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    1. The stock of the country, not being sufficient for the whole accession of business which such acquisitions present to the different people among whom it is divided, is applied to those particular branches only which afford the greatest profit

    2. The great accession both of territory and trade by our acquisitions in North America and the West Indies, will sufficiently account for this, without supposing any diminution in the capital stock of the society

    3. So great an accession of new business to be carried on by the old stock, must necessarily have diminished the quantity employed in a great number of particular branches, in which the competition being less, the profits must have been greater

    4. accession to OTAN was the first step to return

    5. The annual produce of the land and labour of England, again, was certainly much greater at the Restoration than we can suppose it to have been about a hundred years before, at the accession of Elizabeth

    6. Notwithstanding that, during a momentary fit of good conduct, they had at one time collected into the treasury of Calcutta more than £3,000,000 sterling ; notwithstanding that they had afterwards extended either their dominion or their depredations over a vast accession of some of the richest and most fertile countries in India, all was wasted and destroyed

    7. Hence those who use fire as an aid to the attack show intelligence; those who use water as an aid to the attack gain an accession of strength

    8. Not long before his accession, he returned from the southern campaigns where he had served in both the east and west

    9. Not surprisingly most of the dinner conversation revolved around the abortive revolution of the Tenocha and the accession of the new Khan

    10. Within two months of his accession

    11. In Berlin, Benjamin maintained a leading salon, was the first Jew to own an art collection, and had access to ruling circles, having loaned the king large sums before his accession

    12. With the accession to power of the Nazi regime, Neumann wended

    13. It was agreed that the Convention should be open to accession by non-member

    14. Whatever may be the Pakistani brief over all of Kashmir; it cannot harp on the legality of its accession to India for after all, Raja Hari Singh derived the power to accede his kingdom, the way he willed it, from the same document that created Pakistan!

    15. Indra was right in supposing that Soma might sense their accession

    16. not return till the accession of Archelaus, his son

    17. But there were even more layers of secrecy… what the world didn’t know was that himself was acting as a double agent for Russia, to ruin the accession of the natural heir of Serbia so Nicholas could claim legally that once the freed Serbia from the Austrian aggression: that he should be the rightful ‘Slavic’ leader of Serbia

    18. In the first sermon after the resurrection and accession of Christ back to Heaven Peter says, "Brethren, I may say unto you freely of the patriarchy David, that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us unto this day

    19. accession to the throne, than the young man hastened to throw off his robes of

    20. Beck, “Rowing at Washington,” available in the Beck Papers in the University of Washington Archives, accession number 0155-003

    21. 4 (1926; 1931–43), housed in the Alvin Edmund Ulbrickson Papers in the University of Washington’s Special Collections, accession number 2941-001

    22. Beck labor spy reports and ephemera” in the Beck Papers at the University of Washington Library’s Special Collections, accession number 0155-001

    23. Every accession added to public confidence, and, besides, what an example to the young men at home from the brilliant defender of the country's regeneration, the worthy expounder of the party's political faith before the world! Everybody had read the magnificent article in the famous Parisian Review

    24. The accession of fortune, the discovery of my relations, followed in due order

    25. Fanny’s spirits lived on it half the morning, deriving some accession of pleasure from its writer being himself to go away

    26. History of England from the Accession of James the Second

    27. Fanny's spirits lived on it half the morning, deriving some accession of pleasure from its writer being himself to go away

    28. Francis had since his accession to the throne of France, in 1515, crossed the Alps, beaten the Swiss at Marignan (Ital

    29. The sound of these chimes brought back to Nekhludoff’s mind what he had read in the notes of the Decembrists [the Decembrists were a group who attempted, but failed, to put an end to absolutism in Russia at the time of the accession of Nicholas the First] about the way this sweet music repeated every hour re-echoes in the hearts of those imprisoned for life

    30. The young Tsar heaved a sigh of relief, stretched himself and retired to his apartments to take off his uniform with the decorations on it, and to don the jacket he used to wear before his accession to the throne

    31. Let them even for a time, for one year, stop in Russia compelling all the people, as they are doing now, upon the accession of every Tsar, to swear allegiance to him; let them at every divine service stop solemnly repeating several times the customary prayers for the Tsar; let them stop celebrating his birthdays and name-days with ringing of bells, illumination, and the prohibition to work; let them stop everywhere hanging out and displaying representations of him; let them stop, in prayer-books, almanacs, text-books, printing his name and the names of his family, and even the pronouns referring to him, in capitals; let them stop glorifying him in special books and newspapers printed for the purpose; let them stop imprisoning men for the slightest disrespectful word uttered concerning the Tsar,—let them stop doing all that for a time only, and then we should see how proper it is for the masses, for the real labouring masses, for Prokófi, for elder Iván, and for all the men of the Russian masses,—as the nation is made to believe and as all the foreigners are convinced of it,—to worship the Tsar, who in one way or another turns them over into the hands of a landed proprietor or of the rich in general

