advertizing sätze

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Advertizing sätze (in englisch)

  1. Realize that the motive of drug and device advertizing directly to the public.
  2. There were men hanging around busy business crossings like this resting under signs advertizing note-runner service.
  3. They control the masses through mass manufacturing, mass media, mass propaganda, mass advertizing, mass news, mass entertainment, mass brainwashing, mass affluence, mass terrorization, governments, corporations, secret organizations, secret alliances, secret conspiracies, secret plans, secret agendas.
  4. To destroy and corrupt and poison all human health and intelligence as quickly and completely as possible, in every way possible; from mass destruction, mass death, mass killing, brainwashing, drugging, poisoning, polluting, mass culture, mass manufacturing, govt control, capitalist advertizing, entertainment propaganda, etc, etc.

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