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Unfit в предложении (на )

1. Unfit to be a leader.
2. That she was an unfit.
3. My state was, somewhat unfit.
4. Can you really be this unfit?
5. He is therefore unfit for command.
6. He didn't seem unfit, necessarily.
7. He was unfit for attending to such.

8. Christians were deemed unfit to live.
9. On this account are they unfit for use.
10. The wood is unfit, and all the stakes.
11. Very unfit, this boy, the way he jiggled.
12. From the unlucky uterus of an unfit mother.
13. They were unfit to have the charge of valuables.
14. But the general public is getting even more unfit.
15. When you are emotionally or mentally unfit, your.
16. Li has just proven that he is unfit for his office.
17. He certainly didn't want to appear unfit or stupid.
18. He who wants something new always is quite unfit for Yoga.
19. But Old Bill never made me feel unfit to sit at his table.
20. He was old, he was unfit, and he had a hunchback astride him.
21. And he refuses to declare Calvin unfit despite this evidence.
22. The unfit ones really suffered for SAP COIN did not waste any time.
23. Abel and told her that he found himself unfit for further watching.
24. Not one of them wanted to appear stupid or unfit for their position.
25. Unfit persons would try for the positions because of the higher pay.
26. It teaches you that it is unfit for the purposes of foreign and offensive war.
27. But you are ill; even now you tremble; you are unfit for agitation of any kind.
28. The audacity of that woman to demand he declare Calvin unfit for command, it was.
29. A clear trail will make the carrying of baggage and any unfit people much easier.
30. The foreman said he was physically unfit to work; thus the immediate termination.
31. Reprobate: Being unapproved; to be rejected and unfit after testing; abandoned to sin.
32. After that long last term of prep school, after being ignored by a woman who was unfit.
33. We spoke in French, and he told me Sebastian was in no danger, but quite unfit to travel.
34. I am pretty sure I had a heart attack at the second move, being now unfit and middle-aged.
35. I entirely agree with you, he said; in my opinion those stories are quite unfit to be repeated.
36. I did not want him to second-guess his decision or think that I would be unfit to bear children.
37. And, in reality, the former seem to be much more unfit for this sort of service than the latter.
38. In ROTC, his captain had called him the most unfit, lousy-looking soldier he’d ever seen.
39. These women suffered in rooms unfit for dogs, simply for not treading on others to become famous.
40. However, what do they see around them? Suits and ties and unfit men in baggy shorts and T-shirts.
1. His appearance was very unfitting for this school.
2. Protests were unfitting considering Kifter had paid for it.
3. It seemed so unfitting that this moon, of all moons, should be such a beautiful one.
4. He was evidently shaken by them, but judged it unfitting to go over to the new faith.
5. It would be unfitting for everyone to ask you questions, but Coreema here, who you.
6. He remained quiet for a moment, his face going through the strangest and most unfitting contortions.
7. It would be altogether unfitting now to explain that she had not wished her uncle to invite Will Ladislaw.
8. Ever since his apprenticeship he had been called "Abramka," which did not strike him as at all derogatory or unfitting.
9. It seems very unfitting that I should have this patronage, yet I felt that I ought not to let it be used by some one else instead of me.
10. But even when such monstrously unfitting things happen in an ordinary life, somehow the ordinary stuff still has to be taken care of too.
11. The selfsame abbot has likewise trampled on ancient custom by placing the ancestral font of the good people of Sherborne in a place unfitting for its usage.
12. On the Contrary, I say that tho’ this Matter may be immodest, yet it deals with Truth; and Truth is ne’er unfitting, whether convey’d from Parent to Child or from Child to Parent.
13. When an individual has revolutionized therapeutics by his discovery of the continuous evolution of brain matter, conventional forms are unfitting, since they would seem to limit him to one of a class.
14. The old man known as Perconal the Jester, indeed the Waking Man of the game, closed his eyes bitterly, and put a finger to his mouth, evidently concerned about Celia’s cold and unfitting attitude towards her father.
15. His expression of displeasure at the spiritual character, and of scorn for the scholarship, of all who hold a different belief than his own, we must not turn aside to characterize—further than to entreat his reconsideration of much unfitting language.
16. It had never before entered her mind that he could, under any circumstances, be her lover: conceive the effect of the sudden revelation that another had thought of him in that light—that perhaps he himself had been conscious of such a possibility,—and this with the hurrying, crowding vision of unfitting conditions, and questions not soon to be solved.
17. It was a strange reversal of attitudes: Fred's blond face and blue eyes, usually bright and careless, ready to give attention to anything that held out a promise of amusement, looking involuntarily grave and almost embarrassed as if by the sight of something unfitting; while Lydgate, who had habitually an air of self-possessed strength, and a certain meditativeness that seemed to lie behind his most observant.
1. Thus it remains that I am basically unfitted to take sides in the racial conflict.
2. There is nothing so tiring as to try to do the work for which we are unfitted, both by.
