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    1. Could you read ten pages when you wake up in the morning? I know

    2. you’re busy, but isn’t it possible to read ten pages when you wake up in the morning, you jump into your book to wake up your mind

    3. read ten more pages

    4. It doesn’t have to be at the same time but read ten pages in the afternoon

    5. read about God in His word, they are not expecting

    6. After that, we read that God fought with two different

    7. When you read the word of God, you will find scriptures

    8. Have you though her how to read a map? How about encouraging

    9. "Oh come on Jorma, read the history of even this planet, much less the fiction

    10. As we read that God’s covenant with Levi was to stand

    11. The information, the memories, the behavior patterns were transmitted and read into her empty brain

    12. My soul was read into this empty brain, there was never an atom in this body that didn't come from food this body ate here on the planet Kassidor

    13. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    14. When do you read your affirmations? Couldn’t you print out a list of your affirmations, tape them on your microwave or even put them in a nice

    15. Whatever your affirmations are, read them, focus on them

    16. If you are still interested, perhaps I could suggest to you that you read Medical Matters backwards and we might arrive at the same point?

    17. read about in the bible and in church history is still

    18. Remember, I said in the beginning that if you just read this book, you will gain knowledge, but if you do the work, you can transform your life! This book is designed to help you in the most efficient way possible

    19. Neh: 8:8: So they read in the book in the law of God

    20. ” He giggled and ran off while the mother read a magazine

    21. But I strongly suggest that you be careful of the products on the market today and that you always ask questions and read the ingredients

    22. “Yes! I used to read these all the time in India

    23. But when I wasn’t in school, I’d read these

    24. The reason I do not believe in this, is because I never read

    25. I pray that as you read, it will open your eyes, and be

    26. “What’s happening? Can any of you read me?” Vinnie asked as he looked at displays of the bank’s basement floor

    27. Read the ingredients of the food you are feeding your animals

    28. But the weirdest thing is, I read an article today about Kurdish women setting themselves on fire

    29. Very interesting label, fun to read! Dr

    30. " she read aloud

    31. Herndon grabbed it from her by the time she read that much

    32. He looked at her, she could read him as well as she could sixty Earth years ago when they had parted

    33. Read the ingredients

    34. Come to think of it, he’d also read in a detective novel about secret messages written in special ink

    35. read the ant control chapter to best determine how to control the ants

    36. ‘Do you want me to read this to you, Barney?’ I said, ignoring her question and concentrating on my grandson

    37. Read the ingredients before buying

    38. If you have ever read the label on a bottle of Dr

    39. Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4 AM and sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60 &70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love

    40. I read that one before continuing

    41. Somewhere he had read that the aluminum is the denomination most likely to be mistrusted

    42. I never read anything remotely uplifting or literary, but I did

    43. read and re-read back copies of Practical Mechanic, The Auto and The Eagle,

    44. moment of reverie I found that I could read a fully detailed cyanotype from within my

    45. " doostEr had read magazines from the Yakhan, but had never been north of here in person

    46. To read more and to consult dictionaries often will help (to) pave the way to success

    47. A man about his own age was sitting by the side of the road with sign that read 'will work for food'

    48. His face is bland … I can’t read it at all

    49. It read: Sammy the Cunt

    50. enough to read the Bible for 20 minutes and shed tears before a re-

    1. By reading this book you are taking action

    2. thoughts, that you want to have, and reading those thoughts and turning

    3. By reading through these scriptures, you can realize that

    4. of the following pieces of doggerel† included here for your reading

    5. completed the arduous task of reading Some Recollected Matters,

    6. If they are posting negative things, you are reading that stuff and it’s going into your brain

    7. "It was in a serious news magazine I saw at Kolat's reading room

    8. I have been reading much on mythology, particularly the end times

    9. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music

    10. Then in the last ten years or so, one started hearing and reading about Senior Citizens

    11. Searchers usually turn to spiritual pursuits of attending religious discourses, meditation camps and reading of scriptures and the like

    12. i was doin some serious teletubby giggles after reading that

    13. He was reading more, "The asteroid is six miles in diameter, that's an exterminator!"

    14. ’ The Inspector paused for a moment, looking at his notes and reading something there before looking up at me

    15. They used the sun, the time and the magnetic reading to figure which way was east

    16. But collecting and reading was an obsession as well

    17. I lift him onto my lap and take the book he is flapping in my face … ah, Chicken Licken … I clearly remember reading this to Emma when she was this age …

    18. He had to do a lot of reading to understand, but there were some 'extremists' among them that want to close off their society from the outside world

    19. me in leaving this note is no greater than that which you must make when reading it

    20. I was reading about it, the army are doing that sort of

    21. If you are reading this book, you have already opened

    22. Russ keeps on reading the newspaper

    23. Reading their story in the Bible, I understood that

    24. All these years reading pacifist manifestos, how to resist aggression passively

    25. I grope in my handbag for the information which the agency sent me about the job … reading through the job description again … personal assistant to the sales director – all usual computer skills, office practices etc - no problems there

    26. ’ He said, apparently reading through my CV

    27. At that time I was constantly reading the Bible

    28. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    29. Most still do their reading from paper

    30. She hadn't expected this reaction, she had just been reading the signs as she always did

    31. even when our reading is wide and our thinking deep

    32. I was reading the Word of God (the Bible) and believed that it was

    33. ’ Stephen says quietly as though reading my mind

    34. As I go through the door of the village hall, I’m greeted by Andy who’s hovering in the hallway reading the notices on the board in the entrance hall

