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Win в предложении (на )

  1. And win it he did.
  2. I have to win this.
  3. I was going to win.
  4. We will win the war.
  5. And the need to win.

  6. They want you to win.
  7. How to Win at Poker.
  8. I have a match to win.
  9. You are about to win.
  10. And I win the battle.
  11. She wanted him to win.
  12. Got to be here to win.
  13. A win is a win, a.
  14. I will win her over.
  15. To win the Gold medal.

  16. The beast did not win.
  17. The maximum win was 5.
  18. A wager we had to win.
  19. How To Win The Lottery.
  20. I only had to win one.
  21. Who would win K1 or K2.
  22. He would win, and for.
  23. Those who win and lose.
  24. That way we both win.
  25. When you win, you win 1.

  26. You Were Created to Win.
  27. We really wanted to win.
  28. PMS would not win today.
  29. Stallions to win 18 to 3.
  30. And he’s going to win.
  31. May the best wizard win.
  32. When we win the lottery.
  33. We can't win by fighting.
  34. For Sweater's sure to win.
  35. We’ve got a war to win.
  36. I stand to win a buck.
  37. We will go to war and win.
  38. We would not win the war.
  39. That way we'll both win.
  40. See God wants you to win.
  41. You are destined to win.
  42. We need to win the Games.
  43. You MUST win this first.
  44. Can’t win them all, I.
  45. And you only have to win.
  46. What was your win rate?
  47. God gave His Son to win;.
  48. If we win through to the.
  49. We can fight them and win.
  50. Win once for all, that is.
  51. C2 (black) would never win.
  52. Means that I win again.
  53. Only one of them could win.
  54. But they cannot win a war.
  55. If you win, do me a favor.
  56. That’s how I win my war.
  57. But he can't win, not now.
  59. When we do that, they win.
  60. Together, we will win the.
  61. How does he win her hand?
  62. He knew he could win here.
  63. We did not win the battle.
  64. I knew that I had to win.
  65. So we wanted Wayne to win.
  66. You can't win all of them.
  67. We still have a war to win.
  68. You will NOT win every week.
  69. That stake will never win.
  70. I wanted to win the minds.
  71. What do you win in the end.
  72. You wil win the the battle.
  73. In the end you can’t win.
  74. I may be beaten--I may win.
  75. Which from that presence win.
  76. But outside the ring? I win.
  77. This is a WIN, WIN situation.
  78. You will win now them, the.
  79. He still considered it a win.
  80. One man cannot win a battle.
  81. I won't allow Deorci to win.
  82. I was going to win this day.
  83. But the only way you can win.
  84. Whatever you do, win this.
  85. It’s one that we must win.
  86. So I intend to win this war.
  87. We both win! she shouts.
  88. Only then can he win in the.
  89. I can win, said Windzer.
  90. But I always win the hunt.
  91. It’s even called a no win.
  92. I would still win this fight.
  93. I was going to win in spite.
  94. Lose the ego to win the soul.
  95. Spurs to win the Cup Final.
  96. Louis came out with a big win.
  97. He could never win, of course.
  98. You cannot win them over to.
  99. It’s important that you win.
  100. You will not win, Javagathlon.
  1. So far, she was winning.
  2. Winning the Game of Life.
  3. For winning depends on it.
  4. She knew she was winning.
  5. But John Smith was winning.
  6. He is winning this aspect.
  7. He thinks more of winning.
  8. We have no hope of winning.
  9. It was about winning souls.
  10. To the hope of winning thee.
  11. He smirked at her, winning.
  12. I was stalling, not winning.
  13. I don’t call that winning.
  14. Would it be really winning?
  15. Surely a prize worth winning.
  16. There was no winning with Isis.
  17. Ralph winning some hands and.
  18. Yes, he was winning them over.
  19. It was not a winning situation.
  20. Satan thought he was winning.
  21. I give him the winning ticket.
  22. What a winning way with words.
  23. You’d be winning either way.
  24. That is not a winning mindset.
  25. I remembered my winning throw.
  26. The rouble stakes kept winning.
  27. The maximum winning trade is 4.
  28. Surviving was the true winning.
  29. Fritz pocketed the winning ball.
  30. Winning at poker means nothing.
  31. She smiled a prize winning smile.
  32. Winning a seat is not that easy.
  33. The winning vote wil be the one.
  34. Love is not a winning strategy.
  35. Because whites are still winning.
  36. This must be a winning ticket.
  37. The one who’s winning the game.
  38. The winning number in the lottery.
  39. A winning streak can end suddenly.
  40. There is still winning and losing.
  41. Winning is what's important, Tony.
  42. I'm positioned for winning in life.
  43. Once you find a winning page, you.
  44. I definitely think I am winning.
  45. You are at last on the winning side.
  46. Never saw the importance of winning.
  47. The first buyers who bid a winning.
  48. He always speaks heart winning words.
  49. War's never a winning thing, Charlie.
  50. The Key to Winning is Understanding.
  51. We have been riding the winning horse.
  52. She blasted me with that winning smile.
  53. You both zoom past, Vic winning by a.
