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    1. “UVS Holdings? UVS stands for Universal Vertex Stock Holdings

    2. For example, in general GPUs through the 1990s were mostly non-programmable and have only recently gained limited facilities like programmable vertex shaders

    3. The MST initially consists of the vertex e, and we update the distances and parent for its adjacent vertices

    4. If the next shortest path is to vertex u, then the path begins at v0, ends at u, and goes through only those vertices that are in S

    5. The destination of the next path generated must be that of vertex u which has the minimum distance, dist (u), among all vertices not in S

    6. Having selected a vertex u as in observation 2 and generated the shortest v0 to u path, vertex u becomes a member of S

    7. The ith decision involve determining which vertex in Vi+1, 1<=i<=k-2, is on the path

    8. The method computes from vertex 1 backward to the other vertices then return to vertex 1

    9. Let g(i,S) be the length of a shortest path starting at vertex i, going through all vertices in S, and terminating at vertex 1

    10. Cyclic/Acyclic: A cycle is a path that begins and ends at same vertex and A graph with no cycles is acyclic

    11. (i) Adjacency Matrix: A V x V array, with matrix[i][j] storing whether there is an edge between the ith vertex and the jth vertex

    12. It is one of the simplest algorithms for searching or visiting each vertex in a graph

    13. Choose any vertex say ‘v’, mark it as visited and put it on the end of the queue

    14. Remove a vertex from the front of the queue and repeat this procedure

    15. Initially all vertices except the start vertex are marked as unvisited and the queue contains the start vertex only

    16. Explored vertex: A vertex is said to be explored if all the adjacent vertices of v are visited

    17. A connected undirected graph is said to be bi-connected if it remains connected after removal of any one vertex and the edges that are incident upon that vertex

    18. ii) After deleting the vertex E and incident edges of E, the resulting components are

    19. • A Hamiltonian cycle is a round path along n edges of G which visits every vertex once and returns to its starting position

    20. The backtracking solution is a vector (x1… xn) where xi represents the ith visited vertex of the cycle

    21. Put the starting vertex at level 0 in the tree; call it the zero th vertex on the path

    22. At level 1, consider each vertex other than the starting vertex as the first vertex after the starting one

    23. At level 2, consider each of these same vertices as the second vertex, and so on

    24. Finally, at level n-1, consider each of these same vertices as the (n-1) st vertex

    25. The i th vertex on the path must be adjacent to the (i-1) st vertex on the path

    26. find the minimum tree to connect each vertex in C reduction

    27. Patients, they wrote, underwent “unnamed tortures when having their hands and feet strapped to the operating table, their heads shaved to the vertex [top of the skull], and the outside world masked from view by the towels and drapes

    28. Information cascades are fragile precisely because the collective information contained in the cascade can be seen as a pyramid standing upside down on its point or vertex

    29. Having calculated the objective function values in the vertices of the simplex, we find the worst of them and move the simplex so that all other vertices stay at their places and the vertex with the worst value is substituted with the vertex that is symmetrical to the worst one relative to the simplex center

    30. 4) has a higher objective function value as compared to node number 2 and hence substitutes for the latter becoming the new vertex of the simplex

    31. Catesby's variety with the ocellæ on the tail seems to be the least common; in general these spots, or epupillate ocellæ, are exclusively confined to a line on each side of the back, about six in each, extending from the base of the head to the origin of the tail, though there are sometimes scattered smaller ones on each side of the body, and upon the vertex of the head, they are of a beautiful reddish colour, enclosed by a definite black areola; the upper part of the body is brownish, with numerous, distant black points, and a slight vertebral, obtuse carina, the inferior surface of the body of a fine yellow or orange, with distant black points, the tail[37] is compressed, ancipital, attenuated to an obtuse tip, longer than the body, and punctured with black in like manner

    32. It forms Stone Hill, (N) a mile southwest of the college, on the vertex of which is argillaceous slate

    33. Here also argillaceous slate rests on the quartz, as well as on the vertex, and on the east side of Stone Hill

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