    32. There is an equality of guilt, but on his part a superiority of intellectual character which would have rendered him, if there is to be an accession to the State by bringing back to its bosom those who have voluntarily thrown themselves out of the protection of the country, a more valuable acquisition, or rather a less valuable loss, than these unfortunate men

    33. Let me ask if it be not better to admit them? By so doing you give up a principle which does not benefit you, and receive an accession of physical strength by union at home

    34. She shrank somewhat from the look in his eyes, but held out her hand with an accession of friendliness

    35. Who will become the purchasers—Great Britain? After having given her hundreds of thousands of tons of your shipping now sailing under the British flag, and manned her navy with your seamen driven from your employment, do you believe the Admiralty will send across the Atlantic to buy the hulks rotting at the navy-yard; or would it be a formidable accession to the British navy, especially when four of these vessels are absolutely unfit for any purpose whatever? I presume that even the Emperor of France, if it were an object with him to have these famous models of naval architecture at Antwerp, would hardly venture to purchase them, and run the risk of getting them across the ocean

    36. He was considered by his superiors steady enough to be a good schoolmaster, and his accession to the family title does not seem to have marked any material change in his personal habits, although the sudden appearance of Carlotta was a disturbing influence in his life, as it might be in that of the most sedate among us

    37. Much was expected from the Prince Regent's accession to his full powers

    38. A considerable stream, called Lost River, runs into a cave in the side of a precipitous hill; and, after a passage of 6 or 7 miles under the earth, again makes its appearance, with a large accession to its waters

    39. That after water has reached the boiling point, 212° of Fahrenheit, the caloric which enters it no longer becomes latent, but sensible in the steam, which thereupon acquires expansive force to an unlimited degree: that this force increases geometrically; or, that every accession of about 30° of heat, nearly doubles its power at those stages of progression; that when the pressure at a high temperature is taken off, or the steam allowed to flow, there is an instantaneous and rapid production of steam; a fact which proves there can be no necessity of a large space for the steam to form in above the water, provided it be sufficient to prevent water from issuing with the steam, and, therefore, that boilers of a small cylindrical form are best

    40. But, sir, we will not here enter into a discussion, whether an accession of country would or would not conduce to the interests of the Government

    41. which lived in his Museum more than fourteen years, had eleven joints to her rattle when first in his possession; that several joints were acquired and lost annually, and that at her death, which occurred last year, she had the same number as when brought to the Museum; she had, however, during that time received an accession of four inches to her length

    42. If collected in a lens of sufficient magnitude, they might volatilize a space equal to the state of New-York in a moment of time! As all bodies possess a limited capacity for heat, does it not follow that there must be some outlet to its perpetual accession to our globe, or the earth would soon become so highly ignited as to glow with the fulgour of a meteor? And may not this outlet be found in the above described compounds? which serve as conductors of the surplus of heat from the earth to the higher regions of the air, where on being freed by displosion, from the grosser matters incumbering it, it finds a rapid passage to its great archetype and parent, the SUN

    43. Independent of the extension of our commerce, since the year 1798, we have had an addition of more than five hundred miles to our coast, from the bay of Perdido to the mouth of the Sabine—a weak and defenceless accession, requiring, more than any other part of our maritime frontier, the protecting arm of Government

    44. If then the Bhattiprolu inscriptions show a system of characters radically different from those of Asoka's edicts and at the same time in all probability coeval with them a strong point is gained for the side of those who are of the opinion that the introduction of writing into India took place centuries before the accession of the Maurya Dynasty

    45. It is one of the prices which this country has to pay for its rapid accession of wealth, such as is unheard of in the annals of any other nation but our own

    46. I hoped, that now the sword was drawn, we should carry on war in the usual and accustomed manner—that the Government would be aided by the receipt of revenue arising from duties and imposts—that the people would be thus partially relieved from taxes—that the nation would be strengthened and inspired by an accession of wealth, now more than ever necessary

    47. The accession of new pupils each month somewhat retards school work

    1. With accessions ever waiting, with the places of the dead quickly fill'd, Through the battle, through defeat, moving yet and never stopping,

    2. For some years the accessions were mostly women

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