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    1. This itself is a big change that can translate into success

    2. “I only hope I am not the one who caused this,” he said, and then he tried to make me feel better by revealing to the class that “Yvonne is an unselfish person indeed: she was willing to translate ''Self-knowledge and Metaphysics'' from Greek into English free of charge, she did her best and finished it within a month!”

    3. “I used to translate texts about wining machines

    4. " He still forgot to translate to native years in astronomical calculations, then to the native way of numbering

    5. can easily translate to “There is something inherently wrong

    6. “We need you to translate it for us, we couldn’t read it” said Joe

    7. They were having some kind of sex ed class again today and Ava wasn’t getting much out of this without someone to translate

    8. She wished Yellelle was close enough to translate, but one other girl was between them, so Ava had to go thru this clueless

    9. He was able to translate Yellelle to their substrate where she was able to transfer entanglements into some of their circuitry

    10. You could translate it as 'darling' I suppose

    11. Guardians” – as Tom could now translate it for himself – that the two

    12. shut off your normal thought processes, and just translate the intent of

    13. “The common people were abandoned by our civilization, lets see,” she had to translate a hundred and fifty years to local time, “over forty decades before my time

    14. the idea was that we would learn shorthand (in both English and French), typing (ditto), business law, office practice and, in our spare time so to speak, translate the French equivalent of White Papers for a bit of language practice

    15. Alan had given up even trying to mentally translate the numbers at this point and let them carry him as they felt

    16. It was hard to translate the ranting

    17. Something that would translate as Bliyig's Castle was the first big hall they passed and that had a couple up and coming pumpers on the bill for prime time this evening

    18. I'll drive the three of you, Abdul was there to translate for his friend that didn't speak English as well as Abdul and then their cousin came along

    19. Just wait a little and I shall translate what they say for you

    20. "So this processed data spot remains, and can be addressed with the right position context once I translate it to the round-about way you people have of addressing

    21. Ava didn't bother to translate the numbers from the native math

    22. He collaborated with other writers to translate Homer's Odyssey, and the Iliad

    23. friendships forged on the road don’t necessarily translate

    24. If you review the listed items above, many translate effectively to your home life

    25. Who knows how a thought will translate into a thing, if it's

    26. If I were to attempt to translate the message, it would be, I think, “We are about to die!

    27. 'If you could remember them in their symbolic terms, not necessarily in the pictures they present, but take the pictures and translate them into symbols and then decipher those symbols

    28. Some people see other people demonstrating their unique qualities, then they realize they don't have those abilities, and then they translate that into not having confidence

    29. “Of course silly, or else it wouldn’t be French! Don’t worry, they’ll have subtitles, or I can translate it for you

    30. As said I loved the MAG or LMG and so did SAP COIN who had a song about it! Something like this which is in Afrikaans for it is very hard to translate being slang but I tried in brackets:

    31. When he finally investigated in the poorer districts, he learned to translate the lore

    32. 3 Google Translate – this comes in pretty handy when you really need to figure out where the bathroom is located

    33. Normally, I write my poetry in Spanish and then I translate it into English

    34. So I had to translate

    35. As he stared across, peeking in through the shattered panels on the high-powered optical periscope which lowered from the top of the cabin on his request, he asked the computer to translate some of the writings

    36. Ethan was about to translate when Ludwig made himself heard over the din of the storm:

    37. Alas, English language does not have words to translate this and

    38. When selling, it is essential to translate the product’s features into benefits

    39. Man’s use of elaboration in his attempt to clarify what was almost impossible to translate into his human vernacular have many times so smothered any original revelation as to have hidden what was meant to have been opened

    40. I asked him to translate but he refused

    41. She encouraged me to develop all aspects of singing, from lieder to folk songs, maintaining I had a special gift for traditional songs (“Jy het so ‘n menslike stem” – difficult to translate accurately but meaning a warm voice that moves people

    42. This is not just UDT, but the ultimate Unsound Doctrine Teaching! Let me translate from the Wilsenach translation:

    43. Allow me to translate from the Wilsenach translation:

    44. Luis’ letter was in Euskera again, so I had to get my notes to translate it

    45. Do you remember the journal Huss began to translate in the last days? It’s still there! Don’t you remember, Eva, how the lore of old days just seemed to come to us, as though it wanted us to find it? And now it is coming to us again, calling us again!”

