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    1. If they have hit another child,

    2. My parents taught to treat women with respect, that you should always be chivalrous and never hit a woman

    3. "How big is it and where's it going to hit?"

    4. Tom could feel the first impact and then hear a sharp snap as he hit the ground a second time

    5. “Looks like you’re surrounded by the Fourth Wall,” said Frank while he hit his fist into his palm

    6. Then again, Kevin was so inebriated, he would have hit on a mama polar bear if she were drinking next to him

    7. This in turn, will ensure that his long-term finances will not take a hit in case of major medical expenses in his latter years

    8. Toby hit Raj on the shoulder

    9. And if that is did not hit the spot than you sing:

    10. After that man hit him while he was on the job, I remember wanting to find that man and murder him

    11. I suppose that is why it hit me so very hard when Joanna appeared on the scene and shattered everything

    12. When the sun hit his scales in the morning, he first prostrated himself before God and immediately flew through the treetops to her

    13. Over the last couple of years, one class of investors has been hit the hardest – the retired individual

    14. She hit hard, and Scar had to reassess what he thought her strength could be

    15. ‘Then she hit the booze

    16. and it hit him on the neck when he

    17. It is not often that I see Stephen shaken by a crime – he sees too much of that sort of thing – but this has hit him

    18. How can your heart not break when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what give us strength and understanding and compassion

    19. but one of the Green Beret was hit,

    20. Some astronomers are worried it could hit us

    21. unwelcome and chilling realisation hit her squarely in the chest

    22. ‘The news that Joanna Sadler was having an affair with a local civil servant has hit Dan Sadler hard

    23. ‘If he is convicted of the murder, and I know Ditton is working flat out trying to establish motive and opportunity, it will hit Liz hard, Mum

    24. Are they sure it's going to hit?"

    25. "She said the odds that it will hit us are now a thousand times higher than they calculated just three weeks ago

    26. "Juleel seemed to think it was like ninety nine percent sure it was going to hit us

    27. I went straight home … didn’t hit anything on the way as far as I know … and surely I’d have noticed … the car was parked out in the road at the front of the house all night and I came straight here this morning

    28. I wanted to hit him

    29. Comfort him yes, but hit him also

    30. He wouldn't actually hit me

    31. Harvesters rarely hit twice like this in two locations so close together and so soon one after the other

    32. John collapses on his side, grabs his head where the man hit him, sees that it is bleeding

    33. He kept on until I finally got so mad that I hit him

    34. The ball flew straight and true, right into the back of the batter as he spun away trying to avoid being hit

    35. The situation was perilous, but the odds that it would actually hit the planet were still much less than the odds that it would come close

    36. The fact was, it was impossible to have enough precision in the measurements to know if it would hit or just come close

    37. The ball hit the bat and trickled out in front of the plate

    38. The third batter of the inning; our last hope to end this game without going into extra innings, was hit by the first pitch and trotted down to first base

    39. The next batter came up, swung and missed the first two pitches, then hit a line drive into right field for a single

    40. Suddenly, Leonora felt the need for sleep come over her, and she sank down onto the couch and passed out even before her head hit the pillow

    41. The girl wouldn't know what hit her when it happened

    42. Swearing, I hit the brakes hard

    43. The wheels hit a patch of gravel and the car skids straight towards the concrete of a bridge crossing the motorway

    44. ‘I expect they hit traffic on the motorway

    45. He says that she tried to avoid crashing into the back of the van by swinging the car onto the hard shoulder but hit a patch of gravel or something and skidded straight into the bridge

    46. He reckons she’d have been doing at least seventy when she hit

    47. Seems she hit the bridge slightly at an angle and it stoved in the roof of her car a bit, not enough to stop the door opening, thank God, but her head got coshed in the process

    48. I think one of them hit me again, but also not sure about that

    49. Oliver takes a big hit with the sharp machete handle on the

    50. ‘It’s as we told you, Liz, your brakes failed and you hit a motorway bridge

    1. The opening section of Medical Matters hits hard and fast – like an unintentional [?] simulation of the actual diagnosis and treatment

    2. The relevance of what I have said suddenly hits me – dear God, how could I have missed that?

    3. the Seven hits the Nine

    4. When the moist warm air from the tropics arrives in the polar regions, it hits the cooler temperatures and condenses as snow

