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Backward в предложении (на )

  1. She took a step backward.
  2. So he leapt backward in.
  3. I reeled backward from her.
  4. He tried to scoot backward.
  5. Yes! It was going backward.

  6. Miller took a step backward.
  7. I, too, have looked backward.
  8. Time was a film run backward.
  9. Actual they have it backward.
  10. He must have fallen backward.
  11. He started moving backward too.
  12. He jerked backward and growled.
  13. Frederick takes a step backward.
  14. Elowen took half a step backward.
  15. He fell backward across the seat.

  16. Jack grunted and lurched backward.
  17. Her watering eyes rolled backward.
  18. He instantly took a step backward.
  19. But she was not backward this time.
  20. That bunch of backward idealists.
  21. I don't even turn my face backward.
  22. The lad squinted, glancing backward.
  23. I’m falling backward at the abbey.
  24. It goes either forward or backward.
  25. Not to go forward is to go backward.

  26. The waves are tossing backward spray.
  27. She moved on without a backward look.
  28. I fall backward and drag Glacia under.
  29. Ideas and time ne'er backward move;.
  30. The housekeeper actually fell backward.
  31. Did he have things backward himself?
  32. It is still used in backward cultures.
  33. He was afraid and made a leap backward.
  34. I fell backward, with him on top of me.
  35. Ali moved backward to avoid the attack.
  36. She squealed and tried to move backward.
  37. Maggie cranked backward and started over.
  38. For a moment, that seemed backward to me.
  39. Never dated before, a real backward kid.
  41. Projected backward by the impact of the.
  42. Both men lurched backward in anticipation.
  43. The ancients were not as backward as.
  44. We have to work this thing backward, Mr.
  45. She skittered backward toward the doorway.
  46. I fell backward and the cover came with me.
  47. For my sake, you learned to reach backward.
  48. Shawnee Nation was technologically backward.
  49. She left without a word or backward glance.
  50. He thinks the South is inbred and backward.
  51. Gasping, she toppled backward into the boat.
  52. A strong wind pushing the hearers backward!.
  53. Hal and Abigail stumbled backward in horror.
  54. Bigwig felt himself sliding slowly backward.
  55. Zhlindu may be poor, but it is not backward.
  56. You spell backward, because it will reverse.
  57. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above.
  58. Tyrese stood and walked backward to the chair.
  59. Crazily, he wanted to hum the backward music.
  60. I army-crawled backward from beneath the booth.
  61. I bowed and he giggled as he was bent backward.
  62. Only now did Joshua venture a glance backward.
  63. Roth stepped backward and struck her and she.
  64. She stumbled backward and slammed into the car.
  65. He flopped backward over his courser’s croup.
  66. She knew the history of the game backward and.
  67. After a few minutes she took a backward glance.
  68. It seemed as if I were walking backward in time.
  69. We either choose to move forward or go backward.
  70. Why, I thought that only crabs walked backward!.
  71. Her dark hair slowly danced backward and forward.
  72. Remain in the backward bend as you complete your.
  73. He slid backward until the rail stopped his chair.
  74. I kick mine backward, but I know it's coming back.
  75. Practice walking your hands forward and backward.
  76. The pang in Jonathan’s chest forced him backward.
  77. Life goes not backward nor carries with yesterday.
  78. She shook her head and took several steps backward.
  79. The Sakis are a rude and miserably backward people.
  80. He was thrown backward falling to the floor, dead.
  81. He was moving backward and felt his foot again on.
  82. The sergeant stumbled backward, clearly stunned by.
  83. With a click, a portion of the wall swung backward.
  84. The two of them retreated backward at the same time.
  85. He had his legs bent backward, broken at the knees.
  86. In other words, the so-called Backward pass is ap-.
  87. At the exhalation do a slow backward arching with.
  88. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above the head.
  89. He had to suck air backward into his lungs and speak.
  90. The lion thrashed wildly, turned, and fell backward.
  91. He tilted his chair backward to stare at the ceiling.
  92. Inacio whimpered, stumbled backward and hit the tree.
  93. He thought he could stand still or even run backward.
  94. She pushed Claire so hard that she stumbled backward.
  95. Ralof stepped backward in a mix of shock and intrigue.
  96. Maldynado toppled backward, accelerating to the ground.
  97. Then his hands were grabbing her, hauling her backward.
  98. A backward glance suggested he meant for her to follow.
  99. Claire fell backward as flames shot out from the garage.
  100. After lathering up she leaned backward into the water.

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