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    1. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    2. It was some old advertising for personal consulting services

    3. “The soap that crossed America on quality alone,” and it’s true, the Bronners have never spent a penny on advertising or marketing their soaps, but have relied solely on word of mouth and unsolicited articles for their word to be spread

    4. Artificially inflating demand was not considered an acceptable business practice in this culture, and people did not patronize merchants who engaged in 'push' advertising

    5. He wanted to reach out and throttle Alan for just blatantly advertising Gordon's Lamp like that

    6. "They give them away to captains who sailed for them as advertising

    7. All that Terry could do, once the dust had settled and his divorce had been dragged through the mire of the gutter press, was to lend his name and his former glories to endorsements and dubious advertising campaigns

    8. With audience figures going through the roof and with advertising revenues hitting all time highs, the executive producer was, of course, paid a big fat bonus

    9. and dubious advertising campaigns

    10. you can start buying advertising on other websites with greater confidence and

    11. From there I applied for full-time positions and worked 20 years for the Department of Transportation, selling Hauling Permits to truckers or trucking companies, billing companies for Outdoor Advertising, and later I paid the bills to State Contractors

    12. “I guess you could say your school provided a lasting education even shonggot couldn’t erase, but I’d hate to think there was any such market where you could use that as advertising

    13. Eunice then looked down the street to the new water tower and its painted marquis advertising the 'Lodges

    14. While they were at the eye she looked up old advertising campaigns which were often in the form of seminars

    15. It filled her head with ways to promote the place, advertising pictures, pamphlets, etc

    16. “No, we have the technological power to make phones that can carry voices over thousands of miles and starships that can carry souls and frozen zygotes over tens of light years, but no mind control more effective than video advertising

    17. I have about three or four different tweets advertising my book and I slip them in saying send for my free book and learn how to invest in a real easy way

    18. his advertising promised, what we had expected, and

    19. He sold his advertising

    20. this gives you the ability to run almost zero cost advertising with almost

    21. chaos that is today’s advertising world

    22. reputation and is one of the best forms of free advertising you can have

    23. Stop any advertising that is not returning a result, remove contractors or

    24. You have control over advertising

    25. I went back to business school with the idea of working in advertising

    26. There are basically 3 types of ads someone could use for advertising: 1

    27. This advertising space is usually at the top of the ezine owners broadcast so it will be easily seen when a subscriber opens up their email

    28. Ezine Advertising would have to be one of the fastest ways to get your offer out to literally hundreds of thousands of readers

    29. Remember that this is extremely targeted advertising

    30. This, and the sheer numbers of subscribers involved make this form of advertising extremely attractive

    31. to (try to) increase sales of a product by publicising and advertising it

    32. advertising, storing etc

    33. In fact, they were openly advertising for more recruits

    34. False advertising should be crime in any context

    35. books, in the back of the book, there was always an advertising section

    36. In times past, competition with the other networks was fierce to the point of employing the dark art of negative advertising

    37. I walked back into the ticket hall and saw the holes in the roof the advertising signs on the walls were rusted and covered in green growth and most of the brown and green tiles were missing

    38. The advertising production team, owing to the lack of accord between the partners, was left with a two-track advertising strategy that failed to integrate the two essential themes

    39. advertising their touring car for $1,475

    40. "Advertising, ain't it?" he replied, opening it out so I could read the message printed across the back

    41. That pervert is actually advertising the place on the back of his coat

    42. “I think this is called false advertising,” I said, looking at the artificial curves in bemusement

    43. Sylvia knew absolutely nothing about horses, but commercial advertising in equestrian magazines for similar animals convinced her of the enormous potential for profit

    44. I’ve found that by not advertising and quietly catering to the ex-patriot crowd, my operation stays out of sight sufficiently that other clubs don’t complain

    45. He had always thought middle-aged men looked ridiculous wearing club colours, advertising the mismatch between sporting fitness and their overweight, ill-maintained bodies

    46. With the ever-increasing demand for electric-powered vehicles of any kind, the company had gambled to a certain extent on the racing of magnetic levitation cars, for they would have spent a certain amount of cash on advertising and promotion anyway

    47. Society has also created a fashion around food in advertising, especially on television

    48. This is so since the Party could save these resources either for future contingencies or for advertising that they ‘did what they said they would and came in under budget

    49. All parties receiving more than some minimal percent of the popular vote could receive election advertising funds, perhaps set at actual expenditure in some hopefully-not-too recent election

    50. i had about 25 years of radio advertising sales

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