adjure sätze

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Adjure sätze (in englisch)

1. Adjure: To command; to charge with a promise.
2. I adjure you not to become a dictator as to how other rich men shall regard their wealth.
3. When Pilate[32] said, I adjure thee by the living God, Christ accepted his oath by replying I am.
4. The high priest answered Him I adjure You by the living God that You tell us whether You are the Christ the Son of God.
5. What have I to do with You Jesus You Son of the Most High God? I beg You don't torment me! I adjure You by God don't torment me.
6. You know that when Pilate said: I adjure thee by the living God, art thou the Christ? the Lord Jesus Christ answered I am.
7. To have to discuss, argue, explain, threaten, adjure, only in order to get back to the point from which nobody ought ever to have started, was the silliest of all silly necessities.

8. Accordingly, he rushed over to the side of Jesus and, shaking his accusing finger in the Master's face, said: I adjure you, in the name of the living God, that you tell us whether you are the Deliverer, the Son of God.
9. He said to them If I tell you you will not believe me and if I ask you you will not answer me a word nor let me go; And the chief priest answered and said to him I adjure you by the living God that you tell us whether you are the Messiah the 34 Son of the living God.

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