shore when we cut the engines and made ready to fish, testing the twine with gentle tugs and hanging the blinding light over the side to attract the squid

    4. Bex tugs her Dad's arm as she replies

    5. Two more tugs and then she saw lights coming down the drive

    6. He pulled his tie off in two tugs and began to work the buttons of his shirt from the collar down

    7. Even as Kevin attempted to mount, the stallion completely ignored the confusing series of tugs he applied to the reins, and tossed its head to slacken them, spinning in tight disobedient circles

    8. ” Zeke tugs on the pulley attached to the steel cable

    9. He wraps his hand around my elbow, his thumb pressing to the soft skin above my forearm, and tugs me toward him

    10. She tugs at the hem of her shirt, then clasps her hands in front of her

    11. Matthew tugs it open and takes a bite out of the apple he’s holding

    12. Her wrist tugs against the handcuff, just enough that the metal carves a line into her skin

    13. He crosses his arms, then tugs at the string around his throat with his thumb

    14. The thread tugs harder, and I stoke the flame with names

    15. The hooting of the tugs as the ship pulled away

    16. Tugs on the treacherous ropes

    17. “What is it?” I dab tears as she tugs me toward the second garage door

    18. “What?” Sean grabs Zachary’s arms and tugs him off furiously

    19. A wicked smile tugs at the corners of my mouth, 'My little flower

    20. series of tugs on me by the Gypsies and accepted their invitation to

    21. Cutters armed with M-60 machine guns included the 140-foot icebreaking tugs Katmai Bay, Mobile Bay, Bristol Bay, Neah Bay, and Biscayne Bay; and the newer icebreakers and buoy tenders Mackinaw, Alder and Hollyhock (Tasikas, “Rush-Bagot…,” 2006)

    22. After a few hard tugs from his lips, the cool, brackish tasting electrolyte fluid began to pour

    23. He took gentle tugs, and some

    24. He tugs open his pack and wordlessly hands me a few strips of dried jerky, and I eat them without comment

    25. The villager tugs on Rugged’s injured arm, “Ow! What the hell are you doing?” He turns around to see that Hack’s momentum must have carried him right into a giant spider web

    26. The villager then tugs on Hack’s arm, Hack turns, “What?”

    27. Following Warren’s detailed instructions, the harbor master assigned harbor tugs to guide the ungainly ship to the docking port furthest away from the populated portions of the station

    28. The pilot took control and called in the harbor tugs

    29. Once the tugs lift them off they never touch the surface again

    30. “For what it’s worth, the engineers back at the ship yard felt that the structure in Elizabeth’s aft section would support her weight on Earth’s moon if tugs put her down, but nothing larger, and they cautioned against taking her into an atmosphere or too near the asteroid belt

    31. A few more tugs removed a chunk of

    32. The tugs would be on station in a matter of half an hour, and divers were about to be dropped from helicopters into the water, to investigate and set up new lines of communication

    33. The two thousand five hundred transports, consisting of barges, tugs, and light craft massed in the invasion ports came under intense attacks from RAF Bomber Command and Coastal Command

    34. To get the first wave across, the Germans gathered one hundred and seventy cargo ships, one thousand three hundred barges, and five hundred tugs

    35. “Get a radio message to the tugs, and warn them, we require immediate help

    36. I have received a reply from the tugs, and by the time they get here, I think it will be too late to pull us clear

    37. “The crew are trying to get tugs here and they are also attempting to seal up the holes in the ship

    38. She checked whether the rescue boat was still working with the Nima Maru and discovered it was not; only the tugs were with her, towing her to the dry-dock facility at the terminus, for repair

    39. I had too, I had to know the tugs, struggles, and temptations, and in spite of all them, I overcame

    40. tugs at the pants’ zipper

    41. He tugs on my arm

    42. more tugs and there was finally enough room for the woman

    43. ” He tugs the ends of his bowtie and raises his chin delightedly, then motions at Glacia

    44. A grimace tugs on Orcher’s mouth

    45. Glacia tugs my hand lightly and we step off the platform onto a clean-cut trail that follows the hill into the trees

    46. A signal of two tugs, followed by another single tug, then two more meant for me to follow in down after him

    47. Three rapid tugs was the signal that he was in trouble and I was to pull him back to me as quickly as I could

    48. Once the Holy Spirit starts this sanctification process within you – be prepared for some major battles and tugs of wars with Him once He starts coming after some of the negative qualities operating in your personality

    49. He sees the magic between the water and himself and he pulls on it, tugs at it, imagines the magic stilling the water, calming it, deep at the molecular level — so the water’s spinning hydrogen atoms lock together and crystals form on the ground and in the sky

    50. ignored tugs on his arms as he made his way to where

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