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    1. Given her brother’s obvious lack of filial concern for his sister and given Annie’s disgust at his behaviour, there seemed little alternative but that she should vacate the premises

    2. that she should vacate the premises

    3. making an effort to vacate will be arrested for trespassing

    4. driver to vacate his spot, the car behind us squeezed past

    5. As the countdown reached one minute, the doubt popped up in Scott's mind and seemed to intensify with each passing second: was this just a ruse to get him to vacate the ship? Did this alien really care, let alone know what would be the correct timing? Surely they need to have experimented first, and the cost of failure too much to risk it

    6. Vacate the chamber now, the both of you

    7. as they came and went, choosing only to vacate its warm

    8. Please be considerate to these drivers and vacate the

    9. The Healers rapidly began to vacate the area

    10. During my absence, Mutti had to vacate our beautiful rented house as it was being sold by the owner

    11. After a small struggle, the fatty figure went out and it was the elf who extended the two big green plush bags that Petrarco delivered to Cirila, to vacate the hands to help his partner

    12. You vacate your physical form a third time

    13. Return to the surface and prepare to vacate Dome Eighty-six

    14. If it chooses to vacate the body sometime during the first two years of life, for whatever reason, the baby's body simply dies when the soul leaves it

    15. Three days after that incident I received a certified letter from the apartment management stating I had thirty days to vacate my apartment

    16. “We intend to vacate the system, but are you aware what will happen if we distribute this

    17. If it chooses to vacate the body, the baby’s shell simply dies

    18. With wobbly legs and trembling lips they would vacate the house but not before one last look at the deceased

    19. In fact, our GNN camera crew presently inside that building has been there since yesterday and has been threatened with arrest and prosecution if it does not vacate the premises soon

    20. Now, they are asked to vacate them without any compensation and without alternate accommodations being available

    21. ” She surveyed the other animals then walked towards the far end of the stables in order to vacate the reeking premises and rid her lungs of the putrid atmosphere of the one-story brick with white-trim building

    22. The loser is destined to vacate all

    23. � Hauser had been ordered by the head female guard to vacate her room and to move in with Bertha Reinholdt, while the other auxiliaries had to double up as well, except for Ingrid Weiss

    24. “No questions asked, now let’s get down to business Wolfie, we need to vacate this place with extreme urgency to become obscure persons

    25. You will now follow our fighter craft towards the nearby Harmond Orbital Resort, where you will dock your ships and then vacate them

    26. Our sensors have not yet seen the main enemy ships but three craft, supposedly fighter craft, came down from Phobos and are escorting our captured supply ships to the Harmond Orbital Resort, where their crews have orders to dock and then vacate their ships

    27. If one turns and is headed our way, we’ll have plenty of time to load the equipment and vacate

    28. Everyone must now vacate the safety chamber

    29. hidden in a cupboard and waited for the rest of the house to vacate

    30. Jabran focused all cities through satellite and satisfied himself that all cities stand vacate by citizens along with all large and small buildings have been vacated also and the masses of people shifted elsewhere

    31. Chief justice warned the persons in audience in given situation and ordered all of them to vacate the court room

    32. You will never vacate my thoughts,

    33. He decided to vacate the building

    34. I’ll administer a drug that will stop your heart, we’ll flash cool you to nearly freezing, wait for the parasite to vacate your body, kill it, and then finally resuscitate you

    35. This ability of his, to be and not to be, to vacate himself, to become the conduit of other people's experiences and existence, in short: to be a gifted actor – is the first element in the leadership signal

    36. "He requires you to vacate this vessel and go to the other as his prisoners

    37. forgotten to switch it on in his hurry to vacate the Atlas

    38. by one, elegant demographic trajectories vacate the strings of emeralds and sapphires, in

    39. medication whenever a free moment arises and vacate the premises momentarily

    40. Well, a house is where we take shelter as we live and vacate as we die

    41. In the back of her mind, she heard her four boys vacate the area

    42. Brian repeated the order to vacate, telling me

    43. We were not going to vacate in case Brian needed help

    44. Angie told us to remain calm and not to vacate the building, as it was safer for us to stay inside

    45. The narcissist is reactive and will vacate the

    46. Safely inside, Stephanie slumped down on the couch and read: “You are hereby ordered to vacate the premises and surrender possession of the subject premises to the Owner

    47. If you fail to vacate the subject premises within three days after this notice is served upon you, you will be deemed guilty of an unlawful detention and legal action will be taken against you

    48. In the process it forced many local residents to vacate their homes

    49. ’ You want to vacate knowing you are leaving

    50. The agent offered each tenant two hundred dollars if he would vacate

    1. She didn't have a body until one was vacated

    2. They vacated the premises and gave the keys to the court

    3. Ben sits down on the stool Katie recently vacated and watches me for a few minutes

    4. “You’re getting into this, aren’t you?” Cordra asked as she sat in the chair I vacated to get a glass of iced tea

    5. George and Belle walked onto the deck still holding hands and sat on the same bench so recently vacated by their son

    6. “Ghost,” Ava translated, using the term most natives knew, “the resurrectee who took over the body Tdeshi vacated

    7. That was one of the farthest places I’d ever gone, and only in story, told by the woman who re-animated the vacated body of a shonggot victim

    8. She was afraid Luray might be hurt, especially if she thought she was moving into the spot Valla had just vacated

    9. Harold's position required the extensive employment of international connections and contacts, the very sphere of enterprise Lawrence had so recently vacated

