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Transpose в предложении (на )

1. Returns the transpose of an array.
2. Fortunately I had been able to transpose.
3. In changes of this nature, there will be little or no tendency to alter the original pattern, or to transpose the parts.
4. This he accomplishes by noting that we must take into account the era in which it was written and appropriately transpose its meaning to our times.
5. The pins in each of a hub’s ports are connected to those of every other port using crossover circuits that transpose the transport data (TD) and receive data (RD) signals.
6. What rational and moral society can be built up with such men? Just as it is impossible to build a house with rotten and crooked logs, no matter how one may transpose them, so it is impossible with such people to construct a rational and moral society.
7. And just to make it more interesting, Barclay’s listed the ETNs with a starting price of 100, as opposed to say, a calculated price based on where the two near-month futures were that day of listing so we could more readily transpose them onto VIX values themselves.

8. Not Anton Clegg at all! So who and how? What Houdini act was used to transpose his body? And more to the point who had been the recipient of an artificial hip joint? Had her hunch been the right one and was it Yvonne Barns who was travelling to town with her at this moment?
9. It is very pleasant for me, with my firm conviction that I am teaching and doing an important and very modern work, to tell the children from the book about the suslik, or about a horse's having four legs, or to transpose the cubes by twos and by threes, and ask the children how much two and two is; but if, instead of telling about the suslik, the teacher had to tell or read something interesting, to give the foundations of grammar, geography, sacred history, and of the four operations, he would at once be led to working over himself, to reading much, and to refreshing his knowledge.
10. Attempt to translate into Greek one of Pitt's or Mirabeau's discourses, or an extract from Addison or Nicole, and you will be obliged to recast and transpose the thought; you will be led to find for the same thoughts, expressions more akin to facts and to concrete experience; a flood of light will heighten the prominence of all the truths and of all the errors; that which you were wont to call natural and clear will seem to you affected and semi-obscure, and you will perceive by force of contrast why, among the Greeks, the instrument of thought being more simple, it did its office better and with less effort.
11. Take, for example, a more or less free school, such as mine was, and try to start a conversation in it about the table and the ceiling, or to transpose cubes,—you will see what it hubbub will arise in the school and how you will feel the necessity of restoring order by means of severity; try to tell them an interesting story, or to give them problems, or make one write on the board and let the others correct his mistakes, and allow them to leave the benches, and you will find them all occupied and there will be no naughtiness, and you will not have to increase your severity,—and you may safely say that the method is good.

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