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Vault in a sentence | vault example sentences

  1. I will open the vault.
  2. The Vault was a place of.
  3. The Independents and the Vault.
  4. Next stop was the vault records.
  5. They are resting in a bank vault.

  6. As do the stars beneath thy vault.
  7. Thy coffin lies handy to the vault.
  8. These were kept in a special vault.
  9. Thomas booked a vault room for his.
  10. Zach went over to the oak vault door.
  11. Walking into the vault I was stunned.
  12. So the Vault offered his only escape.
  13. Another vault of pain shot through him.
  14. Wilson and pulled him back into the vault.
  15. Hawala, had opened its largest vault to.

  16. They stood for a moment in the ancient vault.
  17. We built the vault as high as we could reach.
  18. The vault has a lock, and the things in code.
  19. I think they were deposited in the vault at St.
  20. This time getting into the vault seemed easier.
  21. Jack entered the code and the vault door opened.
  22. The supply vault with all the towels and linens.
  23. They climbed back up the steps and left the vault.
  24. You've not even put the vault in under the bells.
  25. The body itself he placed in a refrigerating vault.

  26. Together they walked into the bank vault to store.
  27. So that night we found a bunch of guys in the vault.
  28. I went upstairs to the vault to look at Ali's books.
  29. It wasn’t in the vault, but it was in the computer.
  30. There was only one thing there: a massive vault door.
  31. A moan was wrenched from deep inside the vault of his.
  32. In a clearing beneath a great vault of branches they.
  33. Like a choir of young worms at a corpse in the vault;.
  34. And he said, Hey, man, its the Vault of Nostradamus.
  35. Inside the vault, Henriette could hear the sound of rats.
  36. You stay here and count the stones in an aisle vault.
  37. Caris was intrigued to see the vault from the other side.
  38. The location of their vault was known only to a select.
  39. Immediately the door opened and Jack walked to the vault.
  40. His ashes were interred in the Hamilton Family Vault ….
  41. At last I said, They can't all be there in that one vault.
  42. David stepped aside to let them pass by and out of the vault.
  43. The Vault widened out into a chamber filled with overloaded.
  44. The place was as locked down for me as a vault at Fort Knox.
  45. The first priority was the loss of $163,000 from their vault.
  46. He took her back to the vault himself, carrying the box to a.
  47. It was there I came out of the vault and declared myself a MA.
  48. This is my vault, said the abbot, a little unnecessarily.
  49. Then he closed the vault door with the priest assassin inside.
  50. I saw a lot of different singers and musicians in that vault.
  51. Open the vault, slide him out, slowly pull back the white sheet.
  52. The younger of the two men said, You underestimate our vault.
  53. In the Vault, the archivist was king, royalty from upstairs were.
  54. He had already booked the vault for himself, Cheryl and another.
  55. Closing the door, I locked the trip away in the vault of my mind.
  56. What did I need money for? I was practically born in a bank vault.
  57. The cost for use of the vault, considered one of the most secure.
  58. However, he left two things behind in the vault, which was cursed.
  59. At his death, his body was embalmed and placed in the vault!.
  60. The vault faced on to a larger room with Dutch doors that led to a.
  61. Vamana expanded far past the heavenly vault and traversed both the.
  62. Somehow these clues must together form a word to open the vault door.
  63. Professor John Morse shined his flashlight into the Nostradamus Vault.
  64. It was a dry day with high pale cloud roofing the cold vault of heaven.
  65. You could be accessing this vault of explosive knowledge which would.
  66. They also had sole control over all movements in and out of the vault.
  67. The tomb house? The family vault? There must be a name on the portico.
  68. The big, warm thighs he’d felt against his own, dancing at the Vault.
  69. Outside, the night air was cold and bracing, and in the black vault of.
  70. I suppose there must be a vault underneath the crypt of Juliet‘s tomb.
  71. She always goes to the other vault, which contains mostly silver pennies.
  72. Their torches bobbed away into the nighted vault, and he followed swiftly.
  73. It was not an ordinary pit, but hollowed out under the ground like a vault.
  74. He had returned, shoving the monster inside him back into a vault somewhere.
  75. I tried to get a sense of what he was feeling, but he was a vault once more.
  76. Fisk was the first one to grab the top of the low wall and vault himself over.
  77. There’s a vault under the house that has some very valuable things in it.