    35. ‘Your report was very comprehensive, Miss Osborne, and made very interesting reading

    36. It felt like reading some ancient stone tablet without the aid of the Rosetta Stone

    37. In conclusion, I want to urge all of you who are reading this material to prayerfully

    38. Though, come to think of it, I believe Wally’s reading the tribute at the memorial this year … yes, that’s right, I remember him telling me about it

    39. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    40. I stand there for some time reading the instructions on the different boxes and comparing them

    41. I assumed that the journey west continued and I tried to think of places that they might have brought me to; Oxford, perhaps, or Reading

    42. ’ Janet said reading my mind

    43. We speculated on possible locations: Oxford, Reading, Bristol or Bath

    44. She was exactly what he pictured a beautiful Elf woman to look like when he was a child reading fairy tales

    45. Reading between the lines he was saying that Beniamin was probably in a much worse state than I was

    46. Elond never thought about kids books, and taught them from the novels or texts she was reading at the time

    47. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    48. How do you get rid of those? She peered at the keyboard frantically reading the, to her, incomprehensible words

    49. "He didn't know about memory reading

    50. The room was darker when she woke again and a different young woman was there, slumped in the chair, the book she had been reading lying loose in her hand

    1. Travis reads the worry in his face

    2. A sign on one of the buildings reads,

    3. not what one reads in the

    4. The trooper squints his eyes, holds the cards at arms length, reads them

    5. John opens the paper, reads it

    6. He reads from the document

    7. At age eighteen I was like any one of you who reads this story at whatever

    8. dated, had the odd fumble, but a bit like Destiny, that Bond girl who reads the Tarot

    9. He pushes himself up sits, shakes his head groggily and looks about, reads the placard -- next to him -- that knocked him cold: "Islam is the Final Solution: For More Information, Contact Shaheet Islamic Center 325567

    10. who ever reads this book will never stop nourishing their faith, neither get

    11. As one reads these passages it should be apparent that those who are given watch over

    12. Diotrephes was his name and this verse reads: "I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not

    13. Romans 11:13-24 reads:

    14. Jeremiah 31:1 reads, “At that time, says the Lord, will I be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people

    15. Zechariah 12:9-13:1 reads, “And it will come to pass, in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem

    16. Pulling the ggs to a stand, we wait while Wiesse reads the message and sends off a reply

    17. ONE of Yoga’s answers to the problems with which this chapter is concerned reads a little like black magic

    18. He frowns as he reads what is written on it

    19. He has a habit of rubbing his chin with his finger as he reads - bet he used to do that at school

    20. ’ He sits looking at me for a moment, and then picks up my notes and reads through them

    21. ’ He reads what was written there and I wait

    22. He reads through it again

    23. It is rumored that he possesses the ‘sight’; he reads people quickly and accurately

    24. Not wanting to dive into more research, I pull up the drafts I have written so far and go through them editing the information and tweaking the grammar so that it reads better

    25. 26He said unto him, what is written in the law? How reads thou?

    26. Billy reads it as he flashes by and he starts to laugh out loud

    27. He reads manuals and shit on how things work

    28. A session grant and then no more barrage of unanswerable reads

    29. After all the wonderful tales which have been published concerning the splendid state of those countries in ancient times, whoever reads, with any degree of sober judgment, the history of their first discovery and conquest, will evidently discern that, in arts, agriculture, and commerce, their inhabitants were much more ignorant than the Tartars of the Ukraine are at present

    30. testimonial is when a customer reads your sales copy and automatically

    31. sits on the couch and reads for hours

    32. In fact, an introspective child may have a better understanding (or comprehension) of words than a child who simply sight reads, or spouts off multiplication tables by rote memory

    33. UBO: Is there a passage, perhaps, in the Old Testament, which reads, 'Thou shalt worship no other slippers but mine' or 'Thou shall not venerate graven footwear'?

    34. That is what the headline reads, and it is accompanied by a photo of the giant bunny

    35. Caitlin’s bed has a brass frame and a new mattress, and sitting on top of the mattress is a small white card that reads “Welcome Caitlin

    36. In the following day’s Courier, the headline reads:

    37. Whoever reads the instructions (They are to be found in Tyrol's History of England) which were given to the judges of the circuit in the time of Henry II will see clearly that those judges were a sort of itinerant factors, sent round the country for the purpose of levying certain branches of the king's revenue

    38. Just when I think he is about to be murdered he pulls a sheet of paper from his pocket and holds it out Major Danby snatches it and reads it then his head sags and he hands it to the C

    39. The first verse in John reads as follows when translated directly to English: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with ‘the’ God, and the Word was God

    40. it confused so it reads what's on the CD

    41. This sentence reads forwards and backwards and conveys exactly the same message

    42. „Send me a man who reads

    43. As someone reads your content they need to feel they are getting some real value and help

    44. He reads the book until his client appears

    45. If one reads this, please send me an email and let me know what you did with your hair for I have readers asking me

    46. I hope whoever sees or reads these pages will understand what I‘ve tried to convey to my grandsons

    47. Heat without stirring until a candy thermometer reads 250 degrees F (120 degrees C)

    48. Continue to cook, without stirring until a candy thermometer reads 300 degrees F (150 degrees C)

    49. Boil until a candy thermometer reads 310 degrees F (154 degrees C)

    50. I respectfully asked a SAP COIN instructor during a scramble up and down some mountain (Boleo probably) whether he believed in the Bible, particularly Proverbs 28:1, which reads: “Only the wicked shall flee without being chased

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