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Still в предложении (на )

  1. I can still see her.
  2. Is the Money Still in.
  3. His mind was still a.
  4. But he still found us.
  5. And still he was alive.

  6. And she was lying still.
  7. Do you still have the.
  8. But Baggy was still sad.
  9. No, it still was whole.
  10. Do you still miss him?
  11. But still, he was a god.
  12. So Hesper still was here.
  13. Still with one hand on.
  14. You are still our mayor.
  15. Still, there is only a.

  16. And still in the tunnel.
  17. There still was no pain.
  18. The camera was still a.
  19. And still, the idea was.
  20. Are you still on duty?
  21. That man was still alive.
  22. He still was dressed in.
  23. And still it is not over.
  24. This is still a mystery.
  25. Still getting used to it.

  26. But still, she had to try.
  27. He was still wearing his.
  28. The scented air was still.
  30. Yes they were still there.
  31. Do you still have it?
  32. And still with no answers.
  33. I still feel that it’s.
  34. Still no surname for them.
  35. Sam Peterman still had a.
  36. He’s still got a pulse.
  37. If she’ll still let me.
  38. The air is still and thick.
  39. It’s still on the market.
  40. Still, a good tool to have.
  41. Berenice was still a slave.
  42. Ammon sat still and waited.
  43. Still, he is less invoked.
  44. Titania sat still and quiet.
  45. The bunt sign was still on.
  46. No, but we're still moving.
  47. The music is still playing.
  48. Still, at least he approves.
  49. There’s an inn still open.
  50. At least you still have her.
  51. His body still trembled in.
  52. She’s still just a kitten.
  53. The most of them are still.
  54. I still can’t move my head.
  55. Katie’s still on the phone.
  56. You still have value to him.
  57. He was still angry, you see.
  58. She still received no answer.
  59. Still Herve did not register.
  60. You still have your country.
  61. The dragon was still diving.
  62. We still love you, Helez.
  63. Ietana still sat with Imada.
  64. But still we kept it at bay.
  65. Gehring's still in the bank.
  66. The future is still pliable.
  67. Roman was still standing in.
  68. She was still out of breath.
  69. The farmer was still on his.
  70. The needles are still buzzing.
  71. The votes are still the same.
  72. I still wish it didn't exist.
  73. I'd still try and squish him.
  74. That's still a long distance.
  75. And she still looked tweaked.
  76. I still didn't matter to them.
  77. Still, I felt a mounting fear.
  78. But it still troubled Sjadbek.
  79. His head still would not turn.
  80. And all was still in the tube.
  81. You think he's still there?
  82. The fear is still there, but.
  83. But her mind was still buzzing.
  84. But still this was disastrous.
  85. Still she couldn't see anyone.
  86. No, yours was still conscious.
  87. For what’s still being done.
  88. Mike was still a puzzle to her.
  89. It was still dark on the rock.
  90. She could still remember the.
  91. I still don't know who it was.
  92. I think I still have it a home.
  93. I still have a lot to learn.
  94. Still, there was no doubt in.
  95. And still, Marxism did not die.
  96. Castle Dour was still waiting.
  97. But still, how and who would.
  98. The two men hesitated, still.
  99. But I know he’s still alive.
  100. But he still had to be careful.
  1. This unexpected cry had the effect of stilling the noise.
  2. She cut me off by bringing one of her hands to my mouth stilling my words.
  3. They drilled into my mind, stilling the breath in my throat, freezing all thoughts.
  4. He gazed up at her, stilling the movement of his hands as they worked across the metal.
  5. The body is also allowed stilling through breath control and mind through concentration.
  6. It means focusing the mind on one point, stilling the mind in order to perceive the Self.
  7. But he knew that, in staying, stilling the inner, desperate man, he was denying his own life.
  8. It echoed through the woods, stilling the woodland creatures that had begun their nightly hunt.
  9. It requires you to focus your mind at one point and stilling the mind in order to perceive the self.
  10. Stilling the thought waves from time to time is not just necessary for meditation, but also for travel.
  11. Tell me if anyone has ever succeeded to live a life by stilling his lungs by annihilating the breathing.
  12. I don’t think you’re ready to come yet, he whispers, stilling his hands, and he gently bites my earlobe and tugs at it.