  78. This vault had for ceiling a vault of stone, and for floor ten inches of mud.
  79. He went through the motions in the Long Jump and Pole Vault, only to surprise.
  80. An ally I selected to aid me in my quest for the contents of the Black Vault.
  81. Philemon opened the vault in the floor, took out the chest and removed the nails.
  82. He took the key, opened the vault, and again courteously motioned me to precede.
  83. He opened the middle drawer where he knew Helen kept her access card to the vault.
  84. No matter how he tried to the Guardian would never be able to penetrate our vault.
  85. Everything within this vault was hard to get used to, he may never get used to it.
  86. Before stepping inside the shielded uranium vault, Nancy gave her camera to Farah.
  87. Jack didn’t have the equipment on him to blow the vault door which was a problem.
  88. As Roric entered the vault room today Abby was there waiting to greet him as usual.
  89. Professor Lively led Tracy to the back of the archives where there was a huge vault.
  90. Morse took out the first letter written by Nostradamus that they had found in the vault.
  91. He left her to return to their cabin, whilst the statuette was retrieved from the vault.
  92. He had therefore purchased a vault, which was quickly occupied by members of his family.
  93. When a new leader was voted in, the site of the vault was passed on in a sealed package.
  94. I spent the first year with the firm buried in a vault doing nothing but document review.
  95. Captain Steel enquired about their plans for the cargo in the vault and vacating the ship.
  96. The bottom of the vault where Crumley and blind Henry and I had stood a thousand years ago.
  97. The vault of heaven, full of soft, shining stars, stretched vast and fathomless above him.
  98. They replaced all the coins in the chest, locked it and put it back in its underfloor vault.
  99. The vials looked as though they belonged in a glass case in a museum, or locked in a vault.
  100. Rivera looking even more clueless than when he later went in search of Al Capone’s vault.
  1. Vaulting over the low wall from the park, now on the Steps themselves.
  2. Aspen detoured into the trees off the side of the main gate, vaulting the fence.
  3. Robert Hulle was working at his drawing board, preparing plans for the vaulting below the abbey tower.
  4. The stone vaulting over the south aisle was destroyed completely in the first bay and partially in the second.
  5. Adjoining to the church, on the south side, is a detached chapel of transition Norman work, with an apse vaulted with good ribs and vaulting shafts.
  6. She quickly navigated through the castle, ignoring and vaulting over the bodies of the guards with which Atargatis had, true to her word, painted the walls.
  7. While I stood with Valdeen and called for backup, Wolfe gave Conklin a workout, vaulting over seats, stiff-arming spectators as he wildly searched for an exit.
  8. There were formulae for calculating costs per square foot of wall, per cubic yard of infill, per foot of a roof span, and for more intricate work such as arches and vaulting.
  9. In a few moments the horse was resaddled and she was vaulting on top of him, pulling hard on the reins, wheeling him out of the doorway and thundering through the main gates.
  10. Sitting on a bench, Merthin looked into the fire and visualized the wooden scaffolding he would build for the masons who would reconstruct the collapsed vaulting in the cathedral.
  11. She retained a more vivid memory of him running fleetly into the shadows of the trees, carrying her like a child, and vaulting into the saddle of a fierce Bhalkhana stallion which reared and snorted.
  12. But she had happened to glance backward up the valley and had seen Norman Douglas vaulting as airily as a stripling over the old stone dyke of the Bailey garden and thought he was on his way up the hill.
  13. Vaulting over the low hedge, Alex threw himself through the open shed door and slammed it shut behind him, leaning his forehead against the rough woodwork, heaving and coughing as he tried to recover his breath.
  14. Jean Valjean laid Marius down along the wall, on the dry portion of the vaulting, then he went to the grating and clenched both fists round the bars; the shock which he gave it was frenzied, but it did not move.
  15. She recalled going up into the space over the vaulting with Merthin, and overhearing that dreadful interaction between Brother Thomas and his estranged wife, the conversation that had crystallized all her fears and made her turn Merthin down.
  16. Back of the rows of oaks are some splendid specimens of the finest early architecture for residence purposes; spacious homes, with rounded, vaulting white columns to support the arched façades which project over the windows of the second story.
