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Worrying en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was all a bit worrying.
  2. Which was worrying, I guess.
  3. It's God that's worrying me.
  4. It was a very worrying time.
  5. Worrying is natural, but to.

  6. Something else was worrying her.
  7. Please stop worrying about Nicky.
  8. I’m tired of worrying about it.
  9. Worrying about it could make you.
  10. Worrying about worry is real worry.
  11. Worrying about a broader shoulder.
  12. I kept worrying about the trailer.
  13. Now it was not as worrying anymore.
  14. Worrying wil not help the problem.
  15. He was also worrying for Gu Yihong.

  16. I have not stopped worrying about it.
  17. She is worrying my ‘rents to death.
  18. That was a surprise, and worrying too.
  19. They might be worrying about nothing.
  20. Late that night he was still worrying.
  21. Perhaps he was worrying over nothing.
  22. Then you must stop worrying about me.
  23. He started worrying about those trees.
  24. Annabeth kept worrying at her necklace.
  25. Worrying about it only gets you so far.

  26. So you can stop worrying about that.
  27. That must be a little worrying for you.
  28. All that worrying for nothing, woman.
  29. And that truth was worrying him greatly.
  30. It was a bit worrying, to say the least.
  31. I had been worrying over the same thing.
  32. There was no point in worrying about it.
  33. But I’ve been worrying about whether.
  34. That's the only thing that's worrying me.
  35. But there’s no point worrying about it.
  36. Postponing worrying is something different.
  37. What good did worrying get me right now?
  38. Harald said she was worrying about nothing.
  39. She had stopped worrying about the marriage.
  40. Quit worrying about what you say and think.
  41. Answer Two : First stop worrying about worry.
  42. Now I was worrying about the holidays again.
  43. But because she was worrying about Nangong.
  44. She realized she was probably worrying John.
  45. Many are teens and therès a worrying trend.
  46. But Wulfric was worrying about something else.
  47. A worrying thought struck her: what if this.
  48. Until then, there was no use worrying about it.
  49. In the end, it may not be worth worrying about.
  50. It wasn’t the locking up that was worrying me.
  51. Her daughter, however, had insisted on worrying.
  52. She had given up worrying about spending my money.
  53. What you can’t, there is no point in worrying.
  54. Rather than worrying about buying a scale to see.
  55. Nothing they had was worth anyone worrying about.
  56. This gets more and more worrying, said Nick.
  57. Worrying at his lower lip, he wrinkled his snout.
  58. What is it mum? Her behavior was worrying me.
  59. Still fairly calm, but something was worrying her.
  60. I am not worrying about your health, he lied.
  61. I was worrying that how Rupa would manage this all.
  62. The worrying things that caused our souls to fret;.
  63. Kifter’s ability to go hot and cold was worrying.
  64. She had chided herself time and again for worrying.
  65. She had lain awake half the night worrying about it.
  66. Instead they were busy worrying about whether they.
  67. He’s worrying very much about the new building.
  68. Hazel sat hunched under the firs, worrying dismally.
  69. I told him I was worrying so much, I could not sleep.
  70. I'm at the point of not worrying about that any more.
  71. If you are in the habit of worrying over the merest.
  72. The men were not pleased, and I was worrying if they.
  73. Stop worrying! Maria intoned into his thoughts.
  74. This was to tell Quick that worrying about the book.
  75. Unless of course we start worrying about being a slut.
  76. I suppose you’re worrying about the election, too.
  77. That means doing things to see if worrying really is.
  78. She is not the only one that is worrying, I….
  79. But most worrying of all was his mention of the Keepers.
  80. He wanted her to leave happily, not worrying about him.
  81. I trust you to tell me when something’s worrying you.
  82. After we emptied the space and started worrying about.
  83. Don't worrying about doing too many household chores.
  84. I can’t stop worrying that I’ll never see him again.
  85. There was no use worrying over the manse fry any longer.
  86. She hadn’t stayed up nights worrying about her safety.
  87. Still, it didn’t keep him from worrying about the lad.
  88. Why should we be worrying about something like that?
  89. Merthin saw immediately what Thomas was worrying about:.
  90. Your mother will be worrying about what's happened to us.
