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Translate в предложении (на )

  1. So I had to translate.
  2. That I may thee translate.
  4. I might have to translate.
  5. Why did they not translate.

  6. Ready? Translate me as we go.
  7. Many would not translate it;.
  8. Translate: come now, well, etc.
  9. This informat will translate a.
  10. I can't translate the adjective.
  11. I can translate it if you want.
  12. They would not translate it to.
  13. Many would not translate it and.
  14. Can you translate it for me?….
  15. You want to translate, you want.

  16. This would translate into a pump.
  17. If we translate such an one into.
  18. We translate sounds into burglars.
  19. And could one but translate me, he.
  20. Try to translate yourself and then.
  21. The other two they had to translate.
  22. It was traditional to translate the.
  23. It was hard to translate the ranting.
  24. But that should be easy to translate.
  25. Can you translate? she asked Than.

  26. Other versions also translate this as.
  27. I asked him to translate but he refused.
  28. Translation is the process to translate.
  29. Let me try to translate the meaning and.
  30. Unable to translate them, she looked at.
  31. Help us to translate this book into other.
  32. Let us translate all manuals into Swahili.
  33. I desire that you translate the parchment.
  34. She could translate that into present terms.
  35. The other two they had to translate grave.
  36. In Greek, the word which we translate into.
  37. I will be happy to translate for all of us.
  38. This indicates that they can translate the.
  39. I simply believe it is easiest to translate.
  40. You could translate it as 'darling' I suppose.
  41. Tammas didn't know how to translate the course.
  42. They tend to translate themselves into action.
  44. To translate black as white is nothing to this.
  45. Google translate, you mother bitch, to the rescue.
  46. Helga, slightly embarrassed, was slow to translate.
  47. There was no one there who could translate what I.
  48. To translate black as white is nothing to this R.
  49. Alice listened as Henriette continued to translate.
  50. I used to translate texts about wining machines.
  51. Apparently his gentle jibe didn’t translate well.
  52. I almost wished Evan were here with me to translate.
  53. Joey did not hear Lezura translate, he turned to her.
  54. None of the Bible translations translate it torment.
  55. Old Testement Hebrew, a cinch to translate, it says:.
  56. Berger motioned with his eyes for Helga to translate.
  57. If there were a way to know when to translate sheol.
  58. To translate it into Hell, another proper noun, the.
  59. Version had to translate it correctly part of the time.
  60. Allow me to translate from the Wilsenach translation:.
  61. But we have two more phrases to translate, Evan.
  62. Answer number one – yes, I’ll translate for you.
  63. However, you can readily translate one set of words (e.
  64. Even I could translate this one: sober intoxication.
  65. And higher sales translate into more commission for you.
  66. The translators would not translate psukee into "soul".
  67. Kepler had to translate cosmic mathematics into verbal.
  68. He needed to translate those final quatrains immediately.
  69. Yes, that was the only word we were able to translate.
  71. The New American Standard and many others translate both.
  72. The main thing though is to translate an idea into action.
  73. We were able to translate the primitive transmission code.
  74. Do you want to hear it? I’ll translate it as I go along.
  75. Do you translate what was said? No, you don't translate it.
  76. Note: The Translate Option is Located on the Search Engine.
  77. This is the time needed to translate receivables into cash.
  78. It is a word chosen by Bible Translators to translate four.
  79. When you don't translate them in terms of your accumulated.
  80. This itself is a big change that can translate into success.
  81. The New American Standard Version did not translate it but.
  82. He would have to translate the rest when they had more time.
  83. Google translate spat this out for me to scrawl into cipher:.
  84. Dice was going to translate but Ace stopped him with his hand.
  85. It is probably innate contrariness that makes Loki translate.
  86. Who knows how a thought will translate into a thing, if it's.
  87. In Job 32:8 and 33:4 why did they translate one "inspiration".
  88. There was a slight hiss which the computer didn’t translate.
  89. I had to translate this for my father to make any sense of it.
  90. Translate: would be a head shorter than Triboulet himself.
  91. The other two they had to translate grave (Psalm 30:3; 89:48).
  92. Just wait a little and I shall translate what they say for you.
  93. Ava didn't bother to translate the numbers from the native math.
  94. It should translate into even the way you dress, walk and talk.
  95. She replied, It was in a dialect that we could not translate.
  96. If there were a way to know when to translate sheol into Hell.
  98. Joey shook his head at them to indicate to them no to translate.
  99. Trini pursed her lips, giving Tam a look he couldn’t translate.
  100. She couldn’t form a thought that would translate itself into a.
  1. Do the car number plate translating.
  2. In translating we use sometimes the.