  17. He put his foot into the stirrup, rose in it, and was on the point of vaulting over the saddle, when his horse shied at a pig and backed up toward the picket fence; he was a heavy man and did not get into his saddle, but fell over, with his belly on picket.
  18. The slaves and guards around the construction-site were startled to hear the clash of the advance group vaulting into the fort and meeting the four guards inside -- followed soon by the sounds and sight of nineteen fighters bursting together from the trees downhill, some of them yelling and whooping as they ran with raised weapons.
  1. Janelle vaulted off the couch.
  2. Vaulted over the deep blue sea.
  3. As Batisuta vaulted after the.
  4. And there she vaulted off with it.
  5. In an instant the man had vaulted.
  6. He vaulted off his horse and ran into.
  7. Nerissa studied the vaulted patch of night.
  8. Jamison vaulted from his seat and ran to the.
  9. It was a big room with a high vaulted ceiling.
  10. One of them vaulted out an empty window frame.
  11. And there she vaulted off with it, a wild thief.
  12. Anne locked the gate and Emory vaulted to safety.
  13. The vaulted ceiling glittered with broad chandeliers.
  14. The vaulted corridor ended at a door, which she opened.
  15. She vaulted forward as if she had springs in her feet.
  16. Meo vaulted to the wal s of the cabin as Batistuta riddled.
  17. Cloud was vaulted into a narrow corridor, strewn with force.
  18. Greg vaulted from the kitchen and concentrated on the screen.
  19. Going to the nearest teller where the vaulted safety deposit.
  20. One of the gangsters, having vaulted the bar, was unscrewing.
  21. He vaulted over a stack of crates and landed in something wet.
  22. They were more stairs at the end of it and he vaulted up them.
  23. He vaulted with immense strength, at least as high as Orphenn.
  24. Sig followed as he vaulted out of the window to the asphalt below.
  25. All the way to the great vaulted station that stood at the heart of.
  26. Crookback chuckled and vaulted down to the ground, tossing his branch.
  27. Merthin craned his neck to look up at the vaulted ceiling over the aisle.
  28. She vaulted over the thumor bushes beyond that and there was the stream.
  29. Crookback vaulted onto the boulder with surprising agility for someone of.
  30. It came from a gigantic red jewel high up in the vaulted arch of the dome.
  31. Carroll used his good arm on the restraining wall and vaulted over the side.
  32. His body low to the ground, Carroll vaulted up the building’s stone steps.
  33. He turned white to the lips, ran for the fence, vaulted it and disappeared.
  34. The hall proved to be a huge room with a high vaulted ceiling all of masonry.
  35. With a cry of anguish, Halfshaft vaulted from the tree, dashing to Takina’s.
  36. The small being vaulted out of the lumberjack’s chest and towards the riders.
  37. The second door opened into a large, vaulted room with small iron-grated windows.
  38. Bwaaaaaahh! The bookman vaulted out of the chair, now alert, yet bewildered.
  39. Roy vaulted over the graveyard gate and sank down in shadow like someone drowning.
  40. At the sight she found her voice in a shriek which echoed down the vaulted tunnel.
  41. TRACKER ARE ALL SYSTEMS on line? Greg asked as he vaulted into the pilot seat.
  42. Her hands touched the floor of the stage as she vaulted up and onto the stage floor.
  43. A large vestibule with vaulted cathedral ceilings opens up as I reach the third floor.
  44. She followed Libuse’s example and vaulted the banister so that no one saw her land.
  45. A crystal chandelier hung above them, from the vaulted ceiling that carried on upward.
  46. She vaulted lightly to a seat on the pine tree, and laid the offending muff on a bough.
  47. And the vaulted ceiling was crowned by skylights, leading to the overhanging firmament.
  48. Beyond the heavy, rusty iron bars, a sort of dark and vaulted corridor could be descried.
  49. The Dragons vaulted over the outlet and abseiled down the wall on the other side quickly.
  50. With a shriek of indignant rage, Halfshaft vaulted out of the grave in which he had sought.
  51. Small rooms rusted sink vaulted ceiling century-old smells mingling with musty animal smells.
  52. Down the corridor arms clanged and the tramp and shouting of men echoed under the vaulted roof.
  53. The army of goblins and orcs cheered a bellowing roar that reverberated up to the vaulted ceiling.
  54. A wave of heat washed over the vaulted room as a bright, red sphere appeared over the proscenium.
  55. Before Kai could move, Rayne took his dare and vaulted over the gate landing lightly on her feet.
