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    1. Try visualizing what you want, rather than worrying about what you fear

    2. Perhaps he was worrying over nothing

    3. "Still, she spends a lot more than an iron a year," Ava said, worrying even more why he was so erudite on Venna's life

    4. “Good, because there’s no point in worrying about what’s inevitable,” Vinnie concluded

    5. I have to admit that he wasn’t overly bothered when she went away, so maybe it is just as well he didn’t propose, but all the same, it is worrying that he hasn’t settled down

    6. No, this is no casual question – she’s clearly been worrying about this

    7. A bit worrying that

    8. doostEr worried that the city fathers had convinced the local news outlets to only say that he had run into the wilds so people would stop worrying

    9. It has been worrying me for a while, this tendency to pomposity

    10. I suppose he is naturally careful what he says – comes of being a lawyer, I expect – the agency did mention that the company has a high turnover of staff though which is worrying

    11. Relax and stop worrying

    12. Ava immediately said her goodbyes and went back to her lab, probably worrying about the asteroid and attempting to refine the predictions

    13. Poor sod! Although they moved into the village some three years ago, his wife has been working in Bristol so doesn’t know many people and the other week he was worrying at me that she was lonely, so I suggested that he tell her about the Granny & Grandpa Club

    14. Bahkmar was worrying more and more about repercussions from his hack, but so far nothing had been said

    15. Her real first question was, where was the entity? Was there some way she could tell, or would she have to do element balances with the same attention to detail that Delos had? Ava had far more interest in penetrating the native data network than worrying about element balances seven decimal places out

    16. Night: It denotes that you have neglected yourself and the joys of life; stop worrying so much about everything

    17. ‘It is, that’s the worrying aspect of the whole thing, these people have the correct permissions

    18. "Then you must stop worrying about me

    19. that emerge, worrying their way out of flesh,

    20. and I can’t stand the caring and worrying anymore

    21. But there’s no point worrying about it,

    22. a mother worrying, with an agenda,

    23. I'd stopped worrying

    24. ’ Berndt said gratefully – I wasn’t the only one worrying about the boots

    25. Try stating what you WANT, rather than worrying about what you don‘t want

    26. I trust you to tell me when something’s worrying you

    27. Late that night he was still worrying

    28. 'Old Mrs Danvers used to go and hide in the house, deliberately worrying Bunty – oh, she was a spiteful old bag

    29. It was all a bit worrying

    30. Bunty used to console herself with that – she always maintained that there was no point worrying about what you couldn’t do

    31. Your whole crew can teleport here and stop worrying about the war between the substrates

    32. But there’s no point worrying about it

    33. He certainly did, in spite of worrying that she might have fooled him completely

    34. “Well, yes,” he confessed, “There is something worrying me

    35. The really worrying

    36. 'Something else is worrying you, isn’t it?' she prodded

    37. White Feathers noticed but said nothing, whatever kept them from worrying in the face of the peril facing them was alright with him

    38. ’ How does Katie know that you’ve been worrying about that? ‘She told me today how lonely she gets at home sometimes, ‘cos there’s only her most of the time

    39. that him worrying about my shirt was a nice gesture, but he actually did that so he

    40. Why did she keep worrying how far things were from Dos? Even if she ever were to return there, she would never find anyone she ever knew in her past

    41. She was still worrying about what he was and what he would do to her if he knew

    42. years worrying about the past that all I’ve been doing these last few months is

    43. Grandmothers name all over it, she stopped worrying and started fighting

    44. “Four way what?” he asked, puzzled, worrying more about his pants than her question

    45. "Their more concerned about the girls, worrying about them, then the snow

    46. that fit Pick perfectly—deceiving runners and worrying more about how pretty

    47. over worrying about money

    48. They were busy inspecting a worrying crack in one of the

    49. their families, and they won’t be constantly worrying

    50. He had enough to deal with at the moment without worrying about getting on the wrong side of Dona’Cora

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