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Zen в предложении (на )

  1. Zen and the Brain /.
  2. It was a Zen question.
  3. Founded Soto Zen in Japan.
  5. Zen in the Art of Writing.

  6. Every movement was like Zen.
  7. What Zen practitioners call no mind.
  8. Just this is the great disease of Zen.
  9. The zen bridging emotion and logic is.
  10. Zen is the unsymbolization of the world.
  12. But I was attached to my rep as a Zen guy.
  13. He calls this "Makyo" in the Zen tradition.
  14. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
  15. Known in the West for his writings on Zen.

  16. Zen and the Art of Impressive Maintenance.
  17. Upon their arrival at the front stoop, Zen.
  18. You should look up that book by that Zen guy.
  20. His martial arts instructor was a Zen enthusiast.
  21. This is illustrated in the following Zen story:.
  22. The word Zen had become synonymous with mellow.
  23. Sorry about that, I thought they were zen funny.
  24. This is what Zen people call your 'original face'.
  25. Say, a reduction in the price of the Zen I crystals.

  26. I used to meditate in the Zen Center of San Francisco.
  27. Zen masters are well known for not explaining anything.
  28. The following Zen story illustrates this requirement:.
  29. Note: (1904–71) Japanese abbot who taught Zen in the U.
  30. Zen follows closely the original teachings of the Buddha.
  31. This is referred to as Beginner's Mind in many Zen books.
  32. Ben pointed at the circle of Zen I crystals with his sword.
  33. It turned out Guntram wasn’t kidding about the Zen stuff.
  34. The zen koan is a condensation of one quoted in Hofstadter.
  35. It’s about two monks: the zen kind, not the kung fu kind.
  36. He held up a Zen I crystal bigger than the size of his fist.
  37. At that time I knew nothing of the theory of the Zen Masters.
  38. A zen practitioner walks by the tree and notices the carving.
  39. But if you are not thinking, what? This is where Zen begins.
  40. Zen masters tend to use relatively few words in their teaching.
  41. One may consider early Zen to be the second attempt — after.
  42. She has this refreshing Zen sort of Christianity going, where.
  43. Previously only Hindu Gurus and Zen Masters had the ability to.
  44. When I came to one of my teachers, Roshi, Zen Master Hogen with.
  45. The guy with the Zen and the motorcycle maintenance, you know.
  46. In Zen it’s called the Void out of which all things come.
  47. Zen power and none to play with the needles twisting in my skin.
  48. In Japan, there is a long tradition of archery as a Zen practice.
  49. And then, after many years of work, zazen, meditation, with Zen.
  50. This same tradition is that which occurred to me from Zen Master.
  51. The secret of Zen and the Guru is that they remove the blockages.
  52. Zen Master Hogen said indeed that we can waste hundreds of years.
  53. Zen monk, for example, could be said to be almost perfectly (and.
  54. I called the hotel and asked if Zen Polenski had already arrived.
  55. A symbol of this is the Kyosaku, the stick which every Zen Master.
  56. Zen appeared as a result of synthesis between Buddhism and Taoism.
  57. Just let your mind wander, falling into a state of Zen meditation.
  58. And last but not least my training and experiences with Zen Master.
  59. In Zen meditation (zazen), for example, the eyes often remain open.
  60. Zen the awareness and integrity have been mentioned among features.
  61. Zen master used two groups of methods: the method of koans and the.
  62. I might well call this Zen Investing for People Who Have Real Lives.
  63. It arced up, then fell into the center of the piled-up Zen I crystals.
  64. Koans are enigmatic statements uttered by Zen Masters to their students.
  65. However, Zen also has many of the playful aspects of Taoist philosophy.
  66. When Zen masters meet each other on the road, they need no introduction.
  67. Practiced all over the world, Zen emphasizes a master- student practice.
  68. One of the most important teachings of Zen Buddhism is non-attachment.
  69. Think of Zen, of the Void, of Good and Evil, and you are bound hand and foot.
  70. For example, Zen meditation often uses the breath as the focus of attention.
  71. Being in the moment is a most desirable state of mind, which I would call Zen.
  72. What is Zen? Zen is the unsymbolization of the world and all the things in it.
  73. That’s why Zen has been called the wordless transmission outside of scripture.
  74. Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while peeling potatoes.
  75. What is the essence of Zen? Inwardly – no identity; outwardly – no attachment.
  76. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Value by Robert Pirsig.
  77. Zen begins at the point where there is nothing further to seek, nothing to be gained.
  78. Judging from this, I think the most appropriate thing would be to use the Zen practice.
  79. Zen asked me out to dinner that same night and I left Daveda in the care of one of the.
  80. After a quick shower and a change of clothes while Zen waited outside, I was ready to.
  81. We know a lot, however, about how Zen masters have taught their students over the years.
  82. It could carry enough Zen I crystals to keep all three guns firing for twenty-two hours.
  83. Death is our personal Zen Master, our source of power, our path to lucidity, but we have.
  84. We can have sport or athleticism without Zen, but to have artistry we require spiritual.
  85. I had planned to use Zen to get Daveda and me out of Jamaica, but in the end he’d been.
  86. Dip in ocean, then dip in typewriter, says Zen master, makes for full page and happy heart.
  87. In astrology, as in Zen archery, the concern has to be for the process, not for the result.
  88. When asked the meaning of Zen, master Butei simply lifted his index finger and said nothing.
  89. It was not long before the Zen master said when the student is ready the right teacher will.
  90. A Zen monk, for example, could be said to be almost perfectly (and excessively) disciplined.
  91. Before I had studied Zen for thirty years, I saw mountains as mountains, and waters as waters.
  92. They seem as immiscible as oil and water: Zen, the peaceful practice of tranquillity, and the.
  93. What you just said was one of those unanswerable mind stretchers that Zen masters come up with.
  94. A Zen story tells about a rich man who wanted to leave a gift for his family long after he was gone.
  95. In religious terms, the ultimate object of both Zen and the martial arts' training is the conquest.
  96. Zen is not a pastime, but the most serious task in life – no empty head will ever venture near it.
  97. Nature religions, Taoism, and out of the pure energy of that blinding Void came Zen, of which nothing.
  98. In one particular village, everyone fled just before the army arrived - everyone except the Zen master.
  99. Zen sees God as the depth of things – go deeply enough into a flower’s floweriness, and there.
  100. The spider was attracted to the Zen I crystal he was holding, and it quickly attacked him, said Ben.

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