  13. Madame Danglars did not see them; she was engaged in stilling the beatings of her heart, and restraining the tears which were ready to gush forth.
  14. For purposes of this discussion, however, it is useful in stilling the mind, and preparing mind and body for concentration and deep meditative practices.
  15. In my grave; isn’t that what the old warriors always say? In my grave… He laid down again, stretched out under the shade, falling silent and staying still, breathing like I told him, stilling himself.
  16. He sees the magic between the water and himself and he pulls on it, tugs at it, imagines the magic stilling the water, calming it, deep at the molecular level — so the water’s spinning hydrogen atoms lock together and crystals form on the ground and in the sky.
  17. If that were true, then all of Ireland could have been conquered from my car, with a packet of plaques delivered here, and a toss of concepts and dire ideas planted there, seeding all Eire's pubs with darkness and stilling the air as if a final death had come upon the world.
  18. She learned to build baited traps of vine and tensioned sapwood, but more than that she loved to pursue her prey on foot, so that she might physically wrestle it to the ground, reveling in the fear of the frantically struggling beast, relishing the stilling of its pounding heart and the taste of its blood still warm.
  19. As you have explained to me the condition of your people’s fragile position of control in this world I have to ask, ‘what do you believe would occur if you were not in the position to continue stilling the waters, as you currently are should there be a catastrophe of some kind and you fail to return?’ My initial calculations at best show a success rate for the mission at just over seventeen percent.