    46. The laird acquired it only a few short weeks before the council split up, in our third month together, so I had little time to translate from it

    47. “Sorry Jaden, I have to translate your words into our language and it takes a little time to respond

    48. We were able to translate the primitive transmission code

    49. “I know it sounds a little corny, but that is the best choice of words to translate what it is in your language

    50. Thus, it is important to note that due to the Twitter’s 140 character limit, all of those keywords may not necessarily translate over to Twitter - especially if they are long phrases

    1.  Shalom: The word peace is translated from the

    2. signed copy was in Italian, but his was translated into English

    3. It was the size and general shape of a native life form called a ksarid, colloquially translated as 'bird

    4. In New Testament Greek we have the word oikonomos(3623) , and it is translated steward in:

    5. It is translated "made him governor" (Acts 7:10) and "ordain elders" (Titus 1:s)

    6. All her concentration was turned inwards, focusing on the translated feedback from the ship

    7. word translated "silence" as used here by Paul)

    8. I only explained that when a book is translated into another language, it inevitably changes style

    9. Their meal arrived, berry pancakes and bacon strips was what he called it, here the slang translated literally to 'patters and toast

    10. It is translated the valley where God will judge

    11. Before I'd arrived, he had given Irene his list of these evil thieves translated into Classical Greek with instructions for her to inscribe it onto an amphora, to cast it in her kiln and to take it with Agni to the Archaeological Museum in Athens

    12. He was looking up a lot of the jargon and having it translated, even though it made the text longer

    13. Yellelle translated, he was just telling them to stay in line and not to interact with the spectators

    14. system of ranks worked in the Guardians, but he mentally translated

    15. words translated literally – in his head – as “Nest of Dragons” and the

    16. The time period they translated as ‘century’ is actually two hundred twenty nine Earth years

    17. “Ghost,” Ava translated, using the term most natives knew, “the resurrectee who took over the body Tdeshi vacated

    18. Does that make any sense to you?” she asked, unsure if her own understanding of her son could be properly translated to the young woman next to her

    19. had translated into snow on the peaks, and they glistened

    20. Also, Robinson Crusoe in considered to be a modern novel and has been translated and republished time and time again

    21. It had turned out well, there was good range and clarity, all the effects translated and her yandrille could be powered from the block's compressed air feed

    22. Translated by D

    23. For He has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us

    24. introducing herself to the king and queen as I translated

    25. When the noise finally died away, Nerissa translated the steward’s testimony for

    26. Nerissa tried to keep the shock out of her voice as she translated for Evander

    27. translated many other times as 'destroy' throughout the New Testament

    28. translated this way in any New Testament writings

    29. The Arabian histories seem to be all full of genealogies; and there is a history written by a Tartar Khan, which has been translated into several European languages, and which contains scarce any thing else; a proof that ancient families are very common among those nations

    30. It is correctly translated many other times as 'destroy'

    31. ) The Greek word translated as “consume” here literally means “to eat” (Strong 33) and is

    32. translated as “devour” in the King James Version

    33. And Architalos was full of gossip after that trial when you, er, translated

    34. To have something translated for you in your dream suggests that there is an issue or problem that you are having difficulties understanding

    35. “No! Ravena's the one who translated the clues, and

    36. It almost translated itself

    37. Gospel of Thomas, Translated by Thomas O

    38. [52] Gospel of Thomas, 113, Translated by Thomas O

    39. His cackling was muted, “I've touched a nerve? Yes, Guardian; I have translated the lore of the Star

    40. He held the stone high over his head and repeated aloud an incantation he was certain he'd translated properly

    41. Here was where their images would be beamed to every broadcasting station world wide, their voices translated into over a hundred languages

    42. The first verse in John reads as follows when translated directly to English: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with ‘the’ God, and the Word was God

    43. And for security reasons (again the risk of Elusiver infiltration into the base) only he could know what the numbers meant, how they translated into the amount of temporal erasure he’d be exposed to

    44. Some translators may feel that the information they are working with has to be translated literally, while others may feel it should be considered allegorically

    45. The word translated ‘obey’ in Hebrews 13:17 is

    46. It is translated as rule only

    47. Proistemi was translated as ‘rule’ one time in the New

    48. subjectively translated based on the context in each

    49. case? But should not this Greek word be translated

    50. ‘provisions’ was translated as wages

    1. It's a tea actually, its name translates as 'rubber tea' but she preferred to think of it as coffee

    2. Khalid then translates simultaneously for the pilot, who speaks at length

    3. That easily translates to complete hungry-cat anarchy in any language spoken in any part of the war-torn hills of Central Asia

    4. He speaks English and one of his disciples translates his words into Greek

    5. There were plenty of the small power boats with the name that translates to 'needleboat' around, many hauled aboard some of the yachts or 'Garden Floats' as the gazebos are called