  56. Palace and prison were connected by a long closed gallery, whose vaulted roof rose on gloomy arches.
  57. As Mark vaulted the gate and headed for the plane parking area they were given the signal to follow.
  58. Natural light filtered down through skylights set high above in the long vaulted ceiling of the room.
  59. It vaulted away from us in a breathtaking sweep, covered in paintings, fine mouldings, and gold leaf.
  60. Not you, but rather the inanimate stone… that vaulted ceiling … that pavement … do I call upon.
  61. I vaulted upward to stand on her upper horns and then I flipped over her neck frill to land on her neck.
  62. Sicarius vaulted over a sofa, landed without a sound, and blended into the shadows behind the door again.
  63. The first apartment behind the entrance doors was a large vaulted room with iron bars to the small windows.
  64. This time though, Upaya vaulted shoulder-first into Surya and sent him skidding along the moon’s crust!.
  65. The backside of the receiving area is a birdcage, vaulted ceiling lined with reinforcing bars and spotlights.
  66. Before she could reach him, Richard pulled himself up, and with one violent thrust, vaulted himself over the railing.
  67. He was only ten feet from Gaal when the thing vaulted itself to the top of a four foot boulder, then sprang at Gaal.
  68. The list was read, in the vaulted chamber where Darnay had seen the associated prisoners on the night of his arrival.
  69. The priest led them downward again, and Morse could see there was a large room down here with a tall, vaulted ceiling.
  70. Under that sloping roof was a triangular void, its floor the hidden side, or extrados, of the aisle’ s vaulted ceiling.
  71. The vaulted ceiling was of lapis lazuli, adorned with clusters of great green stones that gleamed with a poisonous radiance.
  72. Droolmeister, similarly, had taken three big steps and vaulted over a short ranch-style fence on the other side of the road.
  73. Just then a shrapnel shell burst directly overhead, and the Cockney, without using his stirrup, vaulted clean into the saddle.
  74. They traversed a long, dark, vaulted corridor in which, Conan noticed uneasily, the skull on the staff glowed phosphorescently.
  75. Wolfe was the first to it, and vaulted up on it at the run; Glain’s long legs scrambled her up to the top, where she crouched.
  76. The ceiling was vaulted a hundred yards above and reflected the torchlight that flickered from the passage of the nervous goblins.
  77. As one the surviving group of giants seized a hold of the Nathaniel and vaulted their way aboard to land on the flat iron clad deck.
  78. Most often, as soon as he had drawn the bull off, this assistant ran for the high fence and vaulted out of the ring to save himself.
  79. The guards lead their prisoner to the close, gloomy vaulted prison in the ancient palace of the Holy Inquisition and shut Him in it.
  80. Suddenly, the hoard of Halflings vaulted into action, following Forgo’s instructions lest he blow his stack and start yelling again.
  81. I’ve seen a lot of gruesome scenes in my fourteen years in Homicide, and this one vaulted to the top of the most gruesome list.
  82. Her actions this day had just vaulted her, at an early age in the life of a Trican, into the dominant role of alpha female of the herd.
  83. Then, he vaulted over the compound wall of NAT (The National Archaeological Treasury) and looked around to see if he was being watched.
  84. He vaulted to the machine again, his teeth like those you saw in dental windows, alone, grimacing at you, as you passed by late at night.
  85. But the embargo has failed, it has been triumphantly asserted on one side of the House, and echoed along the vaulted dome from the other.
  86. What would become of Marie? Pougatcheff descended the steps and vaulted quickly into his saddle without the aid of his attendant Cossacks.
  87. And the full chorus of the unseen choir rose up, filling the whole church, from the windows to the vaulted roof, with broad waves of melody.
  88. At a great distance across the still-rushing water that separated them from their escape, a mighty pillar of smoke vaulted into the heavens.
  89. Right, Sarge! Private Kyndyrs saluted, vaulted back into his saddle, and disappeared down the muddy track to Treykyn in a spatter of mud.
  90. There were more riders coming and I wasted no time, but vaulted up into the saddle of the fallen bandit's horse and turned tail for the oasis.
  91. She knew that the alternating courses of sand and amber stone that vaulted upward over the Imperial heads constituted an architectural wonder.
