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    1. Maybe she hadn't transferred her address book from the old handset yet

    2. That makes her laugh self-consciously, her gaze transferred to the mug in her hand

    3. I pressed two fingers to my lips, kissed them, and then transferred my healing love gently to Menachem’s lips

    4. Cargo was transferred from lake vessels to urban canal rafts in the outer harbor and then towed by rope into and thru the canals

    5. I found it while ferreting around in the ruins of a castle stronghold in the north of Wales where she was imprisoned for some time before being transferred to Wight where she spent the last years of her life

    6. I'm glad to have another volunteer for sleep shift, the shift has been thin since I transferred Yarin to wake shift, so I don't mind the change at all, but is there something more coming?"

    7. He transferred them from his tray and gave me a wink, 'One Nerantzaki for the mind and one mezedes for the body

    8. The people waited in silence, polite and sincere, and after each vocal contribution, aided by the whisky, each voice trailed away to be taken up anew by his neighbour and transferred on and on around the table

    9. She was one of the ones who were likely having the most trouble getting transferred to a smaller body

    10. “Whether the soul is transferred to silicon in an atom slicer or to the dark matter during normal death

    1. to transfer from the invisible spiritual realm into the physical one that is

    2. After the ragged stresses of our transfer and our previous solitary confinement, compounded by a myriad of sour and wonderful new experiences and the discoveries of the afternoon, both Menachem and I were starving

    3. Our last transfer had been short and abrupt

    4. Morning came and with it the urgency born of another transfer

    5. They were devoted to Joris and I daresay they’ll transfer to JJ very fast … especially as he’s so clearly a member of the family … but if he wants to use his musical skill, there’d be outlets for that

    6. The transfer had been scheduled for the Saturday by which time Kara was fit to be tied

    7. I sat in a cop car for a bit until it was safe to transfer me back down

    8. "The investigation of the signals that transfer information thru holespace

    9. She said we wouldn't be targeted if we stopped interfering with the transfer of souls to heaven, whatever she meant by that

    10. A couple hundred years ago the instrumentation couldn't see both transitions of an entangled transfer, but today was different due to the latest updates sent from Earth, and Pete could watch it happen as well as he could

    1. By triangulating the times and apparent directions of our transfers, and using Menachem’s more detailed knowledge of the country, we decided that we must be somewhere to the west of London, probably the Thames Valley

    2. My phone rings as he transfers the incoming call and I pick it up

    3. yes, that's it! So she's receiving six monthly payments which she then transfers to deposit

    4. The boy transfers his gaze to his uncle

    5. She transfers the call to her office

    6. Lieutenants are in charge of any transfers

    7. "Transfers happen very rarely

    8. Well, I"m here to tell you that capitalism in this country will never fail, but not for the want of trying by such corporations as Hughes and Loreal, in their zeal to effect technology transfers in missile guidance and super computers to Communist China

    9. When there isn’t enough RAM resources and more space is needed, the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) scans the memory for sections that are not in use and transfers them to a swap file on the hard drive

    10. How else can they survive? I know the profile of the 9/11 attackers showed regular money transfers from which they withdrew all in cash at one go thus minimising the time spend at a bank

    1. ‘How are the others?’ Kara asked, reaching for a pastry and transferring it to her plate

    2. "It would be significant if whatever is transferring this information has abandoned the bodies destined for destruction

    3. They were certainly transferring less quantum info than their brethren who were not on collision courses with some body in the Sol system, but there were still condensates on them and they were undergoing state changes

    4. She stared into space for a moment, then blinked, transferring her gaze to my face

    5. Just because Ava had admitted it to him, how could he be sure that Tdeshi hadn’t woken up from the overdose with fabulous dreams of outer space? The science of virtual humans in silicon and transferring personalities via helmet is something he had to either believe or not, but either way, he knew he was drawn to the soul that was in that body now, however she got there

    6. She hadn't known that lots of them worked with lots of different agents transferring tons of information every day

    7. Have we had anyone transferring between the outposts?"

    8. The bank grants at the same time what is called a recipice or receipt, entitling the person who makes the deposit, or the bearer, to take out the bullion again at any time within six months, upon transferring to the bank a quantity of bank money equal to that for which credit had been given in its books when the deposit was made, and upon paying one-fourth per cent

    9. “No mother-ship detected in the sectors already investigated, Captain,” Elenir volunteered from the science station as she rose and crossed to her nav post, transferring the sensor and scanner data to her own station

    10. Jodie had helped the process by transferring the ruro from her chest into the Urnie device within the lower disc

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    assign cede sign deed make over alien change assignment movement traffic transport deliver

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    transfer transference conveyance transferral transport transportation carry-over transfer of training transferee transplant transpose channel channelise channelize transmit shift remove change reassign assign cede sign deed make over alien assignment movement traffic deliver