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    1. The ninja vault the counter and I back into a corner, slicing at them with the force and speed of a man not ready to die

    2. All down this aisle he could look up in the vault of the ceiling and see the ceiling panel showing Revelation 16:9 with the flames consuming Washington while the fat suits with briefcases flee

    3. I went upstairs to the vault to look at Ali's books

    4. It had the vault

    5. from within the vault

    6. 'Open this,' Mama said as he pointed to the wheel shaped lock of the vault

    7. 'This is the bank's vault

    8. 'My Dhiraj was also a child,' Mama said and went to the vault

    9. His second run was a perfectly done simple vault with a grandstanding one-handed pat on the bull’s rump as he sailed over that drew more catcalls and hoisted flaggons from his buddies

    10. Tania and Poly made a simultaneous grab and leap, a little like lifting horizontal fence planks actually but exponentially quicker, their hands grasped the ends of the pole and they used it as a trapeze to vault over Harry head, never letting loose of the pole

    11. upwards to the vault high above, and were flanked by not

    12. "Not one of the ancient crypts ever found actually contained more than a skeleton and artifacts, so there's no reason, other than the fact that it draws movie audiences, to think a viable hibernation vault will be found

    13. to lift the vault from its very piers

    14. Don’t ask me how it could have happened – our data store is not only quantum eight dimensionally encrypted, it is kept in a metre thick dutainium vault

    15. Of course there were a lot of this type in the pubs talking a good war from the comfort of bar or vault, bloody idiots who had no idea what war was all about

    16. dark eyed Nightchild sealed the shadow vault, a huge safe at the last layer of the temple, taking with

    17. However, he left two things behind in the vault, which was cursed

    18. the biggest and most important contributors to the Black Vault

    19. “An ally I selected to aid me in my quest for the contents of the Black Vault

    20. Outside, the night air was cold and bracing, and in the black vault of

    21. He’d mastered the one on Sylvia’s bedroom door by the time he was nine or ten and by high school, he had a handmade little tool kit that could open anything short of a vault

    22. He was instructed to place his thumbs on a small scanner and then filled out some paperwork before entering a vault

    23. They also continue to support the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, nicknamed the Doomsday Vault, deep frozen in the middle of a Norwegian mountain

    24. As do the stars beneath thy vault

    25. These were kept in a special vault

    26. Another vault of pain shot through him

    27. 59 He spreads out the heavens like a vault; on the waters has he founded it

    28. The vault was decorated with a form of art called mosaico, where pictures are made from small colored pieces of tile

    29. And those in charge also have plenty to fear as the vault of their hidden revolutionary intentions is pried open for all to see and understand its contents

    30. left the trailer for the hostages' vault

    31. The vault faced on to a larger room with Dutch doors that led to a

    32. Wilson and pulled him back into the vault

    33. Many called their farewells and took their leave, while Silaran easily crouched with all four legs in a way that no horse ever could, allowing Mark to vault to his back

    34. lance of fire silently leaped high into the vault of the stars

    35. Fisk was the first one to grab the top of the low wall and vault himself over

    36. leaped high into the vault of the heavens behind him as the first words of a most important

    37. vault”, it’s not going anywhere

    38. affair! I felt with my penis I could pole vault out of bed in the

    39. Together they walked into the bank vault to store

    40. Professor Lively led Tracy to the back of the archives where there was a huge vault

    41. Pneumo cut it with, ”Uh, please excuse me, Gianni, but I have to vault ahead to the Zeughaus

    42. God actually watches every monitor at once, and is intimately involved with every bit of the videotape in the vault

    43. He took her back to the vault himself, carrying the box to a

    44. The moon took its place in the firmament and a hundred of stars dispersed on the dark vault of the night

    45. vault up the stairs, two police officers stopped him and forced him to

    46. into the foundation, where they were linked to a company data storage vault that had only

    47. “Get up, this is no time to rest!” whooped the Dangler as his shadow soared over the children like a cloud passing under the sun—he jammed his pole in the ground between them and used it to vault himself off the boat over their heads

    48. He went through the motions in the Long Jump and Pole Vault, only to surprise

    49. Money is not to be left to gather dust in a mouldy bank vault but to be enjoyed, spread around, used

    50. His ashes were interred in the Hamilton Family Vault

    1. He ran to the starboard rail and flung that ship's pin from his only previous voyage as far as he could into the river, then ran back to the port side and vaulted over the rail