  91. They were busy inspecting a worrying crack in one of the.
  92. I stopped worrying about it and just let them have their.
  93. Then, where is she? Philippe was now openly worrying.
  94. You will have a fine swarm! You will be worrying about it.
  95. That afternoon stretched out into long hours of worrying;.
  96. So worrying about them hitting her was no longer an issue.
  97. The one you should be worrying about the most is yourself.
  98. Why not put your age into perspective rather than worrying.
  99. The wind is not favorable for us, but I've stopped worrying.
  100. And she would lie awake at night, worrying about her mother.
  1. By now he was worried.
  2. That worried me a bit.
  3. He was worried for me.
  4. I have me worried too.
  5. I'm not at all worried.
  6. I start to get worried.
  7. I was a little worried.
  8. My mate had a worried.
  9. He worried me to death.
  10. I am worried about him.
  11. I was worried about you.
  12. At first it worried her.
  13. I got worried about you.
  14. Not that he was worried.
  15. He need not have worried.
  16. I was worried and tensed.
  17. I was worried about her.
  18. I need not have worried.
  19. I was worried this was.
  20. I had worried about my.
  21. That worried me a bit.
  22. But, she was also worried.
  23. That in itself worried me.
  24. She is worried about you.
  25. She need not have worried.
  26. I was worried about Corey.
  27. My family will be worried.
  28. He was worried about her.
  29. They were worried for me.
  30. No one was truly worried.
  31. I was worried in the end.
  32. It need not have worried.
  33. She was worried about you.
  34. Barnes in a worried voice.
  35. I’m not worried about it.
  36. I told her I was worried.
  37. She worried that if some.
  38. He started to look worried.
  39. I am so worried about her.
  40. She was worried about him.
  41. Clay is worried about her.
  42. She was worried about that.
  43. I was more worried about.
  44. It worried Michael and me.
  45. We were worried about her.
  46. I was worried about that.
  47. Cook had not worried then.
  48. Jill was worried about her.
  49. Worried, he stared at the.
  50. I hit the gas and worried.
  51. And he worried about Bonnie.
  52. I'm too worried about Mita.
  53. What worried him was cover.
  54. I know how worried you are.
  55. Now he really was worried!.
  56. They may be worried about.
  57. I mean you have me worried.
  58. I was worried about my baby.
  59. Just worried about my wife.
  60. I was so worried about you.
  61. Another part of me worried.
  62. The more worried the better.
  63. My mom, their all worried.
  64. Doc worried about what to do.
  65. I was worried that she was.
  66. But as he walked he worried.
  67. My father got really worried.
  68. I was worried about Cynthia.
  69. Ant was worried about though.
  70. Then, he looks worried again.
  71. She gave me a worried smile.
  72. Oh no, I'm really worried.
  73. She gives me a worried look.
  74. He was worried for Maranell.
  75. What was he worried about?
  76. She was worried about David.
  77. Pike started to get worried.
  78. I worried about him so much.
  79. The men were clearly worried.
  80. Still, she worried about him.
  81. This worried Lucy even more.
  82. He is worried about the war.
  83. But I was worried about Mia.
  84. He looked worried and tired.
  1. Her worries ate at her.
  2. That worries me a little.
  3. That worries me as well.
  5. Smith, that worries me too.
  6. No worries Steve, no worries.
  7. No worries my dear, Carl.
  8. She worries about you, Lexie.
  9. It's the worries of this life.
  10. Worries laid to rest, for now.
  11. He's the least of your worries.
  12. Phoebe to listen to his worries.
  13. Adds to Worries About Economy.
  14. I have no soul, no worries here.
  15. She was the least of my worries.
  16. When you leave your worries to.
  17. That's the worries of this life.
  18. Thereafter I had no more worries.
  19. While Simon sleeps, Johan worries.
  20. He worries about you, she said.
  21. That’s what worries me the most.
  22. Probably the least of our worries.
  23. More worries for the Skier Marshal.
  24. The headmaster outlined his worries.
  25. Worries and fears will mean nothing.
  26. Sorry, guy, I have my own worries.
  27. I'll try to wash away all the worries.
  28. She had greater worries than Louisa.
  29. That’s the least of your worries.
  30. Is that what worries you, sir?
  31. Her worries were secretly put to rest.
  32. We have no worries here on the matter.
  33. And that’s what worries me right now.
  34. The world stands back and worries that.