  54. My brother was on the winning team.
  55. Of course you have a chance of winning.
  56. Running for me was never about winning.
  57. Winning an election is like redemption.
  58. At the moment Philippe is winning, but.
  59. Winning this seat will help,' Mama said.
  60. He won’t be winning the next election.
  61. Bureau Torch Award and winning the Torch.
  62. Local Business Association, and winning.
  63. Captain Nemo spoke with winning eloquence.
  64. Winning Donna had nothing to do with love.
  65. If you like winning, there's a scorecard.
  66. The formula for winning was quite a brew.
  67. He is completely focused on winning over.
  68. Nothing was said at home about my winning.
  69. A winner is a killer who kills by winning.
  70. Lo and behold, he goes on a winning streak.
  71. Was she winning or losing? She had no idea.
  72. In reality, any winning sales letter will.
  73. I needed to concentrate on winning the war.
  74. But winning was all, and that I’ll recall.
  75. A winning wager on a long-shot horse with.
  76. I was thinking more of winning your hand.
  77. But winning unfairly can only be done once.
  78. It is your task to deliver the winning bid.
  79. Thereafter followed a 17 day winning streak.
  80. The first day back was not a big winning day.
  81. The game ended with Nathan's school winning.
  82. This is the stress of winning and achieving.
  83. Fuck everything else in life except winning.
  84. Custer would have a strong chance of winning.
  85. He seemed to be winning the argument, so far.
  86. It is not to be used to test for the winning.
  87. Ixion and Nowell are a winning combination.
  88. Winning trades always take care of themselves.
  89. Here is hope that life o’er death is winning.
  90. A trader may lose several times before winning.
  91. Ted tried to use his winning smile on the woman.
  92. Inspite of winning more games (39) than Roger.
  93. Gain a winning attitude and compete for Christ.
  94. After all it was he who built the winning cart.
  95. That’s how you stop losing and start winning.
  96. I said we're winning, not that the war is over.
  97. But in many, many ways… winning is a letdown.
  98. He was playing her and winning and she knew it.
  99. Losing is a part of winning, by losing you gain.
  100. Winning more rounds…this was the ‘cream’!.
  1. He knew he had won.
  2. At last, he had won.
  3. He had won the Games.
  4. They had won the day.
  5. I had won the battle.
  6. He knew they had won.
  7. You have won the war.
  8. You have won my heart.
  9. I won, but felt badly.
  10. Won an award you know.
  11. Who won, and who lost.
  12. You may have won the.
  13. She had won my heart.
  14. You have just won the.
  15. I won it, he said.
  16. How? Why? They had won.
  17. I won the house, so I.
  18. Half the battle is won.
  19. Luckily for me I won it.
  20. Thomas won a call back.
  21. He had won! We had won!.
  22. Instinct number 2 won out.
  23. Death won out over birth.
  24. This battle had been won.
  25. Bottom line is you won.
  26. A prize it would have won.
  27. With them, Satan has won.
  28. The story won a Pulitzer.
  29. Wars are not won by axioms.
  30. I won it, said Alice.
  31. Freedom fight we have won.
  32. Do you think you won?
  33. Let's see what you've won.
  34. We never won another race.
  35. And I have won more than.
  36. He has won me back to him.
  37. Yes, in the end we’d won.
  38. He’s won and he knows it.
  39. Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize.
  40. And the red field was won;.
  41. Or she won a lot of loot.
  42. In 1780 267he won a prize.
  43. Within womb won he worship.
  44. I was too, but I never won.
  45. I’ve won the war game.
  46. But he won, even though he.
  47. The Days never won anything.
  48. It was clear Charlie had won.
  49. We won there only by a hair.
  50. Finally, the people had won.
  51. Alas he lost, the demons won.
  52. The most virile mission won.
  53. A town destroyed; a race won.
  54. Yes, Haakon had won, but in.
  55. The demons haven’t won yet.
  56. To his surprise, Pulaski won.
  57. King Njal's fighters had won.
  58. Guess what? His squadron won.
  59. The sea eagle and his hag won.
  60. Once again, the good has won.
  61. The Philistines won the war;.
  62. Nor was any battle ever won.
  63. And this year, I won at the.
  64. He won ’t want to pay twice.
  65. I only told her I won the bid.
  66. Ardara would have won if not.
  67. We would have won that if.
  68. Tom had already won over that.
  69. I won her at Knossos you know.
  70. Last term he won three awards.
  71. But I won her over in the end.
  72. We have won great prizes and.
  73. The masters of deceit had won.
  74. Ultimately, the docile head won.
  75. I know how such prizes are won.
  76. He won back many key customers.
  77. Roman won the no-sleep category.
  78. The older boys won by a length.
  79. She had won this opening round.
  80. That cannot be won or lost?
  81. He’d won the money with his.
  82. We immediately won the revelry.
  83. The battle is won, she had said.
  84. When I should have lost, I won.
  85. This is how the west was won.
  86. Curiosity won out over fatigue.
