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Winner в предложении (на )

  1. Race to be the winner.
  2. But the winner takes all.
  3. The winner is the name.
  4. Boy, she was a real winner.
  5. And we have a winner, folks.

  6. The winner not only got to.
  7. She was declared the winner.
  8. Total Control • The Winner.
  9. I told you he was a winner.
  10. Or be less than the winner.
  11. That's what makes you a winner.
  12. In some sense he was a winner.
  13. Tonight he felt like a winner.
  14. There was certainly no winner.
  15. You’re the only winner here.

  16. But, you�re born to be winner.
  17. This is how a winner operates:.
  18. Yes, but this one’s a winner.
  19. She’s a winner, I cut in.
  20. Service is always a heart winner.
  21. He was a winner as we say today.
  22. She had the instincts of a winner.
  23. Dollars are the mark of the winner.
  24. That's how it goes in war: winner.
  25. I heard it is written by the winner.

  26. There was a winner in there somewhere.
  27. It appears I have a winner of my.
  28. A spirited contest, winner takes all.
  29. This is what it takes, to be a winner.
  30. Twenty-three winner was the call.
  31. By December 20, the trade was a winner.
  32. MThe winner will be selected from the.
  33. They signalled me that I was the winner.
  34. I couldn’t become a winner on my own.
  35. Applaud and scream to choose the winner.
  36. It had to be a winner; I was sure of it.
  37. Clearly, the BJP was onto another winner.
  38. Does that make the race winner a loser?
  39. Another big winner, home builder NVR Inc.
  40. Nobel Prize winner in the field of physics.
  41. Capitalism's final goal: winner kills all.
  42. You need to develop the habits of a winner.
  43. Manchester being the winner in both cases.
  44. And the winner is Lucky Louie by a nose.
  45. A winner is a killer who kills by winning.
  46. It turned out that the winner was DEAF!!!!.
  47. When I help others I am the biggest winner.
  48. The winner sat staring silently at the card.
  49. But ma red-heided winner, is mair than a fox.
  50. That way the winner was ultimately decided.
  51. Austrian nuclear physicist and Nobel winner.
  52. The referee will indicate the winner (Kachi).
  53. Convince yourself that you can be the winner.
  54. If this happens, Spread 2 is the clear winner.
  55. A hat-trick! What a winner I was turning out.
  56. I hate to say it, but not everyone is a winner.
  57. Losers had to do a four fit made by the winner.
  58. The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car.
  59. But another winner is the procurement function.
  60. You will be a winner because you never gave up!.
  61. There's 330 here sir, roll me a winner, please.
  62. Adding in skew, this can make any month a winner.
  63. He was going to be a winner, finally in his life.
  64. Hey, we have a winner! Yelled the Policeman.
  65. There was to be only one obvious winner that day.
  66. Remember, the goal is not to have a winner and a.
  67. Follow the winner and play for the stock to trend.
  68. His entire act is based upon acting like a winner.
  69. That’s a total of $210 going back to the winner.
  70. You don't want the same bogus winner day after day.
  71. Add some stellar vocals and it turns into a winner.
  72. Had the winner today till I tipped him a dead cert.
  73. How did that happen? I was sure we had a winner.
  74. And this year’s third-place winner is … Mr.
  75. As the winner, Elle has won the opportunity to read.
  76. Both of which does not make you a winner in our eyes.
  77. A Winner says: Try telling that to the crowd at a.
  78. The winner was to be decided between two young blokes.
  79. You are creating a single winner and multiple losers.
  80. At this point, they should be able to project a winner.
  81. The winner cleared the ropes and made his way through.
  82. Scall waved to the crowd like a beauty pageant winner.
  83. I think we have a winner here! But it's not up to me.
  84. He wanted to come out from this situation as a winner.
  85. A winner says: I gave up much for my sport, but the.
  86. Jack had insisted that she was the winner 'hands down'.
  87. This is my war and there will only be one winner here.
  88. Each proposal to do so looked like an immediate winner.
  89. Booker Prize Winner and celebrated author of ‘The God.
  90. It became the leading winner of 1999, advancing 20-fold.
  91. Hours spent doing their surveillance and now, no winner.
  92. That way the winner was ultimately decided by the horse.
  93. In the end, I was sure there’d be no clear-cut winner.
  94. This kind of slow and steady process should be a winner.
  95. A Winner says: If you really believe that winning is.
  96. We have a winner! Boris said in a rough raspy voice.
  97. The Truth sets the winner free to buy and sell the loser.
  98. Averages says I’m bound to back a winner sooner or later.
  99. But suppose the winner received $39 profit instead of $35.
  100. He had a winner, but Addie wouldn’t be there to cash it.

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