3. They found it obsolete as a means of punishment, unfitted to a Christian State and immoral.
4. Several men wore simple shubas, huge and seemingly unfitted sheepskin coats while their faces were partially covered by full beards.
5. My terror, as I lay there, of falling ill, and being unfitted for tomorrow, was so besetting, that I wonder it did not disable me of itself.
6. They were all unfitted to comprehend their eldest brother's life because their mother had given them to understand that he was destined to become the deliverer of the Jewish people.
7. He answered no, not yet; and added that he was fearful Christianity, or rather Christians, had unfitted him for ascending the pure and undefiled throne of thirty pagan Kings before him.
8. They will be few, not because the subject does not abound with various fruitful and interesting topics, but because an indisposition of some days has unfitted me for any considerable effort of memory.
9. When she came to the end of one life it must not be to face the next with the shrinking terror of something wholly different—something for which accustomed thought and ideal and aspiration had unfitted her.
10. Woloda danced a great deal, and Papa also went to balls with his young wife, but I appeared to be thought either too young or unfitted for such delights, and no one invited me to the houses where balls were being given.
11. And when farther pressed, had added, that in her opinion their dispositions were so totally dissimilar as to make mutual affection incompatible; and that they were unfitted for each other by nature, education, and habit.
12. But how to devise means of lightening toil, under the conditions of labor of millions of men,—this is what he does not and can not know; and because of his knowledge, his habits, and his demands on life, he is unfitted for this business.
13. You were never meant for the formal restrictions and conventionalities of society—civilization would become irksome to you, and in a little while you would long for the freedom of your old life—a life to which I am as totally unfitted as you to mine.
14. You have both warm hearts and benevolent feelings; and, Fanny, who that heard him read, and saw you listen to Shakespeare the other night, will think you unfitted as companions? You forget yourself: there is a decided difference in your tempers, I allow.
15. Brave as a grenadier, courageous as a thinker; uneasy only in the face of the chances of a European shaking up, and unfitted for great political adventures; always ready to risk his life, never his work; disguising his will in influence, in order that he might be.
16. When you have once taught a man to read you have introduced him into the best society of all the ages; you have made him the companion of Shakespeare, Milton and Bunyan; of Bacon and of Burke; of Tennyson, Longfellow, Bryant and Emerson; and you have quite unfitted him for slavery.
17. One subject eclipsed all others in importance for the ladies along the wall; who would the young princes marry? They could not hope for purer lineage or a more gracious presence than Julia's; but there was this faint shadow on her that unfitted her for the highest honours; there was also her religion.
18. They only utter a clucking sound with their tongues and sigh mournfully, knowing that they will see no more of the steady lads they have reared and trained to help them, that they will come back not the same quiet hard-working laborers, but for the most part conceited and demoralized, unfitted for their simple life.
19. All his acquirements are such that for their display he requires capital, and the exploitation of the laboring-man on the largest scale; and—not to mention that he is trained to live, at the lowest, on from fifteen hundred to two thousand a year, and that, therefore, he cannot go to the country, where no one can give him such wages,—he is, by virtue of his very occupation, unfitted for serving the people.
20. In order to accomplish the conversion of all men, to induce each one to exchange the pagan for the Christian life-conception, voluntarily resigning riches and power, there being none left to profit by these, it would be necessary that not only all the rude, half-barbarous people, unfitted either to accept Christianity or follow its precepts, who are always to be found in every Christian community, should become Christians, but that all savage and non-Christian nations, which are still numerous, should also become Christian.
21. My quarters would have been suitable for housing the greatest of earthly emperors, but to these queer creatures nothing about a building appealed to them but its size and the enormity of its chambers; the larger the building, the more desirable; and so Tal Hajus occupied what must have been an enormous public building, the largest in the city, but entirely unfitted for residence purposes; the next largest was reserved for Lorquas Ptomel, the next for the jed of a lesser rank, and so on to the bottom of the list of five jeds.
22. But when the cobbler or any other man whom nature designed to be a trader, having his heart lifted up by wealth or strength or the number of his followers, or any like advantage, attempts to force his way into the class of warriors, or a warrior into that of legislators and guardians, for which he is unfitted, and either to take the implements or the duties of the other; or when one man is trader, legislator, and warrior all in one, then I think you will agree with me in saying that this interchange and this meddling of one with another is the ruin of the State.

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