  3. While translating William Cullen's A.
  4. The translating should not be so hard.
  5. The second man spoke translating into a.
  6. Aazuria laughed softly before translating.
  7. Translating this into dollars, as Table 5.
  8. Su Bin paused before translating but pressed on.
  10. He was translating the stolen plans into Russian.
  11. Professor, how are you translating Cumbric? The.
  12. Reading and translating the symbolism of both the.
  13. By translating the text according to the Greek general.
  14. I took out my notebook and began translating the message.
  15. If they had been consistent in translating, they would not.
  17. Hi guys, said Horwitz, we just finished translating the.
  18. Translating the bright white into sparkling colors of the rainbow.
  19. I was the one that was translating all of what Joey was saying.
  20. Translating, you listen and phrase by phrase, you make sense of it.
  21. I’m the damn Rakai! said Joey, with Joey Lezura translating.
  22. The dolphin continued its reading, the computer translating for her.
  23. I should not have been translating all those things Joey said!.
  24. She’s a travel consultant and would like you to do some translating.
  25. But Gloria was used to translating Lucy’s words while she was eating.
  26. I’ve been here two days now, Joey said, with Lezura translating.
  27. Music dances on his skin, translating from her palms into his very being.
  28. But she wasn’t, Nadia translating nevertheless and making introductions.
  29. Translating that into average annual compound returns shows a gain of 20.
  30. In Chapter 2, I discussed translating SAS dates to the way we express them.
  31. Translating is when you listen, and phrase by phrase, you make sense of it.
  32. Actively translating, Central determined that they both harboured some worry.
  33. You got that bird really good too… Joey replied, with Marina translating.
  34. Design Process helps in translating the requirements in to solution specifications.
  35. Why the inconsistency? Was it not because translating either sheol or hades into.
  36. Before long, Don was petitioning his help in translating the wishes of his father.
  37. We've come as far as to begin translating the word 'substrate' from your vocabulary.
  38. Translating that into average annual compound returns, the decile 10 stocks earned 39.
  39. Try translating the written and documented history of the original 13 American Colonies.
  40. With the help of the comprehensive lexicon HELOT, I was now reading and translating the.
  41. In a secret place inside his cell, Harris stored the tools of his clandestine translating trade.
  42. They wanted to be sure he could do the translating job before letting him into their confidence.
  43. The tale is interrupted frequently by the elf man in blue translating for the rest of the table.
  44. Lee joined the meeting and, with the help of Nguyen, translating gave the villages their choices.
  45. By translating (1) life into soul and (2) destroy into lose, what Christ said was changed from:.
  46. She guessed they needed some translating and was sure she could provide the relevant information.
  47. Translating our thoughts into statements is a powerful action and directly affects our Fate.
  48. If you use a two-digit year, SAS will apply the YEARCUTOFF= system option in translating the year.
  49. The way Emma thought about translating an object was that it just meant that she moved it around.
  50. Translating that into average annual compound returns, the low price-to-cash flow stocks earned 17.
  51. The details of translating objectives into testable hypotheses were given in Chapter 6 and Chapter 9.
  52. When I was translating the Japanese literature, most of the patterns were discussed in general terms.
  53. Translating this into average annual compound returns, the highest yielders from All Stocks earned 11.
  54. Worldwide, they are translating this into every conceivable language there is from our feed to affiliates.
  55. Even without Yellelle translating, Ava could tell that most of the girls were excited to be participating.
  56. Nuke gave the task of translating the tablets to Haggabatha and me while he was meeting with Mayan leaders.
  57. Translating those returns into average annual compound returns, the low price-to-cash flow stocks earned 24.
  58. In this case, SAS is translating the four digits as the year, so the month value is considered to be missing.
  59. Difficult relations because of the printing and translating of Resurrection,[381] but most of the time am calm.
  60. There is indeed beauty in togetherness, dreaming dreams and translating it to reality without time constraints.
  61. Not even the New King James would go along King James with this bad translation of translating "hades" into Hell.
  62. Well, translating this word literally from Chinese, Qigong refers to work with the energy of the air, because.
  63. It was as if he had difficulty translating such a magnificently complex concept and idea into any human language.
  64. He is an electrical technician translating the electronic symbols and parts descriptions from English into Russian.
  65. All modern human culture was born from the abstraction of translating things into identicalized symbols or numbers.
  66. Translating the cumulative gains to average annual compound returns saw decile 1 of Large Stocks by EBITDA/EV earn 30.