  1. But her hands only stilled.
  2. The silky voice stilled her.
  3. Even Cai was stilled to stone.
  4. Her voice stilled into silence.
  5. He stilled his breath, listened.
  6. The channel of the river stilled.
  7. The boy stopped convulsing, stilled.
  8. The voice has been swiftly stilled.
  9. The land seemed stilled and deserted.
  10. His head cracked ice, and he stilled.
  11. The earth was stilled, and I shivered.
  12. She stilled, ready to run if necessary.
  13. I’m stilled by the marvelous thought.
  14. Has stilled the labour of my breath --.
  15. These waves must be stilled or stopped.
  16. She landed softly and her wings stilled.
  17. Clayton stilled her with a hand on her arm.
  18. Andrew stilled and gazed at her unknowingly.
  19. It was just one Cry, and they were stilled.
  20. Zoleka stilled, surprised to hear his voice.
  21. It stopped his breath and stilled his heart.
  22. He stilled instantly, turning to look at her.
  23. The peculiar set look on his face stilled her.
  24. Warmth began to return, and the candle stilled.
  25. He stilled look around in search of the others.
  26. Eventually, his hurt quieted, his body stilled.
  27. I stilled and tried again to force open my eyes.
  28. He floated in the emptiness and stilled his mind.
  29. Victoria Moon King, however, was not to be stilled.
  30. He stilled her hands and kissed her back on the bed.
  31. The insect life of the leaves and grass was stilled.
  32. Waiting for the crowd to be stilled, he cleared his.
  33. Then he stilled, his face calming, his body relaxing.
  34. Looking at their watchful eyes, she stilled, glaring.
  35. The wind died, the ground stilled and the fog below.
  36. In the dimness, her eyes widened and her body stilled.
  37. The bare truth is that fear alone had stilled my hand.
  38. He stilled her quick protest with his hand on her lips.
  39. The hand she raised to hurl some torment at him stilled.
  40. Randi stilled as the vampire continued sniffing the air.
  41. His eyes drifted shut, and his hand stilled on her cheek.
  42. Once again the Primagnon had stilled the Senator’s fears.
  43. Forrest’s body gave a couple of strong jerks and stilled.
  44. Sk eye Cell has silenced the airwaves and stilled the web.
  45. Her power stilled them in place, and they could do nothing.
  46. Time stilled for him as he read the inscription over and over.
  47. The Taliban on the edge of the village have stilled all lips.
  48. The room fell silent, the voices outside temporarily stilled.
  49. Pedro, she said as he stilled at the sound of her voice.
  50. She had stilled the County’s gossiping tongue by marrying.
  51. She stilled her motion briefly when her sighing made him turn.
  52. She wanted to help, to lift the bar, but fear stilled her hand.
  53. Shadows of calm browns and greens returned when the air stilled.
  54. When the earth stilled, there were canyons where there had been.
  55. He gave out a half scream before his voice was stilled for ever.
  56. This unexpected response stilled Selene’s hand for just a second.
  57. When the burial was over and the weeping of women was stilled, and.
  58. His eyes flew open and I stilled at the flare of anger I saw in them.
  59. His fingers stilled and he glanced up at me without lifting his head.
  60. My movements stilled at his words, my hand sat frozen on the gear shift.
  61. They listened to him stilled and quiet, trapped by what he offered them.
  62. At the mention of their father’s former pack, the young wolves stilled.
  63. However, he stilled believed; she was not very receptive to some of the.
  64. A silent pause came to the room with all the suddenness of a stilled pulse.
  65. Brodin stilled the nearest hand, stomping on it with an enormous black boot.
  66. Circles wheeled by, whirled concentrically, and stilled into a simple light.
  67. The words of Izz Huett, never quite stilled in his memory, came back to him.
  68. The men from Omben stilled and watched silently as the beast came toward me.
  69. He just held her until her weeping stilled and she could say something again.
  70. Rex stilled and stared for a while before asking How did you find out?
  71. To them, all that existed was each other, and all time was stilled around them.
  72. A mountain of water bubbled up, all green and bright blue, then the pool stilled.
  73. She stilled when she felt a hand that did not belong to her, caressing her cheek.
  74. Finally, Avery stilled her movements, brought her hands together in the universal.
  75. But Brock had been fortified by the images of his love and he refused to be stilled.
  76. Oh, that dark road where men went by like ghosts, voices stilled, only the muffled.
  77. She stilled for a moment before she grabbed her toweling robe and answered the door.
  78. He held a sword of unparalleled rival and something in me stilled at the sight of it.
  79. If He willed, He could have stilled the winds, leaving them motionless on its surface.
  80. He neared a gufder that stilled squirmed the last of its miserable life on the ground.
  81. He manoeuvred the Aston Martin onto the hard shoulder and stilled the throbbing beast.
  82. He caught my hands in his, and I stilled, my body thrilling at even that small contact.
  83. With the mass of warriors watching, stilled, Uthyr turned to his men and gestured to them.
  84. Zoleka started moving faster and faster, then she stilled as the pleasure overwhelmed her.
  85. The distant throb of battle is stilled, and even the soft hush of the snowfall is unheard.
  86. With this gentle but firm touch, he stilled her movements, and contrived to keep her seated.
  87. Wade followed her down the stairs, his hiccoughs stilled by his interest in the proceedings.
  88. Pulling off her sweater and hanging it in the closet, Gabby stilled as she heard a dull thud.
