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    1. Other psychological factors, including depression, lowered self-esteem associated with overall loss of physical strength and the onset of physical signs of aging, anxiety, and substance abuse can all contribute to male impotence

    2. A regular waking time in the morning strengthens the circadian function and can help with sleep onset at night

    3. Her return from Sinbara had convinced her that she was a city girl, what was she doing out in this desert at the onset of dark? Sinbara was an urban wonderland compared to this

    4. According to Hammaker, earth’s inhabitants have accelerated the onset of the next ice age through the burning of fossil fuels and the deforestation of large forested areas like the Amazon

    5. the onset of pins and needles, lifting thin reeds

    6. Once Luray got up, Desa was left with only the onset of dark remaining in Afternoonday and the red was tending toward purple

    7. Well before the final onset of winter’s driving rains and howling gales, the fisherman and his wife were snugly settled into their new cottage home, complete with brand new furniture, a proper telephone line and a lovely new kitchen

    8. the final onset of winter’s driving rains and howling gales, the

    9. Roman cut her off, sensing the onset of world war three

    10. Getting under the helmet was a little like the onset of norrot, there was the instant of whirling confusion as the contact map is built, then always a sudden rush of knowledge and experience

    11. The next morning when they awoke, Axel was shivering with the onset of fever

    12. “What? What’s going on?” he groaned as his brain fought the onset of consciousness

    13. The diminishing of clearance between the rock layers, due to water being forced to the surface, may have resulted in the onset of a chain reaction, which would have led to the Flood

    14. Something he had not felt capable of since the onset of his illness

    15. Timing is critical with Echinacea’s effectiveness and should be taken at the first onset of illness

    16. From the onset, this day looked like a real chore

    17. Hopefully, the formation of the Royal Air Force, which went into effect only days previously, wouldn’t be a total fuck-up from the onset

    18. In some way this put the final polish on what had been, from the onset; a pretty bad scene

    19. looked up at Junya and the other man in what seemed to be the onset of an

    20. Already, in the second year of our marriage, I felt the onset of a sinister development in my body

    21. This was just the onset of true salvation coming

    22. onset of my wilderness wanderings with Him that it

    23. onset of PMS is one in which fat burning capacity is at a premium

    24. Walking to Jimmie’s during January and February required dedication and the onset of the DT’s

    25. Prior to the onset of World War II Earl Browder, head of the

    26. With the onset of the Great Depression in 1929, however,

    27. Firstly, knowledge of true deception and episodes of error were assumed at the onset,

    28. assumption of a metaphysical object that underlies the topic at the onset

    29. With the onset of becoming a source, the self-object becomes

    30. Newness is a transient—of all features of newness we should have noted this one from the onset

    31. sence, and to restrict our search to a particular place at the onset even though the object may be present at other places

    32. With regard to the former, Turing incorporates a simulation of attentional directedness, as the mere act of mechanical selection, into his machine at the onset

    33. The confusion that arrived in November of 1918 is still not resolved at the onset of the twenty-first century

    34. The union representing the steelworkers was broken, but at great cost: twelve men died at the onset of the strike, and after four months of inactivity, the striking workers were destitute and returned to work

    35. Following the onset of the Great Depression of 1929, it also coincided with the extension of government regulation to industry

    36. At the very onset of his career, Phil Graham had enunciated the need to shape the news: “He was the friend of the powerful, advisor to them, doer, activist; his instructions to the city editor, Ben Gilbert, left no doubt that the paper was to be an instrument for social progress

    37. onset of migraines, and some studies have found

    38. At the onset of the Korean War, North Korean and Communist Chinese pilots had the MiG-15, a better fighter plane than anything we had

    39. The onset of winter

    40. Only with the onset of winter did those evening walks begin to diminish, and often not even then

    41. As Nicholas Longworth, Speaker of the House at the onset of the Great Depression wrote: “The capitalistic system is the oldest system in the world, and any system that has weathered the gales and chances of thousands of years must have something in it that is sound and true

    42. Their forests are being stripped of trees for building materials and planted in food crops, and it seems that most of their new plantations will succeed in producing a harvest before the onset of the Debivinian winter

    43. Later more leaves had sprouted, but since the onset of winter and the Library’s demise there had been no more

    44. Groaning, Simon let the raven go and pressed his hands to the pain, but it swooped within like the onset of night

    45. stops with the onset of headache pain…

    46. usually stops with the onset of headache pain

    47. fatigued or listless or find themselves constantly yawning prior to onset

    48. doctor to interview about early onset Alzheimer’s

    49. where the onset of an attack of either is unpredictable, it is important to consider what safety precautions should be put into place to protect people who experience pseudoseizures, and to protect those around

    50. A continuous wail of pleasure from Fee signalled the onset of orgasm, to be followed a short minute later by Rex‘s guttural growls of release

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    attack onrush onset onslaught oncoming charge assault rush encounter offensive aggression origin outbreak appearance start commencement outset incipience