    2. Before Kai could move, Rayne took his dare and vaulted over the gate landing lightly on her feet

    3. All the way to the great vaulted station that stood at the heart of

    4. candles around the huge, vaulted hall

    5. Yet, it has been vaulted to the point that we accept, without question, the saying: 'A picture is worth a thousand words,' this does a disgraceful injustice to the picture however flattering it may be to the language of words and wordsmiths

    6. She vaulted over the thumor bushes beyond that and there was the stream

    7. vaulted in Spanish chestnut, with a channel of fresh water

    8. Nerissa studied the vaulted patch of night

    9. The Court Chamber was fifty paces by fifty, polished blue marble columns supported a vaulted ceiling worked with gilt, and the floor was white and black marble squares

    10. “Bwaaaaaahh!” The bookman vaulted out of the chair, now alert, yet bewildered

    11. Suddenly, the hoard of Halflings vaulted into action, following Forgo’s instructions lest he blow his stack and start yelling again

    12. But one voice broke through the commotion loud and clear, shocking them all: it was Nutylla Parfinn screaming “Soapy!” as she vaulted off Dorro’s wagon

    13. At that, Longleaf vaulted off the ground, pure hatred in his eyes, and was inches from throttling Fysto when he was jumped by two mercenaries and bashed on the head with their metal sword hilts

    14. Again and again was the yell repeated, drowning the loud tones of the band, which were re-echoing beneath the vaulted entrance to the Castle as the troops filed through into the courtyard

    15. Sicarius vaulted over a sofa, landed without a sound, and blended into the shadows behind the door again

    16. Head slowly moving from side to side, he drank in every detail– the large expanse of floor that still held the Magi's teeth-marks, even after all the generations of badgers who must have walked across its sanctified surface, the walls covered with deliciously intricate and delicate patterns, the vaulted ceiling that disappeared from view far above his head

    17. It vaulted away from us in a breathtaking sweep, covered in paintings, fine mouldings, and gold leaf

    18. vaulted over to the edge of the ravine

    19. The thick deep pile of the rug and the vaulted chambers overhead sucked up the small sounds and distorted them, giving them a solemnity beyond any real weight or importance

    20. Then I stood in a long white marble hall, with great pillars and vaulted ceilings, with reliefs of men and women locked in combat, ferocious scenes of violence that shifted under my vision

    21. Scram vaulted the score

    22. the green dragon vaulted into the air and rose on

    23. Vaulted over the deep blue sea

    24. straight up the embankment and vaulted over the iron railing that went around my patio

    25. He vaulted with immense strength, at least as high as Orphenn

    26. He vaulted airily to the top of the rail fence and chanted insultingly,

    27. She vaulted lightly to a seat on the pine tree, and laid the offending muff on a bough

    28. Cloud was vaulted into a narrow corridor, strewn with force

    29. She followed Libuse’s example and vaulted the banister so that no one saw her land

    30. The hall proved to be a huge room with a high vaulted ceiling all of masonry

    31. The inside of the impressive high vaulted venue was organised chaos, hundreds of chairs had been laid out in front of the stage where the guest speakers would address the delegates

    32. regaining his faculties, he vaulted forward, grabbed my shoulders, and hurled me onto my

    33. �The blast and concussion of the bomb, though fabricated with only a quarter pound of plastique, was echoed and ampli�fied and re-echoed and re-amplified vertically up midst the pillars and vaulted ceilings and statues and stained glass windows to such an extent that it sounded as if multiple bombs of diminishing power had gone off in a ripple

    34. At a great distance across the still-rushing water that separated them from their escape, a mighty pillar of smoke vaulted into the heavens

    35. The walls were built of a close approximation of cinder blocks, the ceilings were vaulted corrugated tin over two-by-fours attached to steel beams

    36. vaulted into the heavens

    37. vaulted archway leading into the hillside, and a rectangular piece

    38. Batistuta vaulted up the

    39. The carpets were woven of a soft plush material with no visible seam as they joined the walls and covered them, as well as the vaulted ceiling

    40. As Batisuta vaulted after the

    41. Batistuta vaulted down the

    42. Meo vaulted to the wal s of the cabin as Batistuta riddled

    43. With a growing bruise on her hip from being vaulted from the saddle it had only taken one such display to prove that she should give up her idea of escape

    44. Titus rolled his eyes in exasperation and vaulted from his saddle at the creature as it raked its talons across her chest, ripping her clothing but the thick rings of her chain vest below held back the vicious assault

    45. He vaulted over a stack of crates and landed in something wet

    46. He went straight for a service gate which was not attended but locked so he vaulted over and headed into the parking area where there were any number of small planes, some with engines running doing checks and most tied down to their anchor points

