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    1. If we exterminate the present biosphere with a mass extinction impact and re-seed this planet, the very best we can hope for is mortal humans breeding here in a thousand years

    2. Gonzar told her tale of an army of intelligent dactyls breeding in the depths of the Ttharmine that were coming out bent on world domination any day

    3. Self-control was an art that Miss Jones and her family had perfected through many long years of carefully managed breeding and etiquette

    4. Apparently they have a hatching ground in the area and they are breeding again

    5. She was clearly of the same breeding stock as her sister, although she was, being in her early forties, some seven years older, and those years had not been kind to her

    6. As with all creatures, large and small, generations of breeding will produce changes, and evolution of the species is inevitable

    7. This one had settings for golf, sailing, sport fishing, scuba, flying and horse breeding, with wealth level settings and other custom settings in each hobby

    8. "More often than not they are insane; pure breeding has a tendency to produce such monsters

    9. All this wil serve is to create a breeding ground for

    10. I have seen a Man kill his own brother without hesitation, solely for breeding rights with a human female

    11. jaws of the dog gave credence to the talk about generations of selective breeding

    12. “We govern because our breeding gives us the

    13. A flock of sheep or a herd of cattle, that, in a breeding country, is brought in neither for labour nor for sale, but in order to make a profit by their wool, by their milk, and by their increase, is a fixed capital

    14. “Will you be still? I thought you had better breeding

    15. The cultivation of mulberry trees, and the breeding of silk-woms, seem not to have been common in the northern parts of Italy before the sixteenth century

    16. Feeding and fattening countries, besides, must always be highly improved, whereas breeding countries are generally uncultivated

    17. The mountains of Scotland, Wales, and Northumberland, indeed, are countries not capable of much improvement, and seem destined by nature to be the breeding countries of Great Britain

    18. The freest importation of foreign cattle could have no other effect than to hinder those breeding countries from taking advantage of the increasing population and improvement of the rest of the kingdom, from raising their price to an exorbitant height, and from laying a real tax upon all the more improved and cultivated parts of the country

    19. The trouble was that with the corpses rotting all around you and the open latrines and the amount of flies then it was an ideal breeding ground for the disease

    20. That meant she’d have to scale down her breeding program

    21. Of course, he would be able to afford dozens more pairs of breeding dogs like these with the gold he was promised

    22. The SAP had a special breeding program since the 1930s and firmly believed in their bloodline and to keep it clear of mongrels (anything which is not from the SAP bloodline is a mongrel)

    23. * There was a rumour, untrue, that the Alsatian breeding program could be tracked directly back to Hitler and his well-known love of the breed

    24. I agree with his assessment that a number of our public schools and (other) seats of higher ―learning‖ have, on some level, transformed themselves into institutionalized breeding grounds for racial/class agitation and social victimization

    25. In this manner our oligarchical courts have evolved into ideological breeding grounds for ―progressive‖ reforms and social engineering where voter expression(s) are routinely overturned

    26. Since childhood, dressage had been a special thrill and, as it required absolute obedience of the mount, it was particularly important that hers be male, a stallion, not a gelding, and of the very finest breeding

    27. This means that if you are successful in breeding during the fall season,

    28. for breeding and reproduction

    29. while the breeding season lasts

    30. “I don’t know exactly what was going on down here,” he said, “but I do know it had something to do with breeding animals to produce protein for food, and feeding those same animals on waste material

    31. They both gave every appearance of good education and breeding, yet shared humble roots, spoke well, dressed correctly in the finest fabrics and enjoyed a high level of success

    32. Beasts clambered from the abyss, eager to taste blood, and fulfill their breeding heritage

    33. “Yes,” I said as the lemony taste of the dressing and the bubbly frothy cold taste of the Bud went home to Mama, and I looked at her lovely lovely refined face that centuries and centuries of refined breeding in the south of France in good times and in bad had formed into so lovely a face that she broke my heart each time I looked at her

    34. The slavery we think of is the capture and later breeding of African Negroes for work in England, the Caribbean Islands, and America

    35. Two pairs of them set up household, each in its own area above the patio, occasionally squabbling noisily during breeding time when rivalries sharpened

    36. “Noah is part Jamaican,” Sierra said, as if she was announcing the breeding of a studhorse she had for sale

    37. Aunt Beryl was sent away to England to stop her from breeding up the place, as Mama Dove had described it

    38. But swapping salt fish for fish and chips didn’t curb Aunt Beryl’s breeding, and within seven years’ time she had had a brood of five additional children, for four additional men

    39. Sodom, and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of

    40. “Because the Eastern Lands have always been breeding grounds for revolutionaries,” Nicolas told her

    41. A few bags full of pennies will be thrown to private business as decoy assistance, while the rest is to disappear into the belly of the insatiable sociofascistic monster this administration is patiently breeding

    42. because of the "blank canvas" that the breeding offered, and the results had such staggering potential

    43. reducing the unplanned breeding of dogs and cats by promoting the

    44. commercial breeding and boarding - for these activities to fall within the scope of the

    45. taken by those responsible for the breeding to ensure that the physical and mental

    46. In the selection of specimens for breeding, care should be taken to avoid the

    47. commercial breeding and commercial boarding activities and the operation of animal

    48. the unplanned breeding of pet animals, the introduction of wild animals as pets and the

    49. After years when nobody had done anything to stop the breeding and the

    50. Most dogs of breeding age on the streets are the

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