  67. Translating that into average annual compound returns, the stocks from All Stocks with the highest buyback yields earned 35.
  68. On that trip her English had improved enough that we were able to fully communicate with each other without Vera translating.
  69. Therefore, SAS has formats and informats dedicated to translating this internal representation of ISO durations and intervals.
  70. Nancy was the sole bodyguard to speak during those phases of the ceremony, translating back and forth in French and Iroquois.
  71. If they had been consistent in translating, they would not have been able to add the doctrine of an undying soul in the Bible.
  72. If they had been consistent in translating, they would not have been able to put the doctrine of an undying soul in the Bible.
  73. Thom went back to bed after less than twenty minutes of watching her translating code that the hacker had poked in as fuse map.
  74. In our monasteries the monks busied themselves in translating, copying, and even composing such poems—and even under the Tatars.
  75. Before his QComm even had time to finish translating for him, Chén jumped to his feet and shouted Right! with a raised fist.
  76. With Colling translating, the officer asked questions and accepted Zinsmann’s explanations of the repair work that was required.
  77. After got married and had kids, she returned to Indramayu and started to do online jobs for freelance translating and made her own blog.
  78. In translating your study’s objectives into hypotheses that are testable by statistical means, you need to satisfy all of the following:.
  79. Translating to our AAPL, the iron butterfly would involve buying the AAPL March 95 straddle and shorting the March 85 puts and March 105 calls.
  80. Well, got ya scary, spooky, eerie, creepy, weird, feared thing?, Cleo asked ironically, translating his Spanish terms he cried out earlier.
  81. Anatole did not release him, and though he kept nodding to show that he understood, Anatole went on translating Dolokhov’s words into English.
  82. Anatole did not release him, and though he kept nodding to show that he understood, Anatole went on translating Dólokhov’s words into English.
  83. He thanked me for conscientiously translating my missive from Luis, but assured me that I should only tell him anything I thought he should know.
  84. More than three years had passed since Santa Sofía de la Piedad had brought him the grammar when Aureliano succeeded in translating the first sheet.
  85. Allcock would be in translating my rods into his own commercial ventures, when she made the contract with him so long ago on behalf of your education.
  86. I remembered all that took place, every word, every step, and every thought that my Dad, Joshua, and myself expressed, it was a translating experience.
  87. And therein lies the entire mess and problem of human abstraction and human civilization: translating actual things into symbols, and then back again.
  88. Xin had updated the implant in his head with the new language, and it was translating the meanings of the strange sounding words directly to his brain.
  89. Jesus would present to them the beautiful spirit of the soul's attitude, but they insisted on translating such teachings into rules of personal behavior.
  90. So, what did that have to do with a sport? It wasn't until he was translating an Encyclopedia that he discovered fencing meant the same as swording.
  91. All other formats will display hours greater than 23 when translating a value greater than or equal to 86400, which would be midnight of the following day.
  92. In this case, the workstations are responsible for providing a user interface and translating the user input into a query language understood by the server.
  93. If you mean the processes of translating energy into a physical form, Bonnie covered that—a lot, I said, confused that I might have missed something.
  94. The only way for the translators to hide that the nehphesh of the Old Testament can die, bleed, be dead was by rightly translating it as something mortal as it is.
  95. He had a habit of pushing one ear toward whoever was speaking, and then he’d wait a few seconds, like he was translating whatever was said into another language.
  96. It had to be obvious to the translators that there are more than one aion, but they hid this from their reader by translating it "this world" and "the world to come.
  97. It had to be obvious to the translators that there are more than one aion-age, but they hid this from their reader by translating it "this world" and "the world to come.
  98. He knew what he had begun to feel, but had no idea how to put it to words, the boy from Nibelihem had never been good at translating his feelings into communicable form.
  99. The Koorivar, who stood about 155 centimeters without his spacesuit, bowed to them and spoke on the radio in his language, with his ship’s computer translating at once.
  100. The second is his capacity for making rational deductions from these observations and translating these deductions into buying or selling for his portfolio in the markets.