  92. The carpets were woven of a soft plush material with no visible seam as they joined the walls and covered them, as well as the vaulted ceiling.
  93. Halfshaft vaulted over the blind little miner and was a couple of dozen yards down the path before he realised the full horror of his situation.
  94. Their Council Chamber was lit with bright candelabras and an iron chandelier that was suspended by a large chain hanging from the vaulted ceiling.
  95. The walls were built of a close approximation of cinder blocks, the ceilings were vaulted corrugated tin over two-by-fours attached to steel beams.
  96. Adjoining to the church, on the south side, is a detached chapel of transition Norman work, with an apse vaulted with good ribs and vaulting shafts.
  97. There had been a six foot wall a few hundred yards back, but I’d vaulted easily over it, the iron tablets I’d taken earlier starting to kick in.
  98. They could no longer see the flying figure, but they still heard his frightful screams, dwindling in the distance, and echoing as from vaulted roofs.
  99. Finally he said, Somehow Thorne found out that the Galaef's personal secretary wears a ring which is a key to the vaulted door of the computer planet.
  100. He then vaulted the back fence, ran across the darkened school grounds to the corner of the street where there was a public telephone, and dialled 000.
  1. Or rather his bank vaults.
  2. Vaults and chest were empty.
  3. He needed to raid the safe or the vaults.
  4. Beth said: In hidden vaults in the floor.
  5. An awful groan reverberated through the vaults.
  6. She pointed at the film vaults as we swerved by.
  7. Chains hung here, across the old spanned vaults.
  8. But these vaults were not built with formwork.
  9. Everyone is headed down to the vaults to hide.
  10. Memory itself invaded the territorial film vaults.
  11. We were billeted in the vaults of Ypres Post Office.
  12. Beneath these vaults one hears the brooms of spectres.
  13. When I say these vaults were huge, I mean really huge.
  14. In which case, all the vaults would have the same curve.
  15. There are three more concealed vaults, Caris told him.
  16. The work is of the same early character as the other vaults.
  17. Caris opened both nuns ’ vaults and took out the two chests.
  18. The Gold in the vaults of the bank amounted to 2,186 metric tons.
  19. For he thought he heard a soft tread off in the subterranean vaults.
  20. The Treasure lies in the vaults of the Namibian Government until the.
  21. Then he lifted the stone slab over one of the nuns’ two vaults and took.
  22. Then people will store their receipts in banks in special fire-proof vaults.
  23. We’ve had a locked casket made to fit each of these vaults, she said.
  24. Bank vaults then were filled up with commodities that ended up never being used.
  25. In one of these vaults we stored the most precious supplies that the shelter needed.
  26. Dank vapors filled the cellar, rising through the trap from the deeper vaults below.
  27. We may need to reconsider the design, with an eye to increasing the vaults and storage.
  28. We flourished like weeds in the garden of Wishbone, like silver in the vaults of finance.
  29. He will not come into the vaults until the demons have torn your bones from their chains.
  30. It was the pterodactyl kite and scythe which raised his arms almost to fly the marbled vaults.
  31. I'll just walk up and down a minute, and see if I can call it back from recollection's vaults.
  32. Unhappy State, say I, whose safety depends upon a secret concealed within the vaults of a bank.
  33. Bring me your relics and your gold, she ordered and he unlocked the vaults to give her access.
  34. The many valuable works of art had been stashed away in vaults and secret locations around the globe.
  35. The first thing Merthin noticed was that the vaults, viewed from above, were not exactly the same in.
  36. Hoping to find jewelry buried with the dead, the Yankee soldiers had broken open vaults, dug up graves.
  37. These valuables would then be placed in the vaults of Fort Knox with all the gold that was found there.
  38. These books you see here are the last copies, kept for historical purposes in the locked museum vaults.
  39. NuFaith was confronted with a previous self still alive in the digital vaults of her all caring country.
  40. The private banking families sat in their castles and swelled their vaults with yet more bullion and money.
  41. I am most specifically interested in a specimen I believe you have only recently brought out from your vaults.
  42. I hid and watched and listened and then poleaxed him in the film vaults under the studio, halfway to the tombs.
  43. The last of the scientists and their families are holed up in some kind of vaults buried in the lowest levels.
  44. The catacombs, in which the first mass was said, were not alone the cellar of Rome, they were the vaults of the world.