  87. One day, he had won the lottery.
  88. And was the battle really won?
  89. Had he won? Had he really won?
  90. Anup and I have won this battle.
  91. Technically Falk had won a point.
  92. The Champion won the silk glove.
  93. And in that short moment, I won.
  94. I think I won that little battle.
  95. I read you won the Walker case.
  96. But wars are not won in a day.
  97. It had certainly won my respect.
  98. And yet Tom had won and survived.
  99. Valerius has won an empty glory.
  100. But the Redeemer had not won yet.
  1. No one wins in wars.
  2. I just hope he wins.
  3. In the end, Love wins.
  5. If it wins, you collect.
  6. No one wins all the time.
  7. The love they give wins.
  8. First to five points wins.
  9. Slow and steady wins the race.
  10. Evil wins and good looses out.
  11. The most aggressive pilot wins.
  12. The magic pill always wins out.
  13. Who wins those things? Nobody.
  14. Little wins and little losses.
  15. And whoever wins this thing is.
  16. Missing big wins happens a lot.
  17. Slow and steady wins the day.
  18. The last person to get out wins.
  19. Bob Marchant wins a scholarship.
  20. Gareth answered, Because he wins.
  21. In that case SC automatically wins.
  22. The game where only one of us wins.
  23. Whoever survives, his country wins.
  24. One who wins maximum points with a.
  25. In the long run kindness wins over.
  26. Ultimately, evolution wins out and.
  27. Most home wins to start a season.
  28. He who dies with the most toys, wins.
  29. No one wins in wars, Meir said.
  30. None of his wins were controversial.
  31. Most State of Origin series wins.
  32. Eventually the Heart wins out, and.
  33. Last affiliate wins is the industry.
  34. But sooner or later the man who wins.
  35. But sooner or later the one who wins.
  36. Everyone wins, he thought to himself.
  37. Most Isle of Man TT wins in a year.
  38. Isn’t that why Vegas always wins!?
  39. Well, the impulse wins, said Doc.
  40. Only time will tell who wins this bet.
  41. With hatred and bitterness nobody wins.
  42. This is the kind that wins fame today:.
  43. Because if McCain wins, that is what I.
  44. It is a game in which he who loses wins.
  45. Most World Netball Championship wins.
  46. Lowest average cost wins, he says.
  47. In negotiations, the best salesman wins.
  48. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!.
  49. And fiduciary responsibility always wins.
  51. Circe can do this, after he wins her love.
  52. Most wins of the Africa Cup of Nations.
  53. She wins by not replying to any criticism.
  54. All of our wins are connected to Mrs.
  55. If you hate them for their hate, It wins.
  56. The dish that wins gets on the menu (which.
  57. Most consecutive wins to begin a season.
  58. Your Net auction business wins because….
  59. A conscious reason wins over a blind faith.
  60. Lowest average cost wins, he explains.
  61. She will sleep with your man to say she wins.
  62. The rash maid wins the fatal spot where she.
  63. Most wins of the ICC Women’s World Cup.
  64. Regardless of who wins and who loses, there.
  65. Think about it Bill, this way everybody wins.
  66. Remember, Slow and steady wins the race.
  67. Most wins of the London Wheelchair Marathon.
  68. Whoever wins, that’s who decides the history.
  69. Most wins of the Hockey Champions Trophy.
  70. And it appears that he wins their love because:.
  71. Most wins of the UCI BMX World Championships.
  72. Because they are out of their depth! No one wins.
  73. Most wins of the IRB Player of the Year award.
  74. He is shy as well, but his curiosity always wins.
  75. Honest and real always wins over brash and pushy.
  76. First team there wins the first part of the race.
  77. With thy faint sneer for him who wins thee bread.
  78. Most wins of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.
  79. As Bill Miller says, Lowest average cost wins.
  80. After that you won’t care who wins or who loses.
  81. Most wins of the Bobsleigh World Championships.
  82. And in our capitalistic system: money always wins.
  83. This is in the case the team wins that third game.
  84. Most consecutive wins of the bobsleigh skeleton.
  85. Most wins at the European Championships.
  86. Most wins of the snowmobiling International 500.
  87. In trading, the ratio of wins to losers is the key.
  88. It is not always the biggest army that wins the war.
  89. If the Runner escapes, the Red team wins 300 points.
  90. Ilona wins the next round, calling one guy’s bluff.
  91. And what is your expected gain for your wins?
  92. Bible, we will find that God always wins in the end!.
  93. It’s not the number of wins or losses that matters.
  94. He wins and he loses but he’s always on the attack.
  95. No one wins in a deflationary environment short-term.
  96. She loves to tell me about it every time she wins.
  97. Once Doc wins it the Patrón won’t dare make a move.
  98. That whole picture includes one loss for each 19 wins.
  99. The winning percentage: wins divided by total trades.
  100. The saying of: ‘he who dies with the most toys: wins.

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