press sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Press sätze (in englisch)

1. I did not press her.
2. Press up and stay up.
3. In Press 1 for Pig.
4. And I will press on.
5. Card & label Press $3.
6. But I still press on.
7. Press on the space bar.

8. On his skis press he;.
9. But he had to press on.
10. The press had found us.
11. I'm not from the press.
12. Same deal as the press.
13. So, instead I press on.
14. And to annoy the press.
15. The press and the pigs.
16. But we need to press on.
17. Press flat with a spoon.
18. Hell, she was the press.
19. Press the edges of the.
20. But she had to press on.
21. Press q to exit the help.
22. I press my lips together.
23. Press your hands on the.
24. To help with the press.
25. Wet the edges and press.
26. Use both hands to press.
27. We have to press forward.
28. Press into bottom and up.
29. But can they bench press?
30. The press was elbowing in.
31. You know the press is.
32. The press is all over this.
33. The Press and the Cold War.
34. North Point Press, page 10.
35. New York: Raven Press: 1986.
36. Or maybe the press ….
37. All the bad press is their.
38. Set up an online press room9.
39. I work in the press room.
40. You have to press charges.
1. She said keep pressing it.
2. For now we have pressing.
3. Now back to pressing matters.
4. This is not a pressing matter.
5. He had more pressing concerns.
6. Pressing hard against the wall.
7. Maybe she was pressing too hard.
8. She had more pressing concerns.
9. Pressing it down with her hand.
10. Thanks for not pressing charges.
11. I had far more pressing concerns.
12. Tell him my business is pressing.
13. But he had more pressing matters.
14. I have pressing matters to attend.
15. Do I have to keep pressing it.
16. There was a worry more pressing yet.
17. She could feel his chest pressing.
18. And his short knows no pressing iron.
19. Pressing on its wrinkled skin, she.
20. I had more pressing concerns at hand.
21. Meanwhile, there was nothing pressing.
22. But we have more pressing matters.
23. And now more pressing business calls.
24. When pressing on the back, you will.
25. Now on to the pressing matter at hand.
26. All these will be pressing you to move.
27. There is a pressing moment of silence.
28. The work regarded as most pressing by M.
29. But water is still a pressing issue.
30. It was pressing on him, possessing him.
31. Bartholemew is not pressing charges.
32. By pressing the title you can download.
33. I gasp, pressing both palms to my chest.
34. Pressing her lips close to my ear, she.
35. His abs, and more, are pressing into me.
36. She just kept pressing on, though.
37. Pressing the back is the most dramatic.
38. I feel myself drop and the wind pressing.
39. He hoped that Bradlee would stop pressing.
40. This is done by pressing with both hands.
1. She pressed him to her.
2. She pressed the C chord.
3. If he pressed two, the.
4. Back and forth he pressed.
5. But I pressed him a bit.
6. Then he pressed a button.
7. So I pressed ‘3’ and.
9. He pressed it and pulled.
10. He pressed the top button.
11. Joe pressed the red button.
12. He pressed the bell again.
13. Are you then pressed for.
14. Mr Wonka pressed the button.
15. Their minds pressed on mine.
16. I PRESSED THE bell marked T.
17. But Monty pressed the issue.
18. In fact, he pressed her so.
19. She pressed the STOP button.
20. I pressed the doorbell twice.
21. She pressed her lips together.
22. He pressed the stock to his.
23. She pressed deeper into her.
24. The finger pressed in and up.
25. He pressed his lips together.
26. Nicky pressed her point home.
27. He pressed the one marked 'E'.
28. He pressed an intercom button.
29. The officer pressed the matter.
30. Princess Mary pressed his hand.
31. He pressed the summons for Ava.
32. He pressed the trigger button.
33. If the user has just pressed.
34. As he pressed it a series of.
35. It pressed against the newly.
36. He pressed the nurse light.
37. Rose had pressed her, but her.
38. I pressed Next and saw that Dr.
39. Her finger pressed the trigger.
40. He pressed a ruby on the front.
1. She then presses on it.
2. He presses a third time.
3. C Move 4 old small presses.
4. And presses her mouth to his.
5. He presses his lips together.
6. While squats and leg presses.
7. She presses her palms together.
8. The bone presses into my palm.
9. I intend to run the presses.
10. My mouth presses in a hard line.
11. Presses them gently in my hand.
12. He presses it and it then opens.
13. She presses it on Dana’s neck.
14. Angela presses her lips together.
15. He presses his back against a wall.
16. His mouth presses into a hard line.
17. Testing of the 2 old large presses.
18. Tobias presses his mouth into a line.
19. She presses me to slow down for mine.
20. She presses her chin into my shoulder.
21. Caleb presses a palm to the metal wall.
22. Relocation of the 2 old large presses.
23. He grins and presses his mouth to mine.
24. We pile in, and Cara presses number 99.
25. Testing and adjustment of new presses.
26. Suddenly he presses a hand to my stomach.
27. The other two presses will be relocated.
28. He presses the Off button on the monitor.
29. Sara presses the keys and the door buzzes.
30. At 12:16 the monster presses were screaming.
31. His words are daggers he presses into backs.
32. The number of lever presses for each reward.
33. The same men who set up the presses I should.
34. He presses his mouth to mine, and my lips part.
35. He presses his lips together and says, Hmm.
36. It presses our wet clothes against our bodies.
37. He leans over and presses his forehead to mine.
38. Time presses into itself what it would preserve.
39. His arm presses around her, steady and familiar.
40. Yes, it is! She presses away from the wall.

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