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    1. So the individual trusting his senses and independent thinking is wrong, stupid, unenlightened, and delusional, whereas the collective embracing the scientific method is correct, intelligent, enlightened, and realistic

    2. All things that have happened thus far in life to the unenlightened have so by a

    3. Without knowing this experientially, you will be in the illusion of separatness and unenlightened

    4. heart unenlightened by the life of prayer, bringing a myriad of vain thoughts and imaginations to draw us away

    5. The unenlightened compassion associated by knowing nothing about God’s love and kindness to His creatures, in addition to the nescience about the wisdom of mentioning this heavenly words over the animal to be slaughtered and the pleasure they present to it made them get at unbelief

    6. normally he would become an unenlightened Priest and become

    7. mean the Unenlightened Priest who are blind to the light of the soul and accomplices to the totalitarian state

    8. But how were they treated? In ancient, unenlightened times, very seldom were they considered saints, but in the majority of cases, those who refused to obey the church were burned in a fire, put on stakes, depending on the whim of the king

    9. the unenlightened primitive man without spiritual awakening

    10. ‘‘That action is said to be unenlightened which is taken up out

    11. “If it is unenlightened,” Faithful felt something swell in hir eheart and iMynd, an impulse to burst with the eureka Aha!, that was buried in the unfamiliar haha

    12. For who thought themselves the poor, the hungry, and the unenlightened?

    13. That is Jesus, the son of Mary, That is the right saying of which they are unenlightened

    14. After telling us the story of the pregnancy of our Lady Mary with our Master Jesus (cpth) and after revealing the miracle of his talking (cpth) when he was still in the cradle and which proves the innocence of the Lady Mary on one side, as it demonstrates the message of our Master Jesus (cpth) and his capacity as an obedient of Al'lah and one of His noble envoys, the Almighty concluded that by His Noble Saying: "That is Jesus, the son of Mary, That is the right saying of which they are unenlightened

    15. While intention is pious and heart is good but where intelligence lacks the seeker receives kicks from the world that may result in frustration or reversion to the unenlightened mode of living

    16. Likewise when we say that enlightened persons become detached to all physicality it does not mean that they are not available to the physical forces that affect a common or unenlightened man

    17. Our expansion into enlightenment is not only an evolution of human consciousness, but a process of breaking through the gravity and resistance of the unenlightened reality

    18. as a means which the unenlightened could choose to re enter relative life in order to rectify

    19. unenlightened brothers and sisters out of the darkness of their fear and into the light of

    20. Christos constitutes the Savior of human “I” from the yoke of unenlightened Matter, Antichrist

    21. However, it is important to know because, again, this is the type of example the unenlightened “experts” love to use to scare you away from selling options

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