    47. As Mark vaulted the gate and headed for the plane parking area they were given the signal to follow

    48. Upstairs you could often find a gymnasium, and at the rear, a Turkish bath replete with steam rooms, dry rooms with ‘Eastern’ style vaulted ceilings, plastic couches, massage room, cooling-off lounge and private cubicles

    49. The ceiling was vaulted a hundred yards above and reflected the torchlight that flickered from the passage of the nervous goblins

    50. Their Council Chamber was lit with bright candelabras and an iron chandelier that was suspended by a large chain hanging from the vaulted ceiling

    1. Aspen detoured into the trees off the side of the main gate, vaulting the fence

    2. drinking, vaulting the fences in their own version of the Grand National and leaving a trail of litter and slightly damaged plants, but judging the

    3. that looked like the padded top of a vaulting

    4. Vaulting over the low hedge, Alex threw himself through the open shed door and slammed it shut behind him, leaning his forehead against the rough woodwork, heaving and coughing as he tried to recover his breath

    5. In a few moments the horse was resaddled and she was vaulting on top of him, pulling hard on the reins, wheeling him out of the doorway and thundering through the main gates

    6. But she had happened to glance backward up the valley and had seen Norman Douglas vaulting as airily as a stripling over the old stone dyke of the Bailey garden and thought he was on his way up the hill

    7. The slaves and guards around the construction-site were startled to hear the clash of the advance group vaulting into the fort and meeting the four guards inside -- followed soon by the sounds and sight of nineteen fighters bursting together from the trees downhill, some of them yelling and whooping as they ran with raised weapons

    8. She retained a more vivid memory of him running fleetly into the shadows of the trees, carrying her like a child, and vaulting into the saddle of a fierce Bhalkhana stallion which reared and snorted

    9. Robert Hulle was working at his drawing board, preparing plans for the vaulting below the abbey tower

    10. Vaulting over the low wall from the park, now on the Steps themselves

    11. She quickly navigated through the castle, ignoring and vaulting over the bodies of the guards with which Atargatis had, true to her word, painted the walls

    12. The stone vaulting over the south aisle was destroyed completely in the first bay and partially in the second

    13. Sitting on a bench, Merthin looked into the fire and visualized the wooden scaffolding he would build for the masons who would reconstruct the collapsed vaulting in the cathedral

    14. There were formulae for calculating costs per square foot of wall, per cubic yard of infill, per foot of a roof span, and for more intricate work such as arches and vaulting

    15. She recalled going up into the space over the vaulting with Merthin, and overhearing that dreadful interaction between Brother Thomas and his estranged wife, the conversation that had crystallized all her fears and made her turn Merthin down

    16. While I stood with Valdeen and called for backup, Wolfe gave Conklin a workout, vaulting over seats, stiff-arming spectators as he wildly searched for an exit

    17. Jean Valjean laid Marius down along the wall, on the dry portion of the vaulting, then he went to the grating and clenched both fists round the bars; the shock which he gave it was frenzied, but it did not move

    18. He put his foot into the stirrup, rose in it, and was on the point of vaulting over the saddle, when his horse shied at a pig and backed up toward the picket fence; he was a heavy man and did not get into his saddle, but fell over, with his belly on picket

    19. "I shall not require you—you may remain at home," said Imre, as, taking the bridle of one of the horses, vaulting lightly into the saddle, he pressed his csako over his brow and galloped from the castle

    20. Back of the rows of oaks are some splendid specimens of the finest early architecture for residence purposes; spacious homes, with rounded, vaulting white columns to support the arched façades which project over the windows of the second story

    21. Adjoining to the church, on the south side, is a detached chapel of transition Norman work, with an apse vaulted with good ribs and vaulting shafts

    1. Some of them had resided in server vaults in big cities before the asteroids were colonized by robots under Angel control

    2. buried deep beneath the crumbling vaults of stone that formed the roof of the world

    3. Chains hung here, across the old spanned vaults

    4. When projects were completed or when held for anticipated funding---'plannae interruptus,' as the condition was internally dubbed, it was Harry who filed the plans and drawings away in the vaults for safe-keeping

    5. That evening, after a meager meal, he looked through the conceptual drafts of the plans; no harm in that, he thought, they might after all be put into his charge for the vaults anyway

    6. vaults of the choir several days beforehand, and a lot of

    7. ‘The last time any vaults had been entered, we believe, had been over twenty years prior to now