  45. Every stock brokerage firm has millions of dollars in stocks and bonds stored in its vaults as a convenience to customers.
  46. Some of them had resided in server vaults in big cities before the asteroids were colonized by robots under Angel control.
  47. And a nice room it was too, reminding one of Liberace’s boiler room, all fluted columns soaring into the corbelled vaults.
  48. In this manner, the heaping up of the Parthenon, obliterated, a century ago, a portion of the vaults of Saint-Genevieve hill.
  49. Our churches--all those I have seen--are either like vaults or barns, the vault variety being slightly better and also scarcer.
  50. They walked into the vaults of the museum and Jago immediately moved to the section holding the records from the Penzance church.
  51. There rise, in obscurity, beneath vaults filled with gloom, beneath domes vague with shadow, massive altars of Babel, as high as.
  52. There they lay in their triangular oaken vaults, each mariner a chiselled muteness; a score of lamps flashing upon his hooded eyes.
  53. It is attached to a long slender leg that attacks with all the force it can muster as Pandora Driver vaults over the counter at him.
  54. They left the vaults and made their way to Armand’s living quarters, a modest apartment in a building attached to the church itself.
  55. The flagstones that disguised the vaults in the floor had been lifted and not put back, and the lid of the ironbound chest stood open.
  56. But we are asked for the means of carrying on the war, and those who oppose it triumphantly appeal to the vacant vaults of the Treasury.
  57. In this expectation the Grenadiers descended with torches into the vaults, and without compunction disturbed even the bones of the dead.
  58. But how to prove humanity if they hid in the high vaults of the sky? How to bring them nearer and provide answers to the many questions?
  59. The makeup! When he saw me standing there in the vaults he was so damned shocked I had my chance to knock him down, lock him in the vaults.
  60. Pale as death, paler than when they found her among the vaults of the Cathedral in the Kremlin, she was unable for many minutes to open her lips.
  61. The individually sealed leather bags of diamonds would be collected centrally and stored, pending their eventual move, in the vaults of the Reserve Bank.
  62. The Federal Reserve and other central banks hold gold bullion in vaults for monetary purposes, and economists sometimes use gold as a measure of inflation.
  63. Every one draws into its vaults, subject to the demands of Government, the revenue collected at the less important ports in the same quarter of the country.
  64. Before World War II the shelter’s building was a bank, and in the basement were two huge bank vaults that had been in the building for over a hundred years.
  65. Down in the vaults of saint Werburgh's lovely old organ hundred and fifty they have to bore a hole in the coffins sometimes to let out the bad gas and burn it.
  66. The Range Rover had not simply slipped through the fortified walls of the bank into its re-enforced vaults and the alarmed, steel cavern which held the bullion.
  67. We had a charming time poking about the ruins, the vaults where the monster tun is, and the beautiful gardens made by the elector long ago for his English wife.
  68. Heat storage could be done through heat storage vaults or could be done simply through a south facing window that is shaded in the evenings to prevent heat loss.
  69. It’s also held in vaults to backstop various investment products, most notably a wide range of gold ETFs, which accounts for around 9 percent of overall demand.
  70. The dairy called Talbothays, for which she was bound, stood not remotely from some of the former estates of the d'Urbervilles, near the great family vaults of her.
  71. For, suspended in those watery vaults, floated the forms of the nursing mothers of the whales, and those that by their enormous girth seemed shortly to become mothers.
  72. Barrels of gunpowder had been placed in all the rooms of the Imperial palace, and one hundred and eighty-three thousand kilogrammes under the vaults that held them up.
  73. The specie circulation of the United States is estimated by some calculators at ten millions of dollars; and if it be no more, one moiety is in the vaults of this bank.
  74. Mr Bloom walked unheeded along his grove by saddened angels, crosses, broken pillars, family vaults, stone hopes praying with upcast eyes, old Ireland's hearts and hands.
  75. At that time last night, just twenty-four hours ago, we thought the silver of the mine safe in the Custom House vaults till the north-bound steamer came to take it away.
  76. Gerard has emptied his own bank accounts and collected most of his cash and other valuable items from the vaults to take with him until he can find a new way to store them.
  77. The fund actually holds physical gold in vaults located in secure locations, to give investors the ability to get exposure to physical gold without having to hold gold bullion.