    5. ‘Damn you! Leave me alone!’ I cried, hanging up with a crash as the handset hits the base unit

    6. doostEr was also already off the rockosaur's seat as Tahlmute said, "If you can see a meteor before it hits you, it missed, you have no chance of getting out of its way

    7. There’s a tap at the door and she hits the mute button

    8. BOOM! The airplane hits a sharp bumb and some of the cargo shifts

    9. BOOM! The plane hits another seemingly intense bump

    10. The plane hits some more intense bumps in rapid

    11. Teekra hits the mute button, smiles

    12. I knew that he had already gotten three hits in the game

    13. "Unless that asteroid hits us

    14. It hits with a sickening crunch … and something hits me hard on the side of the head

    15. The sound hits my head like a hammerblow

    16. Maggie hands out a list of rehearsal dates – greeted by groans from one or two as the reality of the work required hits - together with a copy of the script

    17. Unless unwell, I never again felt the vagueness of a morning where you remember nothing at all after your head hits the pillow

    18. The shit hits the fan one morning when I answer my doorbell to find Betty standing there, half annoyed and half gloating, as she sees me with a piece of toast in my hand

    19. b) I write and illustrate a scene where Sandra hits Venor on the neck with her elbow

    20. In the same evening, my sister accidentally hits Milena, her best friend, on the neck with her elbow

    21. As the twelfth chime hits the air, everyone shouts Happy New Year, and I catch Nick’s eye

    22. His car is parked in the car park on Sunday – I see it from my bedroom window as I am dressing … it hits me so hard that I throw myself onto the bed and sob into the pillow … I wish, oh how I wish I could see him

    23. It finally hits him

    24. Ram: If it chases you, there will be a delay in paying a debt or fulfilling a promise; if it hits you, it augurs loss of money

    25. The sweep found over two hundred humans, the software got hits on seven females as possibly being one of the women Alan was with

    26. by a life that hits without warning, runs,

    27. hides, comes back and hits again

    28. Gilla helps me undress and within minutes I fall gratefully into bed, asleep before my head hits the pillow

    29. We’ll have to close all the shutters on the house before it hits

    30. The thought hits me that winter is not far off … if I am going to finish my quest, I had better get moving

    31. "Please don't, I'd love to share a hit or two of that stuff with you sometime, but a bottle apiece? I went to sleep on two hits at the logging party

    32. Many of Jake’s dragons had taken hits, but none were serious

    33. Later that night Sarah would go to him and hug him, she would tell him that she would take a thousand hits for him

    34. We eye each other like a couple of territorial felines but then my sense of the absurd hits me and I burst out laughing, taking him with me

    35. Then a heart-stopping thought hits me … maybe Alastair won’t want me

    36. I follow Karen into the room where Alastair is pouring drinks and suddenly the farcical element of the situation hits me … hysterical laughter bubbling up

    37. Okay, so every now and then I see something familiar and it hits me … but overall I’m okay

    38. It fades as the food hits but we are going to have to work out a strategy to deal with this if we are to survive it

    39. One guy hits a ball with a stick, the rest run around to

    40. hits someone, who will be responsible? What if things break? Who will pay?' Ish

    41. The noise hits us as we enter the hall; the chorus is in the middle of rehearsing one of the big showstopper songs

    42. along until time comes for the big hits

    43. Peter includes us in the prayers by name; this hits Simon – I hear his sharp intake of breath - this whole brother/vicar thing has depths for both of them which I can only dimly perceive

    44. Will doubtless put the cat among the pigeons when the article hits the streets

    45. His suggestion carries the full weight of genuine parental concern, which hits Bex like a feather duster

    46. As I lift the mug to carry it into the lounge, a thought hits me … if I feel like this when I am moving on to something exciting, how on earth did Bunty feel, tidying up the ends of her life

    47. The bell goes again and Leona hits the sound effects

    48. But, we made several direct hits on the invading

    49. Maggie flips up the counter top, hits the optic at the bottom of one of the bottles of Scotch three times and glares at a man who has the temerity to ask for three pints of bitter

    50. " He hits the red button

    1. Raising the cup to my lips, I drink my coffee, the hot liquid hitting me hard, while the Inspector outlines what happened last Monday evening

