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    1. It was just aimless wandering that brought me to Zhlindu, I was actually working as a sex entertainer when I met Nlara

    2. Her aimless twittering was getting on Andy’s nerves

    3. Nate continued his aimless stroll, noting that all of the sidewalks and roads were clear of snow, the signs all polished and the fences newly painted

    4. He describes it as a frame of mind “in which nothing definite is thought, planned, striven for, desired, or expected, which aims in no particular direction and yet knows itself capable alike of the possible and the impossible, so unswerving is its power…” [183] The author quotes his teacher as saying, “The right art is purposeless, aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and the further the other will recede

    5. After what she stated seemed like hours of aimless wandering, she had discovered her beloved brother, John in a foetal position on the ground whimpering like a child, who had begged, implored with his sister to dig up his diaries and present them to those after her to be passed onto the future Polidori’s

    6. And in an unclear flight, as an aimless bird, I follow without worry

    7. don't think it was all aimless madness - he definitely had a linear

    8. aimless walks and superficial chats

    9. The driver slumped forward loosing the reins as the horses again, sensing a loss of direction, slowed to the same aimless walk that took them also into the gully

    10. finally come to an end, replaced by an aimless milling around as the animals regained their

    11. direction, slowed to the same aimless walk that took them also into the gully

    12. Those dusty high-roads of the aimless dead

    13. It took but one circuit of a nearby park to reach the conclusion that I was an aimless drifter of no particular talent, content to be wafted along on the draughts of chance as long as I was independent and on stage

    14. Reversed: You are aimless and going nowhere

    15. 9 Without a worthy goal, life becomes aimless and unprofitable, and much unhappiness results

    16. Perhaps you feel you lack direction, are aimless and not sure of your personal goals

    17. He had a twofold purpose in his apparently aimless prowling: to escape from the building and its mysteries, and to find the Nemedian girl who, he felt, was imprisoned somewhere in this palace, temple, or whatever it was

    18. The aimless snapping and crackling of the bushes changed to a sustained crashing as the dragon came like a hurricane straight toward the spot from which the scent of his enemies was wafted

    19. Returning from an aimless exploration of the upper chambers to find Valeria missing from the room where he had left her, he had followed the sounds of strife that burst on his dumbfounded ears

    20. Whenever I felt a little lost and aimless I would talk to the moon

    21. What started as aimless fun soon took on an

    22. This wasn't his typical aimless riding, he had a set destination and purpose in mind, but he still was going to enjoy every second that he was out here

    23. Their randomly aimless destination filled the vehicle with curious anticipation

    24. In an aimless glance about, he finally stared at the digital message board on the lottery computer

    25. If and when the self shifts from the old paradigms of being an aimless passenger in life, to the new concept of co-piloting towards a purpose, then paradoxically reality shifts with it

    26. by the aimless and could not conduct myself in any way

    27. were trapped on this seemingly aimless course and why he didn’t just vanish into

    28. Stranded and aimless but nevertheless she waited

    29. Rebellion that was often unspecified and aimless, he felt

    30. aimless intent down toward the center of the city to my bank"s

    31. “Thinketh man that he is to be left aimless?” (75:36)

    32. aimless behavior) are always far from harmless consequences in the form of

    33. Wandering aimless from merchant to hustler to urchin to addiction to destitution, he came upon an elderly lady sitting at the crossways between four large structures

    34. Since true egalitarianism has not emerged with the rise of smart labor, which has eliminated most human jobs, class divisions have escalated and, to avoid mass militancy, the death of the lower classes has become necessary through overwork, addiction, malnutrition, famine, lack of health care, pandemics, drought, herd thinning displaced populations wandering aimless from their GovCorp land grabbed communities, unwilling collateral participation in wars of population reduction, and anything that can decrease the lower class' ever increasing numbers due to the decrease of actual jobs

    35. Some piped in, echoing Sharana, while others protested, and the entire episode devolved back into the heated, aimless argument that Stedder had seen played out time and again

    36. The time and thought which most persons waste in aimless effort would accomplish wonders if properly directed with some special object in view

    37. She moved like a feather on the wind, graceful yet aimless

    38. How many of these random strangers would kill me for this briefcase? He started to walk uptown, not with any sense of purpose, just so he wouldn't appear aimless or confused or vulnerable

    39. " Ant moved his hands in an aimless gesture

    40. Now here he had no definite idea of where to go next and so was carried by the aimless currents of the throng, being swept this way and that up and down the pavement

    41. It had been great and sometime during the laughing and aimless talking I had fallen in love with him

    42. And with it I turned up my collar and set off along the road, journeying by foot to kill time, to feel the city in all its ugliness, the black jugular of the city, with its barren river awash in trash, with animal carcasses and factory waste, slakes of grey froth lapping the bank walls, stagnant and aimless, no sign of a current, on by derelict building sites, by pavements torn up and abandoned, through sheet metal tunnels, the rain coming down harder, banging on the roof, streaming through cracks and then down the rusting panels, along past metal railings, past locked up gardens sold off and privatised, and all the time the cars and wagons screaming along, an endless stream, trails of blue exhaust smoke swirling, the air singeing, on and on, head to the path, barely glimpsing Great Peter setting off for the West, seeing nothing at all until turning up at Kropotkinskaya and finally looking up to the statue there of Engels

    43. And as a result I could expect my life to be anything but the aimless and

    44. The rush of the senatorial inquiry before the poor wretches escaped from the jaws of death had time to draw breath, the vituperative abuse of a man no more guilty than others in this matter, and the suspicion of this aimless fuss being a political move to get home on the M

    45. I’m an aimless, trapped barfly, stalked by Unseelie ghouls who have once again replenished their numbers, confined to Chester’s by Ryodan’s insistence that I guard against a threat that isn’t the threat he thinks it is, while driving myself crazy worrying about a genuine threat of cataclysmic proportions

    46. Aimless he chose with agitated aim, bald Pat attending, a table near the door

    47. It was not Holmes's nature to take an aimless holiday, and something about his pale, worn face told me that his nerves were at their highest tension

    48. But it was mere aimless wandering; he had written nothing, collected nothing, brought nothing for science out of the twilight of the forests, which seemed to cling to his battered personality limping about Sulaco, where it had drifted in casually, only to get stranded on the shores of the sea

    49. With his air of aimless, insect-like going to and fro upon the face of the rock, Don Pepe's figure kept on descending steadily, and, when near the bottom, sank at last behind the roofs of store-houses, forges, and workshops

    50. Levin could not have believed three months before that he could have gone quietly to sleep in the condition in which he was that day, that leading an aimless irrational life, living too beyond his means, after drinking to excess (he could not call what happened at the club anything else), forming inappropriately friendly relations with a man with whom his wife had once been in love, and a still more inappropriate call upon a woman who could only be called a lost woman, after being fascinated by that woman and causing his wife distress—he could still go quietly to sleep

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