  78. Vaults must protect their contents, even if the building around them is destroyed, and must also withstand the effects of fire hoses being played upon their heated outer casings.
  79. Somehow, she persuaded him to dig out Vaughan’s old records from the vaults – you remember he was a Commander there running the Fraud Squad before he went to the Bank of England.
  80. That evening, after a meager meal, he looked through the conceptual drafts of the plans; no harm in that, he thought, they might after all be put into his charge for the vaults anyway.
  81. Designed to track the spot price of bullion, GLD actually owns physical gold, which it stores in vaults protected by armed guards, high-tech security, and full-scale insurance coverage.
  82. A few quick strides brought him to the threshold—a squeal of high-pitched laughter shrilled through the vaults, and the grille shot home under his very fingers, the bolt crashed down.
  83. Yes, sir, there were then those surpluses in the Treasury, the ghosts of which lingered along its vaults for a time after their corporeal bodies departed, and were then heard of no more.
  84. But the fact had been logged by the network operators at Global Crossroads, based deep in the vaults of the old Financial Times building at Canary Wharf, in the docklands area of London.
  85. We blundered from one country to another, from a file of bones to a file of tins, from vaults of marble to vaults of concrete and suddenly we were in old-silent-black-and-white territory.
  86. But, sir, the United States have an influence over the Bank of the United States, which is wholly independent of, and unconnected with, the right of withdrawing their deposits from its vaults.
  87. The uproar which had so lately echoed through the vaults of the forest was gone, leaving the rush of the waters to swell and sink on the currents of the air, in the unmingled sweetness of nature.
  88. Either moved brick-by-brick, like some gigantic 3D puzzle, to a ‘touristy’ part of town; or even more curiously packed away in crates deep in the vaults below the Council House Such was progress.
  89. Sir, without indulging in vague conjectures, what are the best data we have to form an estimate of the amount of specie in the country? The Bank of the United States has five millions of dollars in its vaults.
  90. When projects were completed or when held for anticipated funding---'plannae interruptus,' as the condition was internally dubbed, it was Harry who filed the plans and drawings away in the vaults for safe-keeping.
  91. Not a word, she said, but I have managed to persuade an old chum of mine – ex Military Police – to let me have a quiet and unofficial look, if he can get hold of them from the vaults where the archives are stored.
  92. Sometimes the weight of the surrounding houses on a marly or sandy soil forced out the vaults of the subterranean galleries and caused them to bend aside, or it chanced that a flooring vault burst and split under this crushing thrust.
  93. The walls were eaten by saltpetre to such an extent that the authorities had been obliged to line the vaults of the dormitories with a sheathing of wood, because stones were in the habit of becoming detached and falling on the prisoners in their beds.
  94. The House went into Committee of the Whole on the following resolution, reported by the committee appointed to consider the petition of thirty-six citizens concerned in Miranda's expedition, and now confined in the vaults of Carthagena, South America:.
  95. Tess listlessly lent a hand, and in a quarter of an hour the old four-post bedstead was dissociated from the heap of goods, and erected under the south wall of the church, the part of the building known as the d'Urberville Aisle, beneath which the huge vaults lay.
  96. Casaubon did not find his spirits rising; nor did the contemplation of that matrimonial garden scene, where, as all experience showed, the path was to be bordered with flowers, prove persistently more enchanting to him than the accustomed vaults where he walked taper in hand.
  97. I have been one of the masters of the state; the vaults of the treasury were encumbered with specie to such a degree that we were forced to shore up the walls, which were on the point of bursting beneath the weight of gold and silver; I dined in Dead Tree Street, at twenty-two sous.
  98. The means employed by the British Cabinet to undermine it, have recoiled on themselves; have given to our national faculties a more rapid development; and draining or diverting the precious metals from British circulation and British vaults, have poured them into those of the United States.
  99. If you are satisfied with the old world, try to preserve it,—it is very decrepit and will not last long; but if it is unbearable for you to live in an eternal discord between convictions and life, to think one thing and do another, come out from under the whited mediæval vaults at your risk.
  100. As a matter of fact, the new-laid egg is but little larger than an ordinary goose egg, and as it does not commence to grow until subjected to the light of the sun the chieftains have little difficulty in transporting several hundreds of them at one time from the storage vaults to the incubators.

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