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    1. From tip to hilt, the blade's length matched the tower on which Onidas stood

    2. The gardener takes a tip from nature and uses this simple method to build the soil’s fertility

    3. Firstly, could you tell us if the operation came about as a result of a tip off, and if so, could you reveal to us the source

    4. ’ I replied, biting back the rude retort which is on the tip of my tongue … how dare he make it sound as though I yo-yo all over the place! ‘At least that is my intention

    5. Glenelle couldn't respond because she thought she might as well dare tip this shot back and found it was like biting down on two hundred twenty volts AC

    6. forces are marshalled, reach a critical point and then tip towards change

    7. things, all of these slight, needle tip sensations, were a lullaby for the child afraid of

    8. My life is balanced on the tip of a pin and she just runs the box past her scanner as though it was a bag of onions … it is almost funny

    9. Come on, what are you afraid of? I"l give you a tip

    10. There is a moment in every natural state, a moment before the reaction, when forces are marshalled, reach a critical point and then tip towards change

    1. sympathy sessions, an event actually causes the scales [controls] to be tipped in the other direction thus creating a different and, very

    2. He tipped up and finished his fourth cup of that ale and signaled the kegman for his fifth

    3. "We really shouldn't have more than one of these," Ava said when she tipped hers up

    4. There were no proven models of that atmosphere and climate, some worry that the climate could be tipped by the impact and that the planet would never recover

    5. I tipped the second bag out onto the mattress and turned each fabulous new toy over and over in my hands

    6. On Earth the life-to-economy ratio was tipped a lot farther on the side of economy than here

    7. Her breasts thrust proud and firm in front of her, tipped with long, permanently erect nipples that are purple-black

    8. these same hands hold pens, broad tipped

    9. “Nice to see that you’re still with us Daniel,” they shook hands, and he tipped his cap to Kate

    10. ” He tipped his head in that direction but she wasn’t watching

    1. I felt the chair tipping backwards and although I tried to grab hold of the man in front of me to stop myself from falling backwards, the stars in front of my eyes created a storm of interference disabling my faculties

    2. tipping on loosed ropes, spilling screams into the sea,

    3. He must have stepped over the back of the bench because when she noticed him, he was just lounging there, tipping back that bottle like he’d been sitting there awhile

    4. point of almost tipping the van, but Johnson held tight

    5. Tipping her head sideways, so only he could hear, she whispered

    6. She walked over to Jakkar, who seemed oblivious to the entire conversation, his lumpy body resting against the wall in order to avoid tipping over

    7. Tipping his head back, Homer drank a sip

    8. After tipping Corpulus with ample coin and faring well a saddened Sorex - who perked up when she told him she would be back in Solitude again soon enough on private business – Penelope departed the inn and the city, to head southeast to her brother’s post

    9. Someone in Men of Midas is tipping them off

    10. The latter had become increasing difficult to maintain without tipping into the role of paranoid tyrant

    1. for PG Tips, it was so refreshing [a pun?] to be asked to

    2. Try these tips to overcome sleep problems:

    3. Dietary and health related tips for Stress control

    4. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    5. Causes: Caused by early removal of winter protection, new shoot tips are damaged, diseases will attack and enter plant


    7. There are useful tips on matters related to health

    8. Too many books are written every year about how to become a better you and different “Christian” tips on how to be successful

    9. of his spent muscles with the tips

    10. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots

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