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    1. However, what bothers me most is that shrew of Lucy Parissis: She is a wayward old-maid who has come to Pangaea recently

    2. My magnificent father would never again hold his wayward boy in his arms

    3. All I wanted was to be on the stage and for that I was condemned by the priests for being wayward

    4. Every now and then Alec came to his senses and pushed Nathalia away, forcing her to rent out her own quarters at the Wayward Inn

    5. The patrons of the Wayward Inn

    6. He briefly surveyed the rest of his surroundings, quickly realizing that he had managed to safely return to his cramped quarters above the Wayward Inn

    7. He remembered that not too long ago, the Wayward Inn used to be such a place

    8. Brice was amazed to see that operating the hoist was a gray bearded Boulder Dwarf -- whom he quickly recognized as the very same being who had nearly plowed him over when he had first come upon the Wayward Inn

    9. His tranquility, and peace of mind, having been compromised at the Wayward Inn, Alec sought refuge at a far less crowded, and less refutable establishment, the Timber Wall Tavern; a dilapidated shack that made his former residence seem as grand as the Archenon

    10. And I apologize for addressing you in such a direct fashion, but you see, I have knowledge of all wayward travelers and their travails since that is my reason for being on this planet

    11. Thick hair the color of charcoal and muted silver framed his face, wayward and rain-dampened strands clinging to his temples

    12. Its great hands were outstretched, mutely beckoning the two wayward adventurers forward

    13. This, combined with her wayward limbs, a bearing that was naturally off-centre and a shakiness arising from an afternoon spent making an inventory of her master's liquor cabinet, gave rise to grave doubts that the plate would ever arrive at the table replete with its original contents

    14. He'd just notched up another point against his wayward colleague

    15. ‘What have you two been doing?’ he said, sounding like the parent of two wayward teenage brothers

    16. Frank was no longer a child, he was a wayward adult

    17. In the changing room he'd found a solution to the wayward robot problem

    18. Experienced guys were the first choice unless they were police women recruited to answer the 10111 (emergency like 911) phones, but have you ever heard of a woman who would do anything and keep quiet while doing it? Hell, even I could tell the generals that they were not going to stay on the phones, and that they would want to be in on the action! Gave me grey hair at 21 they did with their constant demands for squad cars and the right to become fatherly, (perhaps motherly) with wayward criminals and terrorists

    19. Anti-Heroes have always fascinated our imaginations symbolizing, as many of them do, wayward lifestyles and manners in contrast with conventional customs (seemingly) common and lacking spontaneity and originality

    20. Therefore the rumour of a wayward constable sent to run to a tree in the distance and bringing back a leave for the Sergeant is nonsense

    21. Every so often we heard a few choice words about it early in the morning as a wayward constable forgot this lesson in physics

    22. It was one of SAP COIN favourite ways of expanding a more practical fatherly talk to wayward constables who carried cast-off ones around for punishment

    23. Or cover over My ways with darkness, Nor let the remarks of the wayward enter in

    24. The last thing he needed right now was a twisted ankle, or to lose an eye to a wayward branch

    25. “Stay there!” she screeched at the wayward instrument, slamming it back onto the desk

    26. The rising sun was making dark silhouettes of the mountains to the east, and Raul didn’t want to miss sunrise, but he couldn’t greet it before freshening up with a steamy shower, a shave and preening to perfection his hair, mustache and any wayward strand about the ears or nose

    27. permanently kept in this state (fever) to stop this wayward writing

    28. Junya did not go wayward in his approach

    29. Here, going into the fourth century (AD 300+), we have a wayward people

    30. see that my wayward behavior was destined to escalate

    31. We see examples over and over again where backward or wayward philosophies lead countries and their peoples to the darkest of times

    32. He gazed at a curl of wayward hair over her right ear and was

    33. wayward action, such as looking out the window instead

    34. The wayward mayor fled the territory, eventually fell victim to an Alabama police chief in a shootout (Wells, “Crisis at Cedar Keys,” pp

    35. Wide-eyed “Daddy” gaped at me as I hurried over to collect my wayward child as if to

    36. Her mother bursting into tears at the airport while she hugged her wayward daughter

    37. Correct Tom, he also had words of advice for his wayward friend

    38. But this child is headstrong and stiff necked and always the One Lord, with infinite patience, had to guide the wayward child back on the chosen road to a great destiny

    39. “There is a policy against wayward children

    40. The tragic tale of wayward Joe is currently on hiatus

    41. So, the wayward crowd swelled up to trample upon the values of life leading to a cultural chaos of material acquisitions

    42. Being a school dropout from Dharavi, he started leading a wayward life as he came of age

    43. A wayward devilish mirth of mockery rose above his fury, but to the nervous soldiers who drove the chariot his laughter sounded like the muttering of a rousing lion

    44. Man or demon, the suffering of the captive touched Conan's wayward and impulsive heart

    45. Xaltotun stared at the Aquilonian as if he read the full extent of the mocking madness that lurked in those wayward eyes

    46. Let Jacques hunt the wayward fowl until after dark—do him good

    47. If Helen had ever doubted the wisdom of teaching everyone unarmed combat techniques, the success of the flight crews with boarding and capturing wayward ships dispelled any concerns she might have had

    48. In the dust of a wayward star that strayed from God’s grace

    49. You’re incredibly sexy, and…” he said kissing her mouth again, thoroughly, exploring her with his wayward tongue, “…you are undoubtedly the best lover I have ever had

    50. the property, pulling out wayward weeds and watering the endless gar-

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