    10. after the service he vacated to his

    11. She merely shook her head No, and slide across the floor to grip tightly to his vacated seat

    12. Mim and Yula slunk down onto the cushions of the vacated seat---right at home

    13. Erin moves onto a vacated spot when, uh oh, the explosion noise sounds off

    14. Sebastian took the seat Russell vacated next to her bed

    15. When Rosemary arrived back with the fresh coffee, Frank was sitting in the chair she had vacated

    16. year that the whalers vacated the northern Pacific and headed

    17. who was accused in late 2008 of trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by president-elect Barack Obama

    18. The women placed the food on a large table in the room and then vacated as silently as they had arrived

    19. It all started when the caretaker called us to report a crocodile in a recently vacated flat

    20. Once the dining room was vacated, that waiter approached me and, after offering me excuses, he asked me:

    21. I moved around the table to sit in the space Kemp had just vacated

    22. Sim regretted keeping much of the work in his old office in the main tower, but knew once it was vacated, he would never get it back

    23. We had vacated our home, and all of

    24. someone had vacated one of her new rental units

    25. Startled to see that she was middle-aged, Berthille courteously vacated the front seat of the Volkswagen beetle and sat in the back, giving the older woman more space in the passenger seat beside me

    26. It is therefore safer to assume that all those who do not support her have already vacated Erudite headquarters

    27. I sit stunned in my chair, picturing the broken roads and shattered windows and toppled streetlights in the factionless sector of the city, the destruction that is evident nowhere else—not even north of the bridge, where the buildings are empty but seem to have been vacated peacefully

    28. It was as if her soul had become bored and vacated her body

    29. Taking his time to make sure the men had vacated the church,

    30. Careful to avoid eye contact with the man, Cloud vacated the

    31. By the time they ordered some lunch and dashed at a table that had just been vacated, another ten minutes had already passed

    32. He moved aside and motioned me to the spot he had vacated

    33. Darkness had vacated the

    34. I crept eagerly towards where she sat; she hadn’t vacated my bed since she plopped herself there half an hour earlier

    35. My words hoarsely vacated my mouth, still dripping with the effects of rest

    36. The previous concert was over and the stage was vacated

    37. Zab had just vacated

    38. This occurred during her first run for the New York Senate seat vacated by Moynihan

    39. They pointed to two recently vacated seats between me and Jess

    40. I began looking for new office space and learned 3,000 square feet was available in a building recently vacated by the telephone company in downtown Ithaca that was owned by a friend

    41. After we vacated the basement office space, my father’s real estate division was never able to rent it again

    42. “Now just one moment!” Dalia told her parents with a laugh as they descended to the vacated patio

    43. He grinned when we approached and vacated his seat

    44. The headquarters at Hôtel les Bartavelles was now being vacated and Devi just blue-ray

    45. In the morning the brick pen was vacated and Paschke and I moved right in to the homestead

    46. She took the chair he vacated

    47. The last thing some of them saw on leaving the park was Shep making his way towards the house they had vacated

    48. He was going back to his roots in Connemara and had vacated his job as manager of the Slough Irish Club that he had held for many years

    49. She had a little pet dog that never left her side and lay on the settee when it was vacated

    50. Dave pushes past Phil and sits down on the couch next to Barry, Phil steps smartly across the room and sits in the armchair recently vacated by Steve as Barney walks over to the table and sits down on a hard backed chair

    1. The moment life vacates the body, the

    2. With respect to the transverse septa, I think their presence may be accounted for by supposing that as the animal elongates its tube in consequence of an increase of growth, or in order to maintain an equal elevation with the adjacent tubes, (rendered necessary by the origin of young tubes in the interstices) it gradually vacates the basal portions of its tube, and sustains itself at the different elevations, by successively uniting the parietal lamellæ so as to exclude the vacuity

    1. ‘I’ve given my landlord notice that I’ll be vacating the house and that it will be left empty for a few weeks as a result

    2. He tipped Mike off to the fact that he needed more space, so he was vacating unit 6 and taking units 7 and 8, knocking down the wall between them

    3. of vacating the world of pain

    4. and told him he was vacating

    5. attention by obvious behavior that one is vacating the area bearing

    6. Captain Steel enquired about their plans for the cargo in the vault and vacating the ship

    7. News spread of a serious gas leak as fire crews positioned their engines restricting traffic and police took control of the hotel, systematically moving their heavy team through the two lower levels of accommodation, vacating rooms, occupying corridors and sealing off all lifts and stairways

    8. People stared vacating large buildings in view of MFP warning

    9. ter says you are willingly vacating the location and you understand

    10. On demand, iNstant Transcendence is a transitory suffocation-defying, fantASy anti-gravity ride with the temporary vacating exhilaration of exotic places, never staying, falling back, reeled by cultural behavior ruling the symmetry breaks and anomalous transformations domesticating us to the brochured expectation of being liberated without lifting a finger to stop the slave train of consciousness chained to iT's sole purpose: ilikenment

    11. no point vacating the seat

    12. This letter says you are willingly vacating the location and you understand now, but never before knew, that your father had wrongfully homesteaded on that land

    13. They made their way at length in among some pleasant trees that stood a little distance from the road, and there vacating Rocinante's saddle and Dapple's pack-saddle, they stretched themselves on the green grass and made their supper off Sancho's stores, and he making a powerful and flexible whip out of Dapple's halter and headstall retreated about twenty paces from his master among some beech trees

    14. Maria suddenly spotted another car vacating a spot and she turned, closing in on it

    15. If the above supposition proves correct, the organs of communication which pass through the osculi, can hardly be in common, but must rather connect the animals by simple contact only, otherwise these parts would be broken when the animal changes its place by vacating the inferior part of the tube

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