    8. And a nice room it was too, reminding one of Liberace’s boiler room, all fluted columns soaring into the corbelled vaults

    9. vaults in amphitheaters, bathes, and public buildings and her empire-connecting road system

    10. I saw the treasuries of all the winds; I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation and the firm foundations of the Earth; And I saw the corner stone of the Earth; I saw the four winds which bear the Earth and the firmament of the Heaven; And I saw how the winds stretch out the vaults of Heaven, and have their station between Heaven and Earth: these are the pillars of the Heaven

    11. I saw the treasuries of all the winds; I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation and the firm foundations of the Earth; And I saw the corner stone of the Earth; I saw the four winds which bear the Earth and the firmament of the Heaven; And I saw how the winds stretch out the vaults of Heaven and have their station between Heaven and Earth: these are the pillars of the Heaven

    12. Of bank vaults

    13. We may need to reconsider the design, with an eye to increasing the vaults and storage

    14. within the vaults of H

    15. thinking that vaults you forward toward success

    16. ever want out of bank vaults

    17. there is an equal value of gold stored in the government vaults

    18. We flourished like weeds in the garden of Wishbone, like silver in the vaults of finance

    19. “Bring me your relics and your gold,” she ordered and he unlocked the vaults to give her access

    20. "He will not come into the vaults until the demons have torn your bones from their chains

    21. A few quick strides brought him to the threshold—a squeal of high-pitched laughter shrilled through the vaults, and the grille shot home under his very fingers, the bolt crashed down

    22. The many valuable works of art had been stashed away in vaults and secret locations around the globe

    23. An awful groan reverberated through the vaults

    24. “Everyone is headed down to the vaults to hide

    25. “The last of the scientists and their families are holed up in some kind of vaults buried in the lowest levels

    26. "In summary, the plan was this: Colonel Orlov would transport the Romanov treasure by train to the Pacific port of Vladivostok, load it onto a commissioned or commandeered ship and sail for San Francisco where the valuable cargo would be placed in vaults at various banks to await the arrival of the Tsar and his family

    27. Gerard has emptied his own bank accounts and collected most of his cash and other valuable items from the vaults to take with him until he can find a new way to store them

    28. down at the root of the hill now; my bike vaults in the air for a moment; I can

    29. there are more unexplored vaults of mind directly in front of us

    30. turned into the main chamber of the vaults

    31. information hidden in the vaults was going to be

    32. tunnels and burial vaults

    33. It is attached to a long slender leg that attacks with all the force it can muster as Pandora Driver vaults over the counter at him

    34. Bank vaults then were filled up with commodities that ended up never being used

    35. But the fact had been logged by the network operators at Global Crossroads, based deep in the vaults of the old Financial Times building at Canary Wharf, in the docklands area of London

    36. The individually sealed leather bags of diamonds would be collected centrally and stored, pending their eventual move, in the vaults of the Reserve Bank

    37. The Range Rover had not simply slipped through the fortified walls of the bank into its re-enforced vaults and the alarmed, steel cavern which held the bullion

    38. He needed to raid the safe or the vaults

    39. “Not a word,” she said, “but I have managed to persuade an old chum of mine – ex Military Police – to let me have a quiet and unofficial look, if he can get hold of them from the vaults where the archives are stored

    40. Somehow, she persuaded him to dig out Vaughan’s old records from the vaults – you remember he was a Commander there running the Fraud Squad before he went to the Bank of England

    41. The Treasure lies in the vaults of the Namibian Government until the

    42. NuFaith was confronted with a previous self still alive in the digital vaults of her all caring country

    43. thesecretaries worked were called *covachuelas*, little caves, becauselocated in the vaults of the old royal palace)

    44. Our churches--all those I have seen--are either like vaults or barns, the vault variety being slightly better and also scarcer

    45. ” I anticipated viewing religious artwork, but the tunneled passageway at the bottom was lined on both sides with limestone and mortar; extending along the narrow sides were recessed vaults that housed coffins

    46. Before World War II the shelter’s building was a bank, and in the basement were two huge bank vaults that had been in the building for over a hundred years

    47. When I say these vaults were huge, I mean really huge

    48. In one of these vaults we stored the most precious supplies that the shelter needed

    49. Every stock brokerage firm has millions of dollars in stocks and bonds stored in its vaults as a convenience to customers

    50. Either moved brick-by-brick, like some gigantic 3D puzzle, to a ‘touristy’ part of town; or even more curiously packed away in crates deep in the vaults below the Council House Such was progress

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