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    1. So use that affirmation tool to start training your brain and to create ‘I am’ statements

    2. In his day of training, the captain told him to blow it loud enough to wake the dead

    3. There were a variety of training exercises and technology testing sites in the different rooms

    4. · Meditation, visualisation, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and autogenic training have all been said to aid relaxation and relieve stress

    5. She was in a training room surrounded by high tech equipment and lethal weapons watching the group try to kill each other for practice

    6. Dharana is training the mind to focus without any distraction

    7. "He was at his training club up in Dublin

    8. She picked up a training bag and headed to the city's Southside and Ireland's only full roller derby rink

    9. There would be an open training session on at this time of the morning, she could join in, maybe see a few friends unrelated to work

    10. Another late arrival for the training session

    11. "And Ava expects us to start training about

    12. His first training took place in Egypt, then in Midian

    13. Since there remains such an urgent need for more qualified elders in the Lord's church it behooves all of us as preachers to realize more our responsibility in teaching and training these men

    14. He spent much of his time playing again, mostly training in his adventure parks, but he often stopped and reviewed all his alerts

    15. The training he had been putting himself thru showed in his every move

    16. "Once you power it up, there are training simulations you can use if we need to actually move it

    17. part of his training

    18. “When you return from the mountain your training with us shall be

    19. When the time came for training, all of the

    20. Having said that, Kenya is home and training account for is the right attire for the terrain and the weather

    21. We could build on Idi Amins efforts by having training centers for Afronauts and setting up launch pads along the equator where space craft can take off

    22. South Africa could develop better relationships with its neighbors by training them with know how to build missile programs to enhance security from forces outside of Africa

    23. She’d been walking for about fifteen minutes when that sixth sense her training had inculcated alerted her to the fact that she was being followed

    24. Victoria is busy with a predator/prey mass ratio, Glenelle is training wildlife species recognizers

    25. It is now a training ground for agents going across, giving them somewhere to stay while they experience migraine effects and also allowing them to negotiate their way across country by train and bus

    26. The only way they were able to regain contact with me was by telling me I could start training for an expedition to the surface

    27. ‘Yes, she went to stay with my mother and, as she was in training for weavercraft, it made sense for her to stay there

    28. ‘You were put through some intensive training, Lintze, and that, coming on top of your unusual life, may have caused some memory loss

    29. ‘He was thrilled when I told him that I knew you, Berndt, and hopes that he’ll be able to see more of you when he starts his smith training

    30. When he had run in the exercise ring to the limit of his endurance, training for just such an event as this, he had collapsed in exhaustion after less than a quarter this distance and that was without the pack

    31. a fear born of training that steals away their ability

    32. All the riders had been training hard for weeks; the dragons could all act as a unit on a moments notice

    33. Just as they had practiced in training over and over again, the precision of their arcs, and their flawless dives took out many dragons on that first pass

    34. Sarah and Jackson, along with Ichor and Lady Isabol began their intensive training with Jake and Jeffery

    35. In between games, and when not training, Terry and Bling held press conferences and photo-shoots

    36. Jeffery was kept very busy for several months training these young men

    37. Lord Tarak led Lady Rayne and First Kai along a walkway that angled past the Warrior Quarters, and overlooked what was obviously their training arena

    38. Below, in the arena, Rayne could see the different training areas

    39. “Ha-ha!” he shouted loudly, picking her up by the waist and swinging her around, “I knew you could do it! Your training does you justice little one!” Rayne laughed loudly with him

    40. 'Yes, under a training regimen

    41. ” Rayne said in a soft voice, and continued, “The sword was a gift from my teacher after I completed my training with the Samurai Masters

    42. The information I presented was researched from many of the HUD online training programs

    43. “may I ask a boon Lady Rayne; when there is time, will you join my troops and me for a day of training? They would consider it a great honor

    44. They may also help small groups with other challenges, such as training volunteers and staff or expanding the reach of the services they provide

    45. Ish looked pleased that the training was finally

    46. urgently, which is precisely where his old military training kicked

    47. And from what I have read, the discipline of the Earther ‘Samurai’ training allowed her to control the urges implanted in her

    48. Combining this background with training in energy psychology

    49. 'Yep, needs stamina and training, but will go places,' Fred said

    50. We came to the pitch after endurance training

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