    2. Theo weaved at break neck speed before hitting a stop go section of road works

    3. Within five minutes of his head hitting the

    4. raises his fist against my hitting my face again and again

    5. As I relieved myself the sound of liquid hitting the sides of the bucket burst the bubble of silence in my cell

    6. The sound of a blind man being hurried along, hitting his head on a door frame

    7. They would have to wait a thousand years to sow human seed after hitting the planet with this snowball, as far from habitability as the Centorin project was today

    8. Most of the traffic was actually hand-paddled kayaks, in places so thick the clack of paddles hitting each other was common

    9. JJ returned some ten minutes later, his appearance hitting Kara harder even than she’d anticipated

    10. hitting the pavement, teardrops

    11. and then comes the hiss of water hitting the kettle,

    12. hitting the stairs, kitchen sink,

    13. hitting the were-cell but

    14. than that, hitting the wall,

    15. hitting the wall that rises between

    16. We were all up deck and … Joris fell overboard, hitting his head on the way

    17. The initial shock of the cold rain hitting my skin makes me gasp, but after a moment or two, I realise that it isn’t really that cold

    18. James took the shot glass and downed it quickly, taking a deep breath he began; “Ten months ago we thought we had the drop on the nasty bastards that had been hitting us for months

    19. Once through the tunnel, we eat, the sound of rain hitting the barge above our heads a musical counterpoint to the chatter of the crew members and the cutlery on the china

    20. ‘Sensible!’ I repeated with a grin, grabbing a cushion from the sofa and hitting him with it

    21. With audience figures going through the roof and with advertising revenues hitting all time highs, the executive producer was, of course, paid a big fat bonus

    22. hitting sixes in mathematics

    23. Scarily, I narrowly miss hitting the car in front of me when it stops at traffic lights … I make an effort to concentrate on my driving

    24. Then I learned to practice saying his name, hitting the clicker, and giving the treat

    25. How they manage to avoid hitting each other I do not know, but I have to say that, although most cars sport some sort of scratch or dent, I didn’t see a single accident

    26. I spent most of the weekend sleeping!’ I protested, another yawn hitting me

    27. He did quite well, hitting the fears of the average pater familias but wasn’t a touch on Bunty

    28. Was it really only a month ago that he was at school with his friends, playing basketball, hitting the arcade after school, ogling the girls as they walked past in their mini shorts and figure hugging tops?

    29. glimpse of what he was hitting

    30. The tide was right in; waves wildly swooshing up against the rocks scattering droplets of brine for metres up in the air where they sparkled in the sun, the wind-borne spray hitting her in the face

    31. ‘You could wander around there for days without hitting civilisation

    32. Obviously your hands could spin around themselves almost faster than the eye can follow without hitting each other and even to a tempo or rhythm, but not if managed by a center which cannot currently process at that speed

    33. He was very careful on hitting every step on the way down, but it

    34. the paved road, onto the actual graves, hitting the tombstones like speed bumps

    35. He strains again to see the world as it should be, but staggers backwards, hitting the brick wall of the barn with his head as he falls

    36. He tries to look up, tries to will Ken and Davie to appear, shining and white, but all that he sees are two pairs of legs hitting the ground, and then the doors of his Lexus slam shut

    37. Think of a bat hitting a ball

    38. hitting a wall, he was unable to finish the last three bites of his steak

    39. The imp begged for mercy, but Justice just picked up the nearby swing set, and pummeled the imp into the ground, then pulled the imp up again and tied the imp to the maypole, hitting the imp over and over again with a big, red dodge ball

    40. led the conference in hitting, threw out ninety percent of base stealers, and got

    41. losing, getting hit often and seldom hitting back

    42. Returning starters were hitting in the cage in the middle

    43. end, hitting a cart one of the janitors was pushing

    44. perfect balance to the point of his knee almost hitting him in the chin

    45. Physical abuse is characterized by beating, hitting, punching, biting, burning,

    46. hitting him, but I could see that he was dead

    47. The driver of the van threw it into reverse, hitting the

    48. sunshine hitting the ocean floor

    49. Heather was sent sprawling, her face hitting the dirt

    50. more painful than the actual bullet hitting me

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