  35. It worries me, it plagues me to think.
  36. Be creative and your worries will heal.
  37. No worries, Derrick said smiling at me.
  38. Most worries related to performance and.
  39. It's the suicidal thing that worries me.
  40. What is it that worries you, Faye?
  41. So, no worries, you have passed the test.
  42. What worries me is Teef getting hold of.
  43. But I don't have any worries or troubles.
  44. That’s what worries me, Brian stated.
  45. Moshe, I think your worries are over!.
  46. But that was the least of his worries now.
  47. My mind was a jumble, a clutter of worries.
  48. Roman gave her a smile to stop her worries.
  49. It worries me that your behaviour in this.
  50. It really should have, and that worries me.
  51. No worries, Carl will fix it, he said.
  52. All the cares and worries of a few moments.
  53. So will Blossom, have no worries about that.
  54. No responsibilities, no worries, no troubles.
  55. The soldiers may be the least of our worries.
  56. The hotel itself was only one of her worries.
  57. Being chased was now the least of his worries.
  58. There were no fears, no worries, no questions.
  59. It's the way you're doing it that worries me.
  60. I mean, that’s what worries me, I said.
  61. I know she likes it, but it worries her, too.
  62. Sweet Paul, always worries about others and me.
  63. But that was the least of my worries right now.
  64. Obnoxious guys were the least of their worries.
  65. A fool worries about things he cannot influence.
  66. This punishment thing, it worries me the most.
  67. They’re the least of my worries at the moment.
  68. It was although she had forgotten her worries!.
  69. Which brought up an entirely new set of worries.
  70. Garcia’s without worries for your mental health.
  71. Nobody worries about that sort of thing nowadays.
  72. Ah! she worries so about me when I am off to sea.
  73. It was a virtual stalemate of nerves and worries.
  74. In some ways that was the least of my worries now.
  75. They’re lucky, indeed! No work, no worries and.
  76. He is not focused, worries a lot, and gets agitated.
  77. No worries, Garcia said, crossing over to her.
  78. No worries, he replies, and I answer the call.
  79. It looked like his worries were proving to pan out.
  80. Teresa says that she worries about Dana a lot also.
  81. For a whole month she forgot her fears and worries.
  82. She was happy that now all their worries were gone.
  83. Dreams and worries about Vampires haunted his night.
  84. Problems which have heretofore been worries to you.
  85. Prison will be the least of your worries, my friend.
  86. She really worries about his moods, Luray said.
  87. And liquor is the least of the worries at this party.
  88. Worries find you easily enough without inviting them.
  89. He said, It worries me that you would take him away.
  90. Only seven more blocks and her worries would be over.
  91. At the same year, new worries were added: Rodin’s.
  92. No worries about the future, no thoughts of the past.
  93. I suppose that is the least of my worries, he thought.
  94. It’s what’s in the second head that worries me.
  95. If you reflect over the worries which have kept you.
  96. No worries, she said lightly, then added with.
  97. It worries me that ern had appeared with the outlaws.
  98. Grand theft auto should be the least of your worries.
  99. At this point, that should be the least of my worries.
  100. The hunt has begun, and I have absolutely no worries!.

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1. He was not to worry.
2. This is a big worry.
3. Worry does not do so.
4. She was not to worry.
5. That was not my worry.
6. To worry is to doubt.
7. Do not worry about me.
8. Now he began to worry.
9. I forbid you to worry.
10. I worry about her soul.
11. I just worry about him.
12. We don't have to worry.
13. Let me worry about that.
14. No need to worry about.
15. I know I shouldnt worry.
16. I was starting to worry.
17. Why does that worry me?
18. You are not to worry.
19. I have nothing to worry.
20. So that worry is gone.
21. Don’t worry, Marcus.
22. Don’t worry about it.
23. Don't worry about Caesar.
24. Don’t worry about Bill.
25. Don’t worry, there.
26. I was sick with worry.
27. But not to worry, Sam.
28. The negativity of worry.
29. Dont worry about me mom.
30. Don't worry about that.
31. Do not worry; there are.
32. Don’t worry, I’m fine.
33. Don’t worry about that.
34. Only the worry was Aarti.
35. It was her biggest worry.
36. Don’t worry, honey, I.
37. I start to worry, Mrs.
38. Don’t worry, Rebecca.
39. Don’t worry, Loraine.
40. She said, Don’t worry.
41. But do not worry, Joey.