  1. I have the translated text.
  2. I was translated from the.
  4. The poemwas translated by J.
  5. Sheol is translated Hell in.
  6. I translated this to my guest.
  7. I translated for the Khakhan.
  8. The same one word translated.
  9. Translated from the Russian by.
  11. It is translated as rule only.
  13. As we are translated into the.
  15. Kesmos is never translated age.
  16. The word translated "earth" is.
  17. Kesmos is never translated age.
  18. Sheol is translated Hell in the.
  20. Why was the same word translated.
  21. Translated from Arabic into Latin.
  23. It would correctly be translated.
  24. Being me is translated to simply.
  25. Translated destruction all 4 times.
  26. They claimed to have translated it.
  27. Tartarus is translated Hell one time.
  28. Translated from the original by Mrs.
  29. As the man spoke, Nadhir translated.
  30. One word translated into three words.
  31. There is another word translated as.
  32. If they had translated this "sheol".
  33. Psukee is translated "life" about as.
  34. The same word is translated into two.
  35. Soul is translated from psukee‐life.
  37. His translated poems have appeared in.
  40. The same one word translated into only.
  41. Gospel of Thomas, Translated by Thomas O.
  42. Translated from the Russian by Isabel F.
  43. The word translated ‘rib’ is one of.
  44. It changed the way sheol was translated.
  45. And left sweet Pyramus translated there;.
  46. Translated, this tells us multiple things.
  48. Subsequently translated to ENGLISH in 1966.
  49. These four lines may be translated thus:.
  50. The Paras translated what he was saying.
  51. Translated from Japanese, Hara means belly.
  52. Helga translated as her father was speaking.
  53. A speaker from the ceiling translated the.
  54. James and a few are much better translated.
  55. Despite the fact that they have translated.
  56. The same one word translated into two words.
  57. When the King James translators translated.
  58. Colling translated the German’s explanation.
  59. Ruach is translated breath, wind, spirit, etc.
  60. The King James Version translated them soul.
  63. Preceding digits ("172") translated as hours.
  64. Morse translated the text into his notebook:.
  65. They must be translated into terms of their.
  66. Apolia is translated "perdition" in both the.
  67. James Version, but it is NEVER TRANSLATED SOUL.
  68. Guy translated and Philip roared with laughter.
  70. Spirit is translated from the Greek word pnuma.
  71. Translated from the Original Manuscript, with.
  72. Preceding digits ("1721") translated as hours.
  73. The Works of Aristotle Translated into English.
  74. As translated in the King James Version, both.
  75. Beauty (also translated Grace) is cut off.
  76. Colophon: This sadhana was translated under the.
  77. The word WAS is more correctly translated BECAME.
  78. The same one word translated into only one word.
  80. Nekhludoff translated the Englishman's questions.
  81. The New International Version translated sheol.
  82. James Version, but it is NEVER TRANSLATED SPIRIT.
  83. The name of their species is best translated,.
  84. Caramarin translated and they all stepped off,.
  1. Fear of poverty translates into greed.
  2. It translates as out of many one.
  3. It translates to the are of punching.
  4. The New International Version translates.
  5. Since day translates as a literal 360-day.
  6. King James Version translates hades into Hell.
  7. Adam Clarke translates it To the ages of ages.
  8. The New International Version translates the.
  9. Adam Clarke translates it, To the ages of ages.
  10. For you, this translates into well needed sales!.
  11. In the COMPANION BIBLE, Bullinger translates the.
  12. That translates roughly as ‘crown from thorns’.
  13. This translates into being closer to the God-force.
  14. Cass has no idea how much money that translates into.
  15. Robert Young translates it To the ages of [the] ages.
  16. Let’s discuss how that translates into his trading.
  17. In the Ancient Tongue, it translates to ‘winged one.
  18. Robert Young translates it, To the ages of (the) ages.
  19. I still don’t see how that translates into tourism.
  20. Only the King James Version translates hades into Hell.
  21. This translates generally as an abundance of green lawn.
  22. The computer translates the image into electrical stimuli.
  23. That roughly translates into 560 grams of Bismuth crystal.
  24. That translates to an average annual compound return of 41.
  25. That translates to an average annual compound return of 20.
  26. That translates to an average annual compound return of 23.
  27. Fear of emotional pain translates into emotional cowardice.
  28. END DOOR, which, in the fog of my mind, translates to read;.
  29. This translates into an average annual compound return of 7.
  30. This is my wife, whose name translates to Evening Flower.
  31. This translates into an average annual compound return of 32.
  32. This lack of understanding translates into fear and loathing.
  33. It translates into "fools leap in where angels fear to tread".
  34. The New International Version translates sheol into grave in.
  35. This translates to higher monthly repayments after graduation.
  36. Cox translates as an 'oeonial pruning,’ (ko>lasin aijw>nion).
  37. Believe in yourself and the fact that positivity translates as.
  38. That translates to more than 26,000 miles an hour or more than.
