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    1. · To realize that in the long run good and bad things are bound to cancel out each other

    2. We never thought that these sins are as bad as

    3. He didn't feel too bad, his stomach was sour but motionless

    4. It’s not that bad

    5. "Classy ride, too bad it's so fast you won't have time to enjoy it

    6. Some aren't so bad, but some take you places well beyond anywhere her starship ever took her, even virtually

    7. crushed because something bad happen to Him, but this

    8. It wasn't quite as bad on this world as it had been at Sol, but they could still be persistent and aggressive and there were so many more of them

    9. “Oh, that was a bad idea

    10. This was slowly turning from bad to worse

    11. It was bad enough that he couldn’t take out the Fourth Wall, but it was worse that he might be rescued by a girl

    12. Hermann felt kind of bad about that, but it seemed to him like she would be happier in Heaven anyway

    13. Communicating good and bad news is an art that should be developed by doctors

    14. They have the element of surprise again, which is bad

    15. Not all stress is bad, as has been demonstrated by the pioneering work of Professor Hans Selye

    16. If anything bad happened, we'd just blame it on mermaids

    17. “Not all insects are bad

    18. The good guys and the bad guys do not live in the same place

    19. When the good guys move in, the bad guys move out

    20. Not all insects are bad

    21. A simple trip to the grocery store will be filled with episodes of bad drivers, poorly-timed traffic lights, crowded aisles, indifferent checkout clerks, and thin plastic grocery bags that rip too easily

    22. in good times and bad

    23. If we apply ourselves to allowing these creatures to live in harmony with us, we can provide for both us and them a better life and one in which we do not immediately think of how bad they are etc

    24. And it blew every bad thing clean out of the body

    25. Even at the best of times she seemed to always be in a bad temper

    26. “That wasn’t so bad,” he said

    27. Only 6 species in the USA all living things, cockroaches have been called are considered bad household pests

    28. Johnny still felt bad

    29. Like all of Dizzie’s bad habits, it helps her focus on the here and now

    30. Wealth created through hard work without dishonesty and without hurting somebody cannot be bad

    31. of that comes from bad judgment

    32. ’ I said, feeling just as though I have woken up after a bad dream … all shaky and unsure of what is real and what is not

    33. Too much or too little water will cause stress in the lawn (chlorinated water is bad for the soil)

    34. Classes will usually have their good points as well as their bad

    35. "You've always had it in for him, Frank, but he's really not a bad guy! My parts just wear out sometimes

    36. Toadstools or mushrooms are not necessarily to be viewed as bad for the lawn but instead it should be looked upon as an indication that the conditions of the lawn should be looked at more closely

    37. Nancy waited, knowing that her handler didn’t like to be interrupted when given bad news

    38. And the bad news?

    39. Too bad everyone always chases it with bad news

    40. He hoped nothing bad would come of the ill-won wealth

    41. The traffic in Bridgwater is bad, knocking my euphoria on the head very quickly

    42. This is good for very bad fungus related diseases

    43. Should not smell bad, but should be strong smelling

    44. This is very bad for your health as well as being bad for the garden (it kills the soil)

    45. It was bad enough when we heard about the … the shooting … and then they found the gun in our hedge, but we could handle that … it’s him … he’s acting so strangely now … it’s scary

    46. John and Dave pass over an especially bad and bone-jarring segment of the road

    47. ‘Mum, let me throw some clothes on and we’ll go look to see how bad the place is

    48. Fifty-four is a bad number

    49. It isn’t as bad as I thought … more neglected than anything and by the time I have sorted out the furniture which had been thrown in here – literally, by the look of some of it - and vacuumed the carpet, the place doesn’t look too bad

    50. ‘Yes … it was a shock when it happened but I sometimes think that it wasn’t such a bad thing

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    bad badness tough spoiled spoilt defective forged regretful sorry unfit unsound big high-risk risky speculative uncollectible badly inferior poor faulty inadequate invalid shabby evil wicked vile sinister base wrong corrupt hurtful ill weak diseased sick ailing bum crippled naughty disobedient mischievous unfavourable adverse displeasing unfortunate wretched unlucky unhappy disagreeable abominable mean offensive painful unpleasant upsetting severe serious critical grave detrimental harmful injurious damaging deleterious pernicious rotten decayed rancid putrid sour