    6. Being successful usually translates into pride, satisfaction, and joy

    7. compiler of the Analytical Concordance that bears his name, translates it into a

    8. It translates to “the are of punching

    9. This translates into being closer to the God-force

    10. If you pause to think about his title for a moment, wouldn"t you be overwhelmed? I mean, throughout the known universe of approximately twelve billion light years on a side, which translates roughly into a sphere of twenty-four billion light years, the inescapable conclusion is that the universe is a pretty big place

    11. The goal is not to keep the poor from starving, but to create dependency, because dependency translates into votes for politicians who play Santa Claus

    12. That message translates to more muscle ibers being recruited and more motor neurons being ired in preparation to protect the muscle from potential injury

    13. This unit would become known as Koevoet which translates to Crowbar in English

    14. For him, the perspective of wandering translates into a vision of adventures, pleasure and enjoyment, free from the anguish and anxiety of the hidden or the unknown and the comforts of the daily routine

    15. Then Joshua, who takes the faith that he received at the feet of his master, and translates it into a string of magnificent victories through the military prowess learned in the field of hard experience

    16. In the Ancient Tongue, it translates to ‘winged one

    17. They want bigger and bigger government which always translates to the loss of common sense and individual freedom, despite the ever-present promise of more rights and programs

    18. You place your phone, ITouch, IPad and so on above some text and, in what must be magic, the text translates the words into English, or the language of your choice*

    19. Souls have something the lesser species don"t posses, the ability to create on a spiritual level, which then translates into the physical plane

    20. With good behavior, that translates to eight and a third years before becoming eligible for parole

    21. have faith in Him, but what that ‘belief’ translates to

    22. This ship read my mind and translates that into the best possible action, cool,’ Jaden says

    23. Jaden notices an alien character on the screen that he translates into MPB -Matrix Plasma Beam online

    24. You think about it too much, and all that worry translates into performance problems

    25. o I’ll take that on board – translates as ‘I’ll consider that when

    26. o I’ll take that on board – translates as ‘I’ll consider that when putting together

    27. (The word feared translates revered

    28. For you, this translates into well needed sales!

    29. (In the Hebrew tongue translates this as he is a very blessed man in Egypt

    30. Presence translates by C

    31. The number 4 translates

    32. The first are the ogres, of which there are perhaps two million, the second are a race of insects whose name translates as The Swarm

    33. “Yes, it’s written in elfin, it translates to ‘The Path to the Book of Naba’

    34. As the spell translates the sound of your words into Draconian, it also translates those more subtle human emotional signals into those of dragons, and conveys them by means of a small Illusion of a simplified dragon figure

    35. This translates also to opposition to the institutions of the United States

    36. In this country the manifestation of those who believe in, and push to increase, central (bureaucratic) control translates into the idea of “big government

    37. That so-called ‘fair share’ translates ultimately into confiscation, but the poverty-level

    38. The NLT version translates verse 15 saying that Paul “was” the worst sinner, as in past tense

    39. In DJ terms, it translates to making a logo that reflects your

    40. which translates into English as: “If you want to live a healthy and active life, drink whey and dine early

    41. Which translates into English “If everyone were raised on whey, doctors

    42. In Iron John, Bly also translates a poem from Dante, which served as a launching pad for this forum

    43. “I don’t think humans have a four-letter word that translates, exactly

    44. “Your course will be called ‘Natural Exercises’, which translates as Sexy Strip Tease

    45. For authors that translates to write, write, and write some more

    46. In a human sense, this translates into an individual’s life is only ever doing one of two things

    47. translates into careers and for girls into romance and appeal (Burlingham 1973)

    48. Such emphasis on control and order in the psychiatric establishment translates into the

    49. story, and for ways that women's invisibility translates into invisibility to herself

    50. But after a while, you‘d realise the only way to explain the music is to assume there are invisible radio waves in the air, and this box simply captures those waves and translates them into sound – even though you couldn‘t prove it

    1. The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system

    2. and translating the dread corners

    3. Even without Yellelle translating, Ava could tell that most of the girls were excited to be participating

    4. We've come as far as to begin translating the word 'substrate' from your vocabulary

    5. Allcock would be in translating my rods into his own commercial ventures, when she made the contract with him so long ago on behalf of your education

    6. Aziz from Saudi Arabia and Mohammed who basically was doing some translating for Aziz from Saudi Arabia because his English is not quite as good as Mohammed's said they would talk it over with Pat, remember the lady was in charge of the home stay program? Pat was also Aziz of Saudi Arabia's teacher so I guess Pat also teaches at the English as a Second Language Program at Incarnate Word University which I didn't know