  39. In DJ terms, it translates to making a logo that reflects your.
  40. Twenty-eight times the King James Version translates it Passover.
  41. The fine line between cost, risk, and higher margins translates.
  42. For authors that translates to write, write, and write some more.
  43. One version of the name Belial translates as Yahweh is Baal, and.
  44. Mariposa Azul, whose title translates into the name of that species.
  45. Apparently his deftness with a brush translates to the sword as well.
  46. Being successful usually translates into pride, satisfaction, and joy.
  47. The greed of wealth translates into fear of others robbing you of it.
  48. The New International Version translates sheol into grave in all five.
  49. On an average annual compound basis, that translates into a gain of 19.
  50. A good family life translates into better communities, towns and cities.
  51. Khalid then translates simultaneously for the pilot, who speaks at length.
  52. Alfred Marshall translates it "Unto the ages of the ages," "Parallel New.
  53. On an average annual compound basis, that translates into a return of 37.
  54. Which translates into English If everyone were raised on whey, doctors.
  55. I don’t think humans have a four-letter word that translates, exactly.
  56. FIVE OUT OF THIRTY-SIX The New King James Version translates "sheol" into.
  57. Alfred Marshall translates it, "Unto the ages of the ages," "Parallel New.
  58. He speaks English and one of his disciples translates his words into Greek.
  59. This aspect of vertical spreads translates to VIX options in an unusual way.
  60. On an average annual compound return basis, that translates to a gain of 35.
  61. This translates also to opposition to the institutions of the United States.
  62. In business, this translates to not having to reinvent wheels as we go along.
  63. This unit would become known as Koevoet which translates to Crowbar in English.
  64. Karma Yoga – Karma is ‘volition’ whereas Yoga translates into ‘union’.
  65. Young's literal translation of the Bible translates this action in the present.
  66. It has been noticed that a long, interesting sales letter constantly translates.
  67. Basically, this translates to us telling Python that we want to use this module.
  68. In short, extending expiration dates translates to a lower response coefficient.
  69. If that volatility translates into a decline, at least you pocket the net premium.
  70. This basically translates to say that you should use only simple objects for keys.
  71. When children hear their parents comparing them with others, it only translates to.
  72. No, but when using technology that translates this information into a facsimile.
  73. Short-term debt translates into whatever debt a company needs to pay before one year.
  74. Yes, it’s written in elfin, it translates to ‘The Path to the Book of Naba’.
  75. You think about it too much, and all that worry translates into performance problems.
  76. Five out of the first thirty-six: The New King James Version translates "sheol" into.
  77. Five out of thirty-six: The New King James Version translates "sheol" into Hell only.
  78. It’s obvious, but most people don’t see how that translates to their personal life.
  79. Presented from another perspective, a consequence of oneness is that taking translates.
  80. When we experience lower energetic states it translates to an incoherent heart pattern.
  81. In other words, in a random world an annual SD of 20 points translates into an SD of 6.
  82. In The Apocalypse and other prophecies, the symbol day translates as one 360-day.
  83. In the model of a hierarchy of superorganisms, this translates into the observation that.
  84. In terms of file sharing, the situation translates into wanting to experience as much as.
  85. Such emphasis on control and order in the psychiatric establishment translates into the.
  86. This translates into a oneness that extends from the individual, to their peers, to other.
  87. This eventually translates into reverence for, and unconditional love of all consciousness.
  88. Your course will be called ‘Natural Exercises’, which translates as Sexy Strip Tease.
  89. In terms of average annual return, that translates to an average annual compound gain of 24.
  90. The very globe continually transcends and translates itself, and becomes winged in its orbit.
  91. But we must look to the ancient sages for a better understanding of how this translates into.
  92. By now, you should understand that angel is symbolism that translates to mean something.
  93. This ship read my mind and translates that into the best possible action, cool,’ Jaden says.
  94. No decline translates into 100% stability, and this was registered by the two popular concerns.
  95. That so-called ‘fair share’ translates ultimately into confiscation, but the poverty-level.
  96. Additionally, the symbol “king” in The Apocalypse translates as a “lawgiver”, and the.
  97. On your worksheet, this translates to the left down arrow circled and the right up arrow circled.
  98. According to this meaning, the word ‘taqwa’ in Arabic translates into piety in English.
  99. Rather, Shariah – which translates from Arabic as path to God – is actually binding law.
  100. The NLT version translates verse 15 saying that Paul was the worst sinner, as in past tense.

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