  89. Alerted by the curious inflection in her voice, Joel stilled, and his gaze intensified on her.
  90. The Silence is necessary, the senses must be stilled, the muscles relaxed, repose cultivated.
  91. Thomas stilled himself, held his breath, hoping that maybe the beetle only detected movement.
  92. She stilled herself completely, slowing her breathing, becoming as still as a statue, frozen.
  93. So now he was dead, lying stilled forever, his youth gone and his beauty wasted…wasted on me.
  94. The instant his lips touched hers, her laughter and tears stilled and she melted into his arms.
  95. The boy had stilled its crying, and now switched his gaze to and fro between Perconal and Celia.
  96. Something of repulsion, buried deep beneath her cold thinking, stirred faintly and then was stilled.
  97. And the way he said this stilled us all, because he spoke with power and control and we believed him.
  98. I looked back to the hollowed husk, still wearing a curious printing of my father’s stilled face.
  99. His desire stilled as he took in the signs that this woman was an outsider even among her own people.
  100. The thudding water obscured his vision as he pulled, all the while wishing life into the stilled form.
  1. He stills again.
  2. He stills at the sound.
  3. Stills the light of the day.
  4. Then he stills, his body rigid.
  5. Ah, to see the sight that stills.
  6. He stills again, his hand on my behind.
  7. He does it once more, and stills again.
  8. I cry out a second time, and he stills.
  9. Express, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
  10. Some foreigners had stills in their houses.
  11. Blaec Toth Snaca, God who stills the chaos.
  12. He stills, his hands hovering over my breasts.
  13. Crosby, Stills, & Nash--- "Wasted On the Way".
  14. As outside the windows noon-day heats and stills.
  15. He stills, then smiles at me, his eyes warm and soft.
  16. Thor’s body stills, a spoon full of potatoes hanging in the air.
  17. In her reproach, which stills her father, she says, Yes you are.
  18. Something cold and round settles against her temple and she stills.
  19. He stills, gazing down at me, his eyes bright with ecstatic triumph.
  20. If he doesn’t care about hurting me, he stills cares about his son.
  21. Liferaft equipment may include solar stills and chemical desalination kits.
  22. Chimera, baby… Glory to the unstained hand who stills the rabble and swarm.
  23. You didn’t hear what I said about Crosby, Stills and Nash, I replied.
  24. Ulysses was an alchemist of life who did not use either stills or magical formulas.
  25. You want to tell me what happened with your father back at the Stills? I ask.
  26. Heading toward the hilly Autumn Reigns, miles away, we follow along the River Stills.
  27. Most of these booths were selling exotic drugs produced in the glassware stills behind them.
  28. Those are stills from security cameras installed near the Iranian ambassador’s residence.
  29. They were able to get the astronomer's article and even virtual copies of the plates up onto stills.
  30. There were factories and concert halls and yaag stills and even a lab or two along this little avenue.
  31. Set on top of Stills Mountain was the home of the twelve immortals called the keepers, six men and six women.
  32. Abruptly, and all too soon, he rams into me and stills as he finds his release, air hissing through his teeth.
  33. Her horses were like perfect stills, drawn with a light touch, and obviously not the result of any long training.
  34. I step outside just in time to catch a glimpse of Sean’s car, disappearing out of the main gate and onto Stills Lane.
  35. We might not have been Crosby, Stills & Nash, but we knew the name of the horse that they rode in on, if you catch my drift.
  36. I spotted stills from the reboots of The Thing, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and War of the Worlds, and then a clip from an older film, Earth vs.
  37. It was absurd that I should have ended up in a slanging match with the Stephen Stills tour party, as at seventeen, I had nothing but admiration for the man.
  38. Set solar stills out immediately, but use the desalination tablets only when the weather is unfavourable for the stills and dew or rain catchment is ineffective.
  39. Turning around he looks back along the street and seeing no one other than his opposite neighbour, who stills stands shocked and dazed and stares in their direction.
  40. He printed out fuzzy stills of the bystanders: an elderly man and a young boy who could be his grandson, three teenage girls, hands to their mouths, probably shrieking.
  41. Moonshine stills were a garage industry out in the country, especially with the economy so bad and the trails that led to them were convoluted, hidden and well-guarded.
  42. He stills for a moment then withdraws his fingers, followed by his cock, then reaches into the nightstand for a tissue and wipes his fingers, but keeps his eyes on mine.
  43. He stills, Disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), and still has the power to temp us, but does not seem to have the power over nations that he had before.
  44. Reflected in this self at sea, we step outside ourselves catching the photographs flowing by in sacred stills and spiritual scenes whitewater splintering into arcs prisming time to a tear.
  45. He was the steady driver for Frank Sinatra and the frequent chauffeur for Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Dolly Parton, Chicago, the Beach Boys, Burt Reynolds, the Moody Blues, Rod Serling, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Led Zeppelin, Sharon Stone, John Denver and Eric Clapton, not to mention Mr.

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