    7. Thom went back to bed after less than twenty minutes of watching her translating code that the hacker had poked in as fuse map

    8. Today there are hundreds of versions of the Bible based on various interpretations of the Hebrew and Greek, by people and organisations holding specific views about the information they were translating from the original texts

    9. By translating the text according to the Greek general

    10. The translating should not be so hard

    11. translating famously, when, in the late afternoon, there came a ring of

    12. With Colling translating, the officer asked questions and accepted Zinsmann’s explanations of the repair work that was required

    13. It was as if he had difficulty translating such a magnificently complex concept and idea into any human language

    14. Translating the bright white into sparkling colors of the rainbow

    15. From his look it was clear he was not happy about being put off from his rude line of questioning and, indeed, he annoyingly returned to it again and again while translating

    16. He thanked me for conscientiously translating my missive from Luis, but assured me that I should only tell him anything I thought he should know

    17. Design Process helps in translating the requirements in to solution specifications

    18. carrying the translating pod with them

    19. up the translating pod in the center of the table and set it for

    20. exhibits and with Lynn Farr’s translating as/when needed

    21. By translating ordinary

    22. Do the car number plate translating

    23. We made this globe to mark its place after translating its co-ordinates from a unicorn system of mapping that uses hexagons, and we Sent it with our payment to the seller by Translocation

    24. translating for the police

    25. ” Klirp’s translator related after translating in both directions

    26. The rare exceptions would be persons who were trained in hieroglyphic techniques for use within Egyptian society, or they may have been used in translating into other languages including the Semitic Assyrian and Ugaritic varieties

    27. Nuke gave the task of translating the tablets to Haggabatha and me while he was meeting with Mayan leaders

    28. techniques for use within Egyptian society, or they may have been used in translating into

    29. On that trip her English had improved enough that we were able to fully communicate with each other without Vera translating

    30. Actively translating, Central determined that they both harboured some worry

    31. After got married and had kids, she returned to Indramayu and started to do online jobs for freelance translating and made her own blog

    32. Jesus would present to them the beautiful spirit of the soul's attitude, but they insisted on translating such teachings into rules of personal behavior

    33. 17 Jesus replied: "Thomas, Thomas, how long before you will acquire the ability to listen with the ear of the spirit? How long will it be before you discern that this kingdom is a spiritual kingdom, and that my Father is also a spiritual being? Do you not understand that I am teaching you as spiritual children in the spirit family of heaven, of which the fatherhead is an infinite and eternal spirit? Will you not allow me to use the earth family as an illustration of divine relationships without so literally applying my teaching to material affairs? In your minds cannot you separate the spiritual realities of the kingdom from the material, social, economic, and political problems of the age? When I speak the language of the spirit, why do you insist on translating my meaning into the language of the flesh just because I presume to employ commonplace and literal relationships for purposes of illustration? My children, I implore that you cease to apply the teaching of the kingdom of the spirit to the sordid affairs of slavery, poverty, houses, and lands, and to the material problems of human equity and justice

    34. I am not translating

    35. Xin had updated the implant in his head with the new language, and it was translating the meanings of the strange sounding words directly to his brain

    36. and his failures and successes in translating that genius to oth-

    37. “I should not have been translating all those things Joey said!”

    38. “I was the one that was translating all of what Joey was saying

    39. When Marina had done her unofficial duty of translating it to the others, Karit had replied in a cold voice, “I do not think my father would mind if never come back…”

    40. “You got that bird really good too…” Joey replied, with Marina translating

    41. “I’m the damn Rakai!” said Joey, with Joey Lezura translating

    42. “I’ve been here two days now,” Joey said, with Lezura translating

    43. More than three years had passed since Santa Sofía de la Piedad had brought him the grammar when Aureliano succeeded in translating the first sheet

    44. They sent a messenger to a neighboring town to procure antibiotics and drugs that could be used for the sick In addition, there was a nurse available who could assist in translating the native tongue

    45. “Hi guys,” said Horwitz, “we just finished translating the

    46. This challenge is always vague, because no one can definitively say where he or she is going; if they could, they would be translating an established idea directly into form

    47. “If you mean the processes of translating energy into a physical form, Bonnie covered that—a lot,” I said, confused that I might have missed something

    48. He knew what he had begun to feel, but had no idea how to put it to words, the boy from Nibelihem had never been good at translating his feelings into communicable form

    49. morality in the population, always translating into glittering

    50. biology and mutated genes such as theft, translating into unfair

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