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    1. Andrew, unruffled by his friend’s outburst

    2. But the janitor emerged as melancholy and unruffled as ever, only

    3. ’ Beth instantly turned her head, but Sylvia remained unruffled

    4. Her engine off, she rolled gently on broad swells unruffled by wind

    5. He will be calm, free from anger and unruffled in mind even if he finds himself inconvenienced

    6. Ceder entered, unruffled, and Jai followed her, hearing the sound of Astray’s muffled footfalls ahead

    7. As Bob unruffled his feathers, I scanned his office

    8. She unruffled her wings, stepped up on the shallow bank, stretching her neck she took a deep

    9. “You aren’t supposed to be back here,” he said in the same unruffled soft tone

    10. remains unruffled and serene because he does not care

    11. another as to remain always cool and unruffled under al circumstances

    12. Gomes was calm and unruffled as he formulated his final plan to take Vasquez

    13. The perfectly unruffled manner in which Terence had been acting and the genuineness with which he answered this question seemed highly to contradict the demeanour of a murderer; however, Feltus found it curious that this suspect had said nothing until now and realized that Terence may just be a cold, unemotional person capable of the most despicable crimes

    14. Her ability to remain so apparently unruffled was admirable, but after all, she was a proper lady who had been well trained in how to conduct herself and conceal her emotions behind a stony pretense that could be beneficial in misleading the authorities

    15. edge that belied his hence unruffled demeanor

    16. “Hello, Higgins,” Wickland replied casually and unruffled by the crassness as if he had already expected the intrusion and were eagerly awaiting his prey

    17. All this because it was found his room was unattended and his bed unruffled

    18. He looked unruffled

    19. 'It is, Sir,' the computer answered, seemingly unruffled by the vast distance to the Igant System

    20. focus, so now visualize a calm lake, unruffled by waves, Picture the still water

    21. On the contrary, we receive it thankfully into cups, and remain perfectly unruffled

    22. Smitty’s unruffled demeanor started to wane

    23. Here was everything to make two people so happily alone whisper--warmth, dusk, the broad shadow of plane-trees, unruffled water, lights romantically twinkling in corners, the twanging of a distant guitar, laughter and singing and the glint of red wine from the little lit-up tables along the front of the restaurants beneath the arcade at the back of the piazza, and he there, Ingram, after all a person of real importance, Edward Ingram at her feet, only asking to be allowed to explain to her in every variety of phrase how sweet she was

    24. "Thank you," said Priscilla; and he got off his horse and she turned and walked beside him with the same unruffled indifference with which she would have walked beside the Countess Disthal or in front of an attending lacquey

    25. Unlike Alex, I was quite unruffled

    26. You will have an unruffled mind

    27. Like iron that lying idle degenerates into a mass of useless rust, like water that in an unruffled pool sickens into a stagnant and corrupt state, so without action the spirit of men turns to a dead thing, loses its force, ceases prompting us to leave some trace of ourselves on this earth

    28. He seems unruffled by Barrons, Ryodan, and his men

    29. But Ulbrickson remained unruffled

    30. “I thought I told you,” he said, looking perfectly unruffled in his white shirt and linen shorts, “the next time you need something from me you should contact my lawyer

    31. "Now," repeated Senator Smith, "suppose the weather was clear and the sky unruffled, as it was at the time of the disaster, how many would the boat hold?"

    32. It was surprising to see how serenely he sailed off with unruffled breast when he came to the surface, doing all the work with his webbed feet beneath

    33. The large lake sparkled unruffled; the swans, just awake, were gravely quitting the bushes on the bank

    34. “Consider yourself, Grigory Vassilyevitch,” Smerdyakov went on, staid and unruffled, conscious of his triumph, but, as it were, generous to the vanquished foe

    35. They seemed to be staring at him with perfectly unruffled attention

    36. To begin with, it was strange that he was not in the least surprised and listened to Liza with unruffled attention

    37. He even fancied that a tear glittered in Olsufy Ivanovitch’s lustreless eyes; he raised his eyes and saw that there seemed to be tears, too, on the eyelashes of Klara Olsufyevna, who was standing by — that there seemed to be something of the same sort even in the eyes of Vladimir Semyonovitch — that the unruffled and composed dignity of Andrey Filippovitch has the same significance as the general tearful sympathy — that even the young man who was so much like a civil councillor, seizing the opportunity, was sobbing bitterly

    38. Blanche looked at and realized how she hated this woman, this unruffled perfection

    39. “Naturally,” said I, unruffled, apparently

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    placid quiet smooth still tranquil unruffled unflurried unflustered unperturbed carefree untroubled comfortable at ease serene